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    I own a driving school I need a spot on my web site where students can sign up for a class and this spot keeps track of how many students have signed I need this because I have a limit of 35 students in each class. THX John Cronin (Removed by Admin)

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    anyone know how to send push notification using fcm to android devices

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    i have lots of image to put on website for my product page but the size is different one from another i need all the picture in 1 size so it can look good with product image . someone need to teach me how can i do that in photo shop

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    I am looking for writer for writing professional essay.

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    Hi, I want to learn how to migrate wordpress website from on host to another. My website is hosted on Godaddy and I want to migrate it on BigRock. I have already tried migrating it but I am stuck and I need someone who can explain me how I can do it. Note: I want to learn this. I don't want someone to just do it for me.

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    i have one site on wordpress. Have tool to test SEO and say two erro on mobile.. Need fix..

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    A mesh like intercom apps for iOS and Android to be use in the mountain where there are no signal or wifi. this is the idea-- [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Its an apps that do the same as the item What specification Or protocol will you use ? What will you use to connect with each device..?

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    I need to figure out how to get my internet speed above 25.... Can you help right now is at 13 average

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    Then use a Clustering format to learn about all the markets to make better predictions. To make this simple we would have the code run on my computer and use a directory to location the files on my computer to be used for the learning to start and make trading signals (B: Buy, S: Short, C: Close) on my computer so I can transfer those signals to my private server for it to be read and traded in t...

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    Fivem Freeze Tamat left

    Hi, I have a fivem server created in Debian i need some one to help me to figure out what is the causes of fivem screen freeze and crashes after about 20-60 min fivem player screen and pc freeze and they should restart thier pc

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    Each prospective customer has to go through a Know Your Customer (KYC) process by submitting a government-issued photo ID and a facial picture of themself to our partner, Veritas. Veritas then would perform 2 checks: • Document check: To verify that the photo ID is valid and authentic; • Facial Similarity check: To verify that the face in the picture is the same with that on the submit...

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    Need some assistance on a 3000 words essay. (Critical discussion) More details of the essay will be further provided following your contact with me. Thank you.

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    I am a scientist at Harvard Medical School. For an academic research paper , we've built two random forest models in Python. These models take in 30+ datapoints about the health status of a mouse and return predictions about its future health status. We would like to make these models available for widespread research use. Currently the models have been saved with pickle ([log masuk untuk m...

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    Only freelancers located in the Europe may apply. I am looking for a freelance ghost writer to write on a book for Me. I have lots of ideas and pages I have already written as well over the years. My ex best friend has been stalking me for 5 years so i babe decided to make a book about it and tell my story, I want the name of it to be “Stalked by My Ex Friend” I’m open to ideas ...

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    I am looking to develop an application to utilize the Near Field Communication functionality in most modern Smartphones for RFID tag reading and writing for asset tracking. The app interface would be twofold. The main interface would be simply for reading tags. When scanned, the tag information should then immediately pop up onto the screen, displaying the tag name and all associated information...

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    we are a startup company looking for an attorney to prepare us ( Terms and conditions ) for our website. We allow licensed and professional instructors to deliver online courses.

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    I need some help with internet marketing.

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    I need some help with selling something.

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    For our company, we are in need of a logo. It should contain the letters "D" and "T" or "d" and "t". The company is located in the medical/educating sector, which means we want to be connected with reliability, innovation and integrity. We like the colour blue in different combinations with other colours, for example, shades of black or grey. Preferably,...

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    We have a set of graphic images that need to be very rapidly recreated / improved using new designs, imagery and technique. For the purposes of this contest - we've attached an example of the old graphics. Please recreate this content with a new graphic using your own style and imagery. Thanks and we look forward to working with you!

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    we want to revamp the existing website, using some wordpress template and top up some other functions like weather, membership area...

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    I wanna learn how to approve Punjabi Language Video in Google ads (Google Adwords)

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    Online assistant on how to deploy a tensorFlow image modal on Google Cloud and how to use it. Can advise on CNN / Kepras / Deep Learning

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    I own a training company and we will be copyrighting a communications model for a new program - 7 Spheres of Communication. I dont just need a graphic design, but I need some create thought put into HOW this should look. I uploaded 2 drawing concepts, but I dont know that either is the RIGHT! Im awarding this job to the design that best captures the "business meaning" b...

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    I’m looking to have a site plan/master plan enhanced/improved for a potential piece of property that is 23.30 acres ( 804 ft. x 977 ft). The site will be mixed-use. I have a very rough draft of an option for the site. But it’s just a starting point. At this point I’m just looking for renderings of what the site could potentially look like for presentation purposes or at the very ...

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    How to create html5 based book and epub wihh interactive step by step ebook like this [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    To celebrate our new Quadruple Bypass Burger we let our subject eat the burger within 10 minutes. We are looking for a person that can edit the videos shot per our instructions. Total amount of shot video is around 10 minutes. The video needs to be compatible for social media and mainly for Instagram. The editor needs to make the video look professional and interesting. 1. Use color filters to m...

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    I need 3-5 designs for t shirts I need a creative designer who can make every detail I ask for + be flexible with changing and editing. the t shirt will be reflictive so make sure to understand it before apply

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    I have Java application code from a Freelancer that requires special installation to be functional. I don't need coding help, I need help with incorporating communications fixes to my build stream. The Freelancer said I need to do this: File Name File path (You need to put the file on this path in your project) Package Name 1 [log masuk untuk melihat URL] /TableCheck/appClientModule/tblchec...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C or C++. I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using C. Synchronize sqlite data on the server. Work such, for example: to write on sqlite 30 record then to send to the server. Next make another 20 records on sqlite then send to the server but s...

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    Little java project in eclipse so use weka api. I need to create in java , the clustering of my file in csv and in output I need to new file csv clusterized , with new attribute cluster, so this output I need that it will update on mysql table. one interface and one java class micro projext for expert on data mining and weka

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    I need a python bot to replica exactly how a human would use an Internet browser I want a bot that i can import a txt file so i can change the URL's regularly which the bot will use those URL's to view. I just want the bot to go to the URL's, Scroll up/down, move the mouse, click on a link, exit that link, go to another page like i said i want to replica a human using a browser th...

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    I need you to write some content for a website.

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    Hello! We are looking for the BEST English writer to work with. The main writing subjects will be about online marketing (so please dont waist your and our time if this is not your area of expertise). We have this website: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and we are trying to convert all those articles in to the video. Here is the 1st article that we need to rewrite: [log masuk untuk melihat URL...

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    1). Required to convert existing website design & layout that is running on Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.3. Design and layout to be base on current site. Take note that features such as Freeze Header Panel, Listing Page, Detailed Page, Homepage (Slideshow Banners), Header, Footer, all need to be the same as existing. Registration, Checkout pages can be default Magento 2.3. 2). If Point 1 is don...

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    Need a video of using a membership group's Console/Dashboard Must be page view meaning all the viewer will see is a instructional video that shows the screens and cursor viewed by one in their monitor when acquainted with the use of the console. Possibly more instructionals of other parts of the website if price is right.4

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    We are a subscription based family fun pass, and looking to create a "How To" ad for our customers to watch. [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Hi we need a lead magnet and would like you to wright a "How to" workbook. that we can give away for free on social media as a Lead Magnet. We just need the text NO need to design the look and feel of the workbook The title of the workbook is "Hunting trophies flield prep 101" Our clients are hunters and we mount the animals they have hunted so that they can place them in t...

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    Need to create custom HTML templates for a business including Order Picking Notes, Delivery Notes, Invoices, Purchase orders etc - they are proving to be quite difficult for our current supplier so have posted here to try and find people with more expertise. The CRM system is [log masuk untuk melihat URL] so you should only apply if you have had previous experience using this system

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    English Speaking instructions over a conference call to: 1. Build a simple Form using Python Django in Visual Studio, including examples fields for (a) drop down selection, date, file Upload, open text, require numbers, required field 2. Connect the Inputs from the Django Form to Azure Sql Database 3. Deploy the form in Azure Web Apps [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to be able to use our excel form to automatically put data into PDF form. I have attached an example of one the PDF forms to be filled out. There will be around 20 different PDF's to automate so the the data from the spreadsheet will automatically go into it.

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    READA FIRST PLS: I have 13 presentations, I need someone to assist me in admin work: use AUTOMATIC ENGLISH to ARABIC translator to change text to Arabic. My budget is US$ 5 per presentation.

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    I want an nice intro that gives a little more professional look to my videos. My son made a simple intro using a web site, but he doesn't know how to make the animated logo I'd like to have. I want my user ID (for videos) to "grow" out of nothing in the middle, with an empty circle on the left side, and then, to fill the empty circle, I want a really generic-looking computer ...

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    The Building is 3.1x6.1m, emtpy buidling , 2 windwos, one door. Need floor plan, elevations, electrical locations, foundation plan, etc. Sample drawings supplied, details supplied. Just draw based on requirements.

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    NOTE: Please address the project brief in your proposal. Copy-paste bids and auto-bids will be ignored. I need a 1,500–2,000 word article on how to build an effective sales funnel for a website. The piece will be aimed at startup founders, solo-preneurs and small business owners. The article should address how to use a website to bring in, nurture and convert leads.

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    Earth batteries put off about 1 volt but wired together they provide more voltage, it's essentially free electricity as long as the dirt stays moist. Mining litecoin isn't very profitable unless you have free electricity because of electricity costs. I need to know how to do this safely and where to get the parts fairly cheaply as well as how to build the setup. It doesn't have t...

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    I need clip art/ sticker icons created for 10 local landmarks. Will use for stickers, shirts, hats, 3D Map icon, etc... must be custom so only we can use them with our brands. Here are images of the 10 landmarks we want icons created for. We want them to look similar to these: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    We are looking for a skilled writer who can write engaging, SEO optimized blog posts on different topics about WordPress. Articles will be about WordPress plugins, themes, updates and how-to guides. The writer needs to have a broad knowledge of WordPress and be able to research and write about anything related to WordPress environment. Price $15 for per 1500 word article.

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