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    I would need this created for Google Sheets and can share a link to do it on with my other triggers. I would also need the current code i have enhanced for multiple of the same. The end result i am looking for is: If D3 has a date in it (already populates automatically based on C3 being complete) then F3 will change color from green if it is 4 hours passed the D3 date and time, Yellow if it is wi...

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    Vinea is a Wine Importer to Seattle, WA USA from Europe Mostly, we import Organic, Natural wines and would like a website that has these features: A Craft, organic and natural feel. Ability to add / subtract suppliers, photo information monthly. Ability to list technical sheets if needed. Ability to attach a product list and update. Ability to be flexible in adding and subtracting features as need...

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    Conducting a static simulation of the 12 meter Christmas tree stand. I would like to quote the valuation of the strength analysis (statics, wind, ice, rain) for the attached 12-meter cone model. - development max. 4 A4 sheets in English - ballast selection so that it does not fall over into one wind zone - treating our constructions as openwork decorations - they are not full construction planes...

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    Hello, For our marketing company which works with investment rounds and spend that money in to marketing and make generate good ROI's with it, we are looking for someone who knows a lot about financing and calculations to setup a google sheet, on which our developer by your directions/notes in that google sheet can build it for our internal intranet. So we can see how much we can spend a w...

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    Looking to build a simple web application for a food ordering concept. They will order a selection on the web application. I will be using Stripe as a payment gateway. Web applications include online forms, shopping carts, word processors, spreadsheets, video and photo editing, file conversion, file scanning, and email programs such as Gmail, Yahoo and AOL. Popular applications include Google A...

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    I need to develop an addon for google sheets that has the following components: - table that's being populated from remote server - user authentication with my remote server (oath2.0) - interactive multi-page form where users can: -- rearrange table columns by dragging -- set additional settings (mainly dropdowns) -- some conditional displays - pull the data into a spreadsheet perfect candid...

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    Data entry, Excel, new sheets preparation etc...

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    data entry, copy paste preparation of new sheets etc

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    I have a basic design it just needs some refining or tweaking and coloring

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    I need someone to help me do a research on books and ISBNs. I have an excel file with various sheets. Each sheet is a book category (Art, Business, Fiction, etc). I need someone to find me books for each of the categories I have in the excel.

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    I want you to translate the excel file into English. There are many sheets in the excel on every sheet, translate the column highlighted by yellow color. Basically, you add a new column for the translation. I want it to be translated into English

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    I have already started on the basics in AppSheets but are having trouble with the formulas to enable the app to reference multiple spreadsheets the way I want! So I need someone experienced with Google Sheets and AppSheet to check what I have so far and then do some formula work for me.

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    I am working on a no-frill loyalty program for small retailers with database on Google sheets. I need a front end interface for following: 1. Data collection. i.e. capture transaction data (mobile number/transaction value/items purchase) through a web app linked to google sheet 2. Data conversion to points and apply business rules for point calculation (Not in your scope) 3. Display points. i.e. p...

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    We require a salesforce expert to help setup our new account for our membership business. 1) Database setup 2) Sales pipeline planning 3) Product/subscription type set up 4) Integrations with stripe, jotform, google sheets & sendinblue Please send offer based on fixed price, milestone deliverables with rapid timelines thank you

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    We have impliminted the followings : Accounting, Projects, Inventory, Time sheets, Leave Management, Employee directory, attendance, expense tracker, dashboards, calendar, Discuss, Contacts, CRM, Sales, Website, Purchases, Invoicing, Employees, Settings, Leaves management

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    I need a mockup created of the excel sheet, I have attached an example of what I need done with the excel screen shot. I need 15 Sheets in the mockup, you can use the same one just blur it out. I would like colours to be black, white and red. Black #000000 white: #ffffff red: #cb1c02 As for the square on the right of the picture here is what you need to write: INCLUDING Marketing Influencers...

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    I have a spreadsheet which I have started making and designing. I need someone who can help me to finish the template I want to create. You must be an expert in creating spreadsheets in Google Sheets. Proficiency in all aspects of spreadsheets.

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    Dear Sir/Madam, I'm looking for someone to build me a fantasy football app with iOS/Android platforms that would I intend to beta test during the duration of the 20/21 English Premier League season, with a full release the following season if testing indicates a particular interest in the facility. The 'flagship' fantasy football game for the EPL is [log masuk untuk melihat URL] w...

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    Hello Looking for a qualified Designer to design Printable Labels, Sales Data Sheet, Safety Data Sheets and website. Content of the Labels will be provided but looking for designer who can design the material for us. Products to be provided in 3 formats. PDF JPEG & Printable format. Website needs to be simple and few examples can be provided.

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    • Imagining, inventing and articulating strategy-based, original and persuasive creative concepts for integrated communications for Quarry’s B2B tech clients • Writing compelling copy for print and digital media (email, online, trade pubs, advertising, videos, print DM, radio) and for multiple purposes (education, brand building, content marketing, demand gen) • Translating pr...

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    we require 13 reference sheets to be formatted, nice graphics, an artistic look of WW2 and the Nation specific sheet. we also require a Rules booklet to be formatted, add graphics from map, indexed, table of contents added, full color bleed. Rules booklet example will be uploaded later.

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    Copy data from an image to a Google Sheet. This work needs to be done TODAY.

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    Hi there I have an upcoming show and need Promotional posters and banner. I need a quick turn around. Event poster needs to contain the following information as below: FRIDAY 20 MARCH 2020 Event name: Holy Vible "the second coming" Doors Open: 7pm All artists names: Headline artist: Tee Noah Supports: Dau Dau Gamirez CK Chapari Arig Baby Prince lil Tygaa Chrissygotsauce Montana DJ SH...

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    Hello, I’m looking for sharp, reliable and fun-to-work-with project manager to help me to deliver a project to my client. I have an outsourced delivery team and this role is to focus alignment between client <> delivery team. *Project Management* - Prepare project scope and objectives. - Prepare project plan and coordinate with delivery team to deliver work on-specs. - Develop a...

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    In google sheets, when make a new copy, reduce number of steps from 9 (described below) to just one (give permission) to make the script work. (1) make copy (2) tools script editor (3) copy link in gar gsheet (4) run (5) give permission (6) current project trigger (7) add trigger (8) select event type -> on edit (9) Save. Related to previously created google sheet.

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    Hi nvchien94, I noticed your profile and thought you might be able to help me. I need a distance matrix for google sheets. A code to calculate the miles between two different addresses, about 5000 times. I have been able to generate my own google API key, but am unable to write code. Is there any way you can help me with this? Thanks

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    GOOGLE SHEETS EXPERT NEEDED Use forecasting / projections on google sheets to forecast future sales. - You can use my historical data of our sales from past 36 months.. - forecast via your model with our weekly sales from past 36 months - Put the data onto a new google sheet in a easy to read format showing predicted sales vs actual Using the methods below How to forecast - [log masuk un...

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    I need some help with internet marketing for a online application product We require an experienced sales copy writer to develop content for our application which has been developed but has a very poor website and content to support the solution Our solution is a SaaS based Product to help business schedule and track their staffs time across projects. some of the features we require sales cop...

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    I've put together a summary note of the American founding fathers, and wanted some professional help formatting it, before printing it into a bookmark. I've used Google sheets to collate the information. I wanted the information to be presented in a clean, structured manner. The chart at the bottom shows timelines, and this should use thin clean lines.

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    PDF file: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I need to convert tables from this PDF into Excel (editable numbers) All tables from Page 44 to 91 with all columns and rows. I am counting 22 tables / sheets Each section to be on its own sheet.

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    30mins of your time if you know what your doing Trigger actions: 1. Trigger copies Values from cells (See Ref) to name of the Sheet on Cell P3 2. Trigger clears value from the same cells on "Active" Sheet 3. Trigger copies Data to Cell P3 on what the next Value should be. So if its MonAM now, the trigger moves it to MonPM (Next trigger to TueAM, etc, Once 2SunPM is reached, value goes b...

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    I want to create a form like this one [log masuk untuk melihat URL] It’s for my website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] But the calculator form includes: Add conversion rate from ads and social media or offsite links [add number] Add conversion rate on your website from leads/sales [add number] Add average dollar value of sale [add $number] Visitors from off your website [add number] Visit...

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    >Responsibilities: -Answer the phone (smartphone application provided) -Track & Respond to Landlord & Tenant Requests -Coordinate repairs as needed (getting quotations from contractors & contracting key suppliers to get quotations + update the property owners of the work required) + build relationships with our contractors -Coordinate property showings with staff + add to the google...

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    we require a zapier expert to setup a zap between jotform to google sheets. We have multiple forms on jotform that need to be merged into a google sheet or tab. Please give evidence of your prior work that matches our requirements in your proposal thank you

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    I would need this created for Google Sheets and can share a link to do it on with my other triggers. I would also need the current code i have enhanced for multiple of the same. The end result i am looking for is: If C3 has a date in it then D3 will change color from green if it is 4 hours passed the C3 date and time, Yellow if it is within 8 hours passed, Orange if it is within 16 hours passed a...

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    Hello, This is Jussi Askola from Leonberg Capital. I run an investment newsletter and would need help to create a Dividend Calendar in Google Sheets. We currently have a very basic Portfolio Tracker that we make available to the members of our newsletter service. I am trying to expand it to include a Dividend Calendar that would show the expected dividend income month by month in a separate tab...

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    I have 2 files, one excel and one PDF version that need to be compared to find the missing line items. This job will be done within 24 hours.

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    Dear, 1- this website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] allow me to fetch updated news(feed) from any website to my blog and I've a paid account 2- but to control the feed content I've to set up custom cascading style sheets (CSS) - please check this link [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 3- custom CSS. For example like this [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 4- the created CSS will upload on Dro...

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    I have around 20 Excel sheets, with 70 Rows of data in each sheet, I want to duplicate rows based on the variable. No skills required just copy and paste, It is need to be done today.

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    I am looking for someone who can create similar application: postsscraper(dot)com It needs to be able to scrape Facebook pages ( public) posts and organize by likes/shares/comments in the program Export to google sheets/excel [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This should be done legal, meaning no limitations and used by the Facebook API so the accounts don't have no risk of being banned. Sin...

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    At my file on google sheets i have a list of about 3000 sporting events taking place in italian cities. The names of these cities are constantly changing. i need the function that it must restiture on two columns longitude and latitude of the locality. See example

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    It is a long term job, better to say ongoing job. Training will be provided, Amazon scrapping tasks... Per day you need to complete 1k data and monthly you will get 6k (6000 INR) If you handle 3 sheets mean 3k data per day, then your monthly salary will be 18k (18000 INR) Need to work for 8 hours per day, from 10 am to 6 pm. If you completed the task before 6 pm, I don't have issue at a...

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    Looking for a team, who can handle a bulk work. It is a long term work. Amazon web Scraping, easy task to do. (Manuall) Per day you need to work 10am to 6pm, and scrape 1k data per day. Monthly salary will be 6k for each sheet. If you handle 5 sheets then it will be 30k monthly, i.e. 30,000 INR/ Month. Training will be provided. And more details will be shared with the selected candidat...

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    illustrator Tamat left

    Illustrator for coloring pages

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    I have excel with data, it has 6 sheets . Need to in analytics tool (e.g. power BI): 1. Minimal normalization / cleansing 2. Upload data to analytics tool (e.g. power BI, google studio or alike) and create reports/dashboards. Please note the following: 1. Each sheet in excel has primary key to join data. However 2-3 sheets primary key column data need to be matched and normalized (e.g. the ...

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    Dear freelancer, we need to develop chrome extension (prototype to test the idea), which will act like VPN (proxy) and will post-process exact URLs, which we will manage in Google Sheets. Example: - We prepare list of URLs in Google Sheets with additional data for post processing - User installs this extension - User authenticate (Facebook login or Email + Password) - Extension constantly loads ...

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    I require a google sheets dashboard that graphs pricing information of products over a period of time and is able to identify trends.

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    I need some logos made that I can use on hats, t-shirts, sweaters, clothing in general. I have a basic idea for the logo just need it flashed out to make it more professionally done. I also have some sayings or catch phrases that I'd like to use for different gear as well. The basic logo is a Beehive turned upside down and a mustache on top to make the shape of a beard. Id like to be able to ...

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    Need a program which can do Clock in and Clock. Do Facial Recognition and Do Time Sheets

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