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    ...knowledge of HTML Javascript Classic ASP (VB SCRIPT) I have a form that needs debugged. the form file and the page that processes it need debugged. i need you to tell me whats wrong and what needs fixed. do not fix it on the page, ONLY tell me whats wrong with it. ALL FILES YOU NEED ARE ATTACHED TO THIS PROJECT Heres the error: The form is not passing

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    I have a really simple module. If this is easy for you, we have a lot of stuff we can send to you for our web application development. There is one form in the HTML of the aspx file gettingstarted.aspx. We need this moved to the code behind file in c#. This way the information is protected because we only call a function from the aspx file. We need

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    I have a web page template made by a designer. It is a form to sign up for an event. We need to add JavaScript to do the following: - add form validation to some fields - make the form dynamic so that depending on the number of family members of the guest, the corresponding number of lines are shown for the family member names and birth years, and accordingly

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    ...building state of the art web applications including websites. It is easy to setup and configure. The setup requires an ASP.NET platform with SQL Server 2008 or later database with ASP Schema. Once you run the setup, it will create two accounts for you namely “host” and “admin”. During setup, it will ask credentials for these two accounts and build

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    ...1. Convert an Excel form to an attractive HTML/CSS form. 2. Insert the data into a SQL table using classic ASP script. 3. Load the form with data from a specific row. I have attached an Excel spreadsheet that is has a form to collect data. I would like you to convert this form to an attractive and functional HTML form. Whe...

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    Convert a simple post form from .asp/ to PHP/HTML for Linux The VB/ASP form I have basically captures 3 fields from the web user, does a bit of validation and INSERTS simple data into an MSSQL database which resides on a different server. Quick job, easy cash. Just follow the VB code and replicate the validation and functionality of the

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    ...freelancers, I need experienced developer to help me create small app prototype. Application is for renting apartments and showing them on Google maps. I already have SQL database and Visual Studio solution ready. Basically, you should scaffold views and make them work + show results on Google maps with AJAX. No CSS needed! Very simple task so don't

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    Need multiple freelancer to dig the web, and make courses. The content are in form of : Embed Code Youtube Vimeo Slideshare Any thing from web Text Wiki text open content, text,Your Text Quiz Open content Not directly copied content Atleast 4 Section and Minimum 2 Sub Sections For each section and one quiz. If you

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    I am looking for a web/graphic designer and web developer that is very knowledgeable in CSS, HTML, content management, etc. And familiar with browser compatibility and web site accessibility. I'm hosting all my web projects on my Windows server using IIS 8.5. I'm also running Apache 2.4 but I prefer running my web sites on IIS. 1) I need

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    37 bida a website that enables users to create their own website. The user will open a website in which ther is the HTML page that will display a form asking the user to fill-in the form and write the different fields for the different HTML Pages he wants to create. For example what title to insert, which colour, alignment; what paragraph to insert, alignment

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    ...attempting to run a Pay Per Lead campaign from our company. Our company will be paying affiliates on a per lead basis for every lead that is submitted on a Ticket submission form on our website. To track these leads, we will need to integrate a lead tracking code on the confirmation / Thank you dialogue box that appears once the Ticket has been submitted

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    Web Systems Tamat left

    ...the user will see. After the user will click on "Registration/Log-in" link, he will be directed to a new page that will display a form asking the user to fill-in the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] write the different fields for the different HTML Pages like what title to insert, which colour, alignment; what paragraph to insert, alignment, text size, font etc...which imag...

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    ...a small, personal site hosted with Arvixe. I am having trouble processing images uploaded with an html form. I can't get them added to a database, nor can I move them successfully to a specific folder. I'm hoping to do this with php or classic asp. I don't have a lot of money but I need some help. If you can get a working example on my site I can

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    For our cat breed club we want a website with database in which animals and their pedigrees can be detected. In addition, a function mus be available to calculate the „coefficient of inbreeding“ for an existing animal or for a planned mating. Access to the database must be protected and be available to Members only. The members should be able to decide

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    ...fill a form that has 3 fields - an image (upload), and 2 simple text fields - in HTML/ASP page 2. the server get the form - save the image into a directory, show on screen the 2 texts fields from the form and some basic info from AIXF of the picture - for example the location (it all should be simple so i can save all this data to a database - the 2

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    ...a revolving picture on front page and also to allow for the user to select if they want to see only items in inventory. The Everest/icode website uses asp and vb to work with our Everest MSSQL database. 1. Currently on the Everest website on the home page, there is only a static single picture - we would like to change this to present a slideshow

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    Hello, I am looking for someone who can translate a form I had working (.asp) on a windows server into a php form for my new Linux server. It is a two page form, and html form for the input and errors if not filled in correctly (working fine) and the .asp form (database) that is basically a if, then, else or elseif to help the cust...

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    ...developers with know-how of Google Maps API, PHP / or ASP .NET with relevant database (SQL or MySQL) + AJAX. Graphics and reference HTML of the project is ready, so no design work is required. The developer is required to code the site as per given process. Some of the modules are: 1. Reporting form (with reverse geotagging to fetch address automatically

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    ...result in our system. We're currently looking for a developer to do the following: Part 1 Create a page (blank html / asp / php) with a form. -> However this form needs to include an e-mail field where people enter their e-mail addres. -> Upon clicking submit the user is send to the

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    I do IT work for a staffing company with an existing website located at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] It is an HTML/ASP-based website originally designed in FrontPage, with a Microsoft Access database. Their site has interactive forms that both employer and employee clients can submit information to be reviewed by their firm, but several of those

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    ...private support messaging, the pupil would buy tokens for access to parts of website. The product would be an ASP.NET 4.0 based website running with a SQL Server backend database. It runs on a windows based server, running IIS. The media streaming component is handled by a Limelight server which is managed by the hosting company on our behalf. The

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    Skills Needed sql server / html / / database design / div. Description Most important: i want quotations from those only who can build this in with div ... no open source..etc DON'T PUT quotations in hurry without properly reviewing the websites given for the references PLEASE FIND THE ATTACHED FILE FOR THE DESIGNING THE WEBPAGES

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    Here's my website, now in ASP: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I need to create a new area for producers and labels where they can promote their music, by uploading it thru an upload form, after login or creating an account. My server: Windows Server 2008 R2 - Plesk - SQL EXpress 2008 R2 It will be a pay site, with Paypal payment system. Let's imagine I'm

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    ...for the purposes of this project can be treated as a html document form, once the user successfully authorizes access the extracted user variables would be posted back to that same page/form as hidden form fields (name, ID, email, etc.). All other server side aspects, including vbscript and database integration are NOT required, these components and

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    ...for the purposes of this project can be treated as a html document form, once the user successfully authorizes access the extracted user variables would be posted back to that same page/form as hidden form fields (name, ID, email, etc.). All other server side aspects, including vbscript and database integration are NOT required, these components and

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    We are looking for a strong, reliable and honest coder who has mastery of .NET, ASP, HTML-5, CSS 3, Javascript, and MS Access. For this project, the coder will be required to generate a form within our existing website template. The form will be used for teachers to input information about classes they will be teaching in the future. They will also

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    ...have the design for all pages in HTML, just need all pages converted to ASP and all dynamic sections to be loaded from database that's created by the Admin(already done) Most code is there in existing pages, if not all. Just need the pages converted, and some contact forms to submit and email all content in that form to a particular email address.

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    ASP CLASSIC Tamat left

    ... * Simple HTML page with a form and a TEXTBOX that WORDS are entered into. Example: I need an HTML page with a form thru which I can enter 1 or more words. For example, suppose I entered the words ACUMEN , ADROIT (Please note the comma) TWO * A backend ASP page (referenced in the action parameter of the HTML form) that do...

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    ...technologies: - Classic ASP - Javascript - JQuery - SQL Server 2008 - Web Design - Extensive programming skills and experience. Background to this project: The project that is offered here is an extension of another major project and was created as one of many extensions to be submitted. The current project will have to meet the database specifications

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    ...have converted to html/.asp. A simple quote form needs to be setup to email 2 copies one to customer who fills out the form, and antoher copy to the business owner, and populate a database. I have antoher site on the same server where all of htis has been done before. the SQL server is running with database for the site. the form setup can be...

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    ...ready made example done with real data. The example must be complete, from the HTML form to parsing the API final response. The user will already be logged into our app, an Upload video to YouTube link will be present, when clicking on the link, an upload video page/form will be loaded, the user should be able to upload a youtube video from there.

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    ...script which will communicate with YouTube data API, which must be very well documented and a ready made example done with real data. The example must be complete, from the HTML form to parsing the API final response. The user will already be logged into our app, an Upload video to YouTube link will be present, when clicking on the link, an upload video

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    We have different domains/webs, with different forms. Every result of a completed form is now stored to an access-database on a windows-server. As we like to move to a more universal solution, we want to move to a linux server. As backend we´d like to have wordpress because the client who should use the backend is familar allready to wordpress. Also

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    7 bida clone regonline! 1. Customisable forms for events - multi-page forms - multi-lingual forms - form builder tool - conditional logic questions - multiple registrations within one reg form - multi-tier pricing (Member/Non-Member - Early Bird and Regular rates) on registration fees, workshops, sessions and

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    This is a PHP/MySQL vessel listings site that has been converted from an old, outdated ASP site. The majority of the site front end is complete, but the admin part of the site needs to be completed. These are the specific needs for both the front and admin section: - listings search & results pages - photo gallery page for each listing with

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    Health report and invoicing Skills required VB, Ecommerce, SQL, ASP .NET, HL7, Java, HTML, Adobe acrobat (PDF), SSL Platform: Visual studio 2010 Pro, CodeOnTime, IIS7 This is a project with at least 3 proposed phases. This quote is for the first two phases to be quoted (separately) for now Phase 1 reports Phase 2 accounts and online payments

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    ...Q&A with highscores production. - Users need to fill in the particulars before playing the game (All particulars will be stored in a database), Fields are: Name, Email Address, Tel, Job Designation. - Up to 5 HTML A4 webpage production (Eg. About Game, FAQ...etc) - There will be Scoreboard feature to show all players score, with player names - Game

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    This site was first setup as a classic .asp site, which allowed me to use a “site manager” software package to edit existing, and create new pages (by inserting html code into the site’s SQL database). It has recently been upgraded to an .aspx framework 3.5 site, and I want to add new functionality to it. I have a sandbox site: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Looking for someone who can build a CMS website with ASP or PHP, MySQL Website Description: -Script either run by ASP or PHP -Database have to be MYSQL -Database structure will be provided. -Quality used car website allowed visitors to search for cars -Image file will be provided and convert it into website format. -No flash animation required

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    ...retain the records of visitors that submit the request form on our websites. We currently have 34 micro websites on a shared server that all utilize a standard asp/html template. With the exception of some text and images they're all virtually identical. On those websites is a small lead gen form that, when submitted, emails the visitor's contact info

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    This bid is not for SEO. However, the website should be made search engine friendly and implementing SEO later on the site should be easy. (site map index) The basic HTML website is ready. The attachment shows the image capture of the entire website. (created on iWeb) The following features needs to be added: Publicity icons: Facebook like, twitter

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    ...working perfectly, all except the form submissions. There are a total 12 forms that we need fixed. most are basic 1-step forms, a few are multi step forms. The html & css is fine, its the backend of the forms with the ASP form mailer that is broken. I would also like to send all the data from the forms to a database incase the email does not go thru

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