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    manufactor part nr. and our salesprice We have an external database with our purchase prices and our competitors prices We need an application that will go through our part nr. and purchase prices and then change the sales prices every day, when our purchase prices changes - Or if our competitors prices change. So we need to be able to set % on each part nr. So part nr. A is maybe 10% and Part nr. B is 8% But if our competitor lower their salesprice, then we in decrease our price automatic. So we need somekind of interface like this - Where we can set "Sell cheaper than Vendor XX" or calulate Sales price from cheaper vendor or only

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    Looking for a flyer (postcard size), possibly front and back, to be included with purchases that go to customers. I would like to showcase that we sell all major brands of AEDs, replacement pads, batteries, and all other accessories. Please include that we ship nationwide and our contact information is: CPR Baltimore 410-881-7800

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    $30 - $250
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    Find manufactor to this product or simular products. Water trampoline Platform size: 320 CM X 50 CM X 20 CM Trampoline size 240 CM X 70 CM Slide size: 130 CM x 90 CM X 190 CM Manufactor should already produce the model for the retail market. If I can not buy the brand they already have, just set a blanc brand. Importen: There is a lot of manufactor that can produce this product. The price on this product will be around Maximum price 150 – max 200 usd exw Ill pay you 200 USD if you can find the right supplier. Before payout I want to contact the manufactor and veryfy the information.

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    Project Car Tamat left

    Looking for a webpage for an online car-selling company. When you go onto Autotrader etc. it's very 'boring' so need a clean, simple, elegant website. The difference between this webpage compared to others is the interaction, being able to customise your future car to your specification. What do I mean - for example, BMW AUDI etc. have a 3d car configurator on their website, where can you change the alloys etc. so a 3d render of the new desired car like Forza. So, if you found a car you liked, e.g MK 6 Golf, however, you wanted the GTI wheels, tinted windows, and upgraded sound system, you can click 3D mode which opens a view where you can add additional specifications and the user will be able to see their additio...

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    I want the python script to scrape data from the following website : From 2000 to 2022 1- I want to be able to put the team’s names as follows : Insert Team 1 : X1 vs Team 2 : X2 2-Each games start at specific times, I want to able able to insert the times as well as follows Time : 02:05 AM And that’s it, when I press enter it will start to scrape all the data from 2000 till 2022 and give me all the games of which I choose the teams that played, and the time that it got played. Along with scores in following format : 2:05 AM, 06/01/09 Boston Red Sox : 47-30 22-20 Baltimore Orioles : 35-42 24-19 After I write the teams on scraper as such İnsert team 1 : Baltimore Orioles İnsert team 2 : Boston Red Sox 1- Then scra...

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    I have data layer on my checkout success page to track ads - but to be more clear in what we sold I need the category and manufactor to be listed in DataLayer as well. FTP, Admin and database pass will be given when task starts.

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    Hi, I am a neuroscience researcher at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore and record EEG in rodent animals. I can make eeg electrodes on my own, and I got everything needed. But some other lab members have difficulties making it. I'm looking for a soldering service to make EEG electrodes that are simple. I'll provide materials. I think $10 per complete electrode, and I need 100 of them.

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    ...and operator located in Baltimore, MD, USA. Axios has a standard logo that can be seen in the attached files. Axios has purchased a farm property that will be rebranded as Axios Farms. On the property is a historic farm house that will be used for short-term rentals, corporate events, weddings, etc. We would like to create 3 logos to be used for various purposes. We have done rough sketch layouts of what we are looking in the attached file. All of them incorporate the blue X from the Axios Real Estate Group logo. We also incorporate a wheat element in an X pattern on 2 of the logos. We are open to other ideas or ways to improve these basic sketches. We will need high-resolution versions of all 3 final logos. We are op...

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    Need to make a tesla like animations map of locations. there will be multiple maps needed. send me your portfolio.. must be clean minimal. and modern. we ship cars on big semi trucks so we show what routes we cover. perhaps also tell a story. i dont know what i story i want exactly, but as i see examples i will be improvising what i want here. winner will recieve more work! update:: Hello We want to start off all our routes from coast to coast.. so this we need to build a white minimal interactive interstate map of usa! something like on a tesla touchscreen. all starting from vancouver wa then head to boston and then each route a bit lower to new york , baltimore, richmond etc all the w...

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    I'm looking for a truck dispatching logo for a business I"m starting. It has to have a truck in it...be yellow black...the colors attached to the flag i'm attaching and be called Charm City Dispatching, LLC I'd like for it to have the city of Baltimore backscape similar to the ones attached

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    The task Show & tell Objective - we are interested to understand your experience & journey when purchasing beverages & snacks at any one of the store located below : District Market Store: ● LaGuardia Airport Terminal B ● Baltimore/Washington International Concourse D ● San Francisco Airport Terminal 3 ● Nashville International Airport Concourse A Flight Stop Store: ● Raleigh-Durham Terminal 1 ● Denver Terminal A Narration must be in English & on mobile phone Follow instruction/ guideline provided NO SELFIE / NO FACE / NO EDITING

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    Your task To recruit 3 people who is willing to share their Purchase Journey with us. (If not feasible all 3 can offer 1 location ) They must go to any store in the following location to do the recording District Market Store: ● LaGuardia Airport Terminal B ● Baltimore/Washington International Concourse D ● San Francisco Airport Terminal 3 ● Nashville International Airport Concourse A Flight Stop Store: ● Raleigh-Durham Terminal 1 ● Denver Terminal A Recording in English on mobile phone Must follow instruction provided NO SELFIE / NO FACE / NO EDITING Must be onsite in USA Project must complete with 3 days

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    A company in business of providing Health Care Insurance, currently covers the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, wants to expand its reach for the customers of Delaware, Baltimore, Virginia and Washington DC. The company plans to start their operations from in the new states from 1 st January 2023. The availability of the coverage will be advertised by the company in newspapers, TV Ads, social media, and flyers to be distributed locally. The Ads will provide the website link where the prospective customers from the new states can login to get the information about the plans and if willing can register to get the coverage of the plan from this company. The prospective patients can register up to 11.59 pm on 12/31/2022 for the c...

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    $10 - $30
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    My father has a restaurant in Baltimore County, he being evicted. We have a really bad lease agreement against to us. Buy one hand land wants us pay our rent on time and the on the other hand she keep caused us troubles damaged customer our business. The landlord is 100% legal of her action by the rent law, however we would like to expose what she did to warrant future small business owner. Please contact me if you are interested of this topic. [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin]

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    I'm a Realtor and I'm launching a community webpage under the name "Boots In Baltimore." I've uploaded my original concept, which is a raven with boots on (ravens are a symbol for Baltimore). I'm open to other ideas and design concepts, possibly incorporating real estate. I'll be putting this logo on my website, business cards, shirts, banners and splashes, etc. so I need something that is easy to read and/or recognizable when small. It can be colorful (purple, gold, and black are Baltimore Ravens football colors, but you don't have to stick with those), but the design also needs to look good as black & white and reversed.

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    ...Programmer Needed I have designed and programmed the initial cut at a Generative Art graphics program intended as an MacOS desktop application. All the programming at this point has been done in Swift 5.1 using Storyboards and the PocketSVG package for displaying and manipulating SVG images. I would like to hire an experienced programmer to help me whip the app into shape and get it ready to submit to the Apple App Store, hopefully by this October. I am an artist and hobby-level programmer, and am looking to hire a professional MacOS developer for task-specific jobs, preferably someone who has experience developing and debugging Mac desktop apps, and preferably someone with some graphics experience. Having worked on an app currently bein...

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    The project includes the ability to present data that either supports or rejects the viability of a new niche home & living style print magazine that would cater to DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston (and points in between). This research project is multifaceted and would include data knowledge/accessibility ranging from real estate to US Census data. It would also include data on specific endemic advertising segments (to which we have some data accessibility). More information will be shared but in short, the goal is to prove/disprove the size of the market and the viability of the medium.

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    We're a contractor building a new deck for a customer. We need the following drawings for a permit application with Baltimore City (Maryland): (1) Site Plan (bird's eye view - 1" = 10' and (2) Elevation Plan (side view) - 1/4" = 1' See attached rough sketch. In addition to quotes, we would appreciate knowing how long it would take to produce these drawings. Thank you.

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    we are looking for grant writers to assist with writing two types of grants 1: Natural Disasters Preparedness Grant to get equipment for Hurricane Season and other critical items such as emergency food, water, gener...grant writers to assist with writing two types of grants 1: Natural Disasters Preparedness Grant to get equipment for Hurricane Season and other critical items such as emergency food, water, generators lifeboats, retired buses, and retired airport fire engines to assist residents displaced by the disaster. 2: Public Safety Grant so that we can buy equipment, and life-saving efforts to help the Baltimore City Police Department fight the war on domestic Terrorism (Violent, Deadly crime) And protect schools from active shooters. Our website is

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    Landscaping Tamat left

    I will be recruiting anyone who is down to cutting grass and lives in Baltimore, Maryland.I am also recruiting people who are also into detailing cars and live in Baltimore, Maryland.

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    $10 - $30
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    We are Adult and teen challenge of Baltimore, a faith based rehabilitation program for men 18+. We are opening up our women center in west baltimore in January 2023. The grant we are looking to apply for is with blue cross blue shield/care first in which we have a previous relationship with and have been invited to apply to this grant. We need between 2,000 and 10,000 word proposal with all supporting documents. Submission date is June 13th, 2022. Please attached screen shot for grant guideline and visit our website at to get further aquantied. Look forward to hearing back.

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    I'm trying to open an Assisted Living Facility in Baltimore. I needed a grant writer. Are you available?

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    Seeking Amateur/Semi Professional Models/Talents for apparel exhibition, runway and magazine modeling for a Canadian fashion designer at the Baltimore Fashion Week. Send your headshots/resume to apply. Please include your email address when applying. More information at this link: Travel Expense to and fro MD is paid by the client as well as accommodation. Details will be contained in contract. - Location: Maryland USA - Payment: Model Contract $4800 If you are interested, please apply today with your headshots and the following info: 1. Full Name 2. Age 3. Height 4. Contact Number/Skype ID 5. Most recent gig (if any)

    $3000 - $5000
    $3000 - $5000
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    Hello, I am looking for help with an employment issue in Maryland (near Baltimore). I left a company due to severe pay decreases (COVID), and job duties being more tripled. I took on very specific new roles including overseeing entire departments. After COIVD pay decreases for over a year I was given marginal pay raises which were rescinded after three months for little to no reason. My reason for leaving was the pay issues, not being compensated for promised commissions, increased work load outside of original contract, hostile work environment (documented), as well as being tasked to perform unethical duties including theft of digital assets from vendors (stealing email and customer data to use and market to for our own benef...

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    We are looking for brand ambassador/model for trade show on 4-13-2022 and 4-14-2022 in Baltimore, Maryland. 4 to 5 hours per day

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    Need trade show brand ambassador for tomorrow 4-13-2022 and 4-14-2022 for 4 to 5 hours each day in Baltimore, Maryland

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    $25 - $50 / hr
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    We need a videographer capable of recording a 6 person on-stage panel at a live conference, with multiple camera shots. Also record one-on-one, "man on the street" interviews of the host with conference speakers and attendees. This will be an all-day booking (8 hours). No editing or producing necessary. This is simply a "capture" assignment. The show will be produced in post.

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    I am seeking professional assistance in developing a personal Wikipedia page for myself. I am an entrepreneur & marketing consultant and who has been engaged in creating, branding and marketing well-known companies and concepts. For example, over the past 50 years, I conceived of, branded and created or co-created: (1) Co-Creator - RCI (Resort Condominiums International), the world’s first (and still foremost) resort time share exchange program. (2) Creator - Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp Resort (combined immediate “name & theme recognition” for sellers of resort campground lots) (3) Creator - (thousands are posting “We Buy Houses” signs. We are the only !) (4) Creator - (...

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    ...Stephanie Johnson, a student from the Hair Expressions Academy, Paul Mitchell, Jessup, Maryland. I am a female veteran retired from the U.S. Army and will use my cosmetologist talents and gifts under the 501c3 non-profit program by giving back to the community. Benevolent Coiffure Services will be a new non-profit organization aimed at serving the needs of Baltimore’s homeless and low-income population, especially service-disabled veterans and homeless seniors. Founded by a service-disabled veteran, the Organization will offer free cosmetology services to the homeless population, helping them to re-enter the working world and get back on their feet. Benevolent Coiffure Services will operate a mobile van, touring areas of Baltimore...

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    $250 - $750
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    Full Rehab of a 3k sq ft property in Baltimore City. Need a construction manager to ensure everything in the project goes smoothly and to ensure the general contractor doesn't try to steal from us

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    We are trying to erect a fence to enclose the rear parking lot of our church located at 4003 W. Northern Parkway, Baltimore, MD 21215. We have submitted paperwork to Baltimore City for a permit and the final step requires an engineer to sign off on the signature ready set plans. I have attached the document that needs and engineer approval. Is this something your company could provide?

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    to write about my sister's experience in getting treatment for her cancer, she went all around the world to find a doctor who could cure her, from Standford University hospital, Singapore, the Philippines, Mayo Hospital, Mt Sinai, etc and on her 7th attempt she found a doctor in Baltimore who operated on her and removed all the cancer cells, she came home to Calgary and her doctor told her she needs to take 3 doses of chemo which will not help her before she is qualified to get the medicine that she needs to cure her.

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    Continuation of WeddingWire project to scrape leads for Baltimore.

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    Trophy icon Pretty Girl County Tamat left

    Pretty Girl County Represents PG County in Baltimore MD. I am looking for a Design to say Pretty Girl County Colors: Pink and Green These you can use in your design : Ivy, Pearls Would love a girly font, Maybe have a Map of PG County in the background

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    Trophy icon Logo Design - Moto Community Tamat left

    Looking to get a logo designed for a group of motorcycle riders (NOT a motorcycle club/MC!). The group is called Balt. Co. Riders (Short for Baltimore County Riders) and is a diverse group of younger riders who mostly ride sport bikes, but there are some Harley’s/other touring bikes mixed in. Right now it’s focused on bringing together a diverse group (Male/Female, Inexperienced/Experienced, Sport Bike/Cruiser, etc.) and building a sort of “Moto Community” thru weeknight meet ups, weekend rides, and multi-day trips. Looking for a logo to start putting on some shirts and handing out at events that people will actually wear. I don’t have any artwork to provide but the aesthetic should be m...

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    Needed active engaged real estate brokers in Baltimore MD, District of Columbia, Louisvile KY and Chicago to consult with our company. We will be looking for information on how the market works, contracts and local practices before entering these markets.

    min $50 / hr
    min $50 / hr
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    Rent Court Tamat left

    I need an attorney to go to rent court for me in Baltimore MD for a flat rate.

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    Data Gathering Tamat left

    ...Start with the first city in the index (New York, NY). Type this city into the box. 3. In an excel spreadsheet write the name of the treatment center in one column, and their phone number in the next column. 4. Write all of the treatment centers for the first city in that spreadsheet and all of the corresponding phone numbers. 5. Repeat this process for the second city - Los Angeles, CA. 6. Repeat this for all 100 cities in the index and log all names of all treatment centers and their phone numbers in the same excel file. 7. Name this file "Psychology Today Data" and export as a CSV or XLXS. Index: New York, NY Los Angeles, CA Chicago, IL Houston, TX Philadelphia, PA Phoenix, AZ San Antonio, TX San Diego, CA Dallas,...

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    ...submit a proposal that meets their criteria (listed below) based on information provided. You may fill in any gaps in the specifications provided by making assumptions. All assumptions should be clearly identified. Current Implementation and Concerns: Parent domain () and child domain () for the organization’s AD infrastructure are running on Server 2008. The following are concerns related to AD: (1) Kris Corporation is concerned about running multiple domains, and (2) automobile manufacturers are asking Kris Corporation to use single identity to procure orders in real time. The company has five locations in Atlanta (GA), Baltimore (MD), Chicago (IL), Seattle (WA) and San Diego (CA). The manufacturing plants are in Atlanta and Sea...

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    example:: Google search baltimore tree service, baltimore tree trimming. baltimore tree removal, stump grinding, stump removal. want to me 1st page of google maps top 5 spots.. Already on 2nd page

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    Need a blog post in native english for a client....topic is places to see holiday lights in the baltimore area. Objective is to have people go on holiday light tours using my client's services. Keyword is limo service in maryland Strict $20 budget so don't message me if price is more.

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    I want to give my 2 daughters a style / fashion consultant for a christmas gift. Preferably in the Baltimore / Annapolis, MD area

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    4 bida

    I run a nonprofit in Baltimore, and we are looking to hire a designer to redesign our website and create a more modern feel. Paid gig, looking for a 3-6 month turnaround

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    Libraries Without Borders US (LWB US) is a non-profit organization that delivers access to information, education, and cultural resources, with a particular emphasis on serving communities subject to systemic discrimination. From parks in Baltimore to laundromats in Oakland, LWB US designs innovative tools and programs that meet people where they are, providing the resources they need most.

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    Libraries Without Borders US (LWB US) is a non-profit organization that delivers access to information, education, and cultural resources, with a particular emphasis on serving communities subject to systemic discrimination. From parks in Baltimore to laundromats in Oakland, LWB US designs innovative tools and programs that meet people where they are, providing the resources they need most.

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    My name is Rebecca Loren. I am a senior graphic design student at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. For my senior thesis project, I am putting on a fashion show and developing a clothing collection from start to finish. I am super passionate about what I am designing, however the issue lies in the fact that I lack the technical skill and sewing background to bring my vision to life. I need assistance in pattern creation and more advanced sewing for my 10 looks that I will be displaying. (Needs vary depending on each look/garment.) The show will happen mid April, so the job will most likely last until April 1, 2022.

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    One day's work. Location is Baltimore, MD. Looking for a male actor to host a 2 minute infomercial.

    $750 - $1500
    $750 - $1500
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    We are working on a project in which we would need your support on providing L1 Desk Side Service technicians. The scope of work is only limited to Desk Side services on troubleshooting, hardware and software fix, installation and de-installation of Laptops, Desktop, Scanners, Printers, etc. Please check if you belong to any of the following cities. City State Athens GA Norcross GA Norcross GA Baltimore MD Beltsville MD Birmingham AL Canton MA Charleston SC Chattanooga TN Crestwood IL Valley View OH Columbia SC Carroll...

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