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    guide me and let me know why my video like this and how to advertise effectly on social media such as youtube [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    I want to learn how to make an app in visual studio using Xamarin. I have tried following youtube tutorials and a guide online. I have installed the java SDK, Android NDK and Android Studio. Maybe I haven't linked the folders properly or something simple. Once I learn how to make a simple app and run on an android emulator I plan to port my existing C# winform app to android to use on my ph...

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    If you know Diafaan SMS Server, you can install diafaan sms server to your local computer and you can add gateway and connector. I installed Diafaan sms server, then I add gateway but this is not working now And I add sql connector, I can't connect mysql database. If you know about this, please help me

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    I am the founder of Rohme a recruitment platform for healthcare professionals. We need a freelance designer to work on a project in collaboration with our CTO and his tech team to design and implements few wirefrems to our Apps and work on a the user story map to define the work that will create the most delightful user experience. The Job is based in London, Moorgate, and we require you to join ...

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    I already have a basic whiteboard animation that was done, but it is not doing a good job of getting my message across in less than 60 seconds. It also is not the image i am looking to present for the business. I want someone that can create a video presentation which is professional and can be used in our social media marketing. The whiteboard animation can be viewed at: [log masuk untuk mel...

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    i want to learn seo , so that i can rank my site myself

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    I have a table of lessons and I would like to create a ML algorithm allowing to suggest the appropriate lessons based on the issue described by a user. The output should be one or multiple recommendations.

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    I need an Android app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. The Admin should be able to upload programes for cell groups and church services .. readings for those services or cell meetings .. People should be able to post articles of verses for discussion

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    Minimum 2000 words Using at least 5 sources Includes charts or diagrams

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    Need to optimice 1 js file fully. This file contains also the ajax calls that the website does every second. Need solve a problem with the ajax requests, sometimes the request take more than 1 second (normally between 60-150ms). As is a realtime website, these 1 second waiting for the request is showed in website as a "freeze" in the countdowns. (auctions website). This is visible in th...

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    I need the ability to schedule clients as well as them to be able to make requests. Also the ability to send invoices. Also to not have to go through a system like paypal or others to be able to collect the money.

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    I want someone to create the YouTube video the same way this video is and I want someone to show me tutorial video of how to create video myself - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We want the same subscribe animation (appears at 10 seconds) as the video also but make sure language is English for it. I am using voice 'scansoft daniel' with a program called 'Balabolka' if you can g...

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    i need detail step by step setup process write on wordpage intimidate with in 30 min- 1 hr

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    Hello, I am looking for someone who knows how to customize mailchimp themes. I have the exact design we need, just need someone experienced with mailchimp to customize / set up the theme on our mailchimp.

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    Design and create online two weeks course “how to run a successful retreat” or “how to be a retreat leader” Fixed budget 50$

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    i need to calculate best average price for buy product using microsoft sql servery query

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    I have a need for a simple Windows graphic editor application Programmed using C or C++. MFC/ATL is okay. No GPL code nor .net, nor 3rd party modules. All source. Features: Windows application that can copy/paste, save/load graphic. Export graphic to at least standard BMP format (png, gif, jpeg okay too). Line thickness selection. Color selection. Fill/unfilled shapes. Line/Ellipse/Circle/Rec...

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    I need someone who is handy with Google Forms, Google Sheets and knows how to use Google to do research. I want to compile a list of Developers that are applying for work via various freelance websites. This will be approximately 10hrs of work over 1 week. If you are interested fill in this application form: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] If this work goes well there will be future tasks involvi...

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    for my coming app user and merchant app in english & hindi . explain in details all the points clearly in demo with ground voice with pointing the options , by showing my app and I will use this videos for my faq's and upload in youtube too .no need animation special just pointout

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    Attached is image of reagents and steps that is required to make buffer solution. I need someone to help me calculate it accordingly and explain how to derived it.

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    need in mean stack or golang Job site. Steps 1) Study existing website like monster / linkedin etc and report each and every web page as guest, candidate, recruiter, agencies, etc. 2) After making analysis of total functionality, freeze the scope in version 1 and 2 to develop responsive website 3) Plan to enhance and launch mobile android and ios app in later stages. Payment terms 25 % Deposit an...

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    I need you to write some articles. Write 500 words How do companies research potential new markets? Choose a global company who has a record of successful new market entry and explain why it has had this success, and consider also the reasons for any failures.

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    I have 2 document that I am looking to get designed. We are a home remodeling company in AZ. The first one, Our Client Promise, is very simple. The second, How to Thrive, is a 2 page educational piece that we provide to our prospective clients. I am looking to get them both professional designed. They will be printed as 1 and 2 page brochures essentially. Our primary colors are as follows: 3 ...

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    To design as close as my existing website, with optimisation of elements size, ratio, and typography. Most importantly to be fully mobile responsive and friendly

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    how you do Tamat left

    I need a new website. I need you to design my online store.

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    Need an Ajax expert to solve an issue, explained in the attached image. The site do ajax requests each 0.5seconds to server to get new data, normally it works good, the requests take 50-100ms, but sometimes the requests take more than 1 second, and this turns into a "little freeze" in the data that should be updated in site. Need that all ajax requests keep 50-100ms and never go up thes...

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    This will be a 2D video explainer project. Approximate length is 60sec. This is the reference video. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The budget is USD500-750. Deadline TBC. This will be the content: How to apply infographic video Apply directly on our website, visit (I will provide the link to the party that will get the project) Visit our course pages to find: Course content Entry require...

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    Need an Ajax expert to solve an issue, explained in the attached image. The site do ajax requests each 0.5seconds to server to get new data, normally it works good, the requests take 50-100ms, but sometimes the requests take more than 1 second, and this turns into a "little freeze" in the data that should be updated in site. Need that all ajax requests keep 50-100ms and never go up thes...

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    I want you to create me a documentation on how to host website on amazon aws I will give you the code of website

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    create MS Excel database for customer complaint management by entering data into a custom template form by multiple users. The print & PDF report in exactly same template as data input form. An advance profession version to this example on you tube. ( [log masuk untuk melihat URL]).

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    I need to test CentOS7.5 and make document. Please let me know how to copy and paste the test record in the ssh screen and make document fast.

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    Terms of use and privacy agreement for digital content showcase website. Subscription based, all payments final.

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    I have a website that has prices for products but when I change the price in wp bakery it does not reflect the paypal price. We need someone to quickly show us how to edit and change the prices that are being fed from paypal to our wp site. Only bids from people who have genuinely read and understood the brief will be accepted. To Show you have read this Brief properly please start the bid wit...

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    Hi, i have more python files in difference folders. Currently i open each file separate and make right click -> 'edit with Idle' on each file then press F5 to run. Now i will have a file which open and run all python files with one click. .../business/[log masuk untuk melihat URL] .../sport/[log masuk untuk melihat URL] .../clothes/[log masuk untuk melihat URL] ... Thanks, Sascha

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    Need a user fun, fresh, user friendly UI/ UX for mobile to capture simple contact information at event. This app is for organization (non-public) use only (i.e. not for commercial purposes) Questionnaire questions to capture: 1. Gender: Male/Female 2. Name: (First, Last) 3. Age: 4. Best method of communication?: (whatsapp/Email/phone) 5. WhatsApp or Email entry field based on prior field Requir...

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    Requirement specification and use case scenarios

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    I want a popular page on my website that I would like for web and mobile. Basically I would like to be able to automatically populate the website once items have been sold and paid for. Site must only use sources that offer free shipping to UK and optimized for existing Ebay and New Amazon UK sites. I imagine this will be a work in progress and take a few back and forths to get right... so may...

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    21 bida

    Create Me a fully automated UK based B2B dropshipping site including instructions showing me how it works and ensuring it can be integrated with my 1500+ 20 year old Ebay site

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    7 bida

    I need you to write some articles on psychological behavior

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    21 bida

    I need someone to type me through or talk me through how to set up video ads (as a source of income) on my Facebook page (to be inserted into my existing original material FB videos)

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    4 bida

    Hello, I run a construction company and need to build a website to that can help drive business towards us. We are a driveway and garden specialist. I would also like to build a social media presence on Instagram and Facebook. If you believe you could help us. Please drop me a bell.

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    I am looking for someone who can write for me the most popular images such as Nginx, Mysql, Redis, Java etc.. using docker ignore and all kinds of techniques in order to keep the images as small as possible. It is not for a specific project, just for general information. Thank you Manny

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built.

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    Plans for How to set up a Science Lab in International school for 60 students. Make a ppt or pdf whatever you want but make sure this is your screening test Basic things you need 1)First Lab Manual with experiments which needs experiments from biology chemistry and Physics. All 3 labs in one room for 10th standard students 2)Apparatus What all apparatus we need as per our new lab manual For ch...

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    Logo Design Tamat left

    i want a smart 3D logo for one of the link. The logo has to be exceptional and should appeal the tourism work. I want PSD. The PSD shouldn't contant copy and paste. It should have proper layer with all logo design work. No half design logo work. I need 2 to 3 sample to freeze logo design work

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    I'm working with retail sales, inventory and weather predictions. Trying to build a dashboard that maybe tie in historical sales with weather or some other idea for supply chain management. This is an iteration of process so this version is a POC (Proof of concept). I have the weather data for last 2 years and can get the sales data from the corporate database. (See attached Excel spreadshe...

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    14 bida

    We want an image for our website using the supplied eagle image and our business name integrated. We will want to use the image or modified version for our business cards. We also want to be able to use the business name design individually as an embroidery for shirts and hats. Our new business name is “Eagle Drones”. So to reiterate we want you to design a way to add Eagle Drones with...

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    330 penyertaan

    Hello, I have a booking system that is built in core php, it has an inbuilt directory but its limited on looks and features, I also have a laravel directory script, i'm wondering if its possible to connect the 2 applications, so instead of the listings showing on the inbult directory, they show in the laravel one, we it also be possible to share user data between the 2 applications so they d...

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    Rewrite the data loader function to use kfold cv. Knowledge of tensorflow and ML is required.

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