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    ...MS Word that is 50 pages in size. Each page contains average 2 to 3 images. We seek a HTML coder to help us convert this Word document into HTML format for other use. Requirements:- 1. Final deliverable in responsive HTML files 2. Font type, size and headers format are in CSS for easy change 3. Each chapter to be formatted into 1 x HTML...

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    i have created program to get text from word file then convert it to html then finally add it to datagridview.... it work fine in first row but then give me empty row for other files ... please help... thank you in advance ....

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    ...EXPERT HELP PLEASE Note : We are not looking to develop an HTML form and convert it to PDF/Word I have a Standardized Questionnaire that's available as PDF or Word document. Registered visitors to our website can open this file on our server and fill in the form. The form contains a few fields which need to be autofilled in the PDF / Word<...

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    Need someone to help me with the design of a template in Photoshop and convert it to html or the other way around if possible. the design will be clickable a word zooming if possible. This is a simple work and i will request data file at the end. Here's an example of one i like. --> attached. Efficiency, honesty and speed are appreciated!

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    ...formatting data, ordering information, small code (HTML, PHP, CSS) manipulation, etc. It would be a long term relation if you are able to satisfy me with your response time, quality of work and time management. As a test case, I am attaching a zip file containing 'MS Word' & PDF files. - I need to convert word files (doc & docx) to PDF -...

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    ...need a single word document converted into 28 pages for a small website. You will be converting each page as an individual javascript (.js) following the filename convention we have developed. Each page is not large but you will need to convert from word to clean html and then put that into a javascript variable. Basic javascript and html skills are

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    We are looking for an individual to convert a PSD website design to a HTML5 website to help manage an influx of recent projects. We would hope to use the individual on a regular basis thereafter. We would need the HTML5/CSS website for desktops only (no mobile or responsive needed). URGENT: We need the website completed within the next 12 hours

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    Hi I m webmaster in html I need word press specialist to upload, help and tips for convert website in html to wordpress. There is 19 html pages of the website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to convert in word press. Copy the existing images and txt. Optimize the source code and meta for SEO with existing tittles, descriptions, alt tag, ti...

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    We have an exciting WordPress development project and need an excellent WordPress developer to help use deliver an well polished product to our client. The system is being developed for use as an internal system. There is the opportunity of further work if you are proven to be a good worker and deliver a quality system. ----------------

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    Hi all! I am a programmer and need help since I've got more work then I can handle myself. I need someone who can help me on various projects, mainly PHP. Shopping carts, payment gateways, site scrappers, various APIs - these are the main areas of my work. I also require some designing skills, at least good knowledge of css. Keeping the deadlines is

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    I am looking for an HTML CSS expert to help me with excellent skills in responsive design. I am graphic designer and need a developer to: 1. Convert a PSD file into a Wordpress Theme 2. Use Bootstrap framework 3. Be Responsive 4. Use Google fonts 5. Use a Header Slider plugin 6. Customizable menus 7. Widget friendly 8. Templates: • Homepage

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    ...our team. We are not looking for a company. We are a smallish media company (5 of us) and we are looking for a skilled WordPress expert to help us. You must be able to take a illustrator file and convert that to WordPress or html5. You must be able to develop your own plugins for wordpress if necessary We are looking for someone with real

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    CREATE/EDIT HTML EBAY AD LISTINGS & DESIGN NEW TEMPLATES We are currently looking for a HTML programmer/web developer to help us with updating & creating new HTML ads for our eBay listings. As well as designing up to 5 new templates. You will be provided with most of the content which will include current ads, links, images etc… All ads need

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    I need help with a conversion from MSFT word to HTML in the format that is acceptable for Amazon Kindle. Amazon Kindle requires a conversion from Word that uses file type: Web page, filtered - within MSFT word. Additionally, margins for Kindle are very narrow. Kindle has its on structure that takes HTML and re-compiles it. I have a 160 page wor...

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    Greetings Fabulous VWorkers! I need someone who is very comfortable with Moodle to convert 10 eBooks into actual courses in Moodle. My preference is for someone who is very comfortable with HTML to get creative with the visual aspect of the course. There are 2 parts: 1: Creating an engaging/fun 'dashboard' for navigating easily

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    ...on the computer: • Import e-mail, including attachments such HML, WORD and graphs files of all types. • Receiving and storing documents of all types (images, Word files, HTML, emails, video, images from a camera, etc.). • System receives documents from scanners, camera, disk file, E-mail (both individual boxes and what - Exchange) directly into the

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    I need some graphics design/UX help with a free public transportation mobile web app (see screenshot). The following items require work: ? Color palette - need to define a consistent color palette for the app ? Screen design - apply icons/palette to a set of screens which include text, icons and map to demonstrate how it will all look together and

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    I need 6 HTML web pages designed. I am providing HTML template along with all needed images. Please refer to word document (6 pages in total) which includes a mock design of each page you will design. No functionality or programming needed, just the design. Please DO NOT design the web pages exactly as you see them. The word document is merely

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    ...need a single word document converted into 28 pages for a small website. You will be converting each page as an individual javascript (.js) following the filename convention we have developed. Each page is not large but you will need to convert from word to clean html and then put that into a javascript variable. Basic javascript and html skills are

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    ... Convert Document, Image, Audio and Video Files from one format to another - Free File Convert Put some tags from following list where tags are required: free file convert,free file conversion,online file converter,online file conversion,file converter,conversion,conversion pdf doc,convert,convert d...

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    I need a programmer to help convert PDF e book file to Mobipocket Creator 4.0 - Home Edition (free download) fix an error eg (HTML)paraser no body tag found in content file. Also convert GIF Image (.gif) to guidlines attached in word doc

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    ...HTMLpost as Test enviroment. The HTML has 2 fields and the send button. The POST is calling a java servlet that takes the field and validate the input from the HTML. The servlet communicate with a Vending machine thru RS232. How the Java Servlet communicate with the Vending machine is described in the attached file The Linux PC is available

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    ...definition is: Email Automator **monitors your e-mailbox and automatically detects new emails** and applies the defined action(s) **like printing email and/or attachments** (file like PDF, Word, Excel), **deleting email** on server, **backup emails and attachments on disk**, **sending automatic reply or forward email**, and much more… All this without downloading

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    ...documents (word) I got xml, xslt, xsd and dtd that creates a pdf. The pdf is just in a text without newlines or headings and so on. I have include a doument on an example on how I want it to be and I have include a pdf on how it looks now. The 4 word doucments are include. That is the text that is gonna be in the xml file. in the pdf file: After

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    ...Mastering HTML + CSS. To enter and format data (around 4500 page/ language) with pictures and tables. The contents are relegated to sport portal. We will provide the data in word format and your job is to convert it to HTML. (PLEASE DON'T USE BULK COPY AND PAST) you should format the data with clear HTML and CSS. Each provided MS word ...

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    ...they should be able to Un-subscribe when an email is sent. Need the ability to create a newsletter online. and store them. Is it possible to take an uploaded word doc and then convert it? We need the ability for the Supplier/patner/Advertisers to upload documents that can be included in a Newsletter. (more information below) Then they will need

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    $30 - $250
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    Provide a solution that convert Word, Excel, RTF, PDF document to clean and weel looking html file, under linux. All documents are converted to HTML only format You can provide a commercial solution, or build it by yourself. ## Deliverables The goal is to allow users to convert their resumes from many formats to HTML in order to ...

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    Phase I Create web form to collect information from possible candidates to be on a TV show. Data submitted through this form would need to be stored in a database, csv or tab file. An employee would need to be able to download this data in csv or tab format to be imported into a proprietary FileMaker Pro database. The employee would probably download

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    Hello: I need help with the following project: I have several thousands of solved math problems written in Word format. My idea is to display these problems on a website separated by categories. I need to design a management php script and a database backend for this. Here's how I need this to be: I use a software called Mathtype (which for

    $300 - $1500
    $300 - $1500
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    Problem: I am using a word macro to create (from a word table) a *.hhp and *.html files which I later convert into a *.chm help file with the Microsoft compiler. This works fine in English, French, German. However with Eastern European languages i. e. Czech I have problem displaying special characters in the htm pages and the toc. Task:

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    I need a template designing in Photoshop, and then slicing to html. I have fairly specific ideas which I have provided details of in the attached PDF document so hopefully this will make it easier to design. The design will be used for a new business that I am starting which is to sell artwork on canvas. The flash work that I would like doing is quite

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    ..."zones" per entry so you can see where your entries are being viewed. Ping Servers Each user can define their own servers to ping when new entries are added. HTML Formatting Buttons Each user can store their own formatting elements that are available at the click of a button. Search-Engine Friendly URLs The URLs produced by Site

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    **Convert an 85 page word document into plain HTML and structure it into a website using a provided template.** See the attached requirements specification. Also, bidders must read and agree to the "Important Information" document. Note that project deadline does not include warranty period. Please ask if you have any questions.

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    ...Webpage template created from design Pages (Static & Editable): The content for these pages will be provided by Health Source Group & you will also help in providing some content if needed. The FAQ and Links page will be editable through a password-protected administration site. · Home Page ·

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    26 bida works) file to download (a video, or zip file, for example) HTML page (like phpnuke contents module) quiz (should have a simple quiz engine, for multiple choice questions) link (URL) survey chat room b. Lesson should have a title. files should be outside HTML, so that there will

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    ...made a product for public. Since my mother language is not English, I need someone help me. You should do, 1, Polish the English description of interface. 2, Make the HELP file(word or HTML file) of the product. The product is a simple file format convert tool. The help file documents may be less 2000 words. ## Deliverables...

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    ...The project itself it NOT overly difficult but I've been thorough in want I need. THIS PROJECT REQUIRES KNOWLEDGE OF PYTHON, WXPYTHON & UNICODE. ;-) All I require help building the core of the application, the parts that I simply cannot do (see features below). I have all the resources I need for this project to succeed. The program itself

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    $100 - $150
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    Convert Several formatted Word docs (about 40 pages total) to HTML pages. This will be easy for you, if you know what you're doing! There are a few things we are looking for: 1. We will be using the html docs you provide to create and merge data from a MySQL database with html pages to produce final output. So, in other words, data a user inputs

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    ...or desktop which will Convert PDF to JPEG, text,TIFF, BMP, HTML,PCX formats,Word DOC. Please feel free to let me know if you can convert to all of the above or to only some. As i will accept multiple bids for this due to the broad nature of this application. Please confrim in your bid which formats will you be able to convert pdf files into. Need a

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    2 bida integrate this tool with Microsoft Word mail merge functionality. Essentially, there are 2 levels of functionality that we would like (see attached file). The first is completely server-side. It allows users to upload Word templates to the server (Linux-based). The user would then be able to email/print Word or PDF attachments directly and the server

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    ...Someone to create a software for me like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The software will convert pdf to word or Html vice versa. Which will allow the user to edit their file in pdf ,word and HTMl. Software help file and manual plus trial period should be included Here is what the exact program would do: # ...

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    ...schedule for myself. Keeping them both maintained is a pain in the butt. I would like someone to write a simple application that would allow me to convert a calendar export data file to a nice browsable html file. I don't care what the application is written in. Outlook can export to: CSV, PST, TSV, dBase, Access, Excell, and Foxpro files. Keep in mind I

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    A program to help build speech presentations in both full text versions as well as outlines. It should give the user the ability to do research within the program by querying search engines. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation

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    .Tiff to Text Tamat left

    Convert .tiff to text The maximum amount for this project is $100. I need a VB.NET class made, or a VBA class module, or a COM component, that can programmatically convert faxed document images (.tiff files) to text, on a computer running Microsoft Windows 2000 and Office XP. The conversion can easily be done manually using Office Document Imaging Tool

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