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    mencari prospects yang berkualiti call prospects untuk appointment seterusnya

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    CA memo menggunakan penerbit aset liferay 6.2. Untuk memudahkan webmaster mengemaskini CA memo ke aset publisher fungsi-fungsi dan kemaskini ckeditor diperlukan

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    image to html Tamat left

    Saya punya mockup image dan perlu dirubah untuk menjadi html dan berfungsi, dengan jquery, css, javascript.

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    Source page creation ability (newspaper article, magazine article, academic journal article, social media post, speech, debate, news television program, radio news program, radio talk program, political television advertisement, political flyer or pamphlet, etc.) and the ability for admin to edit background images for the different source page types

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    ...confirm the appointment. Given my openness to international travel for quality service, the ideal candidate or agency will have a global perspective with know-how in navigating healthcare systems across different countries. **What I Need:** - Locate a clinic that can perform a phenol peel surgery at the earliest convenience. - Ensure the clinic offers a free consultation before committing to the procedure. - The initial consultation should be possible via WhatsApp, adhering to my preference for direct and accessible communication. Scheduwl the appointment and get aprroval fo rsurgery **Requirements from the Applicant:** - Experience in the medical tourism industry or a strong background in coordinating medical appointments internationally. - Excellent research skills a...

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    I'm seeking a talented interior designer specializing in modern aesthetics to transform my living room into a sleek, comfortable, and inviting space. Ideal for someone who loves blending functionality with style, this project is about creating an area that reflects a modern lifestyle while being a cozy gathering place for friends and family. **Key Project Requirements:** - **Design Consultation:** Initial discussions to understand my vision and preferences for the living room. - **Space Planning:** Effective layout plans to utilize the available space efficiently. - **Color Scheme & Materials:** Suggestions for a modern color palette complemented by contemporary materials and finishes. - **Furniture & Decor Selection:** Assistance in choosing modern furniture piece...

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    Image Editing 9 hari left

    Fixed a image that we discussed

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    I require a skilled photoshop or graphic designer to make specific modifications to a bathroom basin image. The tasks are as follows: - Add a wall: I am looking for a design featuring a tiled wall. It is critical that the wall appears realistic and should blend seamlessly with the existing image. - Add a Mirror: The mirror should be round-shaped. It should be tastefully positioned, enhancing the overall appeal of the image. - Add a shelf: This should be designed with the proper perspective and size. Overall, attention to detail is critical. The final result needs to look realistic and visually appealing. It is important you have prior experience in image editing and enhancement and a keen eye for design. Please ensure you have a portfolio of similar work to...

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    I'm seeking a highly skilled Photoshop editor capable of performing advanced image manipulation tasks. This project requires a creative individual who can completely transform images into complex compositions with an artistic flair for our clothing brand. The final creations will be primarily used for our brands instagram page post ! The task : - Refer to the examples from another clothing brands post. We want to showcase a series of flatlay images to show our audience our RESTOCK items plus NEW colour ways in the mix. - We need you to come up with the following list of products flatlays into the instagram size post: DROP SHOULDER TANKS: 1. Black 2. Burgundy 3. White 4 Navy ( New Colour ) FITTED TANKS: 1. Black 2. Red 3. Forest Green ( New Colour) 4. Coffee ( N...

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    I'm in need of an experienced graphic designer to create 40 bright and colorful banners for our website. Each banner should be designed in 1280 * 720 resolution. Requirements: - The banners should capture the attention of visitors and convey our website's vibrant energy. - Although I don't have a specific color scheme, I'm looking for creativity and intuition in color choices that match our brand's dynamic personality. - Banners must be designed in Canva or similar editing software, ensuring they can be easily edited or updated as needed. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in graphic design software, especially Canva. - A strong portfolio showcasing expertise in creating bright, engaging website banners. - Ability to work with broad creative directions an...

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    ...documents for classroom use. - **Data Input:** Entering student performance data, attendance records, or educational content into databases or spreadsheets. - **Taking Pictures:** Capturing images of classroom activities, educational materials, or student projects for documentation and future reference. **Educational Consultations:** - As an Elementary school teacher, I occasionally require consultation on educational strategies, curriculum development, and innovative teaching methods to better serve my students in the specified subjects. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in typing and data entry. - Basic photography skills with the ability to capture clear, meaningful images. - Familiarity with educational content, specifically Math, Science, and Qur'an readi...

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    UHD Image for Print Sign 6 hari left

    ...material. The sign should not only grab attention but also withstand the test of time in terms of design appeal and quality. **Requirements:** - **Image File:** The design should be delivered as an ultra high definition (UHD) image to ensure clarity and detail in the print. - **Experience:** Ideal candidates will have a strong portfolio that includes graphic design for print, with particular emphasis on signage or similar projects. - **Skills:** Proficiency in graphic design software capable of delivering UHD files is necessary. A keen eye for design trends and understanding of branding will be advantageous. **Project Deliverables:** - A UHD image file ready for print. - The design should reflect the vibrant and welcoming nature of our establishment while clearl...

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    I require a freelancer to assist with the addition of images and links in my blog post, hosted on Your task involves: - Taking screenshots of images in provided links - Uploading these images in a prescribed format on my blog - Linking them to both internal pages on my blog and external websites Your task involves: - Taking screenshots of images in provided links - Uploading these images in a prescribed format on my blog - Linking them to both internal pages on my blog and external websites as mentioned A key requirement: - All links must open in a new window Ideal freelancer will have: - Familiarity with - Good understanding of blog post formatting - Experience in image handling - Keen attention to detail for successfully linking to correct destinatio...

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    I'm seeking a skilled graphic artist to transform two separate images into a single, full color output. Your tasks include: - Combining the two images - Bringing a black and white image to colorful life - Ensuring the final image renders in standard resolution (72 dpi) This image will be to be used for print, mainly. Ideal skills and experience for this project include proficiency in image editing softwares such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, a keen eye for color balancing and an understanding of print formatting. A portfolio of similar projects completed would be advantageous.

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    Trophy icon Instagram Promo Image 2 hari left

    I'm looking for a quick promotional image for social media post / story. The image is about a collaboration of jazz and taiko (Japanese drum) concert. Note. Image must be original.

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    You must not use any generative AI tools or features (e.g., DALL-E, Midjourney, Firefly, Stable Diffusion). Only use traditional tools and software you would use in your professional day-to-day job (e.g., Illustrator, Photoshop). Please create a high-quality marketing image that is ready to be used in a marketing campaign as per this instruction: Instagram-style image, consumer skydiving with RedBull logo parachute, thrilling adventure, freedom sense, clear sky background, high resolution, photorealistic, dynamic action pose, vibrant colors, detailed equipment. Technical Specification of Deliverable - Aspect ratio: 1:1 - Resolution: 1024x1024 - File format: .jpeg or .png Again: You must NOT use generative AI tools!

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    Will do 7 image background white and edit within 24 hours.

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    Newsletter DB insert and thank you page / text/image edits

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    I'm looking for a professional with expertise in managing and categorizing image data. Your responsibilities will include: - Inputting image data in JPEG format into the system - Proficient categorization of the entered images according to my specific guidelines Ideal skills include attention to detail, familiarity with JPEG image format, and past experience in data entry and image categorization. Having a keen eye for organizing details would be a valuable addition. This project requires precision and reliability, as correct data input and categorization are essential.

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    Consultation 9 hari left

    We have already discussed the details.

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    I'm looking for a proficient lawyer who specializes in notary laws to ensure my notary business operates within legal boundaries. Here's a precise breakdown of what I require: - **Legal Consultation**: Guidance on the nuances of notary laws. - **Document Services**: Primary focus on contracts; both drafting and notarization. - **Language Proficiency**: Must be fluent in English and Telugu for document translation and notarization. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Licensed lawyer with expertise in notary laws. - Experience in contract law, especially within a notary context. - Skilled in legal writing and document translation in English and Telugu. - Knowledgeable in business registration and licensing as it pertains to notary services. I value clear communication and ...

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    I'm seeking a specialist with profundity in bacteriology to focus on a project encompassing bacteriocins, microorganisms, antimicrobial peptides and antibiotics. The tasks involved include: - In-depth bacteriology research - Consultation on findings and outcomes - Laboratory analysis related to findings Ideal candidate must have: - Prior experience in bacteriology - Comprehensive understanding of bacteriocins, microorganisms, antimicrobial peptides, and antibiotics - Capability to implement, assess, and interpret laboratory analyses - Proficiency in communicating complex scientific concepts effectively Prior research work in the specified areas would be highly advantageous. The 50-60 LABS are isolated. which strain is effective to inhibit to other species like E coli, sal...

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    12 bida

    I am in need of a skilled freelancer to create a compelling website that serves as a lead-generation tool for my legal, especially for legal or professional services. - Strong SEO background, with the ability to implement strategies tailored to legal services. - Proficiency in creating clear, concise, and engaging content that prompts action, whether that’s submitting a contact form or requesting a consultation. - Knowledge of lead generation strategies and how to effectively integrate them into website design and functionality. While specifics about desired actions (like form submission or consultation requests) were not provided, the freelancer should be prepared to implement various lead generation tools and measures based on best practices and m...

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    85 bida

    I want to develop a fun power bi reports: Random image picker. For this example pic any 5 images from the web, (Copy image address) store them in an excel file. In the report I would like to see just the image and a play button. When we click play button it randomly picks an image from the list of images. - User should not refresh the browser, to see the new image - It should open in the same browser tab. - It should display random images from the list of 5 images.

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    16 bida

    I am seeking a capable Wordpress specialist to assist me in displaying an image from one site onto other specific websites. This task is for personal purposes and is centered around cross-promotion between multiple online platforms. The ideal candidate would have: - Specific skills in Wordpress and cross-domain functions - Proven knowledge in image embedding across different websites - Ability to work efficiently and deliver the task promptly For clarification, I have already outlined a list of targeted websites for the image to be shown. However, your insights on improving the display process or expanding to other beneficial websites will be highly appreciated.

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    7 bida

    Create golden Docker images (Base Images) that support JRE (latest)

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    12 bida

    We have images, that need to be turn in coloring book style lines.. basic line art. its a long term job for that right person. bulk orders as well. - we currently pay $1-1.5 per page. - TO make sure you read this project description - Start your message with " 001" then only i will check ! lets talk more

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    51 bida artist to create a very high-detail vector version of a provided JPEG image. The vector image needs to be in color and must maintain utmost quality when viewed in larger renderings. Key tasks: - Transform JPEG image into high-detail vector - Maintain color detail as much as possible - Ensure large-scale rendering without quality loss Ideal skillset: - Proficient with vector graphic software (like Adobe Illustrator) - Deep understanding of digital art processes - Capability to reproduce high-detail color art in vector form - Prior experience in replicating JPEG images into vector format - A sharp eye for detail and color accuracy Ultimately, I'm after a finely detailed, colored vector version of my JPEG image with no compromises on the quali...

    $10 (Avg Bid)
    65 penyertaan

    I'm looking for a talented Photoshop expert who can breathe new life into an existing picture. The changes include: - Complete text alteration: The existing 'Text 1' in the image needs significant adjustment to make it more suitable, while maintaining high-quality visual aesthetics. Unfortunately, the updated content for 'Text 1' is not yet ready, and part of the job will include collaborating with me to finalize what the new text should say. As such, someone with good communication skills and patience will be highly appreciated. Other modifications include: - Comprehensive removal of the background. Requires advanced skill in Photoshop and an eye for keeping things looking natural and professional. - A retouch of the skin. Require expertise in Photosh...

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    10 bida

    I'm looking for a talented Photoshop expert who can breathe new life into an existing picture. The changes include: - Complete text alteration: The existing 'Text 1' in the image needs significant adjustment to make it more suitable, while maintaining high-quality visual aesthetics. Unfortunately, the updated content for 'Text 1' is not yet ready, and part of the job will include collaborating with me to finalize what the new text should say. As such, someone with good communication skills and patience will be highly appreciated. Other modifications include: - Comprehensive removal of the background. Requires advanced skill in Photoshop and an eye for keeping things looking natural and professional. - A retouch of the skin. Require expertise in Photosh...

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    34 bida

    Image review and annotation, 2/10/2024 - 2/16/2024

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    I'm currently facing a consistent issue with the alignment of images on my Wordpress webshop. Every image displayed is only showing half, indicating a global misalignment problem that affects the user experience and visual appeal of the site. ### Ideal Candidate Skills: - Proficiency in Wordpress development - Strong understanding of HTML and CSS - Experience with responsive design adjustments - Eye for detail in visual presentation - Problem-solving skills specific to web design and development - Previous experience with e-commerce platforms beneficial ### Tasks to Accomplish: - Identify the root cause of the image alignment issue. - Develop a solution that ensures all images are fully visible and properly aligned. - Implement a fix that is consistent across different...

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    I need an experienced digital marketer who can effectively promote my consultation services through strategic Facebook ads. I’m primarily focused on generating leads or sales with a target audience of national customers. The freelancer should ideally possess these skills and experience: - Proven track record of driving sales or lead generation through Facebook advertising. - Deep understanding of Facebook's ad platform and targeting capabilities. - Strong ability to create engaging, high-converting ad content. - Extensive experience in consulting or professional services industries would be a bonus. Your role will involve: - Crafting compelling Facebook ads that promote my consultation services. - Developing an ad strategy that reaches our target audience acros...

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    I am in need of assistance managing a high volume of JPEG image data. This work is in Portuguese and you need to know Portuguese. Ideal candidates for the role should possess: - Proven experience with data entry tasks, preferably involving image files. - Familiarity with JPEG file format. - Ability to handle bulk data—around 1000 files—and deliver work promptly. - Sharp attention to detail to maintain the accuracy of the entered data. Your main responsibility will entail converting the given JPEG image data into a usable format for easy access and retrieval. This role requires you to be meticulous, deliver high-quality work quickly, and manage the image files professionally. If this sounds like the perfect role for you, I look forward to seei...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who is proficient in AutoCAD. You'll be required to modify an existing technical drawing by resizing it according to a new set of measurements. The job primarily involves: - Updating the image size - Implementing dimensional changes Ideally, you should have substantial expertise with AutoCAD, including precision scaling and format conversions. The aim is to accommodate the amended drawing to a particular paper size, while preserving rendering details for printed output. Only individuals who are confident in their AutoCAD abilities, specifically with reference to scaling and dimension alterations are encouraged to submit a bid.

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    I'm seeking a talented profess...writing experience, with a flair for clear, impactful presentation. - Knowledge of the mining industry and the specific demands of maintenance and operations roles. - Ability to translate my experiences and skills into compelling content. - Proficiency in Microsoft Word. - Excellent communication skills to ensure my objectives are perfectly captured in the resume. **What I Expect:** - Initial consultation to discuss my career goals, experiences, and any specific points that need emphasis. - Draft version for review before finalizing the document. - Professional layout and formatting that stand out. This is your chance to help me make a significant leap in my career by crafting a resume that opens doors in the mine maintenance and operations ma...

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    ML Consultation 8 hari left

    A consultation on machine learning development for advancing drug discovery and therapeutic interventions.

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    1 bida

    For this project, I am looking for an expert in Python programming to develop a deep learning defusion model targeting image data. the model is meant to enhance the predicted image visualisation. The ideal candidate should possess: - Extensive experience with Diffusion models in PyTorch. - Proven experience in developing deep learning models for image visualosation improvement. - Strong expertise in Diffusion model training.

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    36 bida

    The implementation should be as per this document 7,500 INR

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    8 bida
    AI-Powered Image Recognition 950 hari left

    ...expertise of a skilled developer familiar with Python, specifically for the creation and implementation of a deep learning AI model focused on image recognition. The final goal is for this AI model to be seamlessly integrated within a web application, enhancing its capabilities and offering innovative functionalities to our users. **Requirements:** - **Programming Language:** Proficiency in Python is a must, as it's the chosen language for this project. - **Specialization:** Experience with AI and machine learning libraries in Python such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, or similar is crucial. - **Image Recognition Experience:** Demonstrable experience in developing image recognition models, preferably with a portfolio or examples of past projects. - **Integration Ski...

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    61 bida

    This is a typing work in which you need to type in words from image file to text file. We have attached a demo files which explains the procedure of the work to be done. Accuracy of the work should be 95%. Number of pages to be done: 40 Rate : Rs 15/- per page. Number of words per page on an average: 850 Payment will not be released in case the files doesn't get delivered on time. Only genuine freelancers can bid.

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    43 bida

    Not sure how this works, but I am looking to create something for use with printer labels (PLS570). I attached something a a visual, but not exactly what I want. I would like to have a vanilla bean used as the "M" in Mark's and use a vanilla bean/flower on the label.

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    52 bida
    image editng 8 hari left

    here are two image editing job request

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    1 bida

    I'm seeking a talented team or individual with expertise in Laravel and Flutter, to add new features on ready app or create new app - require specialist developer for each ( should have some experience in Laravel ) 4- app tester : for test functions and make pressure on server to check any errors or weakness use tools for examples ( JMeter , flutter driver or firebase test lab , test flight .....) should mention which tools you will use 5- integration with online payment or integration with any require 6- upload my exist app on apple store. 7- consultation and supervisor. please if you not have good knowledge and good profile please don not put your offer please specify in which field u are better or if you have more than filed please mentio...

    $14 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    78 bida

    B2B Lead lists with verified decision-makers emails, names, phone numbers, and Professional details Project Budget: 10-30 USD and Hourly We are an accounting and auditing company in Dubai. We provide Accounting, Auditing, Corporate Tax, VAT and Excise Tax, Regulatory Compliance, and Business Consultation to Businesses in the UAE in different industries. Task and requirements: - Generate B2B lead lists with decision-makers full verified contact info (names, phones, emails and Professional details) - Obtaining demographics and interests is open to discussion. - The list is for marketing purposes. - The list should be industry-categorized. - The targeted industries point is open to discussion.

    $3 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    6 bida

    More details: What platform(s) do you want the image upload feature to be available on? iOS, Android, Both How would you like the images to be uploaded? Direct from the device's camera, From the device's photo gallery, Both options How do you want the uploaded images to be stored? uploading to an API

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    fiverr gig image 4 hari left

    im looking for eye catchy fiverr gig image design creation with my image and text

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    19 bida

    At present, there is an AI application website that wants to go abroad and requires consultation on the process and required qualifications. Further communicate the workload based on the content that still needs to be developed. Welcome students who have worked on similar projects before to contact us

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    33 bida

    ...assistance to navigate the complexities of visa applications and human resources consulting, with a specific focus on work, student, and travel visas. This project will extend beyond three months, underscoring the need for a dedicated, knowledgeable partner. **Required Services:** - Comprehensive human resources consulting tailored to visa applicants' needs. - Expert advice on visa options and consultation for work, student, and travel visas. - Hands-on assistance with filing visa applications, ensuring accuracy and compliance. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in human resources, preferably with experience in visa-related HR consulting. - Deep understanding of visa regulations and application processes for work, student, and travel visas. - Proven track...

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    4 bida

    ...beneficial products but also to educate my audience on their uses and advantages. I envision a platform that intertwans commerce with knowledge, offering an immersive experience to my visitors. **Key Features I want:** - **Product Pages:** A dedicated section to each product, including high-quality images, detailed descriptions about the usage, benefits, and instructions for our herbal products. - **Consultation Bookings:** An integrated system allowing visitors to book consultations directly with me via the website. This should be user-friendly, displaying available slots and easily accessible from the main menu. - **Educational Blog:** I want a blog section that is rich with content ranging from the history of herbs, their health benefits, to how they can be incorporated into ...

    $297 (Avg Bid)
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    51 bida