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    ...1 other developer, 6 days a week, 8hrs per day. We have to build databse, PHP pages etc from scratch. Monthly Salary: 15,000 - 20.000 INR We will develop react mvc framework codeigniter. - Experience with E-commerce systems, integrations and payment gateways - Expert PHP, CSS and HTML skills, etc. - Website migration experience - Database management

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    13 bida

    i want create site providing services to all people where any one can sellout there products and services through the order.... With all the features and everything is completely automatic and integration of payments in crypto currencies..... Please NOTE : 1_ The programmer must be understood in the technique of Blockchain so that him can do integration

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    29 bida

    ...a admin support. all the things must work automatically and when user buy a service he must get it in 1 hour of order. 4) We need a great form of unique index page for each coustmers with a lot of opions in the dashboard like new order,price list, Reseller panel, add funds and more... 5) On the admin page index it kust shows the total orders, pending

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    ...a admin support. all the things must work automatically and when user buy a service he must get it in 1 hour of order. 4) We need a great form of unique index page for each coustmers with a lot of opions in the dashboard like new order,price list, Reseller panel, add funds and more... 5) On the admin page index it kust shows the total orders, pending

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    $2063 - $3438
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    Server: Dedicated, 16GB DDR3, Intel Core i7-4770 ( 4 Cores x 3.4GHz ) Managed Hosting provided by KnownHost Backend: WHM cPanel / Apache Website: Coded in all PHP and using a MySQL database. Website causing crash: www. police $chedule .com (no spaces and the $ is a S) I need to pay someone to diagnose the issues with this website and prevent the server

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    ...template for a static website. The template has a contact form integrated based on PHP currently but unfortunately my Shared Linux Hosting Space does not allow PHP Mail function in order to prevent spamming & spoof emails. Hence I need the same contact form but using a SMTP script with authentication. I will use one my own email credentials for the same. F...

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    Expert Programmer required to debug SQL Connections issue. The hosting company previously killed the SQL connections in order to restore the site, but they advise it can reopen again. I thought this problem was fix by the previous developer few months ago but it came back again this morning. Although it could be a plugin which is opening connections

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    build a small script for order domain and hosting using php

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    I am looking for a programmer who can develop a customized hosting billing, You will be need to create this yourself. I need hosting billing software with client area, admin area, payment gateway, cPanel module, integration. Note: I will award more project in future If I will accept your bid, You can understand that in future it will required

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    31 bida and newsletter subscription to display on home page. • Make a new script block appear on home page • Ensure that order status is set to processing only after receiving payment. If payment is not received / failed the items should remain in the cart. • Remove cancel order for downloadable products. • Ensure that return item option in buyer orde...

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    Hello, we recently received a notice from our hosting company, HOSTGATOR, about abusing CPU resources... please help me solve the problem! Details from Hosting company: Hello, Your account has been abusing CPU resources for an extended period of time and has been disabled in order to ensure continued performance stability of the account and

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    4 bida

    I need a php script that will do the following: - it'd be installed on a hosting account - admin creates credentials and login to admin panel - admin can create projects - a project should be consisted by 1 youtube video - admin can add multiple layers on the video that will allow the addition of custom html* code in specific times, ie. after

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    hello I have this quick task to do to reduce my hosting resources usage I have investigated your case and I found that the hight CPU usage is due to bots. You can block all bots in your [log masuk untuk melihat URL] file using the following code: Code: User-agent: * Disallow: / For the ones that does not check this file, you can set an .htaccess rule. In

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    17 bida

    I need a simple php based script for a notice board /message board. and it must look and behave like this example website. [log masuk untuk melihat URL];city=London [log masuk untuk melihat URL] but my site wont require as much complexity

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    7 bida from their shared hosting. All my affiliate link have stopped work and just show in the browser address bar. All my affiliate URLs had been written as such [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Mod_rewrite was set up so that the url is rewritten to go through a php script that redirects to the affiliate URL in order to cloak the link. This

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    17 bida

    Sila Dafter atau Log masuk untuk melihat butiran.

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    ...attached below ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]), a PHP open source code for boxbilling ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]), please download it and install it then : 1. Remove licensing system: Although this project is open source, it uses a licensing system. It should be DELETED. NB: do not disable verification or just tell the script a false license BUT COMPLETELY DELETE

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    6 bida

    Hi hikaruvn, We own a website named made in php script. We would like to have the website operated with a wordpress theme. The front end should look and function exactly like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Every written field must be customizable, since the fact that we will have to translate buttons, menus, etc in italian. all the

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    API communication with POLONIEX I am not sure if PHP is the best job for this or not. 1. Setting up the project on your server. You need some Bitcoin to do this a few .005 would be enough to test this. I can provide some Bitcoin for you to test or you can use your own. (If you have low rankings you have to use your own, in this case I will not

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    4 bida

    ...and should be updated with all seacurity measures... here is the email i received from my hosting company... > > Our team of experts has now analyzed the incident. They ascertain that > your 1&1 hosting account has been attacked via an insecure script you > installed on your webspace. > > You will find an analysis of the attack and instr...

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    6 bida

    ...Column A has EAN, column B has price. I believe the following will help you understand how to do it: 1) use php script to uplad a csv file 2) use fgetcsv or fget to read file and put data in mysql DB 3) process it 4) fputscsv = PHP commant for export The tool should be running constantly. as soon as it finishes the list, it should start

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    5 bida

    I want to a Script that will work as bus ticket selling with the below features: 1. CMS is a must. 2. Online Booking System. 3. Client have to select if they need One Way or Round Trip ticket. Choose destination places, dates and finally the if tickets are for adults, children or students. 4. Client can select the most convenient price and schedule

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    27 bida

    ...You will have to code it only. These screens are self explanatory to the smallest detail in order to minimize back and forth that is involved in outsourcing projects. I am looking for someone to develop a PHP platform that could be installed on any web hosting account and will serve as a remote administrator (placing and modifying) of links to 3rd

    $750 - $1500
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    $750 - $1500
    18 bida

    ...simple web based script that a good programmer should be able to complete cheap and fast. Based on several disappointments in the past, I will break it up into 3 phases in order to see how you do before moving to the next phase. Do not bid if you can not complete this by the deadline. Here is Phase 1 to bid on: PHP is preferred, but

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    13 bida

    ...have a PHP script on my website that sends order form details submitted from website to my email address using the hosting provider's email server and then redirects the visitor to Paypal. I received complains from my hosting provider regarding SPAM (massive emails being sent through my order form). I need you to secure the PHP code of th...

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    8 bida

    Create, Design and install on my hosting server a shopping cart program that is unique, clean professional, and simple. The site can not look like a cookie cutter shopping cart program. The site needs to be able to offer products with options, add them to the cart while offering volume discounts, a secure payment gateway utilizing Paypal and my existing

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    49 bida

    Custom Order Form for WHMCS billing system, must use PHP, AJAX, Javascript. The custom order form needs to have from 3-5 steps. (Must work as a php shopping cart and display the content of the cart along with the total price) Step 1. Must check the domain's availability by connecting to WHMCS using API's and return a true or false value

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    15 bida

    We had to ask our web host to update our server to PHP 5.3 in order to install a script called prosper202 (i.e. a PPC tracking script). Our hosting company had to migrate all our websites to a new server because they could not upgrade the old server. After moving our websites to new server we can no longer login to Wordpress admin of our property

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    22 bida

    Hello In order to install AVS (video hosting script) I would like to get installed on my dedicated server running on Ubuntu 12.04. PHP CLI 5.x (see above + register_argc_argv ON) Mencoder 1.0rc1 or better (support for jpeg, gif, png, freetype, h264, lame, xvid, mad, win32codecs, dv, 3gp, mp4, theora) Mplayer 1.0rc1 or better FFmpeg (from SVN)

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    19 bida

    ...want to prepare (install LAMP (Linux, APache, MySQL, PHP) on one of the following 2 server below and install the following script [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] or this [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Please check the script requirements carefully before you place your bid ,

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    27 bida content parser php script. Not for Spamming purpose!!! Here is how it works: My customers place orders at various online websites and forward the order confirmation email they receive to my email. With simple Email Pipe trick (e.g. built-in functionality of Cpanel hosting) it'll forward the email body to the PHP Script for further analyz...

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    5 bida

    ...develop a order taking application for tablet for our rep on the road. basicly: 1) user log to a php script and they write a line of text (with a pen on the tablet (qty + part of description + part of productcode) with some script like found here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and press a OK button. 2) php use http://ocrsdk

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    9 bida

    ...not necessary nor wanted. Currently I just use a html form to submit orders and a php script forwards myself and the customer respective emails etc. Now I want to add some basic functionality, e.g. allowing the customer to select multiple products from the order page and presenting a total, verifying some fields and integrating with Paypal. Must

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    44 bida

    I have a simple form that i need the PHP script writing in order to send the enquiry. Hosting platform is Azure. Sendgrid has been setup with a username/password/host Should be a 5min job. Cheers

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    4 bida

    I need to convert iScripts GoStores script to Bitcoin Only Store. (Bitcoin Integration) *************************************************************************************************************************************** eCommerce Store Building Software info iScripts GoStores allows you to create your own hosted shopping cart business. Your

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    6 bida

    ...everything up on a hosting server. Solution (or recommendation of other system) for automatic dealing with "unsubscribe" emails. Not required from the developer: Writing the code that calculates results from the input data. It is already written and shall be integrated into the website in a form as unchanged as possible in order to provide me with

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    33 bida

    THIS IS A JOB FOR RIGHT NOW.... In order to run vldPersonals your web server must support At least 6 MB of space PHP version 4.3 or newer MySQL version 4.1 or newer Your server must have the following MySQL grant privileges (for tables): CREATE, ALTER, DROP GD library (optional, to take advantage of the image thumbnailing feature your server

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    4 bida

    ...[log masuk untuk melihat URL] if you're not familiar) which has been live for about 4-5 years now. It is setup to work with the Pronet graphics template which comes from The website script coding is moderately customized and has a handful of additional pages and forms which we've added. The website is phpMyDirectory version 1.1.0, with the pmdstyles graphics

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    9 bida to the sender when the file has been sent. • A confirmation email to the sender when the file has been downloaded. • Uploading the file would place it on our server / hosting and downloading would take it from there or other. • Large file size. (WeTransfer has up to 2GB, premium accounts can be customisable via admin access) • Message area. • Display

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    23 bida

    ...([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) and are looking for someone who can optimize the look and feel of our order button. We already have a button created: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] But the script is ran in PHP and doesn't function correctly because of the server side cache. We need an implementation that

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    19 bida

    Auto Portal - Sales and Buy & Presentation- Full Project Script Auto *** - See more at: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and all projects portofolio : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] allows you to easily publish your fleet to your website creating an efficient way for visitors to place a reservation. Car Manager brings car, van and other vehicle rental owners

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    Hello, I need this done ASAP - so please do not bid if you can't complete right now. ...need this done ASAP - so please do not bid if you can't complete right now. I need to run a script from the Command Line in order to generate integration keys. The php file is placed in my hosting account with GoDaddy. I just have no idea how to run a script.

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    8 bida

    ...their own headstones and place an order. I'm fairly computer literate but I've never worked with PHP and honestly I'm not going to pretend to know a lot about web stuff in general. I've put together a website on weebly and hopefully this isn't too noobish of a hosting service for my intentions with the script. Anywho, If you might be the...

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    ...with both php and MySQL generally as well as phpMyDirectory in particular. There is a moderate phpMyDirectory learning curve involved for first timers; this isn't the right first job for the uninitiated. Due to licensing requirements of the phpMyDirectory php script, the work must be completed using hosting on my website's ftp server in order for...

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    12 bida

    ...with both php and MySQL generally as well as phpMyDirectory in particular. There is a moderate phpMyDirectory learning curve involved for first timers; this isn't the right first job for the uninitiated. Due to licensing requirements of the phpMyDirectory php script, the work must be completed using hosting on my website's ftp server in order for ...

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    ...Interspire script + addons. 2. Email marketing hosting, Interspire email server, Php email server, Bulk Email campaign.. 3. Search engine optimization. 4. Domain for sale. 5. Atomic email hunter. 6. Active email list. 7. Web hosting, Web development. I need some one for sale my product for earn per sale. I'll give you a unique order page for know

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    ...Static information pages • Recent Profiles Module on Homepage • Search Engine Friendly URLs Registered MEMBER • Membership Info • Manage membership account info • Order details • Change partner profile • Edit own profile • Upgrade Profiule • Upload Photos (multiple) • Protect Photo • Upload Horoscope • Family In...

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    16 bida simpler version of [log masuk untuk melihat URL], built on a prebuilt PHP system that handles most use cases - The script needs to be themed according to a design. One page of the design can be viewed at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] You need standard PHP knowledge in order to work with the templates. You will be edi...

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    29 bida report of visitor activity, but they don’t." Have suggestion ? ***Before placing a bid, make sure to read and UNDERSTAND the job and each of my requirement. Also, in order to be able to make a valid reccommandation to me, make sure to know all of the most used Web analytic applications available on the market today, their features, pros/cons,

    $6 - $12 / hr
    $6 - $12 / hr
    0 bida

    Hello, I was thinking about starting a file hosting website (big scale) with the script from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] but in order to do that i need a custom theme. i don't need something advance but the freelance haft to handle html, css and php very good and that you can do the project very fast. After bidding i will attach the files that you need

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    16 bida