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    my wife needs to work I need her a temp or permanent work permit or green card she is from South Korea and came into the country with a passport and visa good until 2029 my name is Allen Smithurst my wife Sik wants to get a work permit or permanent resiident needs to work first.

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    HMRC Appeal 4 hari left

    I have received a tax bill from previously understated income from a Tax Avoidance Scheme I was on 8-10 years ago. I accept now that I owe some tax but wish to challenge the figure I owe. The Letter has statutory right of appeal. I have spoke to another company who have advise this: The appeals process is 3 stages. Appeal to HMRC - The initial appeal will be sent to the officer who has issued the closure notice Internal HMRC review - Following the initial appeal we will be in a position to request an internal investigation into the decision reached Tribunal Appeal - This is the first step in the appeals channel which is outside of HMRC, whereby an independent Tribunal may consider the appeal Additional Step - Engaging in Mediation followin...

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    Hello, we are looking for a long term cooperation with a Attorney Lawyer for the it area. we are looking for the following contracts that we need in the near future: slas and contracts for: - programming, - hardware & software maintenance - webdesign - theme gdpr - data protection - etc. we would also actively support you in this, respectively you would also receive from us corresponding links or already corresponding templates/contracts which would then have to be modified or rewritten. you are also welcome to send us corresponding links and we will have a look if this could fit ... example: first: currently we need a contract that provides fixed monthly programming services. it is a mixed form of a software development contract, clause changes and extensio...

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    In early part of January, I got a call from Billy Ventura, Representative for Investor Management Services, Inc Billy asked my husband and I if we would be interested in renting our 1-bedroom suite in Cancun Mexico Grand Mayan in Riviera Maya. We had a read the5-page agreement he was ok with the contract but wanted paragraph 9 changed so that the 10 weeks came off the back end. Also, he told my husband and I not to pay any money up front to let the company take any monies out of the settlement. We didn't want to rent it out but after letting the lawyer read it and going back and forth with Billy Ventura to change paragraph 9, we made a decision to let him rent it since we were not going back there for a while. I called Billy Ventura and told hi...

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    Renting out my london apartment to potentially a company that will sublet the flat to contractors. So far I've only let it to private people, always using the standard Open Rent rental contract. I need someone to look at this contract from Flex living, telling me if everything looks ok and standard.

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    This project will be the centre point for Lawers and related people Like

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    ...slander/ defamtion I had been having problem's with a coworker hassling me at work then last week apparently he followed me home (his own admittance) I called HR and spoke to Mike and told him everything that this person has done and. last night when i show up for work I 'm directed to spoke with perry I think is his name. we spoke about the issue and he said that he had already spoken to Willie and that if there is anything else that he does to let him know I go out to lunch and I have people saying that willie has told my supervisor and them that he followed me home because I am a SEX offender and that I had raped a 10year old little girl. this is a totally false I have never even ever had the thought to d...

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    Property Lawyer Needed 1 hari left

    I need a property Laywer to support and application to transform a commericial property into a residential property

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    Conveyancing 1 hari left

    Selling leasehold apartment in London with share of freehold. Need very responsive lawyer or conveyancer with professional indemnity insurance to make sure transaction goes through as quickly as possible. Only percentage of fee payable if sale does not go through for any reason.

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    ...is to record evidence based on the logic of how a RF is stimulating, creating, and being the source of my disability. The medical evidence I have of this fact is simply relief(as I report this relief to my doctors). I am able to achieve this relief from my disability when I shield my head/throat against any potential incoming RF with radio frequency shielding materials(I would make it into a square or a rectangle shield covering the SA of my head and upper torso) like faraday fabric, aluminum foil, and such. As I report to my doctors this relief I am able to obtain, (I recently found out that the relief is more strictly found based on the direction I am shielding from, resulting in me being able to fox hunt this transm...

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    Unfortunately, I have gone through some rough financial times in the last few years and am trying to hang onto my primary residence, MY HOME.... Well, needless to say, I can"t pay middle to top rates and hoping someone would work by the hour and i will certainly not expect that you will be at my beckon call!! lol Thanks in advance.

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    I'm developing a web app and want to add terms of use to our website. I created a basic one by using Termly, but there are a few things I'm not sure about since I'm using the AI model, which is t art text-to-image model that generates images from text. I want to know what copyrights or design rights our service has or not sure if we can have the rights of the prompt that users input.

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    Hello! I am Gabriel Foulc, I am a French EU citizen and I currently live and work in Antwerp, Belgium. I work as a filmmaker director of Photography and my partner, Alyssa Hope Bustamante is a Filipino national who resides in Cebu, Philippines. We were recommended to apply for the VISA ON DIRECTIVE 2004/38/EC for her to be able to join me here. We need some guidance and help to ensure a smooth move. One of our "main" issues is in the form of a proof of link, I am waiting for the answer of my lawyer if he can make an official cohabitation certificate with my partner, I've lived with her for 6 years, and the past 3 years we were renting the same apartment together where she lives in now. If the cohabitation certificate is not va...

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    i need a business agreement draft drawn up. basic. my business is utilising the services of a person (that will be trading as a business). his business will be doing project management and setting up a vegetation management side of my business and bringing in projects and contracts that will fall under my company turn over and he will get a percentage of what he brings in paid to his company.

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    1. Non-disclodure Agreement (2 pages). Please review for accuracy and legal agreement must hold if it ever goes to court. Background: We are Company A Company A is the Designer and Manufacturer of' container-sized industrial machines in China. We hold a 50% other 50% is owned by a University. Company B with headquarters in the USA and Germany wants to buy our product and sell it under their own name.. They sent us an agreement for signature. 2. Separation Agreement (5 pages) Please review for accuracy

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    Need an expert with academic writing to edit proofread some law papers. A person must have a background in law studies and esp civil law, as well as strong skills in academic writing.

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    Forex lawyer Tamat left

    actually I found do forex Trade with a brocker , when i try to withdraw I realise its scammer and fraud brocker , I want lawyer who can handle this and take all funds back I will pay him 20% of my lossing funds

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    I need a legal advise from a lawyer related to profit sharing between individual, company or a firm and books of accounts.

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    question about ohio tenant law, rules violation Is babysitting one child daily 'operating a daycare' under ohio law, and therefore a violation of lease rules?

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    Sales contract -- 4 1 hari left

    Dear Sir. My name is Murad and i need your professional assistance. I have prepared sales contract for my clients and asked one lawyer to rewrite it. Most of all my customers are from US and UK. Can you give to my contract professional look and make easy to understand for native english speakers? I would be appreciate if you could give some advises what to change, add or delete from contract. Please give me offer, after you check contract and if you see you can really do it better. Many thanks

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    Sales contract Tamat left

    Dear Sir. My name is Murad and i need your professional assistance. I have prepared sales contract for my clients and asked one lawyer to rewrite it. Most of all my customers are from US and UK. Can you give to my contract professional look and make easy to understand for native english speakers? I would be appreciate if you could give some advises what to change, add or delete from contract. Please give me offer, after you check contract and if you see you can really do it better. Many thanks

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    Looking for a paralegal to assist in preparing a Family Court Application. Lawyers are involved, and have agreed the next step is court, but now the lawyer is off sick and it is unknown how long before an application can be put together.

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    I need A company in Romania; Hi, what are your fees for setting up a company in Romania, a micro company? I do already have a company in EU. I am visiting Bucharest soon, some meetings can be done in person , or remote. I need: vat reg Registration fee Lawyer/agent fee for registering the company: Notary public & translation fees nif application Corporate bank account: help with opening. Later, for a yearly fee, I also need you to provide ; act as local agent, per year Virtual office in Bucharest, per year Accountancy and VAT , per year Payroll service:1 employee per year Yearly accounts: create documents and send to Tax authorities. What are your prices? best regards David

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    I am from Oman I applied for an online loan from a finance company in Germany, and after signing a contract and paying the advance I did not get the loan and the company kept asking for extra charges, unfortunately, I paid and did not get the loan. I took a lawyer's advice in German and he confirmed that I was a victim of fraud. The payment was sent to banks in Germany and France, where I am seeking your assistance to register a complaint and check if there is a way to get my money back. is there a way to file a complaint against the account holder in France? Money was sent through western union to Charenton-le-Pont Bank in France. I had tried to send an email to the court mentioned here but they day they don't deal with ...

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    Uno'z Cuts Tamat left

    We are opening a barber shop and require services of a lawyer to go through our tenancy agreement.

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    We need an expert lawyer in the cannabis sector to help us to finish the legal documents for our project. More information will be provided in a virtual meeting

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    I have a drafted document that i would prefer to have a law firm/lawyer letterhead on it and reviewed by a lawyer.

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    I have a drafted document that i would prefer to have a law firm/lawyer letterhead on it and reviewed by a lawyer.

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    Need to build a lawyer finder website based on categories and location and legal requirements. The website will also need to have links with payment gateways and should have self sustaining chat feature. There will be additional static pages which simply needs to have contact forms. Integration to post blogs.

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    we have a legal department in sweden and are looking for a lawyer that can join our team.

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    I need help to bargain back to the seller of 100 square meter

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    Hi Oluseun L., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. Legal project

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    I need help to bargain back to the seller of 100 square meter

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    midivorcioya Tamat left

    project for a lawyer beginning in the busines of divorces

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    I just had a Judgement from a different state Filed as a Foreign Judgement beyond this states Stautute of Limitations. I need to file for a dismissal.

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    Since you're an freelance attorney, I'm writing to let you know about Lexub, a global lawyer-to-lawyer legal document marketplace. Lexub is a marketplace where lawyers (and firms) around the world can share & sell legal documents directly. This means you can create your online legal document shop on Lexub. Would you like to publish your legal documents & earn passive income? Visit I’d be happy to answer your questions or give you a quick demo call. Best regards, Zolo

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    I often need someone to perform various data gathering projects. The current one is below. You would use the attached spreadsheet. 1. Connect to 2. Enter first City, State from Spreadsheet. Don’t enter anything else! 3. Choose the City, State from the drop-down list 4. Click Get Started 5. Write the number of pages (shown at the bottom) in column C. AND 6. Save the page that appears as “Webpage, HTML Only” under the name it gives you. 7. Under its page number enter y if no problem otherwise describe the problem. 8. Scroll down to <Previous 1 2 3 . . . Next > 9. Click 2 or Next 10. Go back to 6 if there are more pages 11. If there are no more pages, take the next City, State from the Spreadsheet and continue: 12. Click FIND A LAWYER 13. Ente...

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    Landing page design as discussed in the chat. Regards Rajan

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    we have hmrc account freezing order

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    Rahul, this is my last attempt, if you do not allow me to chat, I will call my lawyer and I will do the possible to report your account. You are a scammer, I just need the IP of the work, I told you before, but why you cannot answer me? This my worst experience working here, please answer

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    Good afternoon! We have a great desire to cooperate with the experienced lawyer. We need to have the trademark infringement report on Amazon. We will provide a lot of detailed information. We will attach lots of images and photos about our case. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, Tatsiana

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    I have applied for a CR1/IR1 Spousal Visa. We are at the interview stage - Just about to receive final Green card. We a 1 hour consultation with an EXPERIENCED IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY to discuss some of the complexities of our case . Must have extensive experience in Spousal based Visas.

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    We are working to develop a uber like marketplace for service providers in Australia. At this stage. We need 1 hour consultation with an Australian based lawyer to help us understand the compliance We may need for our company. And then, once we are clear, we will need the lawyer to design the compliance for us as well. You must be Australia based.

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    We have a job in Los Angeles. We are a production company (entertainment) and we will do a projection show in a building there. we have an agreement from the local contractor and need to revise the agreement base in California law. We are looking a lawyer with solid experience in this field that speak english and spanish due we are a company based in Madrid, Spain. We wait your fast answer, best regards. Hola somos una compañía de produccion de eventos basada en Madrid, España. tenemos un trabajo en Los Angeles y necesitamos reviser el contrato que nos ha enviado el contractor local. Necesitamos una persona con muy sólidos conocimientos en este tipo de contratos basados en leyes de California. Es indispensable que hable ingles y español....

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    Have a 14 page document made by a lawyer of vakil search. Want a student of law ir recent graduate of law to read and give me their written opinions. From law, fairness, grammer and any other pointbof view that is relevant. Its a 2 hour project looking for a student who is studying Indian law or a recent graduate. Looking for students from a college that is not too expensive but student is bright and knowldgeable. Like : * Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi * Kishinchand Chellaram Law College, Mumbai * Vaikunta Baliga College of Law, Udupi

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    we did a landline adjustment between our 2 lots (side byside). It was approved by the county. Now we need a property lawyer to do new deeds for us so that we get get them recorded in the county recording office.

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    I need a lawyer or paralegal to write website copy following suggestions from my SEO analyst

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