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    I'm seeking a creative clothing designer with a knack for patterns and prints. The project involves the design of classic style boxershorts. Key requirements: - Understand the aesthetics of m...pattern preference, your design should resonate with the target market so a sense of style that appeals to a broad audience is key. Ideal skills: - Previous experience in clothing design, specifically men's undergarments. - Creative and innovative mindset. - Strong knowledge of patterns and prints. - Ability to design for a wide demographic. - Attention to detail. - Solid understanding of color and fabric choices. This project offers an opportunity to showcase your innovative design skills on a universally-familiar wardrobe staple. I look forward to seeing how you reinterpret...

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    Fashion Tech Pack Design 6 hari left

    ... Key Elements: - The tech pack should include Tops, Bottoms, and Dresses. - I'm looking for a very detailed level of information - including basic sketches, measurements, detailed technical drawings, and fabric/trim specifications. - Specific design elements such as embroidery or embellishments, print or pattern placements, zipper or button details should also be incorporated. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in fashion design and creating tech packs - Proficiency in using design software to create detailed technical drawings - Understanding of garment construction and fabric/trim specifications - Ability to interpret and incorporate design elements like embroidery, prints, and zippers/buttons into the tech pack. This is a critical step in my collection ...

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    I'm looking for a Fabric JS developer who can help with some text issues in my project. Key Tasks: - when the sentence is long and then If I decrease or increase the wrapper the sentence should be adjusted within the wrapper and it should be go to next line. The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience with Fabric JS. - Strong JavaScript skills. - Previous experience in resolving text issues in web projects. ** I want you to fix it via remote desktop.

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    I'm in need of an expert illustrator to create meticulously detailed flat tech pack illustrations for a range of clothing items. These illustrations will be used primarily for factory production, so it's essential they are highly accurate and detailed. Key Requirements: - Create detailed illustrations: I require illustrations that include specific colors, fabric patterns, and stitching details, not just basic outlines. - Industry experience: Having experience in fashion design or a related industry would be highly beneficial. - Understanding of tech pack requirements: You should be familiar with creating tech packs for clothing items and understand the level of detail required for factory production. This is a great opportunity for a talented and experienced fashion i...

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    ..."Social Justice and the Arts Industries." Here's what I'm looking for: Cover Design: - Use earth tones and natural elements to create a design that reflects the theme of the book. - I want a cover that is simple, easy to look at, but also has deep meaning! The meaning must be around the central theme of the book: that things such as theatre, dance, poetry, etc, are integral aspects of our societal fabric. Book Editing: - Besides basic grammatical and punctuation checking, I need someone experienced in structural editing and messaging to ensure the content flows and makes sense. - Familiarity with the theme is beneficial to maintain the authenticity and depth of the content. Skills & Experience: - Experience in book cover design, or design in genera...

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    I'm in need of a skilled web designer to revamp the landing page for my existing fabric business website. My main goal is to enhance brand awareness, hence I'm looking for a fresh, vibrant, and colorful design that will captivate visitors and communicate our brand essence effectively. Key Requirements: - Uplift the existing landing page with a vibrant, colorful, and bold design. - Update the information on the page, ensuring it's relevant and engaging. - Maintain the core navigation components of the current page. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in web design, particularly with landing pages. - Strong understanding of color theory and its impact on brand perception. - Experience working on projects that aim to improve brand awareness. - A creative a...

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    I'm currently seeking a skillful Marvelous Designer user who can assist with creating lifelike 3D models of clothing. - Specialization: The project specifically requires the creation of 3D models centered around current trend streetwear. ...streetwear. - Detail Expectation: The models should be advanced in detail, going as far as implementing stitches and patterns. - Skills and Experience: An ideal candidate for this project would have extensive experience with Marvelous Designer, specifically in creating highly detailed 3D clothing models. Familiarity with current streetwear trends is also key. Your job will also involve simulating fabric and garment physics and rendering realistic virtual clothing. Show-off your attention to detail and take my streetwear designs to ...

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    More details: What specific website(s) do you want to scrape data from? Website 1, Website 2 What specific data do you want to scrape from the selected websites? Text content, Tables What information would you like to extract from the text content and tables? Product names, Prices, Descriptions, reviews, size and color, occasion, return and country of origin, category, fabric, weartype

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    Content Writer 4 hari left

    Hello all, we are looking for lifestyle content writers for Fashion and Fabric agency. This is a online agency promotes textile industries, designers and fashion brands at free of cost. We are looking for enthusiastic freelancers with prior experience in fashion and must be using LinkedIn and other social media platforms. This is a freelancer position you will be paid per interview/article only.

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    I'm looking for a skilled designer who can help me create a techpack for a line of kids' underwea...is essential. - If you have experience in the kid's clothing industry, this would greatly benefit this project as you will be accustomed to the unique requirements of this demographic. In terms of design elements, while I haven't specified any particular motifs, I am open to your creative input. If you have a portfolio of kid's clothing designs, please share them. Ideal skills: - Textile and fabric knowledge, particularly with cotton - Experience in creating techpacks for kid's clothing, in particular kids underwear. - Creativity in designing for young children's clothing Please include any relevant experience or samples of your work in your pr...

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    In search of a highly proficient and seasoned pattern cutter and sample seamstress with a minimum of 5+ years of experience. Your primary task will be working on women's dresses. Ideal Skills and Experience: • Proficient in pattern cutting and sewing • Extensive experience in dealing with cotton fabric • Proven track record in working with women's dresses • Ability to meet deadlines without compromising the quality of work This is your chance to showcase your creative and professional skills in the field. Bid if you fit the description and ready to take on the challenge.

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    I'm in need of a creative individual to reproduce a motif specifically for fabric printing (silk). Your tasks : - Reproduce the following motif in high quality so it can printed on silk. - Identify the Color codes. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in design software (Adobe Illustrator or similar) - Extensive experience in fashion design, specifically women's wear - A strong portfolio showcasing your ability in floral design - Excellent understanding of colors, style, and trend forecasts - Ability to produce a design that can be translated into fabric seamlessly. Bring your creativity and let's fashion something beautiful together!

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    I'm seeking an expert designer to create a tech pack for a golf polo shirt. The design is targeted towards golf enthusiasts, calling for a blend of bold and subtle colors in the scheme. You'll be embedding key functionality within this tech pack including: - UV Protection: To safeguard the wearer during prolonged exposure in the sun. - Stretchable Fabric: Ensure optimal comfort and movement on the golf course. Ideal Skills: - Experience with tech pack design—specifically for sports or outdoor merchandise—is significant towards this project. - A keen understanding and application of color theory to appeal to our target market. - Experience with sportswear design. Your challenge is creating a base for the designs including all specifications necessary such as...

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    I'm in need of a capable designer versed in print design, specifically for children's polos. The focus will be on creating engaging, light-hearted designs centered around baby zafari animals. Her...focus will be on creating engaging, light-hearted designs centered around baby zafari animals. Here's what I'm looking for: - Expertise in print design, particularly for children's clothing - Exceptional creative ability in producing baby animal-themed designs - Ability to provide a diverse range of design styles and concepts - Strong communication and receptiveness to feedback - Familiarity with fabric printing techniques and considerations The perfect candidate will be able to bring my vision to life, making the baby animal theme fun, endearing, and appealing ...

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    Hi Amr S., Let’s go 5 fabric designs as per chat conversation.

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    I NEED THIS EXACT LONG SLEEVE T SHIRT MADE I'm in need of a competent and creative fas...design aspect of the project is solely focused on a graphic image, text will not be necessary. The graphic image is aztec - Positioning: The positioning of this graphic image should be along the sleeves of the shirt. This should give it a unique eccentric vibe. The ideal candidate for this job should have experience in fashion design, specifically in t-shirt design. A strong understanding of fabric qualities, particularly cotton, is also necessary. Additionally, a portfolio showcasing previous work with graphic image designs would be highly appreciated. The original t-shirt cost around 20-25 gbp, but I understand this is a project and it is my first time posting or searching a fa...

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    I'm on the lookout for a fashion designer who can create a line of adult casu...a line of adult casual wear, specifically in a minimalist style. Key Requirements: - Design: I'm looking for a designer who has experience in creating clothing, with a specific focus on casual wear. - Style: The designs must be minimalist in nature. If you have experience in this style, it's a huge plus. Skills: - Proficiency in fashion design software - Strong understanding of textile and fabric - Ability to translate trends and concepts into wearable pieces - A portfolio that includes successful casual wear designs. Please, only bid on this project if you have experience in clothing design, particularly in the casual wear sector. I'm looking for a talented individual who can h...

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    The primary goal of this project revolves around tackling middle-level programming obstacles in the C language. Here are the specifics: - I will provide a Fos_eclipse template with steps on how to set up the applicationC. This application houses four questions or functions that need to be generated in C language. - The level of complexity tagged to each question is 'Medium'. - The fabric of C programming language accessible in the provided template comprises Loops and Conditionals, Pointers and Arrays, Functions, and Recursion. IDEAL FREELANCER: - Proficient in creating C language questions - Well-versed with C programming topics: Loops, Conditionals, Pointers, Arrays, Functions, and Recursion - Familiarity with working on Fos_eclipse templates - Must be able to adhere ...

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    Please read carefully. I am in need of an experienced fabric designer specializing in both floral patterns and geometric designs. Please see attached print sizes for your predictions. Please reiterate or COPY the images attached, the white with pink flowers one and the black one, as they’re and also create a mockup of a shirt somewhat like the attached. Please put our logo at the bottom of the fabric design. See attached logo.

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    I'm on the lookout for a talented fashion designer specializing in adult casual wear. My aim is to develop unique and stylish clothing designs meant specifically for adults. Key Requisites: - Rich experience in clothing design, specifically in crafting casual adult wear. - In-depth understanding of latest fashion trends, and fabric selection. - Ability to translate my vision into workable, aesthetically pleasing designs. With your creative skillset, we can make clothes that not only meet fashion expectations, but are also comfortable and suitable for daily wear for adults.

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    ...customers. The website should seamlessly integrate with mobile, desktop, and iOS platforms to provide a user-friendly experience across all devices. Key Features: Customizable Measurement: Implement a robust measurement customization feature that allows customers to input their measurements for personalized fitting. Product Customization: Enable customers to customize product options such as fabric, color, embellishments, and more. User Accounts: Implement user account functionality for customers to track orders, save preferences, and manage their profiles. Payment Gateway Integration: Integrate secure payment gateways to facilitate smooth * E-commerce functionalities: The website needs to incorporate consumer-friendly features such as product ratings and reviews, a customer...

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    I need an experienced developer who can create a mobile application using Hyperledger Indy, for both Android and iOS platforms. The application should include key aspects of Hyperledger Indy functionality. Key features: - Identity Verification: The apps should have capabilities that function to verify users' identities. - Mobile Wallet Integration: Implement necessary features within the wallet which include Account Creation, Transaction History tracking, and QR Code Scanning for ease of transactions. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Android and iOS mobile app development - Previous experience with Hyperledger Indy is a must - Experience in implementing identity verification features - Understanding of mobile wallet integration is needed, particular...

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    I'm looking for a skilled craftsman or designer who can help me create a fabric door draft excluder. Here's what I'm after: - Type: Door draft excluder, specifically for the underside of the door. - Material: The excluder should be made of fabric and be weighted down - Style: I have a photo of the style I want. It doesn't need to be an exact match, but should be fairly close. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in designing and creating fabric products - An eye for detail - Ability to replicate designs from a photo reference. If you have these skills and experience, I'll be looking forward to hearing from you. My budget is £100

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    I'm in need of a captivating geometric pattern or floreal for fashion jacquard cardigans. Colors should be vibrant, catching the eye while maintaining a touch of sophistication. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in graphic design - Understanding of fashion, particularly in relation to jacquard fabric - Solid track record working with bright, lively color schemes - Experience with geometric patterns - Prior experience with designing for cardigans or similar apparel I look forward to seeing your creativity shine in producing an engaging and attractive design that can bring new life to jacquard cardigans.

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    Senior Power BI Developer 22 jam left

    ...Adopt new and emerging technologies to provide solutions to client needs. Additional responsibilities will be team performance management, timesheet reviews, ensuring project delivery on time. Required Primary Skills: 5 to 8 years of Power BI experience – Strong Power Query & DAX skills, excellent understanding of Power BI concepts. Implemented at least 5 end-to-end projects. Must understand the Fabric architecture and should be able to design cost-effective, long-term solutions. Must be certified with PL-300. Knowledge on data analysis techniques, Forecasting, Creative & Effective Data Visualization, Enhancement of reports by introducing integrative elements like Power Apps, Power Automate, etc. Quality Assurance, testing knowledge of BI reports. High quality del...

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    ...manufacturing instructions. Specific inclusions I need are: 1. Fabric Details: The t-shirts will be made entirely of cotton. Therefore, I need exhaustive specifications related to this fabric. 2. Print/Patch Details: Comprehensive instructions and details about the print/patch to be incorporated on the t-shirts must be provided to guarantee flawless execution. 3. Size Grading Chart: A precise size grading chart should be part of the tech-pack ensuring the shirts will be available and accurate for a variety of standard sizes. Ideal candidates for this project should possess thorough knowledge and experience in garment manufacturing, particularly in creating practical and meticulous tech-packs. High-level understanding of cotton as a fabric, superior attention to ...

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    I am seeking a specialized 3D designer who can create highly realistic 3D images for our shopping website's clothing section. Leveraging your adept skills, the final output should showcase the clothing in a 360-degree view that facilitates better customer understanding and interaction. Key responsibilities: - Design and implement detailed 3D images including appreciable fabric texture, design patterns, and branding - Work closely to understand the design specifics and capture the true essence of the clothing Ideal skills and experiences: - Proven experience in creating highly realistic 3D images - Strong understanding of and skills in texture mapping, shading, and lighting - Prior experience in fashion merchandise illustration would be a strong plus - Familiarity with industr...

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    I urgently need an expert to convert a PNG artwork file into an embroidery file compatible with a commercial embroidery machine. The type of fabric has not been decided yet, hence the file should be versatile enough to work with a variety of materials, including potentially heavy fabrics. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in image to embroidery file conversion - Experience with commercial embroidery machines - Ability to work quickly and efficiently - Knowledge of various fabric and how they interact with embroidery files. This project is time sensitive, requiring an ASAP completion. I look forward to working with a professional who maintains communication and ensures a successful conversion and positive experience.

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    I'm in need of a talented sewing freelancer (UK remote) to assist me in producing small batches of clothing designs. The ideal candidate should have access to a sewing machine, overlocker, and cover stitch machine. Key Requirements: - Proficient in working with woven and stretch fabric - Comfortable with simple to moderate complexity clothing designs, specifically items with multiple pieces and zips. The seamstress will be responsible for following the patterns I provide, ensuring the quality of the finished product, and being able to work to a deadline. The work can be on a one-off basis or monthly, depending on your availability. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in sewing and garment construction - Ability to work with a variety of fabrics, woven and stretch - ...

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    I am looking for an experienced fashion designer who can create a tech pack for a specific floral top (images attached). Key Responsibilities: - Communicating design specifications with high-level details - Providing specific patterning, grading and detailed construction advice - Outlining fabric type, stitching style and trims Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in the design and production of garments for the fashion industry - A deep understanding of garment construction, patterning, and grading - Excellent communication and documentation skills, able to accurately represent design intentions in a tech pack format - Proficiency in design and tech pack software This project needs an expert, who can take the concept to the next level by providing detailed, advanced-level t...

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    I need a skilled embroidery designer who can create custom designs for me. The designs will be relatively small in size, up to 5 inches, and will be embroidered on cotton fabrics. Key requirements: - Custom Embroidery: The designs should be unique and tailored to my specifications. - Small Size: The designs should be small, up to 5 inches. - Cotton Fabric: The embroidery will be done on cotton material. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in embroidery design, especially custom work. - Experience working with small designs. - Familiarity with cotton fabrics and their requirements for embroidery. - Creativity and ability to translate ideas into embroidery designs. - Strong attention to detail to ensure high-quality work. Please provide examples of your previous embroidery w...

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    I'm seeking a skilled designer to enhance my own existing minimalist detergent, conditioner and fabric spray product labels for my new brand. The essential purpose of this design is to enhance brand visibility though it should also communicate product information successfully. Key requirements include: - Creating a minimalist yet striking design to make the brand stand out. - Designing in just black and white, to maintain brand consistency. - Ensuring that the design both attracts our target customers and manifests our brand's essence effectively. The ideal freelancer for this task would have experience in minimalist design and have previously designed similar product labels. Knowledge of current trends in product label designs would be an advantage, and knowledge of the...

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    ...that will help elevate the prototyping experience. Key Features Required: • Virtual fitting room: This will help to see how clothes would fit on different body types and sizes. • Virtual fabric simulation: A feature that allows experimenting with various fabric types and seeing how they drape on the virtual model. • 3D garment visualization: This will give a realistic 3D portrayal of garments, aiding the design and prototyping process. Ideal freelancers will have extensive experience in 3D design, especially in fashion and apparel industry, and a deep understanding of garment construction and fabric types. A background in industrial design would be a bonus. I look forward to working with individuals who are passionate about transforming fashion pr...

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    I need a talented designer to create unique fabric prints that are a fusion of floral, geometric, and Italian coastal themes. Your work will manifest in a perfect blend of nature, abstract art, and elements drawn from travel destinations, resulting in aesthetically versatile fabric prints. These designs are intended for use in clothing. Key aspects of the job include: - Expertise in textile or graphic design - Strong sense of aesthetics and experience with the specified themes - Ability to deliver unique, exciting designs Bring your artistic flair, creativity, and superior skills to the table, and let's create fabric prints that make a statement.

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    I am on the lookout for a talented and innovative textile designer with a specialization in sari fabrics and a passion for sustainable fashion. The ideal candidate will possess: A profound understanding of various fabric types traditionally and currently used in sari designs, along with their suitability for modern interpretations. An innovative approach to incorporating upcycling into textile design, breathing new life into materials in a way that respects tradition while also pushing creative boundaries. A keen eye for fashion trends, particularly those that can be seamlessly integrated into sari designs, ensuring that our offerings are both timeless and contemporary. The ability to communicate effectively, transforming my vision into tangible textile designs that resonate with o...

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    In need of a specialist with extensive experience in fabric printing. My project requires an immediate start as I'm on a tight timetable. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven expertise in fabric printing - Ability to deliver under tight deadlines - Responsive and communicates effectively This is an urgent project and only those able to immediately commit should apply. Let's create eye-catching fabric prints together!

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    I have a cotton dress shirt which has noticeable wrinkles primarily on the body of the shirt. I require a skilled freelancer with experience in fabric care and handling, particularly with cotton materials. Your task will be to effectively remove these wrinkles without causing any damage to the shirt. Your knowledge in dress shirt maintenance and your ability to handle cotton fabric is highly essential in this task. Please have your own equipment for this job.

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    Existing camouflage graphics, poor graphics quality resolution correction. Made from low resolution, repair, high resolution 600dpi 40x40 inc size I made thi...Made from low resolution, repair, high resolution 600dpi 40x40 inc size I made this sample myself, based on a similar image, I cloned copies in photoshop with the stamp tool, but due to the poor quality of the material, all copied details remained of poor quality due to the low resolution and blurring. The pattern looks nice on the monitor screen, but if I enlarge it or if I want to print it on fabric, it falls apart very ugly. I tried to fix it again with AI, but it keeps copying the poor quality details again. I'm interested in a solution that preserves the original appearance and color transitions, but has good qualit...

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    I need a formulator to develop an anti-mould agent specifically for leather and fabric products. The ideal candidate should have extensive knowledge and experience in formulation chemistry. Key Pointers: - The agent should offer long-lasting protection against mould of 12 months - Non-toxic for safe use. - As natural as possible - Broad-spectrum - It must be odorless, colorless - Works on all leather including suede, vegetable-tanned, reptile, PU - Works on fabric - Does not affect leather color, smell - Safe on hardware - Ingredients needs to be accepted in EU, KR, JP, US, AU Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in chemical formulation. - Expert knowledge on anti-mould agents. - Understanding of safety standards in the chemical industry. - Previous experience wor...

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    I am seeking an experienced f...fit, heavyweight denim, knee-length) - Complete comprehensive tech pack including detailed measurements, materials, and stitching - Sketch designs detailing front, back, and side views of shorts Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in fashion design, specifically with denim and shorts - Proficient in fashion concept sketching and creating comprehensive tech packs - Deep understanding of denim fabric weights and what works for relaxed fit style - Knowledge on tailoring shorts to sit at the knee length This project calls for precision and a keen eye for details, as the relaxed fit and heavyweight denim should work together to produce a comfortable but stylish pair of shorts. If you have the mentioned skills and experience, I look forward to seeing ...

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    I am seeking a skilled freelance designer to create a unique and engaging Dragon Ball Z themed backdrop. The project entails designing a 5 ft x 7 ft backdrop with the text "Congratulations Edrick Class of 2024". It should include an anime representation of Edrick, with reference images to be provided. The backdrop material should ideally be fabric. Primary Skills desired include: - Proficient in graphic design, preferably experienced in anime art - Knowledge and understanding of Dragon Ball Z characters and elements - Ability to accurately incorporate an individual's likeness into the anime style Specifics: - Medium size backdrop [5 ft x 7 ft] - Featuring Dragon Ball Z popular characters - Text: "Congratulations Edrick Class of 2024" Your understanding o...

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    I'm seeking a skilled blockchain developer to spearhead the construction of a brand new blockchain application. While it's not mandatory, it would be highly beneficial if you had experience in Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric or Corda platforms. Job Requirements: - Proven skills in creating blockchain applications. - Knowledge about cryptographic protocols and blockchain applications. - Ability to solve complex software issues. Ideal skills: - Familiar with different blockchain platforms namely Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, etc. - Prior experience with developing applications from scratch. What you should include in your proposal: - An overview of your blockchain experience. - Your methodology for developing a new blockchain application. - Exampl...

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    Stylized, blazer suit style dress pattern required for costume. Character reference is attached but more can be provided upon request and consultation. Only the dress and cuff style is required for the pattern. - Costume experience is a huge plus - Must adapt the pattern to ac...the dress and cuff style is required for the pattern. - Costume experience is a huge plus - Must adapt the pattern to accommodate a large bust/cup size and smaller waist - One size pattern required, must be applied to the pattern and be fairly close to provided measurements - Must provide pattern pieces in PDF printable format - Any sewing instructions appreciated for a new learner to use - Fabric and materials list appreciated but not required - Open to having a zipper in the back as the front is a bit...

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    I am looking for a rendering specialist who is an abso...absolute pro at producing high-quality 3D product images. Given the range of products could include any and everything from furniture to electronics or accessories, I am looking for a versatile expert who can adapt and reliably deliver. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Proficient in 3D modelling software. - Practical experience regarding the realism of materials, for highly detailed renderings (e.g., fabric textures, reflections). - Eye for detail and high aesthetic standards. What to include in your application: Please share your most impressive past work. I would love to see instances where your work dramatically enhanced a product’s comprehension and appeal. Looking forward to seeing your work and getting this collabora...

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    ...experienced Vue JS and Fabric JS developer to assist in troubleshooting and resolving some unknown issues within my current project. I require hands-on support and collaboration to identify the issues at hand to be fixed """"" remotely """"". **Duties:** - Troubleshoot rendering, interaction, and performance issues within our Vue JS and Fabric JS project - Provide recommendations and implement solutions for resolving identified issues **Application Requirements:** To be considered for this project, your application must include: - A detailed description of your past work experiences specifically using Vue JS and Fabric JS. **Skills & Experience** The ideal freelancer for this project is a problem solver who...

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    ...shop is Blue Color Code: 59CBF2. If the small stickers can have this color in the background. Medium First Part Each dryer will need the capacity printing on the door 30KG - Size 500MM by 400MM 24KG - Size 400 MM by 300MM 17KG - Size 300MM by 200MM Photo of door of machine attached Second Part Two stickers printing the below Add Extra Detergent - 400MM vs 60MM (Height) Add Extra Fabric Softener - 400MM vs 50MM (Height) FREE Detergent & Softener Included Third Part Can you design unique designs that will mirror our brand's and make us stand out. Name of company is Lightning Laundromat Brand aim is affordable and quality, if we can print a sticker or poster that highlights we are the best prices in comparison to our competition. Shop is a self serv...

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    I'm looking for a talented graphic designer who can combine a picture of my parents (that I provide) and put a picture of figs (you provid...blackberries... two of her favorite things. We do not wish to include any text on this image. The image will eventually be put on a tee-shirt by my sister so it needs to be crisp and clean so it can be easily printed on fabric. The image needs to be high enough resolution to print a 8.5x11 picture. The figs and blackberries you provide need to look good with the attached photo of my parents. It might be cool to do a circular crop on the parents, but I'll leave that up to you. Skills required: - Graphic design - Image editing - Knowledge of printing graphics on fabric Experience: - Previous experience in tee-shirt graphi...

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    Looking for an experienced and adaptable blockchain developer. While I didn't specify which platform to use, I need someone comfortable with a range of platforms such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Hyperledger Fabric. In terms of functionalities and purpose of the project, these are yet to be defined, thus requiring someone up for a challenge, capable of contributing with their own ideas. Ideal skills and experience: - Blockchain development across multiple platforms - Ability to create smart contracts, tokenization, and decentralized storage - Experience in various blockchain applications such as secure financial transactions, supply chain management, decentralized voting systems, etc. - Strong problem-solving capabilities, creativity and effective communication.

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