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    Proyek terdiri dari 2 konsep dasar 1. Mobile App 2. Database Sistem yang terlibat: 1. HRIS (Human Resource Inform. Syst) - Off the Shelf App (Sudah jadi) 2. Asset Management (Kapal Laut) 3. Database Area Pelabuhan (GIS Based) 4. Planner (GIS Based - mirip Applikasi Gojek) 3 Sistem ini harus saling terkait untuk dapat menghasilkan usulan yang menghasilkan informasi sebagai berikut: 1. Personel yang available (sesuai dengan tingkatan dan keahlian) yang akan bertugas 2. Asset yang available (Sesuai dengan properties asset) 3. Area pelabuhan yang available Informasi di atas ini harus muncul di layar mobile dari personil yang mendapat tugas Mohon periksa lampiran file yang berisi business process untuk gambaran lebih lanjut

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    Need 5K Facebook likes. Counties: Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia,United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, South Africa, Canada, Japan & Turkey. No spam, bots, or fake accounts. No accounts in danger of being suspended. Likes must be from Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia,United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, South Africa, Canada, Japan & Turke...Japan & Turkey. No spam, bots, or fake accounts. No accounts in danger of being suspended. Likes must be from Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia,United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, South Africa, Canada, Japan & Turkey with: At least 2+ photos, At least 50+ friends, and Status updates that go back at least 2 weeks. NO BOTS OR FAKE ACCOUNTS OR REAL LOOKING ACCOUNTS. THIS MUST ALL BE REAL HUMAN BEINGS. NO FAKE AT AL...

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    Pengembangan ERP yang mencakup : Contract Management - Purchase Receipt - Purchase Invoice - Purchase Payment,Stock Adjusment, Sales Order - Sales Invoice - Sales Receipt Target to finish: 3 weeks after contract sign-off

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    Budujemy system typu HRIS (Human Resource Information System). Obsługujemy już kilku klientów i poszukujmey osób do współpracy przy rozbudowie systemu. Backend oparty jest o PHP i MySQL. Frontend to głównie VueJS (Quasar Framework).

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    i want academic content writers having expertise in management, marketing, human resources management, project management, supply chain management, and operations management. the writer should have expertise in research writing, dissertations, critical analysis, case study analysis and essay writing. only experts needs to contact with samples

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    This is an internship providing telehealth (video-chat) mental health services to victims of crime, including those who have been human trafficked; providing services mostly to mothers and children. In return, intern will receive hours and if funding has come in timely from grants and not fee for service, then some may receive reimbursement. Requires at least a Masters in Clinical Social Work, Marriage Family Therapy, Professional Clinical Counseling, or Nurse Practitioner, an intern # from respective boards (BBS or BNR), willingness to carry a caseload of 12-20 clients, attendance at weekly group supervision, Spanish a plus, having passed law and ethics exam when applicable a plus. Required skills: familiarity with evidence-based models such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, abl...

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    i am looking for someone who is well versed with these things: pixel. conversion api, gtm and ga-4. i have some tasks for this thing start your bid with "i am human" otherwise your bid will be reported thanks

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    Work Location: Japan, remote Work Schedule: 10-20 hours per week Engagement Model: Part-time, freelance, ...-Must be located in Japan -Must have lived in Japan for the past 5 consecutive years -Reliable computer and internet connection -Reliable anti-virus software DataForce by TransPerfect is part of the TransPerfect family of companies, the world’s largest provider of language and technology solutions for global business, with offices in more than 100 cities worldwide. We offer high-quality data for Human-Machine Interaction to some of the most prestigious technology companies in the world. Our division focuses on gathering, enriching and processing data for Machine Learning in different AI domains. To learn more about DataForce please visit us at

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    We are looking to hire Creative Content Writers for Math, Physics & Chemistry. they will be involved in making the academic content fun and simple, easy to understand & interesting for students. Mandatory requirements:- • Education: Minimum - Science in 12th • Skills: Good command of written and verbal English. Can write fun content on Sciences / Math. • Experience: 3 years of experience writing content. This is a Full time/part-time/freelance opportunity with flexible hours.

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    13,800,000,000 Big Bang singularity, cosmic inflation, creation of all particles of matter and counterpart antimatter, and the laws of physics governing their interactions; expansion and cooling of space → formation of the observable Universe, its galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets, moons, asteroids and comets

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    ...for what is essentially a copy of Pluribus facebooks 6 player no limit texas holdem AI. However I would like someone to validate that this is the case and fine tune the variables that need to set such as the the final compression and length of run time ect. Further and most importantly I would like someone to implement the realtime search such that you can either play against the ai (5 AI vs 1 human) or so that the ai can play against a table of humans (1AI 5 humans) for both cases I would like to be able to be able to edit the information that is important to the ai things such as where the dealer button is the players stacks (chips) the pot and any other information that maybe needed for the ai to make its next move. Finally for the second version (1AI 5 humans) I would like to...

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    We give you excel input, you generate output for us. Excel input will be updated monthly, therefore output shall be automated. Learning and Development Dashboard. Example:

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    Wordpress Plugin Modification 5 hari left
    DISAHKAN's safe for processing and storing in the database. Escaping makes it safe to output. Also keep in mind that sometimes a function is echoing when it should really be returning content instead. This is a common mistake when it comes to returning JSON encoded content. Very rarely is that actually something you should be echoing at all. Echoing is because it needs to be on the screen, read by a human. Returning (which is what you would do with an API) can be json encoded, though remember to sanitize when you save to that json object! There are a number of options to secure all types of content (html, email, etc). Yes, even HTML needs to be properly escaped. Remember: You must use the most appropriate functions for the context

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    YEBUE wig is a company that retails and customizes professional human hair wigs. We would like to set up a promotion campaign for the coming Christmas. We offer two different ways for you to earn commissions and you can choose from one of the following two methods according to your own preference. 1. Commissions are calculated based on the length of each wig sold. We will create some exclusive discount codes for you that are even better than the ones on our website to assist you in attracting more customers. Your followers can save more money by using your exclusive discount codes. The commission is $30 for each 10-14 inch wig sold. $40 for each wig sold with a length of 16-18 inches. Every wig 20-24 inches in length sold earns $50. $80 for every wig sold that is 26 inches or lon...

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    Senior Penetration Testers 5 hari left

    Do you feel like scanners are just to catch the low-hanging fruit and that the real findings are left for the human testers? Have you tested hundreds of networks and still want more? If this describes you, you’re in luck! We are looking for an experienced penetration security testers to join our team of highly skilled penetration testers. If you feel most at home with a scanner and manually following up on those vulnerabilities, this is NOT the kind of job we are offering. Minimum Requirements -Advanced ability to detect, define, exploit, and remediate vulnerabilities without the use of a vulnerability scanner (a browser, a proxy, an editor, and YOU) Develop detailed reports on findings and remediations – Familiarity with Windows Internals – Vulnerabili...

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    I am working for making fresh new application from zero until running well, my program usually is human resources department application, accounting system application, and expedition for tracking system application, basically my program is ASP .NET and with database SQL server, or Access DB. My program running on desktop or mobile application. I hope I can joint for making program on your Project ID: 35346722 in few days, please send me the flow proses your program, or database description, or report to building this Project. In attachment is sample screen my application data

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    Hello All, I have a project which is currently facing a challenge of being blocked by showing a human verification check after certain number of requests to the site. Now I want a generic solution to this problem and it should be fast enough to solve this problem. I have attached the screenshot of the human verification challenge and list of links which you can iterate over to get this page on your end. Kindly view these attachements and then bid on the project to be selected. Thanks to all of you. Start your project with "Noah" to receive a message for this project. All others bids will be considered computer generated and will be ignored.

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    When the normal human physiology gets affected by any mean, the pathogenesis starts which will ultimately lead to a disease. The disease will manifesat with symptoms and signs. When a patient comes to us, we'll track the symptom tree, will find out the exact pathogenesis through different investigations and will try to intervene at each of those aberrations to reverse the process and cure. Patient coming to us with symptoms -> Physician tracks symptom-tree -> Differential diagnoses given with required investigations -> Investigations done -> Provisional diagnosis -> Management given with explanation on outcome -> Referred to appropriate center if not treatable at our set up. A group of young pathologists and microbiologists are setting up a diagnostic set up ...

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    Looking for someone to build a simple Python script by 13:30 IST 27/11/2022 to scrape The script should be able to scrape the following information from each job posting: - Job Title - Job Rating - Company Name - Day Posted - Salary - Job URL Dynamic functions where I can able to change the locations that I am searching across) - Page Threshold (I want to be able to change how many pages I search across) - Save File Name (I want to be able to change the export name) Presets: - Indeed job postings should be organised by date before scrape begins. - Catchpa prevention - scraper must either run free rotating proxies or run slowly so that it is not picked up and human verified Additonal: All data should be exported to Excel Workbook once scrape has been completed.

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    construction, also called building construction, the techniques and industry involved in the assembly and erection of structures, primarily those used to provide shelter. Construction is an ancient human activity. It began with the purely functional need for a controlled environment to moderate the effects of climate.

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    We are Looking for three positive poems about human connection and our connection to humanity. One written in an Eastern European Language, One in an African language and one in an East Asian Language, Ideally with an english translation as well.

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    Dynamic Flashloans Execution 3 hari left

    * Firs...we will ask you return the milestone amount. Afterwards, we expect the freelancer to deliver the above code and assist us with deploying that code on our servers/VPS. * Second Milestone Write code that will execute the copycat transaction. We expect this code to operate via flashloans. We will create a small wallet for this purpose. Your code needs to be able to execute transactions without human intervention. We will use the inputs from the code in the first milestone to interact with the last code. Notice that if it's more easy for you to create a Web3 front-end for your smart contract, you can do that instead of providing an API. Please adhere to your bid amount. Freelancers who change their bid amounts after being awarded the project will be blacklisted for f...

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    I am looking for a 3d model and rig of the model shown in the image uploaded with this project made for animation use in Maya. The little details of the suit can be simplified so long as the major design remains similar. The head and face of the model doesn't need to be modeled, and can be left empty. The important aspect about this project is that each body part needs to be separated to become visible or invisible for rendering. The model itself is being used for a reference for a complex 2d rotoscope project, so the various body parts need to be able to be animated as one rig, but can be turned visible or invisible when it comes time to render the animations. I can provide examples of this later once we talk a little bit about the project. The breakdown for the body parts that nee...

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    Data programing 2 hari left

    We need someone who can handle the project with human working experience and also a good Data programer for this job

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    Hey, I am looking for someone (with JS/React/Node skills) to create something like ? It's a simple app that sends automated emails if and when someone abandons a Stripe cart on any site to remind customers to buy from them again. Please login and see all the fe...someone (with JS/React/Node skills) to create something like ? It's a simple app that sends automated emails if and when someone abandons a Stripe cart on any site to remind customers to buy from them again. Please login and see all the features - need the exact app interface and all features as is. Preferred timeframe: 2 weeks or so Looking for the best bids. Please come up with a human written reply with some sensible answers and pricing please. Would appreciate if you save us some time. Cheers! ?

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    I need a letter of recommendation from an expert who can evaluate my skill and give a professional feedback. I need someone with phd in pharmaceutical or toxicology or environmental sciences.

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    Letter of recommendation 2 hari left

    I need a letter of recommendation from an expert who can evaluate my skill and give a professional feedback. I need someone with phd in pharmaceutical or toxicology or environmental sciences.

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    Concept and mindmap 2 hari left

    13. 3M Co (MMM: NYSE) 3M Company is a diversified global manufacturer, technology innovator and marketer of a variety of products and services. The Company operates through four se...segment consists of advanced materials, automotive and aerospace, commercial solutions, display materials and systems, electronic materials solutions, transportation and safety, and other transportation and electronics. Health Care segment’s products and services include drug delivery, food safety, health information systems, medical solutions, oral care solutions, and separation and purification sciences. Consumer segment serves consumers and consists of consumer health care, and others. System: Development of respirator-protective masks 3M Covid with sensors for the duration of safe use.

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    I have a technical (computing) powerpoint which needs translating from english to Korean. 50 slides in MS PowerPiont. About 3,000 words Machine Learning auto-translation software will not be good enough, needs human translation.

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    Trophy icon Vibe with Earth's Frequency 1 hari left

    ...Hz (Hertz). I'm looking for a book cover that will be 5.5x5.8 in size in paperback and also an ebook. I have 4 stock images that are examples of the idea of what I'm looking for. One is 2 tuning forks resonating with each other, one is a person sitting on top of the earth, one is a picture of a singing bowl, and the other is a picture of a tuning fork. What I have an idea for a book cover is a human body and the earth emitting wavelength frequencies together as an example of the two tuning forks with a singing bowl and tuning forks somewhere in the background. The picture of a singing bowl and a tuning fork are examples of what it looks like. NONE OF THESE PHOTOS ARE TO BE USED ON THE BOOK COVER. I was also thinking about having stars and galaxies in the background if p...

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    Link the finished Flutter app in GitHub to GitHub actions. To automate the publishing and screenshots with fast lane directly from a website signup form that’s sent to trigger the action with the new information provided. In a nutshell I want to automate and remove human intervention from the app build process. So that the user can pick a template and build directly from the website form by typing the different fields and providing the necessary media like logo, slider image and entry video if it applies. Otherwise it will default to the logo. The fastlane folders are already set up inside the project and its running. just the script is missing that’s all and the github automation tools which already have preset actions .. This is a Remote Job but after the first temp...

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    Devops Engineer 1 hari left

    The Director General of the Centre for Social Sciences is inviting applications to fill the role of a Devops Engineer in the Artificial Intelligence National Laboratory Project. If you're interested let us know and we will tell you the details! (We would like to hire someone who is either hungarian, or has a work permit to work in the country)

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    ...scope of the work in the attached doc for clarity. PS: We are a semi profit Yoga centre with social cause so people with higher bids than average might not be interested to work with us unless they are motivated to work in our niche. Also after covid, we have tight budgets for SEO and digital marketing. Join us to support this social cause by improving lives in every way through Vedic healing sciences ( Yoga & Ayurveda). Having said that, we are not expecting anyone to work for free and it's a paid assignment. Kindly go through the Project documents in the attachments to understand the Project and details. I am looking forward to be working with you if you are interested to work with me!! Feel free to write with confidence if this is something which resonates to you...

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    ...DON'T APPLY TO THE JOB. SIMPLE AS THAT. 3. PLEASE DON'T PROPOSE FOR THE JOB UNLESS YOU ARE 100% SURE YOU HAVE THE SKILLS TO SOLVE IT, AND CAN DELIVER WITHIN THE TIMEFRAME. I have a simple resize and crop (.jpg image) job i need solved. It's very easy and simple, but too time consuming for me to do, as i have other tasks i need to attend to right now. I'm looking for somebody who can convert human portrait images (like the "source image example" seen in the attached .jpg file for this project) into: 1. 250 x 250 pixels size 2. Cropped to show the head of the person only (top of hair to bottom of chin - with aprox. 5 pixels of space to the edge of the image on both top and bottom) 3. Some images (maybe 10%) will need a very simple retouch, to remov...

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    Use a list to google the hospital website to find the physician recruiter. If can’t find on website, Boolean search. Examples: 1. "Firelands Physician Group" recruiter OR staffing OR HR OR “human resources” email OR “@” 2. "Acclaim Physician Group" practicelink OR practicematch OR doccafe OR CareerMD OR nejm OR jamanetwork a. If postings found – who are contacts? Find emails for them b. PracticeLink will give you names but not emails so have to find out what their email string is like

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    Create Logo 18 jam left

    I require a logo for a consultancy business based on scientific management (process driven) & human management (people driven) Thought Process Bear = Process, principles, technical, mathematical, geometric Bee = People, psychology, Design Bear = Brown, black nose/eyes, precise edges, think Da Vinci, Fibonacci Yellow = Yellow, soft, contrast in style to bear but minimal I like these 2 examples: Bear = Bee =

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    At Vue Storefront, we are systems - Knowledge of Architecture patterns - Experience in scaling startup products - Great experience with shipping to production, deployment, monitoring and observability - Knowledge of working in accordance with CI/CD, at least Github Actions - Understanding and knowledge how to deal with metrics - English fluency 'How we can make this better' attitude in problem-solving 'Growing as a human being' approach What can you expect? Senior and experienced team Budget and tools for your skills Growth Fully Remote work with flexible working hours Values-driven culture, friendly and supportive work environment Contract type tailored to your need Technology We've built Vue Storefront with cutting-edge technologies (Vue 3...

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    ...required: Selenium Webdriver for chrome Python Overall Objective: Create human like behaviour for both instagram and twitter and interact with a list of users for each platform in a human like way Compatibility: Must be compatible with Ubuntu Must be able to work with both Twitter and Instagram at the same time General Settings Must be able set and forget Must be able to set different active hours for the bot throughout the day for example many runtimes, 7am-9 am, 12pm-1pm,6pm -9pm ,must randomly start activity within the first 20minutes of the run hour, and randomly finish activity 10minutes before the end hour Must be highly configurable see example below Must randomly browse offsite and back onsite like a human would do and so that random referrer information...

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    Hello, I’m Ramos LUJIEN, Project Manager of FRIZZZY, we are an audiovisual and event agency based in France. We’ve developed a unique concept in France, the human frieze, this idea was born by the willingness to reunite on a single media tens, hundreds, and even thousands of people. We’ve decided to re-invent the group picture/video by developing our technologies. Our clients are manifold and numerous: Louis Vuitton, Engie, Winamax, Axa, EDF, Orange, Generali, Vinci, Tui and many more. I invite you to watch our website to discover more about us at I am writing regarding we’re currently working on a project for one of our clients, they’re planning a multisite event that will take place on the 29th of November 2022 in five different countries at th...

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    Hello, I’m Ramos LUJIEN, Project Manager of FRIZZZY, we are an audiovisual and event agency based in France. We’ve developed a unique concept in France, the human frieze, this idea was born by the willingness to reunite on a single media tens, hundreds, and even thousands of people. We’ve decided to re-invent the group picture/video by developing our technologies. Our clients are manifold and numerous: Louis Vuitton, Engie, Winamax, Axa, EDF, Orange, Generali, Vinci, Tui and many more. I invite you to watch our website to discover more about us at I am writing regarding we’re currently working on a project for one of our clients, they’re planning a multisite event that will take place on the 29th of November 2022 in five different countries at th...

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    Graphic Artist 10 jam left

    Hi! I’d like a logo for my new company called “toots and talons” it’s a female directed brand and I’d like the logo to be a eagle like claw clutching a human foot.

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    The Virtual Office Administrator is responsible for leading the firm's virtual office and the application of Firm policies and procedures in the areas of Financial Management; Human Resource Management; Systems Management; Practice Management; and Marketing. The Virtual Office Administrator works closely with the Managing Partner to ensure the office objectives are met and interacts frequently with the Director of Legal Support Services to assure that any issues that arise in the office are handled promptly. The Virtual Office Administrator recruits, supervises and oversees the professional development of the non-timekeeper business professionals and works with all Firm Administrative Department heads to ensure the smooth operation of the office. The Virtual Office Administrato...

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    Write a 1200 word paper 4 jam left

    You will be required to write a 1200 word paper about the human development and effective implementation of teaching and learning programs (including trauma-informed pedagogy) which promotes inclusion for all students including neurodiverse students or those with additional learning needs. More details will be provided. Work to be completed in 3-5 days.

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    ...Corpus Parallel Translation * General contents such as news articles, SNS posts, etc. * First-come-first-served * All-You-Can-Translate * Flexible (customized to your available) Schedule * Starting date: ASAP (we're already proceeding with the translation at the time of this posting) **IMPORTANT** 1. Human Translation / MTPE The purpose of this translation project is to improve an existing machine translation engine and offer human translation. Therefore, it is most important to provide "Human Translation" You cannot use (or even refer to) any machine translations (Google Translation, Microsoft Translation, Yandex, etc.) Accuracy, grammar, naturalness, punctuation, etc. are all important factors in this project. The quality must be good so that y...

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    ? We are growing our global team and looking for our next SUPERSTAR Illustrator. Interestin... ? Create commercial and creative illustrations for websites, marketing materials, and explainer videos ? Has a Dribble & Behance accounts with personal portfolios ??? ???? ??????: ? Design First & Always (Rule Number One) ? Bravery (Do What’s Right Especially When It’s Hard) ? Purpose-Driven For A Brighter Future Beyond Sustainability (People, Planet & Profit TBL) ? Curiosity (Exploring The Human Condition and Celebrating The Magic of Creation) ? Authenticity Makes Genius (Embrace Our Inner Weirdo) If that sounds like a potential fit, please apply, and don’t forget to submit your public portfolio as a link (we won’t be downloading files). We look for...

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    Looking for vendors who can provide Human Centric Images from Africa, America, Asia, Europe & Oceania. This is a long term project where we are looking for consistent and long term collaboration. Attached document contain details work statement.

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    SCOPE: you will receive an STL file of a life size human bust design that needs updating for 3D metal printing SKILLS: you are an expert level designer with artistic sensibilities and proven experience with 3D metal printing FORMAT: STL, OBJ, MP4 and JPG slices DELIBERABLES: updated STL and OBJ files that will include resizing and modifying the bust to comply with 3D metal printing limitations and ten 360 color variations as MP4 gallery views for visual simulations as follows: and change distances between the holes so there’s no potential overlapping whereby holes accidently combine (min 1.2mm distance) 2. add a reliable design of male and female prongs/slots as a latching solution to connect the body/hair parts together, both seamlessly and effortlessly 3. keep the parts...

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    ...with nothing to learn anymore, read on! This may be the job you were looking for! Whom are we looking for? We are looking for an operations Manager for our Search Arbitrage - Affiliate Marketing / Mediabuyer Team. What are your requirements? Strong Experience with workflow tools like Strong Experience in Marketing Operations. Expirence with Reporting Tools like PowerBI Experience in Human Resources as a plus. You speak fluent English. What will be your responsibilities? - Organising our operations and processes in a media buying environment. - Researching Keywords to pick the winner campaigns. - Creating new SOPs for the actual Operations. - Assignments of tasks based on SOPs. - Monitoring the quality of the output and the ROI of the operations. What do we offer? - A long-t...

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    - I work as a Trainer for Business Development in the field of communication and ressilience. - I also do one one one coachings in the field of ressilience , job orientation and pesonal development -The logo should show the importance of communication, individuality and growth threw coaching and training - It should creat an atmosphere of trust, strength, success, joy and personal development for the client/ company

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    This project is for 3 books as follows: First book - 20K words Second book - 40K words Third book - 50K words (We have 3 additional projects in the wings to move with quickly into the coming year) The budget for this project is $2200 Requirements: • Native English speaking • Able to write at least 10K- 15K words per week; This ...contract/NDA are required. Completed project 3 months from signing date. Please send the first three chapters from your best contemporary romance. *If you are just starting, consider yourself as highly creative & able to write compelling, exciting books BUT have not completed a project yet then please send your request for our “New Writer Template”. Please start your proposal with the phrase ‘I am a human’. T...

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