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    Kami bermaksud melakukan migrasi data dari server existing menuju ke server baru. OS Server yg kami gunakan Linux Centoz dan database nya adalah PostrgreSQL. Dalam pekerjaan ini pekerjaan yg dilakukan adalah migrasi database, copy data, dump data dan mencreate replikasi antara server baru dengan database server lama. Demikian

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    Implement a library with a function to copy a file tree in another local or FTP location or in archive and another function manage a batch sequence of copies. The copy function can also generate a dump of a MySql database. All the data to perform these operations are in a database (already created). There are several options of copying, which are explained in deep detail in the specs, together wit...

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    Hello, my mission is to exctract some data, photo mainly, from userdata partition of UFs memory of Samsung S8, i did a dump of userdata partition, and i have a .bin file, i am not able to find a solution to Mount this image and to exct the file stored inside. I also did dump of system partition and also with software like UFSXpci i was able to see all file and folder. What i am doing wrong ? i...

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    We need to replace our old data transfer solution which is working well today but needs an upgrade. The app should: 1. Read data from an Excel-sheet (known or preset name) Or 1. Read data DIRECTLY From an RTD-server (better option) 2. Export the data to a (known or preset location and name) to a preset location 3. Repeat the above every minute during daytime (between preset hours). 4. After a cert...

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    We need to replace our old data transfer solution which is working well today but needs an upgrade. The app should: 1. Read data from an Excel-sheet (known or preset name) Or 1. Read data DIRECTLY From an RTD-server (better option) 2. Export the data to a (known or preset location and name) to a preset location 3. Repeat the above every minute during daytime (between preset hours). 4. After a cert...

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    We are looking to fix an issue with an old but very simple Wordpress Theme called "Reversal 1.1.0" made by bitfade that was not updated anymore. What we provide: a wordpress backup file around 50MB with the full site backup. The backup is given as per your choice in one of the following formats: - Plain FTP export and DB Dump or - Exported using the "One WP Migration" W...

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    Software Dev 4 hari left

    Need to embed into my website an interactive way for people to pick how much junk they have to get rid of. A dump truck that fills up as they click junk items (mattress, couch, lamps, trash bags, etc) to show them how much they’ll pay to get rid of it

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    Create an automated website testing script in Python or Perl. The script will be ran under Linux (Ubuntu) and will perform the following tests on our website. The website's address is The script must run without any interaction required from the user. The script shall perform the following tests on our website (jv16powertools dot com): Test 1) Website front pag...

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    The service monitors the execution and activity of a program defined in a configuration file. You must have the ability to dump the .NET application in question as well as its reference dlls. It must be installable.

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    Hi Ahmee B., I was wondering if you are the one who sent me a message inquiring about real estate website? The email bounced... (a hotmail email) if you are not please ignore this message... and I apologize for intruding on you like this. Many thanks.

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    Hi im looking for a email list local active businesses from Melbourne Australia Western suburbs. Must include manufacturing, offices, retail, trade services eg electrician, plumbers, construction, builders ect, retail, transportation, distribution, processing ect. Sunshine, sunshine west, sunshine north, laverton, laverton north, ravenhall, Tullamarine, altona, Williamstown, Brooklyn, braybrook,...

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    Data Analysis Project 2 hari left

    We have XML files from which details needs to be extracted and stored in a CSV file. The XML files would be made available as a CSV dump We need a python program to extract the information from the XML and arrange them in pre-defined column, store them in a CSV file which we can open in an Excel

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    My company sends opted in email to a very large database. Because so many people use GMAIL email addresses we find that GMAIL mistakenly puts our emails into the recipients junk spam folder instead of the recipients INBOX. GMAIL says that every user can go through the steps to have our domain white listed with GMAIL so it goes into the inbox. Most people do not want to take the time to do the...

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    Hello, I'm having problems with my email. Nothing was changed by the server. I am sending from Outlook desktop. No error messages are being received. If i send from outlook mobile they get received. I tried from webmail, gmail gets received but hotmail gets rejected with a message: <marwan_ar@[log masuk untuk melihat URL]>: host [log masuk untuk melihat URL][[log masuk untuk meliha...

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    Look in the folder called ‘prism.’ In there, you will find 12 files. These correspond to the monthly precipitation amounts (I believe in mm…but you’ll have to figure that out by looking at the values). They are in ESRI ASCII format (see [log masuk untuk melihat URL] for complete description). The data are for one particular year. I would like you to write a single mfile t...

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    Hi, I have a dot net framework website running with a dedicated application pool on a Windows 2016 server. The application pool is failing often and recycling. Each failure triggers event ID 1000 in event viewer with following details: Faulting application name: [log masuk untuk melihat URL], version: 10.0.14393.0, time stamp: 0x57899b8a Faulting module name: [log masuk untuk melihat URL], versio...

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    Build a Daily Trivia Script 1 jam left

    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This is what I am basing what I want to do I have tens of thousands of questions that are done in an xml format. I would want t way to take those, dump them to a database and let the app create a random quiz

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    I need a program that will allow a debit/credit like card reader to activate( in this case a golf ball dispenser machine at my driving range) an actuator to dump golf balls into a basket. The machine has a card reader on it now to process credit/debit card payments. I’ll attach photos. Needed: 1. reader/writer to assign member numbers to custom cards. 2. A program that allows me to ...

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    API acount kit Tamat left

    Need to integrate API for app with acount kit that Facebook developer tool

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    Need a small chat application prototype that could connect to my server via WebSockets and dump the data into db on receive event. Feel free to use frameworks or modules available online.

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    I want to get facebook leads in MySQL database using php based Facebook Business SDK Framework. I need complete source to run on my server.

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    I have 2 simple mail designs, very similar, and I would like to get the HTML code behind it so it looks good both on mobile and desktop for various mail clients: gmail, yahoo, outlook, hotmail. I need someone with experience on this since the HTML code for emails is not really easy to be made cross compatible and look good. Everything you see text in the images in the mockups I attached must be ...

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    I have an SQL data dump and JSON files that were part of a website that went down. I need to be able to search these files with Series Title, Ep Title and AEL number etc I need them in a searchable webinterface that can run on a local machine. This is a fairly easy straight forward job and I need it done quickly please.

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    list of all Las Vegas hotels email addresses Looking for customer services' email addresses of hotels in Las Vegas or higher i.e. management / owners / public relations email addresses connected to those hotels etc. Email addresses MUST BE connected to hotels in or around Las Vegas area only. gmail/yahoo/hotmail etc must have the hotel name in the email address / whatever@[log masuk untuk m...

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    I am starting up a business targeting Real Estate Agents that want to advertise and announce their new listing, open house brokers open other REagents sending an email flyer blast from my website. I am looking for a knowledge and expert email delivery and a server expert that knows to setup and configure the server for large email sending and that can warm-up my domain/IPs and build with I...

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    PowerMTA installation, configuration, optimization - Mailwizz expert. - Email Delivery Infrastructure setup for healthy delivery. - IPs rotations - DNS/Reverse records settings - Configuration of (SPF, DKIM, FBL & MX records) RDNS - Deliverability experience on Hotmail,Yahoo and Gmail - Optimizing database and speeding up the PowerMTA - Daily Bounce processing - IPs registration, monitoring - ...

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    I'm downloading trading data from my platform. i want to dump that data into a book that delivers various pieces of information. if the market moves up, and does this, then does that...... I have included one day of data here. i would assume to download each day into a new sheet as there are too many rows per day to allow more than just a couple of days in a sheet.

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    configure Hotmail as smtp settings in smartserialmail software on my RDP, i require a competent personnel to get this done quickly

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    I have a web site running ASPX. A new code I have is failing once in a while with exception code 0xc0000374, causing web site to fail. I have enabled heap debug using verifier, and analyzed a dump file of the break point using Debug Diag. The output is attached. I would like to understand which kind of heap corruption is this, and why is it caused. I do not have access to the code. This should be ...

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    Do you have experience of wireshark? I need someone who can parse handshak between drone device and my computer. And I need detailed report about handshake I attached the wireshark dump file My Computer IP [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Device IP [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Thank you

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    PDF EXCEL WORD Tamat left

    I offer you a PDF file dump service, handwritten or photocopy paper on a Word or Excel file upon request Service features: * I'm going to dump 30 pages into a Word file (200 to 400 words per page) or Excel for $ 10 * Implement all your desires in coordination (formatting tables, margins, page borders, cover, etc.) *High accuracy * Speed ​​in implementation * The service includes files in Ar...

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    53 bida

    Azure Middleware, Azure Data Factory, pipelines, Automation Accounts, power shell scripting sql server Hi, I am looking for a person who is experience in grabbing a csv file from Azure Storage Location, dump it into SQL DB table using Azure Pipelines. Call Stored procedures in pipeline and do mapping with mapping tables and get the result table. Next using Automation accounts Run Books, by us...

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    Project 130 Tamat left

    Project 130 Automatically process a reported payment A Member reports a payment Bank Date (Today is the default.) Time (Now is the default) Amount Submit This goes into a table Date Time user_id Bank Amount pay_code Email Account balance New balance confirmend Add the payment to the account balance. Keep the balance a...

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    8 bida

    I need some help me set up Facebook ad acount and Facebook audience set up

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    Need a working account checker for (GMAIL / HOTMAIL / YAHOO)

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    I currently have a software that can log in, read, reply to, and delete emails within Gmail accounts, via the Gmail API. I wrote this software for testing purposes a while ago when I was testing Gmail automaton. Anyways, I would like to have this software expanded in its features. I would like for it to extend beyond Gmail, and onto AOL, HotMail, & Yahoo. So for this project, you will be g...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design for 1-855-WOW-JUNK Tamat left

    The company name and logo reads "1-855-WOW-JUNK" It really needs to emphasize the whole phone number so can be memorized. Also needs to show our brand what we do. We are in the junk removal business like after 1-800-GOT-JUNK [log masuk untuk melihat URL] so if you need ideas we are modeled after their business. Incorperating a dump truck or something may be a decent idea to get point ac...

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    Need a Dashboard in Excel using a stanard data dump as input. Report should be automated and dynamic.

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    Hello I am looking for an expert team to build an online multiplayer network from scratch without source strings from the execution file from the single player game. The out come from this project Transform a single player game to a multiplayer by having an additional UI for players to click on and have the choice of two data center North America or Europe, with mutliple channels i.e : Server 1, ...

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    Hi Guys , I need to update the PostgreSQL database dump in the Aws instance.

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    I have a file which is almost certainly a Berkeley DB JE Logfile. The only info I have found, which also gives away the file is here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Objectives: 1) Dump/Open/Make readable the attached file 2) Make a change to the logfile attached 3) Provide changed jdb file

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    i need to creat qq acount i need chines to help me thankx

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    we got 20-30 jobs in line. most scraping jobs need to be on python, must run 24/7/365 on our machines and dump data into a google sheet. respond only if you are the end developer of the script. to fake accounts, no proxy accounts and no companies are allowed to bid on this project. only direct developers will be hired. you may be asked to complete a test job worth 5$ to prove your knowledge and sk...

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    Big problem, please help. Need to move all db to plesk new server from rescue mode of the old without mysql dump. It's urgent.

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    Hi for all, looking to buy the FULL Houzz dump from 2018. If you have then please WRITE IMMEDIATELY your asking price.

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    The application is a reservation for wedding halls and facilitate the trouble for people to communicate with the hall and see the dates available for reservation and each hall has a special profile to upload the private photos of the hall and its phone and location and address and add users (acount) lounge officials to manage reservations for sure or rejection, to be Special rates for each of the ...

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    10 per day, 10 rev iew s per day, 1000 in total

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    We currently have a website for our church. However, it is old, outdated, and terrible. We are currently hosting with GoDaddy and have a company that offers templates etc that "manages" it. We are looking to dump this company, and update our website but make it to where we as a church can have full control to edit it and so forth. We want a modern website that still looks good on mob...

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    114 bida

    Hi citijayamala, I need your help in automation of an excel report by vba scripting on test data and then extrapolate to live dump by myself. I am trying on my own but stuck on some aspects. I believe this will take 05 hours max to formalize the code. If you are ok. Please let me know. We can discuss. Thanks & Regards, Pinaki

    $42 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    1 bida