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    I'm looking for a crypto developer with experience in writing smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. This task has two main aspects: 1. Implement a 1% tax on token transfers - As users move tokens, a 1% fee should be deducted automatically. 2. Inclusion of preset hard cap for the $HUGO token presale - The presale feature should have a predetermined hard cap, stopping any further participation once reached. 3. Add progress bar to my wordpress website how many HUGO tokens have been sold. It would be most desirable if your experience includes solid expertise in Solidity and the Ethereum platform, along with a good understanding of token economics. A track record working on similar projects is highly appreciated. Be prepared to show examples of your past work.

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    ...managed and utilized in residential and commercial settings. Our flagship product, HUGO, is a state-of-the-art power management system designed to optimize energy consumption and enhance electrical safety. Position Overview: We are seeking a dynamic and motivated Sales Representative to join our team on a commission-only basis. The Sales Representative will be responsible for promoting and selling our flagship product, HUGO, to local plumbing suppliers and installers. This position offers an exciting opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology in the growing field of energy management. Key Responsibilities: Develop and maintain relationships with local plumbing suppliers and installers. Promote HUGO as the premier solution for energy management and electric...

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    Hi Hugo O., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I want this website made into a custom Hugo template with this features: Advanced SEO capabilities Styling options Image optimization Responsive design for mobile devices Integrated search functionality Social media integration Custom 404 error pages Custom contact forms Custom error messages SEO optimization Multi- language support Preferably made in TailwindCSS

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    If you know what these three things have in common, then tell me - and quote me a price for pushing three GH-page one page static sites to GitHub. You must KNOW what it is I am talking about. I will not renegotiate after awarding.

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    Hi Victor Hugo S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    ... We are seeking a skilled and experienced web developer to create a fast and reliable website for Edutelly, a platform dedicated to providing online study resources for college students. Our goal is to offer a user-friendly platform where students can easily find and purchase study materials in various formats, including Word documents and PDFs. Key Requirements: 1. **Hugo Framework**: The website must be built using Hugo, ensuring fast performance and efficient static site generation. 2. **Search Functionality**: Implement a robust search feature that allows users to easily find study materials by entering keywords or specific course codes, such as "NHSFPX4001 Nursing Course." 3. **Preview Functionality**: Enable users to preview study materials before makin...

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    We're planning to develop a content management site that focuses on showcasing the latest technologies, research papers, code snippets, and videos. We aim to utilize open-source platforms like Hugo for free deployment via GitHub Pages. While we're not currently planning to host ads, the template should allow easy incorporation of ads in the future. Additionally, we require the ability to display affiliate links on the homepage. Integration with social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is essential. The site should also be SEO-enabled to ensure optimal visibility. We envision three main templates: one for the homepage, another for blogs/articles, and a third for news content. The homepage will feature a fusion of the latest blogs, research papers/artic...

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    ...or paid for the dynamic system hosting. **Key Requirements:** - **Scraping Expertise:** The freelancer must be proficient in data scraping, capable of extracting game rules, character abilities, and items and equipment information from the provided source. - **Web Development Skills:** Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is essential. Experience with static site generators like Jekyll or Hugo would be beneficial. - **Search Implementation:** A keyword search feature must be integrated, allowing users to efficiently find game rules, character abilities, and items and equipment. - **Result Presentation:** The search results should be displayed in a list view, making it simple for users to browse through the findings. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Experience in web sc...

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    I'm in need of a proficient developer to set up a Hugo static site with integrated Tina CMS. The website should include the following: - Blogging functionality: Enabling me to consistently share relevant content. - Content editing capabilities: I am seeking the flexibility to edit text, images, and videos via the Tina CMS. - Contact form: A conventional yet effective way to get insight from my website's visitors. I already have a specific design in mind for the site. It is a free theme. I want it to be setup, integrated with github and Netlify. I want to use Tina CMS only to add or edit content. The ideal freelancer for this task would have experience with both Hugo static sites and Tina CMS, with a keen eye for detail to accurately bring my site design to life....

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    Olá Hugo G., eu notei seu perfil e gostaria de lhe oferecer meu projeto. Podemos discutir quaisquer detalhes pelo chat.

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    Olá Hugo G., eu notei seu perfil e gostaria de lhe oferecer meu projeto. Podemos discutir quaisquer detalhes pelo chat.

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    I am looking for a developer with experience in Business Blog Development using the Hugo static builder. The project involves creating a minimalist and clean layout and design for the blog. The ideal candidate should have knowledge and proficiency in using Hugo static builder and should be able to implement a comment section for the blog. Hosting will be done on either Netlify, GitHub Pages, or AWS S3.

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    I need a professional to develop a business blog using Hugo (static site builder). The blog will primarily feature articles, offering insights and information related to my business. Key Features: - Comments Section: To engage with readers and foster an interactive community. - Social Media Sharing Buttons: To enable content sharing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for wider reach. - Search Functionality: To help users easily navigate through the blog content. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in using Hugo as a static site builder - Understanding of SEO best practices - Experience in integrating social media sharing options and comment sections - Proven track record in building user-friendly and interactive websites/blogs.

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    I have 2 aes encryption functions for a mobile app done with pointycastle which are running slow. I need someone to convert them to as its faster.

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    I have 2 aes encryption functions for a mobile app done with pointycastle which are running slow. I need someone to convert them to as its faster.

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    I am looking for a developer to create a personal website using Hugo. The ideal candidate should have experience with Hugo and be familiar with creating minimalist designs. Preferred Design Style: - Minimalist Specific Features: - Blogging functionality - multi language (en, es, pt) Content and Images: - Client has everything ready Skills and Experience: - Experience with Hugo - Ability to create minimalist designs - Familiarity with implementing blogging functionality I am sharing some inspirations. It’s a mix of blog and some static pages. I am a developer, so the most important thing is to deliver the structure working and the design. I can do the fine tunning at the end.

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    Project Title: Docker container with Hugo and all dependencies I am looking for a skilled freelancer to create a Docker container with Hugo and all its dependencies for deployment purposes. The container will be used on a Linux operating system. Requirements: - Create a Docker container with the latest version of Hugo and all necessary dependencies - Ensure that the container is optimized for deployment - The container should be easily deployable and scalable Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Docker and containerization - Strong knowledge of Linux operating systems - Experience with Hugo and its latest version - Understanding of deployment best practices - Familiarity with optimizing container performance If you have the necessary skills and expe...

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    Oi Hugo G., notei seu perfil e gostaria de te apresentar meu projeto. Podemos discutir quaisquer detalhes pelo chat.

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    I need a small landing page like an "about me" Build with Hugo. Index it on Google (Insert Google Code on Page) Should have content you find on Google. Also i can give you some Text and Images.

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    Hi Casey! Thank you for your work on our last project. This next project has the same deliverables as last time but at Hugos. Here is a list of Hugo stores that should be carrying KLIMON. When do you think the soonest you would be able to complete this project?

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    PLEASE READ THIS VERY WELL BEFORE YOU MAKE AN OFFER!!!!!!! I am in need of a Shopify webshop and I have a few preferences and requirements for the project. Preferred Theme like: (we have about the same product) Logo and Branding: - I do not have a logofor the webshop, so I will need assistance with creating them. Specific Features: like: https://interiorbybi...- Knowledge of different themes and customization options - Graphic design skills for creating a logo - Ability to implement specific features and functions in the webshop If you have the necessary skills and experience, please reach out to me with your portfolio and any relevant experience in Shopify webshop development. I pay only after completed work! No payments in advance! Thank you. Hugo

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    Hello, I need a small and simple website. Please look at sample website, I have: Please look very well to this website before you make an offer Thank you, Hugo

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    ...website's hosting on AWS is configured for optimal performance. Collaborate with our design team for a coherent visual branding across the site. Qualifications: Demonstrated experience in static web development with user authentication and AWS hosting. Skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other essential web development technologies. Familiarity with Markdown and static site generators like Jekyll or Hugo. Keen eye for detail with a strong focus on delivering a user-centric platform. Autonomous problem-solving skills with the ability to handle projects independently. Application: Please send us your resume, a personalized cover letter that speaks to your experience in managing similar projects, and a portfolio of your web development work, especially highlighting any AWS-...

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    ...freelancer should have a strong background in web development and experience with SSGs. - There is no preferred SSG for this project, so the freelancer can choose Jekyll, Hugo, or any other SSG that they are comfortable with. - Detailed project proposals are not required, but the freelancer should have a clear understanding of the project requirements and be able to execute them effectively. Skills and Experience: - Experience in cloning websites and creating static site copies. - Proficiency in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. - Familiarity with Static Site Generators, particularly Jekyll, Zola and Hugo. - Strong attention to detail and ability to replicate the design and functionality of the existing website. - Excellent communication skills ...

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    I am looking for a photographer to capture 20+ product photographs from our customer's warehouse in a formal and professional style. These images will be used for our company's mark...professional style. These images will be used for our company's marketing material, so high-quality and sharp images are a must. As such, a high-resolution camera and basic knowledge of editing and post-processing are expected. This project is perfect for someone looking for an opportunity to showcase their skills and build up their portfolio. This will require a day of work at the customer's warehouse (Hugo Boss), with additional post-processing time afterward, making it a great chance to take on a neat challenge and create some incredible photos. Shoot: Thursday, November 2. Nee...

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    Hi Hugo, HOw are you doing mate.

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    ...y debe contar con insights tanto cualitativos como cuantitativos. Referencia de Marcas de productos consideradas lujo: Cuidado del cabello y coloración: authentic beauty concept, Tigi, moroccanoil, kerastase, matrix, innova, L’Oréal professional, olaplex, la puissance, lakme. Maquillaje: Lancôme, Mac, nars, urban decay, Fragancias: cacharel, Ralph Laurent, ysl, Paco rabanne, Carolina herrera, Hugo boss, mosccino, viktor & Rolf, Dior, lancome, etc. ...

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    Hi Hugo, i booked you for a flyer creation yesterday and need a similar one created as well but this one will have more info. The background can stay the same with the cruise ship. I can send over images and info id like included. Please let me know if you are interested.

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    I am looking for assistance in writing an essay on Othello. I need a 1500-word essay exploring How is Hugo significantly different than Iago? In what ways do those changes in his character improve the story or weaken it? Besides his motivation being different, how does Hugo’s use of steroids impact how we perceive him as a villain? What about his use of Odin’s fears of racial inequality in contrast to Iago/Othello? Though it’s clear that Iago hates Othello, does Hugo hate Odin? , and I need it to be completed by tonight. I am looking for someone who is highly knowledgeable with Othello, and who has an excellent command of the English language. I am expecting a well-crafted essay that makes literary analysis, and communicates the themes of the play in an art...

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    Hi Hugo G., Hi, I would like for you to create a Movie Poster for our short film called Destiny. I am sending you the YouTube link to the trailer.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me set up my personal website using Github Pages and Hugo. I only need help setting up the site using this tutorial, for example: Once it works, I can change the content of the website on my own. Skills and Experience: - Github Pages and Hugo - Experience in website design and development

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    Buongiorno, sono Matteo Stenbock, collaboratore interno di Fluido Factory, una rete di creativi e professionisti del marketing digitale, coinvolti in progetti sia nazionali che internazionali. Attualmente, stiamo lavorando su un progetto di sviluppo di un e-commerce su Magento per uno dei nostri clienti. Navigando su Upwork, ho notato che sei un esperto in questo campo e possiedi competenze rilevanti in Magento, proprio ciò che ci serve in questo momento. Se sei interessato, ti invito a fare clic sul seguente link per candidare il tuo talento: In questo modo avrai la possibilità di entrare a far parte del nostro database di professionisti, dove verrai valutato in base alle tue competenze e alle tue soft skills per questa e per opportunità future. Spero di aver i...

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    Hello and welcome! I am looking for a professional to set up a Hugo website for me. This is intended to be a personal blog, and while I don't have a specific design or theme in mind, I do have some preferences. With your expertise, I am confident you can help me put together a blog that reflects my needs. Thank you for your interest in this project!

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    I am looking for a talented designer to create a fun and engaging logo and A4 poster featuring an A380 for my 7 year old imaginary airline. This is for a birthday little gift - we are not launching an airline (:) so it can be very simple. The company is called BeeHugo (bee like the insect ? and Hugo like my son’s name. The desired tone/style for the logo and poster is realistic, the color palette around yellow and black, like the bee) Key requirements for the project include: - Creating a logo that represents our kids airline brand and appeals to kids aged 10-12 - Designing a poster that features an A380 branded with the created logo. Since this is for personal use only and no trademark will apply, I’m happy with a photoshopped version of an existing poster. The tagli...

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    Trophy icon Save-the-Date Enxoval Artwork Tamat left

    We are excited to announce the upcoming wedding of Bruna and Hugo, scheduled for April 5th, 2025. To celebrate this special occasion, we are looking for a talented graphic designer to create a beautiful and personalized save-the-date artwork set. The artwork will feature a symbol combining the initials "H" and "B" with a focus on the letter "B" to represent Bruna. The project involves creating multiple images and incorporating specific phrases related to the countdown to our wedding date. Artwork Requirements: Create a visually appealing symbol that artfully combines the initials "H" and "B" with a greater emphasis on the "B." Design an elegant and eye-catching image that complements the theme of the wedding. Incorporate ...

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    I want a website to be made which takes information from the following link . I want the website to use the Hugo academic theme and be hosted on github pages. I will require the source files as well and help in transferring the website to my github pages.

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    I am looking for an experienced HTML developer to create a customized, static blog template that matches my design specifications. The template must be mobile-friendly and responsive to various devices. I have already created the d...a customized, static blog template that matches my design specifications. The template must be mobile-friendly and responsive to various devices. I have already created the design, and need a developer to implement it in HTML/CSS and make it fit on various devices. The template should also integrate with social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. The template will be used with the hugo platform hosted in github, so knowledge of working with this platform is essential. i need this template: with some minor mods.

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    Hi Hugo, Your'e looking for Logo design with 3 design for your bags?

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    ...looking for a freelancer who can quickly update my single page Hugo website. The specific updates I need include: - Updating the banner images - Changing the background colour scheme - Configuring the contact us box - Update signup button so that it points to correct url. () - remove links from the what we do icons, they need to be static I already have the updated images and colour scheme ready, so you can start working on the updates right away. I need this project to be completed within 24 hours, so please only apply if you can meet this timeline. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with Hugo website development - Proficiency in HTML and CSS - Strong

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me set up a Strapi API server and Hugo with themes and content structure ready to use. Preferred Hosting Platform: - I would like the API server and Hugo to be self-hosted. Specific Theme: - I have a specific theme in mind for Hugo. Custom Features or Modifications: - No custom features or modifications are needed for the theme. The theme as-is will work. - I have content structure design and want to be created in Hugo Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with setting up a Strapi API server and Hugo - Knowledge of self-hosting platforms - Familiarity with Hugo themes and content structure Site need to be ready for use, and will add more features later.

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    I'm looking for someone to design and develop a static website for my business. The purpose of this website is to promote our services and provide information about our company. I already have the site built using Wordpress and Elementor. I'm looking for someone who can rebuild the exact same site on a faster static platform such as Hugo. SEO should also be kept in mind so the website can be easily accessible to our target audience.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can convert an Excel file to HTML using pure JavaScript. The ideal candidate for this project should have the following skills and experience: - Proficient in JavaScript programming - Experience in converting Excel files to HTML - Familiarity with responsive web desi...Optimized for search engine ranking: The HTML output should be optimized for search engine ranking, ensuring that it follows best practices for SEO. 3. Editable HTML output: The client needs to be able to edit the HTML output, so the freelancer should ensure that the code is clean and well-structured, allowing for easy editing and updates. 4. No js library, just pure js that will be compatible with Hugo static site. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your...

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    Custom Hugo Theme I am looking for a skilled developer to create a modern and sleek theme for my Hugo website. The ideal candidate should have experience in designing and developing custom themes for Hugo. Style: - The desired style for the theme is modern, with clean and minimalistic elements. Functionality: - I am looking for additional functionality to be included in the theme. - Specifically, I would like dynamic sidebars that can be easily customized and updated. - The theme should also support image sliders to showcase my content in a visually appealing way. - Social media widgets should be included to allow easy sharing and integration with my social media accounts. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Hugo and Hugo theme development. - Stro...

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    Title: Hugo Website Improvement and Additions Objective: The goal of this project is to incorporate several key improvements and additions to an existing Hugo website. Tasks: Landing Page Development: The freelancer is expected to design and develop a landing page for a cost-saving calculator. The mock-up and draft code for the calculator, which is in JavaScript, will be provided. The task will also involve styling the calculator according to the design. Terms and Conditions Link: A link to the website's Terms and Conditions should be added to the website's footer. Privacy Policy Link: The website's footer should also contain a link to the Privacy Policy. Sitemap Update: A new page needs to be added to the website's sitemap for the cost calculator�...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to help me create a business website to showcase my products and services. While I have some ideas for the layout and design, I am open to suggestions and would appreciate creative input. The website will need to include a contact for...for potential clients to reach out to me. Ideal skills for this project include HTML, CSS, and web design expertise. The first version needs to be a single page (coming soon). Brand, logo, contact details, and subscribe for updates. I have a logo and brand-style document, which can be issued shortly. The web dev must have experience in previous technology website design. The website must be Hugo Framework! This is a single-page site at this stage, which potential to be expanded later. to be deployed on GitH...

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    I want to move my Wordpress site to Hugo. It is 8/9 pages. There is only one main page. The other pages have simple content, such as contact/download/buy now. It is not a blog site. It is a software product, with usual pages such a features/screenshots/download/buy now/contact. I don't have a specific Hugo theme in mind. I want it to be clean and simple. I have in mind for the layout to be similar to the original.

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    Develop a website with hugo static generator. The website to be hosted on render and must have a content management system. I will provided the theme.

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    I am in need of a 2D business logo for my fashion brand, Hugo Mont. The ideal logo style I am looking for is bold and colorful, with a design that will make my brand stand out. The logo should represent the fashion industry and the elegance that comes with it. The ideal freelancer for this job would have experience in graphic design and branding, with a strong portfolio showcasing their creative skills.

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    Mi nombre es Víctor Hugo Piñón mi empresa es de transporte en camiones de carga y maquinaria pesada. El archivo que mande es la que usaba anterior mente la quiero cambiar

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