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    ...Procurement: • Serial number (primary auto increment) • Date • Particular • Quantity • Rate • Amount (must be the product of quantity and rate ) • Vender ID (auto suggestion ajax from a separate table with vendor lists and then store the Vendor ID) Yes! Create a separate table named vendors with following fields • ID (primary auto increment) &bu...

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    ...the top priority section and 5 days for the rest. Top Priority (So I can launch the system) - User can’t answer survey More than 1 time (IP & Cookie) - Custom Text for Submit Button. - Check Box at Question Creation to select which Questions Must be Answered (By Default all checkbox is ON – Required) - Check Box at Question Creation to select

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    1 bida 1. an iframe widget; 2. HTML code (an input form). We are using the latter as it gives much more styling and control over the frontend. We have integrated the HTML form on a landing page hosted on our website (which runs on wordpress + woocommerce). Prospects can leave their email address. Unfortunately UpViral HTML embed code does not come with

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    We need a Javascript/jQuery/AJAX expert to write the required functions/html/etc to do the following: - A webpage with undefined number of textarea fields (fields will be produced programmatically - not in the scope of this project) - When clicking on the submit button next to any textarea, it will call a php script (Also, out of the scope of this

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    ...Codeigniter3 ,Jquery, Ajax , Angular Js , Mysql I am requesting this small piece of sample code to be written [login to view URL] check your understanding of what is needed I am asking that you create a simple and basic form and server site validation using CURD funtioanlity in Codeigniter or Core PHP and Knowledage of html and css. [login to view URL] submit samp...

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    ...forms to be built in HTML using Bootstrap 4 and Javascript (jQuery). Images of some of the old forms that are needed to be rebuilt are provided here. -The forms need to be delivered with a functional jQuery Ajax script ready to submit a Javascript Object/JSON string derived from the form fields on the press of a button. -All form fields must have appropri...

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    ...time. I have this app I need to submit by friday 23:55 CET time. It's about a game, and there should be a login/register form, achievement tracker, rank of players tracker, connecting to the new user's Steam account and a small online store for some accessories or t-shirts and such. Knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP, Ajax, jQuery, JavaScript, MySQL is needed

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    A Script Includes - HTML Form - Jquery to submit html for using ajax to php file - php file to submit form data into mysql data and return data in jquery success call REQUIRED - MUST KNOW HOW TO USE A REPOSITORY (GITLAB / BITBUCKET) - MUST KNOW HOW TO WRITE PREPARED QUERIES / PREPARED STATEMENTS BIDS OVER $20 WILL NOT BE HIRED.

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    $10 PER HTML PAGE BUILT 1 - You will be given: - remark admin html theme - wireframe drawing 2 - The Job - Setup HTML page to match wireframe - Add bootstrap classes to all elements - Add specific data attributes to elements - If html page template is a form you will need to write jquery below to submit form data using ajax. ...

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    ...multistep forms that can be placed on one page. Each form has one text area and 3 buttons. Each multistep form has an unique identifier and they behave independently one of another even if more than one multistep form is placed on the same page. Upon entering some text in the textarea of a form and upon hitting enter in that text area one the button

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    ...web page with a form that allows the user to type in the name of a person (or a car etc.) Using your CodeIgniter installation from previous tutorials, add an action to a controller that, when called, displays a view containing the form. Add a submit button, but do not add an action attribute to the form. The input field and the submit button should

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    ...WON'T BE HIRED ** 1 - create html page empty 2 - create html form place on that empty page 3 - no css styling required 4 - add bootstrap classes to form fields don't need bootstrap just add the classes 5 - give html form name / ids values 6 - submit form using ajax call to php file 7 - php file store html<...

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    ...then the webpage displays an HTML form. I only want the HTML form to display if the value in the database is "ON" instead of "OFF". It needs to automatically disappear if the value in the MySQL database changes to "OFF". It's fine if this check/refresh (AJAX?) happens every five seconds or so - but it can't make the f...

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    I would like to order a simple script with html file. The HTML file should have a form, with 3 input boxes and submit button. First two input boxes id/names are: source, destination Third box is a textarea. Input boxes should autocomplete/suggest locations based on whatever user types in, via maps api. This is handled by google maps api anyway

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    ...Display AJAX Page 1 with Tab 1 - Tab 4 for "Section 1" - Display AJAX Page 2 with Tab 5 - Tab 8 for "Section 2" - Message icon to expand as a drop-down panel to display message item with an icon and text and link to an AJAX page (will post a separate project for page design later) - Setting & User Profile icons to link to separate AJAX p...

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    hi there i have a simple enough design to convert into responsive html i have one simple form on the page which need validation work (name,email,country, terms and conditions) and to submit via ajax (when successful the form is replaced with a message + image) simple right ?

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    Static HTML page with jQuery multi step form - 5 different steps plus last thank you step - Option to go back to previous step - Step tracker (“you are at step 3 of 5”). The tracker does not need to be clickable, it is just there so users know how far they are in the process. - Step 4 is a suburb search, this must be an autocomplete field searching

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    87 bida welcomed e.g. Home. You must be able to submit personal details into the form successfully. Thus the SQL needs to be linked with Dreamweaver. Please use Uwampp to create the sql table I have supplied the data dictionary. Save the files in www folder. Need experience with PHP, HTML, Java & some for of Ajax to check email authentication. I've also supplied

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    ... I´m trying to post data with help of jquery ajax from a bootstrap form to my web api (c#). But when im pressing the submit button, nothing happens. Been sitting with this problem whole night. I think If you know how to do, it might only take 5 min for you to figure out. Im attaching the: *HTML file *The action method (c#) *The model (c#)

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    Objective: Learn Form Processing in Node.js and use AJAX to implement file upload. Also, incorporate “send–email” functionality using a REST-based web service. Develop a Node.js application that delivers an HTML page with a form for sending an e-mail with a file attachment. The form has a “Choose File” button to select the f...

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    ...have two screens. The first screen will contain an HTML form that lets the user choose how many numbers they want to generate plus the range for each of the numbers (min and max). The second screen will display the numbers which are returned from the server-side api. When the user clicks the submit button on the first screen, you must take the information

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    I have built a HTML form in a wordpress template. i need someone to write the php and ajax to submit the form.

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    ...---------------------------- - Create a form based on a model - Submit the form using ajax Back End (django) - Check if the user is permitted to edit the form - Validate the form If not ok - Redisplay the form with errors (still in fancybox/modal) If ok: - Return a success message saying "Form successfully submitted&quo...

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    Hi,i have a problem in a jsp. I need to call a method java from a button insert into a jsp page. I can't use the submit button but i need to use "button" type. i have use this code and i have success access into a java method but the java method don't response nothing! i dont know why i see from log that i can access to java class but in case of success

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    14 bida, clients, and transactions. The scope of this application is limited to the following tasks: Creating Login page User Form (Add / Edit Template) Property Form (Add / Edit Taemplate) Transaction Form (Add / Edit Template) Dashboard (Landing page after login) The application should be secured and accessible via a login. There will

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    ...Angular.JS form that I need to have converted to a standard Ajax/ jQuery form. I need to add the HTML code into an .NET user control (ASCX) to install into a DNN portal. The form has a css already and the entire form fields can be saved as a JSON object. DO NOT USED a Form Submit because it will be embedded into an another page. The

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    ...contest and submit an entry for the same. There is also a leaderboard for each contest wherein top entries for the contest are regularly updated. The user should be able to browse others' entries too. Every entry would have a separate bookmarkable page so that a person can share URL of his entry. But navigating to that page should be done using AJAX so that

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    I have a ajax form which I created for user input. However, I wish to add a preview button where the user can view the preview in a popup lightbox where his data will be displayed in a predefined HTML format. A Close button and a Submit button will be included where the user can choose to close the lightbox to go back to where he was editing his input

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    ...modules and plugins using AJAX/JQuery with setup and configuration which are compatible with Wordpress. I've been developing rich websites for 5 years. I am having experience with HTML5, CSS3, twitter-bootstrap, jQuery, javascript, Less/Scss, photoshop, PHP, Skilled in PSD/HTML to WordPress Theme conversions and PSD to HTML conversions. Mentioned below

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    1 bida 2 ways: Version 1: integrate this Google Form [login to view URL] into the WordPress - code CSS/use Home page CSS so it looks like in attached design. Ensure the displayed language for fields info and submit button will be English; Submit button must look like in the attached design

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    Hi I need a html form with 8 fields. 3 of fields should have drag&drop function. One for image(s) and other two fields for word or pdf document. One field textbox (200-350 words) and keep user format. One datetime picker. Name and email field. All fields are required. jQuery Ajax used to make http get/post request. All files should be added to folder

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    ...• Pages have already been built in html so only need extra validation and logic. • Use PHP and session variables to store data • To add full form validation for the likes of email address, telephone entry fields and also credit card validation so that incorrect card Numbers cannot be submitted on card details form. • Collect entered information over

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    Hello, just a quick job, I need get js script to validate a form and submit via ajax. Requirements: - Validate (jquery) - Submit to an url (post) via ajax (background) If SUCCESS update div and display success message If FAIL - submit the information by email using php smtp function (have to do the php page) if SUCCESS update div and display

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    dear freelancers. i need to upload file(size: 512MB) in the form with ajax form submit. i`m using codeigniter and the form consists of pure html. i succeded in local testing and failed when hosting, so it may be configuration problem. if you have experience in hosting codeigniter, plz bid. thanks.

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    We have an online store based on a third-party ...The items are uploaded manually by our staff: (1) open a webpage (2) input the text to corresponding HTML forms (3) upload images to corresponding HTML forms (4) submit the HTML form We'd like to explore the possibility of using an AJAX web spider/web crawler to automate the above task.

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    Here is a list of 5 jQuery/HTML 5 image upload plugins: VERY IMPORTANT: please choose a light weight plugin and do not use any unnecessary js files. Make it very light. Because most of the functions are already built, it should not be a hard project Please submit a proposal with the selection of plugin and reasons behind it. 1. plupload: http://www

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    Convert a template in HTML to PHP languague with ZEND2 framework. About the job: convert administrative theme in HTML to PHP ( only 6 pages ) with Zend2 Framework, implement the MVC, Auth and ACL, with ajax interactions. Rules: - Implement full MVC, avoind any kind of duplication of HTML code. - All names in English: file names, directorys

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    HTML form consist of Name, phone, email, File to upload , subject, message Separate js page for Ajax/jquery to fetch the form data and send to php php mail which receives those data and email html, js and php (should be in separate file with neat coding) those who have done already and deliver it immediately please submit else don't.

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    Provide a function / module that adds 2 fieldgroup types "multipage ajax group" and "multipage ajax step" which has the properties listed below Features of the module: -next, previous, submit buttons can be overwritten in the ui on a per form base -a hook / function is provided so that the step order can be changed randomly or a step can be skipped

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    Provide a function / module that adds 2 fieldgroup types "multipage ajax group" and "multipage ajax step" which has the properties listed below Features of the module: -next, previous, submit buttons can be overwritten in the ui on a per form base -a hook / function is provided so that the step order can be changed randomly or a step can be skip...

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    We are looking someone skilled in HTML,CSS, Javascript and AJAX. Need to develop a simple registration and Login page in Facebook style. Registration page, apart from usual details, should contain photo upload, email verification, Educational Details field with + sign to add more, Import contacts from Facebook or linked IN. Login Page is like

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    ...FFMpeg (convert images to video) - Basic HTML / CSS (simple form to submit screenshot) Job Description: I am looking for someone to make me a skeleton framework that will allow a user to come to a webpage take a screen shot using camera and upload it to a database through a simple ajax form. The form will need to do some PHP / JS tasks like renami...

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    *PLEASE DO NOT BID UNLESS YOU ARE AN ADVANCED DRUPAL 7 FRONTEND DESIGNER/THEMER* Please include your [login to view URL] username and a link to your [login to view URL] profile if you submit a proposal for this project. Seeking an expert Drupal frontend designer/themer/ninja for on-going work This initial project is to optimize the responsiveness and improve

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    I have a form built using HTML and PHP. Currently it re-directs to another page. I need it to stay on the same page after submit with jQuery / Ajax. The end result is something like this: [login to view URL] -- Their SMS form. Our form already functions. I just need it to remain on the same page after submit. Please put "I can do thi...

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    Overview : - Write a SPA (Single Page Appl...Application) - Mobile 1st responsive website - To display queue statistic on certain interval based on ajax callback. - Allow user to define which queue to display by form submit or friendly url You must using following tools: - [login to view URL] - [login to view URL] - HTML 5 - REST API - Bootstrap - CSS

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    ...need an ajax code example, in wordpress plugin ready form, simple and clean and short. I have a three buttons on a page "Purchase Item 1", "Purchase Item 2" , "Purchase Item 3" in customized wordpress site page that when pressed will prompt the user for a quantity in a modal dialog box and submit supplied data to the server side via an a...

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    ...d. Good knowledge of Javascript, AJAX, Jquery, CSS3, HTML 5 e. Ability to manage tasks related to Database design and development f. Sound knowledge of MySQL and SQL queries g. Good knowledge of responsive web design and Bootstrap Component overview: The component will include various layouts which include Form layouts, Tabular layouts etc which

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    ============ The HTML we will provide, all is need the php work and Ajax work to comunicate with WHMCS API to submit the form and check domain and apply the functionality that is below. WHMCS IS setup, Server is setup. Intro file that has the connection to WHMCS API is also setup. The product in WHMCS are also setup with custom fields. =========

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    ...html I need a few changes Be able to submit this form to a server and store the data (including IP it was submitted with Send the person that completed it an email using mandrill html Send email to me with the persons form and details On the last question page we actually want to send the data then via ajax (no page refresh) Need to be done really

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    $10 - $200
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