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    Airfunding is a Donation-type Cross-border Crowdfunding platform to make people happier with just a small amount of support. Small-scale projects are made by individuals or local NPO. We are looking for the long term SEO expert that can provide us a good results in both Southern Asian countries (especially Malaysia and Singapore) and in Latin American countries We have managed a marketing blog in...

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    Examine the data and state, in words, a null and alternative hypothesis test that could be constructed from this data. Place your response below. H0: H1:

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    An analysis on the impact of aid on health system of countries. The report should be between 7000-8000 words. Both qualitative and quantitative data analysis is need for this project. The aim is to provide answers to a number of questions, identify hypothesis and test those hypothesis statistically.

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    I would like you to create a Tableau Dashboard similar to the Excel model (attached) that forecast AUM (Asset Under Management) for each market based on the last actual AUM value (at end of August 2019 in my example) and adjustable Parameters (Allowing to adjust Inflows and Outflows hypothesis for Current year 2019 and next year 2020). Forecasted AUM month m = AUM Month m-1 + Inflows Month m - Ou...

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    Here an IT expert is needed to write and proffessional research project proposal on the given topics based on latest 2 years recent researches to provide a good guide and reference for students and researchers on these topics and an exmple of a project paper. Any other topics related to Network or IoT can be considered. RESEARCH TITLE HERE A. Abstract B. Research project components: 1. Introduct...

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    The proposed methodology, based on the Kriging method, allows for approximating the risk surface – and thus the optimal solution to the problem – in a generalized fashion, relaxing every restrictive hypothesis inherent to the available methods and with the ability to estimate the error in the risk surface approximation. Illustratively, the proposed methodology is applied to the portfol...

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    please do this work by using ( IBM SPSS statistics program) Data file download attached ​ Now, here are the things I want you to provide: 1. Correlation Table and Means and Standard Deviations. This is super easy—I’ve already done the work of cleaning and coding the data for you. All you’ve got to do is go to Analyze➡ Correlate➡ Bivariate. Make sure under options, you c...

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    I want to read the p value for the age of women against their gestation period in given dataset by Excel to determine weather accept or reject the null hypothesis that that assumes the mean age (μ = μ0) for women is 37 years in the Gestation Demographics dataset. and the reasoning why.

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet. To be handle to the instructor in less than 48 hrs. The dataset and question requirements provided in attached files.

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    Conduct hypothesis testing and ANOVA of data given including salaries of comapanies with different levels of education and locations. Using Minitab and/or RStudio

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    I am learning Data Science, I need a mentor who has experience in Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques. I am looking for a guy with real-world experience in Statistics, Python, R, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Spark, ETL, Linear Algebra etc. I don't need any training, I am learning myself. You have to take my presentations and assess me, point out the flaws in my presentations and ...

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    Hi Everyone, My co-author on a social psychology methods paper unexpectedly had to step into an acting dean position and is slammed so I’m trying to finish the paper myself. Unfortunately, he is the stats savant and the paper requires what I expect are some rather niche statistical analyses. I’m not sure which are needed. Looking for someone to chat with me about this issue (at your h...

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    Estimate a simple linear regression model and present the estimated linear equation. Then, interpret the coefficient estimates of the linear model. Test the hypothesis that population average hours worked per week is less than 30 hours. Usea 5% level of significance Construct a 90% confidence interval estimate for the population average yearly income. Interpret the interval

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    Research Work Tamat left

    1. Topic focused will be on the "Chatbots" [ details will be given] 2. No. of pages/words : 100/30000 3. Type of writing: Quantitative. [ can be altered after discussion ] 4. Methodology: Data collection [yourself], data analyzing, and interpretation. 5. Reference: Reference papers must be recently published preferably within 5 years range. 6. Literature review section: include research...

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    Hello dear, I have a excel data for 100 companies, with this data: total revenues, net financial income, Region, no of employee Roa and Roe. I need econometric model with STATA Software to test hypothesis, to comment results etc. fekriiseni@[log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    SPSS_analysis2 Tamat left

    2. Formulate your research question and hypotheses Formulate at least one research question and at least two hypotheses. Your research question should relate to the prevalence of cyberbullying. Consider how cyberbulling is being measured. Which group of people are the estimates based on? Write one hypothesis for cyberbullying and a psychological health outcome, and a second hypothesis for cyberbul...

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    1. Topic focused will be on the "Chatbots" [ details will be given] 2. No. of pages/words : 100/30000 3. Type of writing: Quantitative. [ can be altered after discussion ] 4. Methodology: Data collection [yourself], data analyzing, and interpretation. 5. Reference: Reference papers must be recently published preferably within 5 years range. 6. Literature review section: include research...

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    1. Writing on the topic of "Chatbots" - i wish to focus on global market status, situation, and history for chatbots and its current trending work specimen in fashion industry like how those chatbots work and how its' been embraced by the consumers and their new updates by the company. 2. No. of pages: 100 3. Type of writing: Quantitative . Partial experimental survey questions....

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] you think that Montesquieu might have confused correlation with causation in his original hypothesis? [log masuk untuk melihat URL] else might cause the observed relationship between climate and form of government? 3. is it proper to generalize about a country's climate? Many larger countries encompass mountains, deserts, jungles, and grasslands. Most do not have...

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    To fill literature review table with papers That will be sent. More than 300 papers should be listed in the table: name, authors, methodology, context, varialbles, hypothesis, results - main conclusions, limitations and recommendations

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    Hello! I have a funny request, this is the brief from the client: As a reference, one of the most lucrative articles for Canada is Hotels with in-room Jacuzzis. Our main metric for success is hotel room bookings, among other engagement and SEO relevant metrics. Imagine you are working with an external content agency that can write your content for you. You have the opportunity to order 5 pi...

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    ***please only bid if you are an expert*** Hello, I have spss project which it is halfway finished, but some things are not finished such as the formulation of the two hypothesis, unengaged table and comments on it and Pattern Matrix should be checked if it is good as well. I will contact those which I will choose and provide more informations. It will not take you more than one hour to finish thi...

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    Dissertation Tamat left

    So basically I need to get the words copy-edited and change a little bit of literature review. In the loan regression table I need to add another column which includes time fixed effects. If you can replicate spread regression table for the other loan terms as dependent variable, would be good. Also I nee to include a hypothesis section.

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    I need some hypothesis testing done in STATA. I will provide more details in the chat.

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    I have a data collected from survey and i need a full SPSS analytics and hypothesis testing using SPSS all data and requirements can be seen in the attached files

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    Need help with statistics. Academic, tutor. Need to go through 40 questions difficulty level: easy topics include: sampling and estimation hypothesis testing regression

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    SPSS ANALYSIS Tamat left

    I need to analyse a survey to prove 6 hypothesis using linear regression and a t test to compare group , it is not complex and I would provide and example of a similar study to replicate it. I don't need a lot of writing just to run SPSS and tell me if the hypotheses that I would provide are positive The job has to be done by the next 2 days, as I said it won't be complex for someone w...

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    I'm trying to advertise my ideas or scientist researchers engineers floss first theorist futurist ideas range from infinite onimersus concept and AI that can create technology eons ahead of its time and quantum AI that can pull ideas and inventions from parallel universes to idea factories that are virtual realities full of entities that come with new ideas for us two theoretical magic system...

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    SPSS Project Tamat left

    7-10 pages project describing the research questions used to test hypothesis using Excel, sample type and size, data analysis, statistical methods applied via Excel and the results. The focus of the project should be on statistical analysis of the data collected using Excels sheets, with a description of the meaning of the results. The project should include an introduction describing the study an...

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    I have a set of data and am trying to figure out the best way to statistically test it, in order to disprove the null hypothesis. All I need at this stage is detailed advice, you will not need to carry out any of the calculations yourself. I just need an explanation of what to do with my data. Many thanks.

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    Hi phdthesis, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I have written 44 pages of hypothesis development for my PhD thesis and also write one page of my problem statement but I am not satisfied with it. the service that I required is writing a solid problem statement based on the conceptual framework and hypothesis that I developed. I wi...

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    I am seeking someone knowledgeable, fast with data analysis using software like IBM SPSS and AMOS for my thesis project. My model is comprised of 4 independent variables, one dependent variable and one moderating variable (N/B not a mediator). Start your cover letter with "water".I have collected my data, exported to Excel and will require a cronbach reliability test, CFA and multiple re...

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    I have three apps, i want to carry a useability study, i hhave 3 hypothesis i need to test them and link them to my questinaire. I will support my project with more doc as required upon find the right person

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    Prompt: A major tire manufacturer claims their heavy-duty truck tires have an average usage life of 71,000 miles. The shipping department of the company you work for has been using these tires for several years and feels they are not getting the mileage promised. The manager pulled 25 maintenance records and found an average tire life of 68,050 miles, with a standard deviation of 11,602 miles. He...

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    We have some Excel files. Need some help to analyses the data and to test some hypothesis. Generate a Regression Model.

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    Develop a 2-page paper focusing on sampling and hypothesis testing. First, describe the workplace problem you chose. Then, explain which type of sampling method you would use to form and test a hypothesis to solve this problem. Finally, choose the statistical test that would be appropriate to use based upon the level and kind of data you would analyze. Be sure to identify and explain any assumptio...

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    [1] Introduction Determine the games which are played in the experiment! Provide a sufficient overview of the literature for all games and their applications! Describe the experimental setup! Determine all pure and mixed Equilibria! Formulate YOUR research question! [2] Descriptive Statistics The following examples are neither mandatory nor a complete list of a possible data analysis. Des...

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    [1] Introduction Determine the games which are played in the experiment! Provide a sufficient overview of the literature for all games and their applications! Describe the experimental setup! Determine all pure and mixed Equilibria! Formulate YOUR research question! [2] Descriptive Statistics The following examples are neither mandatory nor a complete list of a possible data analysis. Des...

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    I`m looking for a designer to help me with the Logo Design for my website and social media at the website I`m currently developing. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I also need the design for the Cover Photo and Profile Picture for the social media I`ll be using. IDEA: Gea or Gaia means: In Greek mythology, Gaia from Ancient Greek Γαῖα, a poetical form of "land" or &qu...

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    Qualitative and quantitative survey must be analyzed (<150 observations), looking for someone who manages to quickly analyze and provide (Excel) results. Should include analysis such as: - Descriptive Statistics - Hypothesis testing procedure - Correlation and regression analysis

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    Skills: R, Mathematica, Python Standard Deviation, Hypothesis Testing and Bayesian Analysis

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    TASK 1. Design and implement a set of experiments 2. Produce a detailed data breakdown of file artefacts created by the software 3. Answer questions about some evidence, by reading some sample data and making an interpretation of its meaning Interpretation of Evidence – Main Report Graham Jackson has just completed his second year of computing at the university of Birmingham. He has writ...

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    Hi Lamiae E., I noticed your profile and would like to ask if you could help me. I am a student and I am writing my research about the procrastination among students. I have collected the data from a short survey including procrastination, grades, reasons, age and nationality and have to analyse it now using SPSS. I am wondering if you are able to help to analyse and write the results section of m...

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    it is about statistics for data analytics using hypothesis descrete random variable etc

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    Choose a deep learning problem (binary classification, multiclass classification or regression) You can use any dataset (including MNIST, Reuters, IMDB and Boston Housing Price). Build a deep learning model. Investigate different hyper-parameter settings. Log your findings in a Jupyter notebook. Convert your Jupyter notebook into a report. The report should be structured as follows Introduct...

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    Question: Show that Cochran–Mantel–Haenszel test follows a chi square (or non-central chi-squared) distribution asymptotically with 1 df under the null hypothesis. (you can use any method to solve this problem mathematically, such that; delta method, CLT, Taylor series, …)

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    Firstly, This is NOT the output of the thesis MODERATORS! This project is a tool for a Doctoral Thesis to be used to monitor and then advise existing clients on how to use their finances to ensure the best outcome at retirement. The application should be a small game where we can embed and monitor choices made, and then advise on how to change spending behaviour for a better future. Due to the f...

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    ABSTRACT:This study was meant to explore and report the problems being confronted by the education in Pakistan and suggest for the resolution of these problems. Education plays the role of leadership in the society. The functions of the educational institutions are to develop the people physically, mentally,  psychologically, socially and spiritually. It improves and promotes the economic, so...

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    We have a SaaS product which is almost ready, but due to time constraints we're looking for a professional who can help us with writing a comprehensive business plan. Please note that we will have a call where we describe the product and business to you. You will then do market research to better understand our business idea and create a profit and loss statement about the business idea. In ...

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