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    ...of: Banners- various sizes A total of Thirty (30) items, all items are to be designed with fully licensed adult pictures that will be provided. We will leave it up to the designer to choose the technique (flash, animated gif, etc.), so please provide some information as to how you will approach the project. We do not have a preset maximum for the

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    ...programmer is needed to implement the usual and recommended php layout and code separation (and/or modules, functions, etc.) and rewrite parts of the code. Most of the php code is mixed with the html that defines the layout of the pages. Changing page layouts requires altering each php file. Therefore, [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (PP)is not easy to update and change

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    London-based website developer required to translate well-designed Photoshop mock-ups into pixel-perfect, working web pages. The website is for a small company, and will only have about 20 pages or so (all pretty standard stuff - brochure pages, news pages, downloads etc.). Also, a content management system will be required so the client can update

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    ...I am in a process of releasing a new instant messaging software designed for internal office communications. I have invested lots of time and effort in this project and would like to make sure the product can stand up to the product specs mentioned on my web site. In addition, I hope to eliminate any serious bugs/issues before releasing a version that

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    Trading Stocks on Paper (Validation Test) The object of this module or test is to run through a single stock, or a list of stocks, generate buy and sell signals, and paper trade, to see if you can make a profit. This block of code will be merged into a larger program written by another RAC, maybe even you. The stock method being used is the Darvas Method

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    Hello everyone, Jonathan Regan here :) Thank for you taking the time to read this project description. This is a very simple project, and would suit programmers that need to develop their ScriptLance reputation. It would also be an excellent way for established coders to obtain additional excellent feedback. With all that said, let me describe

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    1 bida[log masuk untuk melihat URL]). The documentation is to consist of a one page white paper containing the following: 1. A description of the architecture of the design using simple [log masuk untuk melihat URL] platform or operating system is the website designed to run on? 2. List all programming languages used(mySQL&php may have been used to build [log m...

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    17 bida a client application designed to access our servers via an embedded web browser and have a small download manager to facilitate transfer of files. It will have a fairly simple design as most of the work will be done on the server side (which is NOT included in this project.) The main component of the application will be a web browser component. In

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    ...carefully prior to bidding. This is a large complex project - any bidder changing his price after posting due to not understanding the spec will be removed from consideration. This project needs to be completed in 1 month - if you cannot finsh it in this time frame please indicate delivery time in your bid. We are looking for one company to design and

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    I would like a professional web site designer to go to [log masuk untuk melihat URL], look it over and let me know how they think they could enhance the designe of the web site. It is a Financial site and must remain extremely professional looking. Create a new logo for FundTimer. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executabl...

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    ...project is due next week and I have no clue how to even begin. It is a very easy program, but I am not a VB fan or even good at it. This must be done on Visual Basic 6.0. Code must be commented very well, and have Option Explicit at the top, he's very Finicky. This is the exact way he wrote it out for our class to do. I have no more information. I must ask

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    I have a local website designed in a 2 part frameset that I would like to add some special functionality to. The site has a header frame that contains a menu system that drives the content of the main frame. What I would like, is a button on the menu that will take the main frame content and export it into a PowerPoint presentation. So what I am visioning

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    3 bida in order to try and commercialize it. I would prefer someone with graphics/art talent who can possibly redo the logo (if necessary) and who can brainstorm with me about a new idea and how to advertise it on the site. I would like to see examples of websites done by interested bidders in order to decide. After selecting a web page designer

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    I am in need of someone or company to build a web site for me. I will need domain registration, professional fitness designed home page(not sure how many total pages,)email, and a Unique logo. The coding has to be from a system that does not take a rocket scientist to understand. The system would be something I would rather work with the greatest

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    Need to ASP developer to create the Web sales system: This is to help buyer to filter items available to buy by preset questions. These questions will act as filter to elminate the non qualify items. The item are group by categories/sub-categories. The admin will create items categories, items, item description in back end. The question and the qual...

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    Hi There I,m a part-time student in web-designing and need to hand in a fully functionnal shoppingbasket assignment. It must be written purely in asp and I would prefer that it to be designed in Dreamvwearer 4 or MX. You must use Access 2000 or 2002 as your database and the DSN name must be "it2002164shoppingbasket" and all the apropiate tables. I started

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    My web site [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I designed this myself, however I dont have a graphics major, so the design isn't that great. I need a new menu bar and site layout that is very corporate and professional, yet with a comfortable, soft feel and easy navigation. The nature of my business is Credit Counseling and Debt Consolidation. If I like

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    ...different web templates produced in the same style but increasingly detailed. Our marketing campaign is to Dentists in Japan who just want to put their info on the net and don't need to pay for a custom designed site. We will give a three tier choice that should include more function for each level. Dentists only really need a 5 page site no matter how...

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    I have a web site where I designed the logo, but I am not a graphics pro. So I need someone to "upgrade" my logo - by that I mean keep the same basic look and feel of the logo, but make it look more professional and slick. Then, using this logo, I will need several things designed: 1. A standard business card. 2. A specialty business card - one with

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    I have designed forms. I need someone to revise the code and make them work using CDONTS. I want form results via email, but I'm interested in also getting estimate for database results work as well. I also need someone who will teach me how to do the forms because I'll need to update them (add and delete fields) each week. I use Dreamweaver, IE, and

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    I require a web site designed for a small recruiment company. They already have a logo and image which I will provide. I will also describe how I want the logo to be converted in flash into. The balls on the logo should spins around the company name and settle into the final position. The name could fade in or do something else. Other enhancements could

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    ...switching to SQL to gain scalability. It is consisted of six modules, which lead the user through specific exercises designed to stimulate areas of the brain that are ignored by traditional methods. Here's a general overview of the modules: Opening: Provides a login screen that is based on the first name, last name, and password before moving to the Eye

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    Want to create a web site with about 5 to 10 pages. Would like to use some flash/dreamweaver. Need a site that is classically professional, but edgy and innovative. The site is for a small business that will be doing web site development but will be using rent-a-coder from time to time. This site will be a test site for me. Graphics and Art and audio

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    PHP Shareware Download Archive Script I want a new website designed using PHP (or Perl) and MySQL, that will allow software developers to submit their programs. Visitors to our site should then be able to browse, search different categories and download programs. If you been to: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat ...

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    ...Home Security camera products, and we would like to create a web based video package. We will deploy a Windows XP Pentium 4 Machine at the clients residence/work place. It will be on a broadband connection at all times. The IP address will likely be static, but could possibly by dynamic and i'd like to come up with a solution for that. We use Osprey

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    ...simple application that will allow users to create tailored Palm and PocketPC applications designed for mobile/remote sign-ups and petitions. Once installed on an individuals Palm/PocketPC it would allow them to gather e-mail addresses from friends, petition signers, etc. via their handheld and have the results sent to a specific server determinied by the

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    I am a web designer who is looking for ocasional help with coding. Usually javascript,etc... If you know advanced Flash that could be very helpful for the future. Currently,I have built a site with frames. On the nav bar I have designed a search, that needs to load in the main frame instead of the frame. The search was originally built in Front Page

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    ...should appear to be a piece of white paper asking for specific information from the user. More easily put, surrounding the form which the user adds thier input will look like a piece of paper. At the bottom of this form will be a button/link entitled 'FOLD'. When the user clicks this button the form must be checked for required fields (to be discussed

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    I am a web designer who is looking for ocasional help with coding. Usually javascript,etc... If you know advanced Flash that could be very helpful for the future. Currently,I have built a site with frames. On the nav bar I have designed a search, that needs to load in the main frame instead of the frame. The search was originally built in Front Page

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    ...actually, but i might need to make some changes) also needed will be a your account feature that will allow users to check up all orders placed and order details . must work with unix/tomcat environment. also preferably, i don't want to use packages in developing this web application. and i require a shopping cart. and add to cart and view cart and update

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    This is a very simple program. What this program needs to be designed to do is basically the same function as this web site hosted by the Discovery Channel does. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I need to know which teacher they came from, who the student is and whether they have know there student password. I need a template in

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    I run a small website design business that mainly deals with small to medium sized businesses. Recently, the guy who handles most of the graphics for the sites that we do informed me that he is unable to continue working due to family committments so I'm looking for someone to replace him. The deal that we had was that a website contract would come

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    27 bida which i designed. I have a database which i need connected to the website using Apache web server. The database is to return dates time and place on the website, i also need a credit card booking system for booking tickets. The web site interface is already designed, all i need is the database connected (which i think i know how to...

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    I have designed a relational database for what is, in effect, an online contracting system; consisting of individuals for hire (with associated skills and work experience), clients that hire them and the agents that manage them. I need this database to be manipulated with a set of tools, in PHP, PERL or ASP and anticipate it being hosted on a MySQL

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    I am looking for a web designer to design a simple webiste of about 10-15 pages for my Pizza shop in [log masuk untuk melihat URL] e-commerce just email me quotes,time scale,previously designed sites.I want to include also a feedback form in [log masuk untuk melihat URL] please also tell me seperately how much Flash intro will cost [log masuk untuk melihat URL] t...

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    $200 - $300
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    ...It has/is being used to monitor and graph thousands of DSL lines and server farms for major internet companies. What I am looking for is someone with heavy linux/programming experience and the motivation to make this a marketable product as well as improve some of its features and redo some of its components. Access will be give to all existing systems

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    I am going to make a presentation to sponsors for the "cowboy shell game". The game will be a web based multiplayer betting style type game. The project will be developed in 3 stages.1st stage would be a animation of how the game will be played for sponsors. 2nd stage will be the development of a program to be used in a database for tracking scores

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    ...excel already designed templates using excel macros. This requires alot of space and consumes alot of resources. I want to change this to have: 1)oracle database that will perform the same functionality of the calculations. The coder should be able to understand the VBscript in the excel macros and modules and trasform this in a well designed relational

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    ...excel already designed templates using excel macros. This requires alot of space and consumes alot of resources. I want to change this to have: 1)SQL database that will perform the same functionality of the calculations. The coder should be able to understand the VBscript in the excel macros and modules and trasform this in a well designed relational SQL

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    I would like a very conservitive flash/non site web site designed... The site should have the following pages Home Services Employment ContactUS I would like to have these pages filled with dummy info for a computer consulting company that i will later modify. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as

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    How would you like to tutor Web Programming courses online, in your spare time? Do you already frequent newsgroups as the resident expert? Would you like to be paid for dispensing your wisdom? All you need is internet access and the desire to help others. DigitalThink is the leading provider of internet-based, outsourced learning solutions. By

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    ...Programmer to work in a fast paced technology environment Fantastic oppotunity to Work on an interactive web site for a leading Digital channel. Using a multiserver which ships as part of Director 8, the ideal candidate will be able to implement their existing director skills to build a chat room which will allow visitors to the site to chat dire...

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