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    ...Microsoft Radius server IAS plugin or extension to provide a additional and 2nd authentication method linked to an external SQL database (1st method is username+password logon). When Radius receives a logon request from a user that 'needs' this 2nd additional authentication method, the plugin will connect to the external SQL database (3 types possible

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    $30 - $5000
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    ...current vendor by creating its own custom hotspot solution. The work consists on creating an authentication module for a Wireless Router that runs Linux (Linksys WRT54G), this module should watch for connected client PCs and communicate with an external authentication server to provide several billing mechanisms and enable or disable access to the network

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    This is a great project for someone with previous experience on a membership website with basic authentication and tracking capabilities. I pay fast and am easily accessible by IM to answer questions. If you have experience in this arena and are interested in the job, please PMB me with examples of previous work of this level. I'm looking for a a

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    We just need a samll piece of source code written in vsiual basic which will do the follwoing: -Enroll User Voice and record that in database -Authenticate User Voice using the infomration recorded in the database -Able to pick user from databse using voice only (optional) -Any other feature you may add related to this? Happy Bidding ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functio...

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    I need a component or script which i can simply include in an ASP.NET file which handles user logon and manages each page i include it on. Im not sure how this works so i cannot add any further requirements than that, suggestions are welcome. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Delive...

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    ...for a website we are designing for a client. 1. A user-authentication system to restrict access to parts of the website. 2. A basic blog-style discussion forum allowing for multiple editors and forums - most of which will be within the user-authenticated section. Most of the website is static HTML pages. This development needs to be in Perl, using PostgreSQL

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    ...a company use exteral sites (incl. those who require basic authentication). The user schouldent know the real url of the site, or the password or the user id. So he surfs to <[login to view URL]> and he gets the site <[login to view URL]> where the authentication is already done. The administrator puts in a config file:

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    We are requesting bids for integrating Smartphones and PDA authentication through a Radius server. Our coders are current writing the code between our Mesh AP and the billing/authentication server. We are looking for coders that have experiecne with Smart technologies to provide access to our pay per use access points. We will be looking at further

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    We want a small perl module to provide authentication and authorization data. It should support multiple pluggable data sources (implement at least two from RADIUS, LDAP or SQL). It should allow multiple interaction drivers (implement at least two from HTTP/Digest, HTTP/SPNEGO or HTTP/form). It should provide a «user» object containing all authorization

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    10 bida excel to CSV. I would like to add a few extra features to the software such as an extra authentication. The basic operation of the software will stay the same, but mostly removing things and cleaning up I have done as much as I can, I am self taught html and trial by error asp. I really don't have the expertise that you folks do and want to tap

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    Recommend, Design, Install and Configure "Wireless Client and Authentication Server with accounting. Must be fully functional server side and client side. May possibly use "FreeRADIUS" or simuliar "linux" source. Must be tied to database, possibly "MySQL" Need GUI for Admin and User Login. Buyer retains all rights. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and

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    reproting Tamat left definitions and saving the new definitions in their customized report area. <!-- --> * Reports should be available in HTML/DHTML and CSV (Excel-compatible) formats. <!-- --> * Reports are displayed in HTML as simple tables with an easily accessible ability to resort, regroup, turn column display on/off, change column order and edit/add/remove

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    4 bida be quick and have a clean look. No image buttons, no graphics. Just css and html. Dont worry about making it look great. Just dont waste time on graphics and images. I would like for you to use: Smarty templating, database connectivity through Pear:Db. user authentication through Pear:Auth Object oriented php code. Hosted on Apache. Easy portability

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    This is a project that will require secured communication with the host financial institution I believe. We need an authentication system that will read contents on a CD in the users drive, which will serve to verify A. that CD is in drive and B. to read contents of CD. Open second session with pin verification which will be matched to the db

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    ...repairs and faults management and tracking. **Stock and Catalog Engine** ??" Inventory with Suggestive purchasing and forward ordering. Per branch and per warehouse. **Authentication Engine** ??" Security per location, assigned at user level. **Payment Engine** ??" Per branch accounts. Vouchers. Credit card payments via [[login to view URL]][1] **Reporting

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    ...exploit any Windows security holes to do this. To complete this, you may need to write a custom authentication package - unless there are other API methods already exposed to do this(?). Here is a reference that I found for writing authentication packages. <[login to view URL]

    $100 - $500
    $100 - $500
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    ...user authentication (using cookies or other alternative that you propose) and control. The system should be able to be installed in different sites using a installer or something like that, why?, what we need is a little program that let the webmasters of the websites, that belong now or next coming to our community, install the authentication system

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    ...Net-compatible WebService function that extracts and returns useful information from the header, and plain-text only information from the body. Extraneous body information such as HTML tags and other formatting information, vCards, graphics, MIME-encoded binary files, and so on, must be discarded, and only a single “Content-Type: text/plain?? body section

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    ...issues -create any necessary server based ASP code to allow anonymous users to interrogate the stock catologue and make purchases. -implement a username and password authentication facility allowing different levels of access, see below. -administartive users (see table of preset admin users) will be allowed to: [login to view URL] and manage stock

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    $30 - $70
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    ...server) edit box -> No proxy checkbox -> Auto detect proxy checkbox -> server name edit box -> server port edit box (accepts numerical only) -> proxy requires authentication checkbox -> username and password edit boxes -> a listbox that is a log window -> Start client menu item or button -> Exit menu item or button **Functional aspects:**

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    ...Modify top-level and sub-level menu items seperately (title, link/url, menu placement) **4.** Ability to use relative positioning (I must be able to paste the code in the HTML and have the menu display where the code is placed). **5.** Ability to select which 'style' to use for top-level and sub-level menu items (individual styles for top-level

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    TAMA Website Tamat left

    Its a web based project developed in ASP and HTML. It involves the basic web presence of the organization. Also there is a password authorized client section and An online application system which involves the whole application tracking process starting from application submission then autoresponding the applicant and on the other hand sending the applications

    $30 - $300
    $30 - $300
    0 bida site admin application using ASP. I have figured out how to edit the files and folders I need, but now need to secure it. What I would like to do is integrate NT Authentication. I need anonymous read/execute access to the root folder of the site, and when I(admin) am logged in to the site(cookies), need read/write/modify/execute rights based on

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    To implement and design a visual basic application that realises 3 user authentication approaches in each case the program will perform 2 tasks profiling and authentication; [login to view URL] password authentication (like hotmail) the user must enter a password of at least 8 characters, the user must enter it twice, the program should ensure the two entries

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    I'm a graphic designer and on my website I would like for my clients to login and be taken automatically to a predetermined page. I would, of course, need an Admin control panel so that I could setup new clients and edit their privileges. So, for each client, I could designate a unique webpage that would correspond with their login and PW. Thanks, K

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    ...the network to run this stuff is already there. Obviously, this would require a database backed (mysql or postgres, either is fine with us) website with multi-level authentication capabilities. We'd need to be able to define account levels and capabilities based on those account levels, specifically the number and type of monitoring services that

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    ...reads the users and groups of a domain into a list box. 2. Read the groups the current logged in user is assigned to. Just place the groups in a list box. 3. Complete an nt authentication from a command box. The function returns an integer of either a valid user or invalid user. Here are the libraries I want to use to complete the tasks: [login to view URL]

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    DavidvsGoliath Tamat left

    ...charts from popular courier services Reports Designed using Crystal Reports® Customizable reports (requires Crystal Reports®) Several output formats (HTML/XLS, etc.) Full range of built-in reports US Payroll** Automates regular & supplemental payroll Auto-fill payroll forms Handles third party payments

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    21 bida

    I would like to have a experienced advisor on a website enhancement. No coding will be required, only information and opinions. I would like to enable an existing website to authenticate users against an LDAP directory. New security restrictions prevent from having local accounts on a network security appliance that allowed remote access to a web application. The decision has been made to authenti...

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    ...satisfied with either, and instead want a new interface based upon XUL ([login to view URL]). The task we require is to create a Java routine that will take a user’s authentication credentials and window selection option chosen and produce XUL output. You can get a good heads-start towards how to accomplish this by reviewing the Compiere servlet code

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    ...that needs to be solid and secure. For more information, details and screencaps please contact us via this website ([login to view URL]) Details: 1) need user authentication for IIS and Windows Media Services (Unicast) independent of NT Accounts: --> add users, groups, security via web console 2) Protect Unicast Publishing Points - live

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    I am working on a site for personal trainers. They will log in the site and depending on the group they belong to - they will have access to various areas of the site. Also - there are clients who will log in and see areas of the site that clients can see. Lastly - there will be guests who will log in and see the site thats designed for them. I am looking for a solution in Php tha...

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    I require a FLASH/LAMP and HTML/LAMP proposal generator solution that will collect RFP details via an online form. Username and password (possibly IP authentication) must also be created in conjunction with each registration. The database must validate username, password (if necessary, IP) before end user can login to view secure content. Requirements:

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    5 bida

    - Get parameters coming from an external application - Get a member authentication from user - Interact with database (connection already in place) - Return error code

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    Port the functions to send authentication and re-authentication to Nocat Gateway from Perl to PHP. This must be a drop in replacement for the auth portion of nocat. No changes to the gateway can be done. The current perl code can be downloaded from [login to view URL] or browsed at [login to view URL] The functions currently use

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    ...via XML/XSLT. Third Party API consists of developing an authentication script to recieve the XML datastream as well as developing the code to parse that datastream in an existing web page's form so that the returned information can then be sent to a shopping cart. Example HTML, XML and JAVA pages will be provided from the third party vendor

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    ...does not output into any type of html/php code etc. It is merely command line output. This output needs to be somehow displayed to the user and logged (or emailed)internally. The current setup is W2K-PHP4-APache2-Mysql4. Image storage will work in Mysql. I have a basic web album type system setup with authentication, access restrictions and upload -

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    Anti Spam Software using Sender Authentication Technology (S.A.T.) to block unwanted email on Qmail based server on Unix. Whenever someone emails you for the first time, the sender will automatically receive an email requesting authentication. This email will simply direct the new sender to a web page where they will enter a code. Once this is done

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    ...needs to be able to expand gracefully. All raw log files will be parsed on their respective servers and stored there so the PHP front-end needs to be able to screen scrape the HTML output of It needs to have the following functionality: * Simple account adding script which can be run from existing Perl scripts for account creation. * Single

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    I have a 'Customer Login' box on every page on my site. The box resembled the following: Username: TEXTBOX Password: TEXTBOX Remember Password? CHECKBOX Link: Forgot Password Link: Register Essentially, I want these items to be displayed in the box if the user is not authenticated. If they are authenticated, I would like it to resemble: You are logged in as: NAME...

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    ...lessons include; Cross Site Scripting SQL Injection Thread Safety Hidden Form Field Manipulation Parameter Manipulation Weak Session Cookies Fail Open Authentication Dangers of HTML Comments ================================= I would like the application developer to have actually completed all of the levels of the first game at at http://quiz

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    ...application runs on Sun Solarix (UNIX). Currently both systems need separate logons. We need to centralize the authentication so that the users maintain a single userid / password. The Sun Solaris should authenticate via the Windows authentication. We need a script / configuration that would enable us to achieve a single logon. ## Deliverables 1)

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    To create a module for the Postnuke 0.726 content management system in php to acheive 2 main areas of functionality 1. Adapt the authentication system for postnuke to allow authentication via an LDAP server ( and if that fails it should check the postnuke user table). Also, if a password is changed via postnuke it is updated on this LDAP server

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    ...the web front end, the backend code that drives the registration, authentication, and lobby information, and the back end code that drives the lobby itself. This particular project is only for the first two parts. We would like backend authentication developed first. The authentication should be stateless and separate from the web front in. Once the

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    Script to authenticate user against an existing database structure and check authentication status using PHP sessions.

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    PHP MEMBERSHIP Tamat left

    ...5.) after logging in, user is NOT forwarded to another page, script will be executed as SSI in an html page using <!--#include virtual --> so page that includes the script will simply load as normal displaying "logged in as/Logout" after authentication, and user will then have access to member php pages. all of my pages will be converted to .PHP extensions

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    I need a web-based conference room scheduling application with the following features: 1. Authentication with email address and password 2. Ability to change email and password 3. Profile information on each user (first name, middle name, last name, telephone number, mobile number). First name and last name are required. 4. Ability to add new conference

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    asp homework Tamat left up and provide and which should form the basis of the project. The files would simply need to be name changed, functions added, put in a logical format from a front end html page and have some dummy data entered… then tested online. The database for example could be on a DVD film club. I would also need an amended copy for my course colleague who

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    We are a small wireless ISP, and would like to install some wireless WiFi hotspots. To centralize authentication, we were planning to use RADIUS to authenticate hotspot clients, and have a Sun Cobalt Raq 550 (running Cistron RADIUS and MySQL) available for this purpose. We want the new client sign-in process to be fully automated, i.e. let clients

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    We are an ISP. We require an authentication box as close to the customer as possible. Therefore we will be implimenting many of these authetication boxes on our WAN and extended cable network. On each box we need the following functionality: User attemps to connect, gets re-directed to a log in page. On entering his details, he clicks submit. At this

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