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    Seeking for an ongoing developer who can assist me in coding a Bulk Email Software. The software will be used to send emails to my large client base. The chose bidder should be quick responsive, this means I should be able to get hold of the programmer with an existing messenger software such as AIM or MSN. Successful completion of this proje...

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    1 bida clients has a website that is currently in ColdFusion and Access. The site is ridiculously slow, so we would like to recode it in PHP/MySQL. We will be moving her website to a new server as soon as it is recoded, so we can provide a test server to you in the meantime (Do not write over her current website!!) We had a developer working on this

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    I am in need of a website that would act as a marketplace between property owners willing to sell or rent and people looking to buy these properties. Owners should have an account where they can manage their properties. The site should allow owners to advertise their properties. The interface should be very simple, it is known that users get easily

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    A shockwave flash object has been developed that displays nutritional information for a range of food products, based on demographic profiles (ie age, gender) and region of purchase. Our current developers. This has been developed up to a point, but needs some modifications and finessing to get it to a useable state. I believe the work left

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    HI, I need an experience java developer to write a summary of some java coding. Here is how it works: Prodivided Material: java source code, excel spreadsheet Purpose: Currently, there are a lot of dynamic sql statement in java code (direct call). I have created some excel documents which has all sql statement (select, update, delete

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    MySQL Database Tamat left

    We are an online computer security training company that needs to have a MySQL database containing all of the vulnerability information as well as the publicly available source code for computer security vulnerabilities (often called “exploit code??). We will also need a simple easy to use web interface for updating this database. We have our own archve

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    Hello to all Software Developers within this Forum. I need the following software program developed EXACTLY like the Sonic Memo #2 version program.....located at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ----- BUT be it your own code instead... so as to NOT infringe on any copywriting from their works whatsoever. ( I do respect the works of others and want to keep it that way

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    I need a small wrapper application that allows me to execute WinVNC off of CD. It needs to do the following... I have this stuff working somewhat with Windows Shell Scripts, and I even did a C# application that does most of this on Windows 2000, but it blew up on Windows XP Home, I think because the .NET Framework was not available. It also does not

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    Experienced Developer(s) for Net Directory site. Looking for EXPERIENCED developer(s) to build a site similar to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and connected to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] for payments. Process 1. Selection of developers who will receive full specification under NDA. Developers will be selected based on their responses to the questions below. 2. Selected Deve...

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    I am seeking a DHTML developer who has knowledge with DOM, DHTML and definetly javascript, teh tasks will all be advanced scrupting type tasks, if you know java, that will also be a plus, but i dont think it will be needed for this project, the project will consist of technologies such as javascript, dhtml, dom, and html. the project is as follows

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    There is a product, AdeptSQL Diff, which compares and synchronizes metadata and data in two MS SQL Server databases. The new version of the tool contains a couple of COM Automation interfaces through which the comparisons can be done programmatically, difference SQL scripts produced, etc. These COM interfaces are new, have not been very thoroughly

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    Ecommerce Site Tamat left

    I am looking for a website developer who has strong graphic design sensibilites to develop a new ecommerce website. Must have significant experience in design as well as developing ecommerce sites. Must be able to give detailed instruction on how the site can be managed /updated on an ongoing basis. Site would need to be very clean, well lit

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    I need a help file for The Collective. This will require you to become very familliar with the software so that you can create the content and screen shots for its creation. The Collective is a development kit that allows anyone to easily construct inter-active training, tutorials, and/or sales demonstrations. It is a fun and powerful tool

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    Please see a brief description below. Attached are screenshots of what we need and the URL for the current database download. If you have to ask questions like "How do I get around the startup screen" Then you should not be bidding because you don't know Access! 1) Any changes to the SQL structure will need a script to update the live database

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    Need a sample created to demostrate creating a custom interface in DLLs and then instantiating an object from the assembly using late binding to then invoke the member. Specifically, I have the need to extract application logic into seperate (interchangable) assemblies. The assembly will need to have a method (i.e. CreditCardSale) that will be using

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    ...(U.S.) respectively. I can provide a written document of these rules if need be. Here's the plan: I am in the process of creating an online gaming community. At this time we are having the "Framework" for this community developed by another programer. These two games (Chess & Checkers) will need to be done in a way where they can be &...

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    My relationship with my host and designer is being terminated. How do I know what kind of hosting to get for my sites ( asp, sql)? Here are the websites which are live: and need to be finished. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    I need a fully functionable and scalable dating site that is geared to a very specific audience. I want to incorporate the best features of the major dating sites. I had hired a developer for the job but had to fire him. I am hoping some of his code is usable. It appears the backend he created is almost complete. The frontend is quite primiti...

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    I have an application that I have created for distribution in an educational setting. Here are the specifics. The app was written in VB 6.0. The database is MSAccess. The connection source to the database right now is the data1 command. I also have a version using ADO Connection. How it works now: Once installed, a single user can launch the applica...

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    What I need done: 1) Pop Up Graphic #1 for [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - This graphic will announce our grand opening and will have the text “Welcome To [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Grand Opening?? and then somewhere else on the ad, it will say “Click Here To Register??. The link for the ad will be: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Games Network Tamat left

    This is a small personal project where I want to create a games network on which I will launch some games that I will make (or hire someone to make) at a later stage. For this project I require various pieces of software which all need to interact together in different ways. The first piece is the server which must run on linux in a ...

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    Ram software Tamat left

    I am looking for an experienced developer to help me develop a ram management program in c++. There are many out there on the market but they all seem to be crammed with heaps of unused features: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] But in particular the one I like the most is Rampage ( The source code can be downloaded and examined at

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    Web Site Tamat left

    I am in need of a web site that includes the following: 1. A page where there will be a disclaimer for the user to click yes or no to and direct them appropriately 2. Cookies to be set to where if the person did not click yes and trys to by-pass that screen they will be sent once again to that disclaimer page and then returned to the page

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    37 bida this. 4. *VERY IMPORTANT* - You must be able to get out independently (without my intervention) all information and functions you need to code the fully application (reviewing the German demo version). 5. ALL modules described MUST be able to interact/interoperate with each other. 6. I must host just about anything - see the Platform section

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    I am developing a MS Access (97) Database that keeps tracks with employee's time working on different tasks. Users enter their Employee ID and Task each hour on a it Form A. I need a program written that pops up a small form (only needs to be about 3"x3" in size) every hour. Form should only have two buttons on it. One but...

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    ...uses a program for DOS to manage our student base and we are currently looking to develop a new modern updated system. This DOS application is no longer supported by the developer. This is what we know about the application... 1. The DOS application is written in C++. 2. The database is stored as .HDB and .RDB files, for this project I created a TEST

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    Star's Site Tamat left

    Ok I know how how this sounds but we have no choice. We are a Custom Software/Web developing company that currently is involved in some large contracts that just happened. Not that we are not pleased about this or anything, but we are running out of resources. Meaning we are rather a new company, just went coporated this year. The problem is when we

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    ...need the software to adjust windows registry settings for optimal through-put and download speeds. Just set simple registry settings. Here are the specs needed: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] shield of course on the uninstall it would need to reset the system registry back to windows default. 2. A Button (or hot key) to restore windows defaults 3. A Button (or

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