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    Requirements: Visual Studio 2017/2018 MDI form with unlimited tabs which bring up broderless forms. Forms invoice and report are duplicated, other forms time-tracker, calendar/planner, price-list, tax exempt id's, and silk screens are only open once. A home button can be used to display statistics. A pin list for invoices, like a recently opened

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    22 bida MYSQL – 1) Upload one question at a time via an html form. Have to manually copy paste the question, all the answers and any images in the question. Takes 1-2 minutes per question 2) Upload via a CSV file by populating all the fields but we have to convert all the MS Word files into CSV files first and all the MS Word files have multiple images

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    3 bida MYSQL – 1) Upload one question at a time via an html form. Have to manually copy paste the question, all the answers and any images in the question. Takes 1-2 minutes per question 2) Upload via a CSV file by populating all the fields but we have to convert all the MS Word files into CSV files first and all the MS Word files have multiple images

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    ...create a shopify form builder with the features below Conditional Logic For Fields / Emails - Show/Hide Fields based on the value filed by user. Send Email to Team member based on the value of any specific field. File / Image Upload - Users can upload file upto 2GB depends on there plan. Step Form - Now Create Steps in the form easily and create

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    ...each domain, but program need to parse this information, to be saved in the domain databases the wordpress way. Same should be done for exporting (from wp to normal excel/csv file) This job it's bigger, but need to do it in steps. The main reason for doing this: I need to be able to add parts of website as blocks (page/post elements) from mysql

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    ...full inclusion of persons with disabilities in Ontario. We have 2,000 members across Ontario and need a database to organize membership information. Work includes creating a form members can complete on our website at [login to view URL] that feeds into our Member database. Work includes creating queries such as: - list of members with a disability in

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    The Quick Online Form will be an hosted website on one of the server of my choice. You will have to make an online Beta version to demonstrate all functionalites described in the specs. You will write a complete code followings the specs described below. You will use EXCLUSIVELY these technologies to buid the code: Back End: ASPNETCORE Front

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    ...Requirements: Should have expert knowledge of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and WordPress, for custom code website development. We’d like to setup a function which allows our website visitors input their e-mail addresses before download PDF files. Here are the basic outlines of this project: 1- Set up pop-up form where visitors can submit their e-mail

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    Develop a small application with a 3-page html form that is loaded from a. csv file, you should be able to update the data and download it back to the. csv file. You will also need to update a small POSTGRESQL database.

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    When a CSV file/text data is uploaded, we want to make a Ajax call and want to pass data to backend python. We are able to make ajax call but data is not sent to backend python. We are working on [login to view URL] file in upload file function. Alternatively, can we pass file upload object in request object via Ajax. We are able to pass CSV file/te...

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    ...formula language that will write Amibroker monthly results generated by backtesting to a CSV file. o Must be able to add this function to the backtesting of any strategy. o Include the symbol in a column for all monthly results table • See attached example CSV file • No average monthly value row is necessary o If multiple symbols are backteste...

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    For this project, you must create an HTML form to upload a CSV file. (You must set permissions for the web server to write to the directory by doing fsr sa -r ./uploads http write) After you save the file, you must forward the user to a page using the "header" function ([login to view URL]). Once the user is forwarded

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    ...description information for ETFs requested by the user from State Street ETF page ([login to view URL]) and store it in a database. Display results to the user as HTML table and provide download link to CSV file. If the same symbol is requested again, retrieve it from local database instead of parsing the site again. For testing purposes only use ETFs found under

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    ...would like to copy an existing HTML form from this url:[content removed by admin] It contains roughly 150 different fields, some of which are required, some are text input so needs validation. After the form is submitted correctly it should export everything to a .csv file which you can find on the link if you fill in the form. It has 2 rows, first one

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    landing Page with result forms, contact form, raffle form and entry form. All forms shlud be able to capture entries in csv file. I will provide html code for online appointment form. Also, I will send you in pdf and word page description.

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    ------------------------ Web Scraping (Products+Categories from eshop into CSV/XML) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. I need to scrape/parse PRODUCTS & CATEGORIES from [login to view URL] into CSV/XML file. 2. I'll need to be able to run the import regularly, so I need some kind

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    ...the form of CSV file. You need to setup database in such a way that you can automatically import data from CSV and show the recent listing on website as well as few more features. If you are ready for the job, please apply with the responsive and functional websites developed by you and minimum 8 sites reference. Our theme will be in HTML as we

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    Freelancers required: I want to find a freelancer to start doing the csv file for me. Project detail are as follows: Project description: prepare a csv from different raw files. the csv will be used for uploading to ebay. tasks qty in SKU basis; 1 SKU => 1 row data total data file for 8000 SKU is required, will be run by batch. 1st batch wi...

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    ...Show data in list form based on filter, can be related to point 2 above 4. AJAX to fetch html and show dynamically on current page on browser, like when clicking on "Add Record" button, an input form should be added to my list (point 2) via AJAX, without reloading page 5. Handle files from AWS S3 - Add file, remove file, retrieve file via br...

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    - Query the Wordpress database to get UserID, - Create html form, insert UserID, and Date stamp, write csv data (Auto populate a php date stamp to Date Field) - Gather form data from web page -> Append to CSV file -> update page using AJAX. - When user is logged in to wordpress and visits their chart page, the chart will load according to their

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    ...development with most popular language HTML and CSS. We may need following feathers of this website; 1. Valid HTML5 and CSS3 2. Clean and Simple Design 3. Dynamic contact form with captcha 4. Bootstrap V3 and fully responsive 5. Cross Browser Optimization 6. Dynamic news feed with admin panel 7. CSV file upload and download pages with captcha

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    ...creating a form on a website (html, css) and using php to send the data to the MySql database. However, I want to work with an already established data set (govt data, etc). I want to do everything in the cloud. Currently, I have a free account at cloud9 which provides an ide. I need instruction on how to set up/import external data (text or csv file) into

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    JIRA Cloud API Tamat left

    Hey, I'm looking for a Freelancer who is familiar with JIRA API in JIRA CLOUD. I want a few Jira workflow HTML API Solutions. 1. API: create issue from html form via api / fill connected dropdowns of form from CSV file 2. API: get all relevant data of specific issue id If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I...

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    Simple development in C# and php Is it basically about designing a soft that parse the html code of a webszine, looking for some elements As input , we find 1/a list of webzines to parse 2/ a list of keywords to find in these internet pages: * in the home page of each webzine * in the article of each titles listed in the home page

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    ...with a filter system to filter the products category wise, shopping cart, buyer login, order tracking and etc. I need a vendor/seller/blogger and YouTuber signup/registration form. Back end Buyer: The place where buyers can update their profile, shipping address, track their orders, provide reviews about sellers and products they bought. They can ready

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    Hi, I need a [login to view URL] scraper, made preferably in VB.Net and the HTML Agility Pack. I have some existing code that works somewhat but has various bugs. You may use this if you like. The program also requires public proxies that are not blocked by I can supply you these daily but it would be convenient if you can get these on your own. The

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    ...registration form, the registration form will save all the data to a database and send also send the data to an email. This is a form for a marketing campaign where we ask people to send gifts to friends. So, there is a “Sender” which is the one that will fill out the form and a “Receiver” which will receive a post package. Basics: -The ...

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    I need static HTML form page based on this form ([login to view URL]) and the data to be submitted to a CSV file. This is to work locally not from a server.

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    We need a person who will write a program in php as laravels library. Program must converts the binary data file retrieved from the tachograph or driver card into human-readable form: files: xlm, csv and raports: HTML, XHTML, PDF. The effect must be similar to the program located at: [login to view URL] and raports similar like

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    Scope of work: I have two product CSV files each containing approx 16k rows of product URLs. I need someone to match as many products from CSV 1 and put them in a column beside all found matches form CSV2. There will be a lot that are not a match, this is ok. I just need as many as possible matched. Here is the actual task detail: THE

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    ...json-based API. Please open the below Google spreadsheet for the sample file, layout, etc... 1. the first step of this project is to scrape the list of topic IDs from the HTML file in Google Drive. You should also get the number of responses from this

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    ...Features Restrict content and file access Restrict access to basically any internal URL, whether it is an article or belongs to a third party component. Allow you to restrict a group of URLs that meet a certain condition that is specified via wild-cards. Sharing files and folders couldn't be easier. Offers a simple file and folder selection tool right

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    ...Features Restrict content and file access Restrict access to basically any internal URL, whether it is an article or belongs to a third party component. Allow you to restrict a group of URLs that meet a certain condition that is specified via wild-cards. Sharing files and folders couldn't be easier. Offers a simple file and folder selection tool right

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    ...for details. Description Summary ================== The objective of this project is to implement a Java SE classes that will be used to download into local memory and as CSV files, tabular data that is published daily on The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange website. This data will be used by our organization for some internal analysis. There is no security

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    This is code/software/script to auto login to a URL online , download EXCEL/CSV and ZIP FILE, unzip, extract and save content to a table. Create HTML form to search content and display in a grid The above describes the task. I will give details to bidders who can mention how confident he/she is to do this and what technology you will use/code/programming

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    ...simple forms HTML site used by Smartphone, ipad and computer browser users. Requires the following form capture functions: • Enter client name • Client address – using google maps lookup, can also use local gps location • Basic form options using checkbox, dropdown list. • Use reference data from a CSV file or similar – th...

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    ...retrieval of data and web pages from URL • HTML and XML • JSOUP or PhantonJS ([login to view URL]) OBJECTIVES Your objective is to implement two classes that implemented an Interface that is provided below. Combined, these two classes do are capable of the following functionality: 1. Download and parse an HTML web page 2. Look for a specified table and

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    $30 - $250
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    I need a simple PHP script that will do the following: 1) Accept CSV file upload via HTTP POST method. 2) Must include HTML form to upload. 3) Parse uploaded CSV file. (Sample CSV provided below) 4) Run MySQL update query with results from each row in csv file. 5) Skip row if blank data in column 1 or column 2. 6) Include opti...

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    This is a Wordpress based website that must be coded into CSS/HTML from the supplied PSD file, all pages including scripts and members section must be responsive and be W3C compliant. You will be responsible for coding the site, and create/implementing a custom STATIC PHP script to be used for the following features. THIS DOES NOT NEED TO BE A PLUGIN

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    i have bootstrap table data its comming form database i want to export in all formate. How to export php/html page to Excel,Word & CSV,text file format [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    ...Possibility to encrypt a [login to view URL] file. Define the currency exchange fee. Change System Time feature. Compounding deposits. Administrator can allow/deny the compounding function per any HYIP plan. User can specify the compounding percent when depositing. Custom HTML pages. Administrator can add a custom HTML page into the system (for ex. "Ratin...

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    ...Postcards; Plastic Rulers; Plastic Poly Signs; Indoor Stickers; Clothing Swing Tags (We should use PHP code for Dynamic product price module which will parse a CSV file to get the price form the combined attributes as explained below) 4> Setup module Dynamic Product Price Module for our Wide Format Printed Products *** which can be ordered by type

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    ...would like is for you to create a script that allows me to enter keywords and it will search ALL **job fields** in ALL the Craigslist sites and output them to a csv file. 3. The CSV file will need to have several columns. [login to view URL] first column will be titled "City" and it will have the city name where the craigslist post is coming from. 3...

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    ...want to create a contact intake form (names, address, phone info etc) in html to host on modern responsive WordPress website. The form will consist of multiple sub-forms. Each sub-form will have the same 30-fields (see attached table) BUT each field in each sub-form will have a prefix-descriptor unique to that sub-form, depending on the role that indi...

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    Project: Automatic File Downloader User Case: I am currently downloading the same 60 files manually on a weekly basis which is very time consuming and tedious. The files range in size up to 200MB and are downloaded via HTTPS link. I would like to automate this task. The files are being stored on my local D:/ drive. For the initial delivery

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    ...domain built in Adobe Muse and would like to add a search function. Integrate a php search spider such as [login to view URL] or similar Php Request: 1: Refering url - Contact form: When user directly arrives at our page Via directly typing in the URL & being redirected to our sub Domain ( [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    ...various CSV files based on selection and email out to external users. The workflow is as follows; 0. Check for new email on Exchange server ever X mins. ( EWS/IMAP/POP) no outlook dependencies. [login to view URL] email from Exchange server - This would be dedicated email accounts that we control. 2. Grab the email body contents -This comprises of a html table

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    ...The website must be able to load a xml or csv file, change some parts and export the new file in XML. You can find an example on this page [login to view URL] But this example is able with an short xml code, I need to edit a long xml code, so it is better to write the form in Java and not with html as the example. In addition, the site must

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