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    saya ingin anda membuat logo untuk saya ,saya ingin logo dengan gaya flat and clean dan tanpa text pada logo ,apa anda dapat melakukan nya ,saya harap anda dapat melakukan nya untuk saya

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    Description: We are looking for a talented graphic designer to create an engaging and informative infographic for a healthcare PowerPoint presentation with a 16:9 slide layout. The infographic should incorporate the logos and information we provide, following a clear, professional aesthetic suitable for a business audience. Project Details: Your task is to design an infographic based on our Concept 1: Classic Flow. The infographic will be an oval shape, featuring the provided SampleCenter logo on the left and the Drug Sample Manager logo on the right. Arched arrows should connect these two logos, creating a cycle that represents the continuous relationship between the two services. The MedManage logo, which we will also provide, should be placed in the...

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    ...revamp of my existing logo. The objectives are threefold: accentuating brand awareness, modernizing existing design, and visualizing company values. Our audience predominantly consists of tech-savvy individuals and business owners. The redesigned logo should: - Be compelling, conveying our dedication to technology and innovation - Utilize abstract shapes and tech-related symbols, blending them seamlessly into a minimalistic design - Embody and communicate the spirit of our brand, thereby resonating with our target audience Ideally, you should possess the following abilities: - A high level of proficiency in modern design trends - Significant experience creating logos targeting tech-savvy audiences - An excellent understanding of designing logos for...

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    I'm in need of a logo for my supplement brand that caters to health-conscious individuals. The Brand name is YvY, (stands for You vs You) The brand ethos centers around high-performance and athleticism. I'm envisioning a design that embodies a minimalistic and clean aesthetic. The logo should exude a sense of vitality, strength, and natural wellness. It is important to attract our target audience with a strong, dynamic and simple visual. Ideal candidates for this project will have experience in creating logos for health and fitness brands, with a flair for minimal elegance and an understanding of the health-conscious demographic.

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    Trophy icon Modern Canadian Lake House Logo 6 hari left

    I'm in search of a talented graphic designer that can create an inspiring modern logo for my lake house located in Canada, specifically at 183 Birchpoint Lane. Logo Requirements: - Colors: The logo should incorporate the colors red, black, blue, and white. Feel free to creatively utilize these in order to design a logo that's visually appealing and memorable. - Style: I am particularly drawn to modern designs. The logo should radiate a contemporary feel that captures the essence of the location, while at the same time incorporating traditional elements for a balanced blend. - Specific Elements: One key element that decidedly must be included in the design is a birch tree. This tree is integral to the identity of the location and thus it plays a m...

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    Trophy icon Golf Industry Symbolic Logo 2 hari left

    ...services. As a PGA (Professional Golfers' Association) member, he is known for his expertise and personalised teaching approach. Project Overview: Develop a distinctive and professional logo that represents Harrison Coleman's identity as a skilled golf instructor under the PGA umbrella. The logo should convey professionalism, expertise, and a connection to the world of golf. Golf Elements: Integrate elements related to golf, such as golf clubs, golf balls, or golf course imagery, to clearly communicate the nature of the business. Typography: Choose a clean and legible font for the name "Harrison Coleman." The typography should reflect a balance between professionalism and approachability. Style Preferences: Aim for a modern and timeless desig...

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    Trophy icon South Melbourne Sips Logo Design 4 hari left

    I own a rustic and cozy café in South Melbourne called "South Melbourne Sips". I'm looking to collaborate with an experienced graphic designer to create an evocative and unique logo for our brand. Here are the core requirements for this job: - Incorporate grains or coffee beans element in the logo as this well represents our café's cozy appeal. - Logo design should align with our café's rustic charm and warm atmosphere. - Ensure that the design is versatile enough for different applications, for example, signage, website, menus etc. The logo needs to be in a vintage scroll font in gold colouring Ideal Skills - Previous experience designing logos for hospitality businesses, ideally coff...

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    Estoy buscando un diseñador de logos creativo y experimentado para crear un logo combinado para mis productos. Este logo debe ser: - Vintage o minimalista: así que necesitará tener experiencia trabajando en este tipo de estilos. - Utilizado principalmente en Productos: Este logo se usará principalmente para promocionar un servicio digital . - Combinado: Quiero que el logo combine elementos tanto textuales como gráficos. VOY A MANDAR YO 2 DE LOS LOGOS QUE TENGO DE MANERA QUE SI LO QUIEREN FUSIONAR ESTA BIEN. REALMENTE ESTOY BUSCANDO ALGO FRESCO Y NUEVO

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    I'm the owner of Z-StoneMovements and I'm in need of a Graphic Designer who can design a unique and standout logo for my company. Key Requirements: - You'll need to produce a vintage style design that matches the personality and ethos of our brand. - The chosen color palette for the logo is blue and smoke grey. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Graphic Design - Experience in creating vintage style logos - Good understanding of color theory The right freelancer should have a rich portfolio of logo designs, preferably with some in a vintage style. I'd appreciate a quick turnaround without compromising the quality of the design.

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    Trophy icon Vibrant Lettermark Logo Creation 6 hari left

    I have an exciting project for graphic designers specializing in logo creation. I’m ONLY looking for a letter mark logo meaning only the initials of my fashion brand which is Troubl3 Makerz Clothing so 2-3 Letters like TM or TMC. I operate in the fashion industry and am seeking an artist who can create a distinct, bold, and eye-catching Lettermark logo. The ideal freelancer for this project will have: - A strong understanding of color theory and how to use bright colors effectively - Extensive experience designing logos, specifically Lettermark designs - The ability to create bold and visually striking designs - Knowledge of or experience in the fashion industry would be a significant bonus Guidelines for the project: - Pleas...

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    Trophy icon Minimalist Green Logo for THC 13 hari left

    I'm seeking a talented graphics designer to bring to life a minimalist logo for THC "The High Club". This striking logo will be largely green for the THC and purple and small for (The High Club), embodying the natural elements of our brand. Your creation will be used across various platforms including our website, social media, and printed materials. Therefore, it should be versatile, easily reproducible and scalable for various formats without losing its distinctive charm. Key Skills required for this project: • Expertise in Minimalistic Design • Proven success in creating logos for diverse platforms • Strong aesthetics and color sense, particularly in green • Detailed-oriented approach to meet...

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    Generate Logo Files Suite 19 jam left

    As an existing business, we're in need of expert design services to convert our existing logo into a full suite of different format files. This would include EPS, JPEG and PNG files suitable for both online use and printing. Requirements: - Follow our existing brand guidelines, including specific color codes - Transform the current logo into various file formats - Ensure high quality resolution for both online and print outputs Skills and Experience: - Proficient knowledge of graphic design and file conversion - Experience with different file formats including EPS, JPEG, and PNG - Familiarity with enforcing brand guidelines and color specifications - Ability to maintain the highest quality across all formats It should be noted that the logos are alrea...

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    I am seeking a designer with experience and expertise in creating retro-style cartoon logos. The logo you create will be predominantly used in both print and digital applications, so adaptability in its design is crucial. Key Requirements: - A clear understanding and ability to create 'Retro' cartoon styles. - Capability to design flexible logos that work well in both print and digital contexts. - Proficiency in creating black and white logos with high impact and visibility. Experience in cartoon logo design is essential, with a portfolio showcasing your prowess in retro styles. A keen eye for detail and strong creativity are key to creating a logo that can highlight the unique character of my brand in a cute, yet classic, manner. P...

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    Trophy icon Modern Logo for Small Business 6 hari left

    ...clean logo for my small business. My business is based out of Greenville South Carolina. I'm looking for a creative and modern logo design. I would like the logo to have something Auto Glass related whether it is tools or cars or windshield. Also can have a logo where the letters of the business are incorporated. The ideal candidate for this project will: - Have a keen eye for modern design aesthetics, with a portfolio that can speak to this. - Be comfortable working with some guidance on color palettes, but with a particular preference for variants of black and blue. Key Project Details: - Style: I am looking for a modern style logo. Please, include samples of modern logos from your portfolio ...

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    Minimalist Monochromatic Logo 6 hari left

    I'm looking for a talented graphic designer to create a minimalist, monochromatic logo that represents my technology-focused business. I'm keen on a design that's clean, efficient, and suitable for various applications, from websites to business cards. To fill this role successfully, you should: - Have a solid background in creating logos, particularly minimalist design. - Have a deep understanding of color theory, specifically about the use of monochromatic schemes. - Have a keen eye for detail and strong skills in digital software. - Demonstrate experience in designing logos for technology businesses. Please provide examples of your past work, specifically minimalist logos, upon application. Knowledge of the tech...

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    Trophy icon Urgent Modern Logo Design Needed 2 hari left

    I'm looking for a logo of a dragon merged with a movie clapper that's being slayed by a large sword. The logo is for a digital product that teaches actors how to create a self-tape audition that will increase their chances of booking a role in a commercial, television or film project. I'm looking for the expertise of a seasoned graphic designer who can: - Craft a unique logo design in warm color schemes. - Exhibit a deep understanding of our brand to create an emblem that'll strongly resonate with our audience. Skills & Experience: - Extensive experience in logo design. - Proven record in creating logos for product branding. - Strong knowledge of color theory, especially warm colors. - Excellent communication and interpretatio...

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    Trophy icon Tree Service Logo Redesign 6 hari left

    I'm in need of a talented designer to create a naturalistic logo for my tree service company "Clean Cut Tree Solutions". The ideal logo will display a similar shape as the one attached and incorporate our business name. Key details include: - Use the same Shape - Can use Pine Trees and place them in similar locations - DO NOT USE THE SLOGAN in attached example - Use of a Darker Green / Forest Green Color along with white and Black color schemes to create a cohesive and professional look. The ideal freelancer for this project has previous experience creating nature-inspired logos, and has a great understanding of color integration and design principles. Please provide any past work samples that are relevant.

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    I need a logo designer with a knack for creating effective, eye-catching vector designs for my retail business. Key Requirements: - Expertise in creating vector logos - Ability to incorporate the color blue into the logo design - Experience in designing for the retail industry Your design should embody our retail company and tell our story in a simple, yet compelling fashion. The logo should instill trust and familiarity upon first glance. Please provide examples of your past work, especially any pertaining to the retail field. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in latest design software - Experience in creating retail business logos - Strong understanding of color psychology, particularly the color blue - Ability to transform...

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    ...searching for a talented graphic designer to create a luxurious and detailed logo for my high-end campsite business called Ecoluxe Camp. Your design should predominantly stay away from (such as brown, green, beige), and use bold colors such as violets hunter green and gold. Don't use any of the typical symbols related to nature, such as trees, tents, and mountains. Think more of a crest with a stag or black bear. Something rich like the explorer hunting club would have used. a Key Details: - Concept: The essence of the logo should evoke a sense of luxury, sophistication, and elegance through an intricate and detailed design. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating detailed and intricate logos. If you have the experience an...

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    I'm looking for a very good design, as part of merging two brands together, we want a simple look but professional looking. The logo would most likely be typographical. Have shown the two logos that need merging but happy to look at a completely new look too. The key part of the logo would have the word "Fresh" i.e the two brands being Fresh FM Group and Build Fresh. The two companies will still need to operate the brands independently of each other, ie: Build Fresh logo would require "Build" in smaller font at the top of the logo and the Fresh FM group logo Would require "FM Group" at the bottom of the logo (similar to how it is now) Have put an example of this. For further clarification would be looking for tw...

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    NASA Space Tech Art Challenge: Imagine Tomorrow The NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Program wants you to show the world the future of space technology. The NIAC Program is looking for posters that help people better understand these visionary aerospace concepts that might be used in future NASA missions. If you can create an engaging poster that depicts one or more of the innovative concepts in action, you might win a portion of the $3000 USD purse. These early-stage technologies are 10 to 20+ years away from final development. To help people understand what they might look like, NIAC is turning to artists and graphic designers to create posters that help people visualize the technologies. The posters will show what the technology will look like, and how and where they mi...

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    I need a professional logo designer who can craft an eye-catching combination logo for my fashion brand. Your task will be to merge text and symbolism in a way that echoes the flair and creativity of the fashion industry. - The Logo: It should be a combination logo which merges text with an illustrative symbol. It needs to be trendy, stylish and easily identifiable. I'd like to see fresh and innovative ideas. - Resonating Industry: It's crucial that the logo design resonates with the fashion industry. If you have previous experience in creating logos for fashion brands or related fields, I'm particularly keen to hear from you. Creativity and an understanding of the fashion industry aesthetics are important for this project...

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    ...skilled freelancer to craft a minimalist, monochrome logo for my French patisserie. The ideal logo will reflect both the delicacy and femininity associated with our brand. Key Features: - The logo should prominently feature a stylized, minimalist silhouette of a woman wearing a chef's hat. This woman should be depicted in action, either decorating a creation with a piping bag or adding fruits to small cakes. - Though the design should be minimalist in nature, it should also convey a sense of delicacy and femininity. Ideal Skills: The ideal freelancer for this project is familiar with minimalist design principles and has a knack for conveying character and emotion through simple shapes and lines. Experience in creating logos for simila...

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    Trophy icon Open-Theme Shirt Design Contest 4 hari left

    ...designer with the freedom of your creativity, I am looking for someone to conceive and illustrate a design for polo shirts for a company. Your ideas will drive this project. Here are my requirements: Theme: - We would say abstract or any other concept you think would be great on a polo shirt - we are attaching 2 different polo designs to give an idea of what we are looking for. For the blue polo - would like to see the 2 blue colors replaced with 2 green (dark green and light green) - and then the lime green to be replaced with bright orange. Then we want the V logo with bolt to be incorporated into the polo (but muted, so it's not really logo forward) For the orange polo - we were thinking the V logo could replace the di...

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    I'm seeking a talented graphic designer to devise a minimalistic logo for our political movement, Koren, which signifies 'root' in Serbia. Important elements include: - Writing the movement's name in Cyrillics: Корен. - A color palette consisting of red, blue, white, and green. - Incorporating imagery of a tree, a hand, and roots. The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience designing minimalistic logos, and should bring creativity to symbolize the core values of a political movement. A strong understanding of Serbian culture and symbolism would be beneficial. Try to make it simple, minimalistic

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    Opportunity: I'm searching for a brand designer based in South Africa to support my business on recurring projects. If you are a creative and detail-oriented individual with experience in brand design, I would encourage you to apply for this opportunity. Benefits: Pay: R250/h or project-based depending on client requirements. Flexible hours: Availability from 10am-4pm is ideal but in the beginning you’ll spend closer to 3hrs a day / 10hrs per project over a 1-2 week period. Remote work. Self management. Medium paced deadlines. Low-stress work environment. About You: You enjoy developing visual concepts and designs that meet the needs of clients. You have experience creating artwork, such as logos, business cards, email footers and letterhead...

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    I'm looking for a professional designer with a flair for minimalist style to create an e-commerce website and logo for my brand. As an e-commerce site, it will need to be user friendly and easy to navigate, with capacity for fewer than 50 products. Key tasks and requirements: - Design a minimalist-style e-commerce website - Create an appealing and relevant logo - Ensure web design is responsive, intuitive, and supports a maximum of 50 products Ideal Skills: - Expert in minimalist web design - Strong experience in e-commerce site development - Proficiency in creating logos - Excellent understanding of web usability and navigability.

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    I'm seeking a skilled graphic designer to create a logo for my company. This logo will be pivotal to our brand's image, so creativity and meticulous attention to our specification is crucial. Key requirements for the project: - Color Scheme: Focusing on the color green. It should be vibrant and capture attention. - Imagery: We prefer the use of specific objects for our logo. The nature of these objects will be disclosed after successful bid. - Company Name: The company name should be dominant in the logo design, playing a central role in the imagery. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in graphic design, specifically in creating unique company logos. - Creative thinking and the ability to design according to specific instructio...

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    I need an expert designer who can create a vinyl wrap design for the MFactory race car. I've attached the required logos (inc. sponsor logos) as well as the vehicle template (Honda Integra DC5 Type-R). Here's what I'm expecting for the design: - Colors: The design must be centered around our corporate colours red, white, black, and grey. - Style: I prefer a modern, sleek aesthetic. I am open to creative and innovative ideas beyond colour use. - Graphics: In this case, I would like you to surprise me with the graphic elements you think would look great on the wrap. I want something original that will make my race car stand out. For reference, our company (MFactory) specialises in performance...

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    Exciting opportunity for creatives! I'm urgently looking for a graphic designer who can create a stunning logo for my ultrasound clinic. I lack a specific design in mind but the talent to bring this project to life in a way that will effortlessly reflect the essence of my services is essential. What you would need to do: - Create an initial design concept reflecting the ultrasound clinic. What I'll provide: - Specific details about the clinic to help you understand our brand. Requirements: - You should deliver the final design in JPEG format. - Expertise in creating engaging, eye-catching designs. Ideal Candidate: - I would love to work with someone who has experience in creating medical or clinic related logos,...

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    I am seeking a creative and professional logo designer to craft a minimalistic and engaging logo. Project Requirements: * Able to deliver a clean and visually pleasing design that denotes simplicity and sophistication. * Make use of muted tones in the logo for a subdued yet impactful impression. * The logo should be primarily designed to appeal to young adults, thus the style must resonate with this demographic. Ideal Skills & Experience: * Strong background in logo design * Solid experience with minimalistic designs * Excellent color sense, particularly with muted tones * Understanding of market trends and the ability to design logos that appeal to young adults. Looking forward to engaging with designers who can meet the above expectations and deliver a d...

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    We are currently developing a game and in need of a talented, creative graphic designer who can create 40 logos for our fictional teams. Each team has its own unique identity and it would be ideal if every logo could feature its own distinctive colour scheme. Your creative freedom is essential to this project as there's flexibility in the style of the logos, whether it be minimalistic, retro, or modern - a variety is in fact welcomed. Key Requirements: • Ability to design diverse logos in different styles • Strong creativity and originality • Experience in designing logos with unique identity • Excellent colour sense Each logo should perfectly encapsulate the spirit and identity of its corresponding team. If this sou...

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    Trophy icon Logo creation 20 hari left

    Requi...incorporate elements from the old logos. The are old and the new logo should be simple. 6. The logo should be modern, memorable, and versatile for both digital and print use. 7. Please ensure the logo works in both color and black-and-white formats. 8. We will need the final version later as a vector file in .ai, .eps, or .svg format. Important Information: Two tourism associations have merged to form a new organization that focuses on tourism matters in the region around the Schlei and the Baltic Sea coast. We are seeking a logo that effectively represents the new identity as a unified tourism association, the beauty and diversity of the Schlei and Baltic Sea coast region, and the scope of the association's activities. Please use the nordic style ...

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    ...design for my brand. I am a gem dealer for colored stones. The logo must be a combination type, merging both text and symbols in a seamless design. I envision a simple, stylish aesthetic that can be easily reproduced across various media and materials. Key Details: - Style: The logo should have a sense of simplicity and style. Even though it's simple, creativity shouldn't be compromised. I see my logo with curved and dynamic lines, as well as figurative drawings. - Color: The color scheme should be a classy monochrome (black/white/grey), with a touch of Cinnabar to add a unique element. - Versatility: The logo should be feasible for use on different platforms and materials without losing its essence. I must be ab...

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    I'm in need of an experienced logo designer to create a classy, premium, and luxury logo for my brand. Key Requirements: - Logo Style: The style should be elegant and premium, with a modern twist. - Color Scheme: I've chosen a gold and black color palette, invoking a sense of luxury and sophistication that aligns well with my brand. - Elements: Key elements I'd like incorporated are diamond and star. I believe these elements can help further communicate the brand's elegance and superiority. Ideal Candidate: - Experience in designing luxury, high-quality logos - Proficient in minimalist and modern logo designing - A keen eye for blending color and creating visually stunning designs - Ability to interpret and execute de...

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    I'm looking for a talented graphic designer to help create a new logo for my medical company. Our comoany specializes in implants for spine, brain and trauma. We have a logo but as our company reaches 15 years old we want a new modern logo. Key Aspects: - The logo should convey an innovative and modern image. - Please use a color palette that incorporates blues and whites. Logo Icons: Despite not having a specific icon in mind, I encourage you to use your creativity to include any imagery that could enhance the logo's modern and innovative design, while still remaining true to the medical field. I’ve attached our current logo. Skills & Experience: - The ideal designer for this project must have a strong knowledge in graph...

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    ... Name: Flavor Fuse Infusing tropical elements and vibrant colors to reflect the dynamic world of cocktails. Originality is key; avoid copyright logos or images sourced from Google. Create authentic and original designs that capture the spirit of our brand. For inspiration, please view the attached picture. Key Requirements: - Design a visually appealing logo that portrays creativity - Use a color palette dominated by reds and oranges or creative colours of designer choice. - Generate design in line with latest industry trends - Present versatility of logo in different formats and scales Ideal Candidate: - Experience in designing company logos - Proficient in using design software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop - Strong portfolio showcasing creativity and ...

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    LOGO 9 hari left


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    J'ai besoin d'un professionnel pour créer un logo et quatre affiches. Le thème du design est la nourriture. - Public Cible: Les créations seront pri... - Style de Design: Comme la question a été passée, je suis ouvert aux suggestions. Cependant, le design doit être captivant. Compétences idéales pour ce travail: - Bonne compréhension du branding et de la façon dont on peut utiliser le design pour attirer une clientèle spécifique. - Capacité à concevoir un logo et des affiches qui travaillent en synergie. - Expérience dans la conception de logos et d'affiches pour les restaurants serait un plus. - Capacité à travailler de manière col...

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    I am looking for a talented video creator to design a remarkable reveal video for my sports academy's new logo. The video must be: - 30-60 seconds long - Unique and intriguing I am open to style suggestions such as 2D animation, 3D animation, or motion graphics as this question was skipped during our initial discussion. I expect your creativity to shine through! The logo was initially a competition among local schools who got their kids to send in designs. I have pictures of these so maybe we could use these and show the progression to the final logo. Ideal Skills: - Animation - Video Editing - Creative Thinking Experience handling projects of similar nature (branding, logos, sports) will be highly favored during the selecti...

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    There are 2 tasks involved: Task 1: logo for Dickson Park Dental Surgery Task 2: logo for Bubble Teeth Dental Group Winner of the contest will be the best logo. I'm in need of a logo for a dental clinic called Dickson Park Dental Surgery. I'm also in need of a logo for a dental company called Bubble Teeth Dental Group. Logos: minimalistic, eye-catching design. Dental Park Dental Surgery can be abbreviated to DPDS in the logo. Bubble Teeth Dental Group can be shortened to Bubble Teeth. I will need the logos on transparent backgrounds in color and black and white. I will also need the source vector files, and images in all file formats. More details: Is this project for business or p...

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    Trophy icon Metaverse Academy Logo Creation 6 hari left

    I'm looking to have a logo created for a project I'm working on called the Metaverse Academy. This logo will be used across our website and various social media platforms. Key Aspects: - The logo should incorporate the colors blue and purple. - The design should be of a minimalistic and modern style. - The brand acronym (MMA) should be creatively implemented in the logo. Feel free to provide several variants incorporating this. - While not required, you are welcomed to present concepts that blend the MMA acronym with themes associated with an academy or learning. Delivery: - White, black and transparent (logo with and without text) - Horizontal and vertical version (logo and name with font) - Logo only version - Favicon version - Version for social networ...

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    ...be required for me to choose the winner of our long-term partnership. Designers unwilling to provide a basic mockup after being shortlisted by our team, please do not bid. I need an expert designer who can create a vinyl wrap design for the MFactory race car. I've attached the required logos (inc. sponsor logos) as well as the vehicle template (Honda Integra DC5 Type-R). Here's what I'm expecting for the design: - Colors: The design must be centered around our corporate colours red, white, black, and grey. - Style: I prefer a modern, sleek aesthetic. I am open to creative and innovative ideas beyond colour use. - Graphics: In this case, I would like you to surprise me with the graphic elements you th...

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    ...team and the multi-disciplinary nature of our services. Our slogan, "Design. Consult. Manage.", should be seamlessly incorporated, preferably at the bottom for a polished look. Furthermore, we would appreciate the inclusion of a hyperlink to our website, , beneath the logo. We encourage you to explore our website to familiarize yourself with our projects and services. While we seek an elegant design that may deviate from our current colour scheme, it is crucial that the logo distinctly represents our work. Originality is key, so we kindly request that you refrain from duplicating or mimicking other firms' logos. We look forward to a unique and sophisticated logo that effectively communicates the depth and expertise of Prestige Consultants &...

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    I'm in need of a talented videographer/animator to support with a short animated video project. I'm looking for a talented video producer/animator who can create a unique and captivating intro and outro for my YouTube channel and Twitch streams. My content focuses primarily on gaming content, particularly Minecraft, but not exclusively. The aim is to create stronger brand loyalty and high recognition value by conveying fun, excitement and a feeling of community and togetherness. Intro concept: The intro should be approx. 10-15 seconds long and contain the following elements: Starting with a gentle fade-in effect from the dark, with my logo, a drawn figure holding a globe, appearing centrally and briefly lighting up. Transition to a dyn...

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    I'm seeking a savvy graphic designer to craft a logo that accurately represents my financial services company. I want this logo to be a symbol of our brand and assist us in building strong recognition within our target market, which primarily consists of business professionals. Key project expectations include: - A design that illuminates our financial expertise in a professional manner. - A distinctive and captivating logo to enhance our brand's visibility amongst business professionals. The ideal freelancer for this project: - Has a strong portfolio showcasing their skill in creating professional and memorable logos. - Has experience working with financial service companies or similar industries. - Understands brand strategy and can design a logo t...

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