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    Budget:30$, please apply only within budget and having 3+ yrs of experience in firebase, Android. 1)Firebase User should create after complete signup like the selection of universities, college, branch, semester, currently, it's creating before OTP screen at Signup and when I try to signup with the same Email, it says email already exists. Insert into Transactions collection with "free...

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    I need Android app that with username and password for 1 session with IMEI locked, and activate and deactivate button enough, tap on the activate it as backup the original and replace our files, and tap on deactivate means restore original files. This is the app I need, this app needs to access root permission.

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    Our application which will be iOS, ANDROID and WEB is a real time diagnostic application called (LIVE AUTOMOTIVE DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM - LADS) LADS® is a complete professional OBD2/GPS/GPRS tool with software and OBD 2device (LADS® device) that gives app user real-time update on the health of the car, position/location, performance, fuel level, displays and explains error codes...

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    Usecase: Low-cost shipping container tracking using cellular (NB-IoT/LTE-CatM with 2g or 3g fallback) without using GPS Workflow: Device wakes up every X minutes, samples the environment (time, temperature, cell towers w/ signal strength info), then transmits its information (timestamp, temp, cell ids, imei/imsi) to a server (either via http request or mqtt). If it is unable to successfully trans...

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    I want someone to help me change the imei no of a Samsung device and serial no of that device

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    Our VR Mobile applications programmed with UE4 are ready. Our website is ready. We need a subscription system which has a security. Security: A subscriber can open our application only on his phone, cannot open it on another phone. I mean; A subscription must cover and control automatically: 1.) The name of subscriber 2.) The mobile telephone IMEI 3.) The special code (we will give it) of our app...

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    Please bid if you can track exact location of IMEI no.

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    We have many Unreal Engine UE4 Mobile Apps at Google Play. Our purpose: Back-End Service: 1.) We need a back-end service (a panel and a data-base) attached to our web site. User will come to that service by their mobile device and save his/her information and become a subscriber. 2.) That back-end service will get the unique code (IMEI or whatever) of the user and send to the data-base. Securi...

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    We have mobile VR (virtual reality) apps downloadable google play. Only subscribers can open our apps. Our purpose: After a subscriber downloaded our app to his/her mobile phone, he can not use any other mobile device to open that app anymore. To check if a subscriber always using the same mobile phone, our method is: 1.) A user will come to our website (we have a website) and record his/her in...

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    Looking for a hardware engineer familiar with 3G4G Mobile data and capturing unique identifiers from smart devices including IMEI, IMSI, SIM, MAC IDs or other Smart Device data identifiers This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details.

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    i have goip-4 i want to do portal that i can make calls to list of number for certain time and hangup and also can sent bulk sms to list of number for example Sim A call number X wait 4 minute end call Sim b sent text to X2 Sim b call number X2 wait 5 minute end call Sim b sent text to X2 and keep in loop for other sims and also i should be able to change imei for each sim later...

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    This is not a project from scratch, the application is live and needs some adjustments. The aim of the task is to develop an Admin panel that manages and adjusts services at the backend. Current panel is made in Wordpress theme and has limitations that is difficult to use and time consuming in some cases. The web application is created to unlock mobile phones from current network. In order to pla...

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    OBS. PREFERENCIA PARA BRASILEIROS OU QUEM FALE PORTUGUES FLUENTE Orcamento para sotware android. Sotware deve ser um navegador web, para exibir uma determinada pagina web pre determinada conforme abaixo: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] INFORMAR O IMEI DO APARELHO ACESSANDO&marca=DEVE INORMAR A MACA DO APARELHO&modelo=DEVE INFORMAR O MODELO DO APARELHO O aplicativo deve rodar em segundo p...

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    i need some one who can develop a lost mobile locator app that finds the phone's address based on imei number or gprs plz tell me if u can do it

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    My project is specially for the tracking the mobile's by there IMEI number and there PHONE NUMBER to find the exact location of the device

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    I need a html+script that updates a Google Maps marker every time change the latitude / longitude data on Cloud Firebase database. Only update the marker, no refresh page. Need GET Method like this: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ------- FirebaseCloud structure: GPS_DATA (collection) - 352093085827342 (document) latitude : "396447766" ...

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    We're looking for someone who can help us with creating a mobile application for Android, and iPhone models. Must support all variations of both software OS versions. The application will start by asking user to agree to the terms/conditions (to be discussed), then allowing user the take a picture of a QR Code generated on our website, or allow user to input their barcode ID manually. Applic...

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    We are looking for someone who can make us a Node-Red node which automatically forwards data coming in from a connected USB serial port device on a Raspberry Pi, to an MQTT broker. We are using the Sixfab GSM/GPRS shield: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] connected to a Raspberry Pi 3. The new node simply should forward any collected data over the cellular network to an MQTT broker. Each time the m...

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    Hello i wanna somone has a ESPS or ETMS servers for IMEI , they enable me to change imei

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    Description: This is what we need exactly. More Details in PDF. Our future Dashboard will have a REGISTER page. Dashboard is under construction by your fellow Freelancer and you will cooperate with her. 1. When user registers on our site, with completed registration, user must enter the Device ID (IMEI, in database that is the field ‘deviceIMEI’). That will fill the table userAccount a...

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    Dear all , hope you are doing fine, As the requirement , the freelancer should have full acknowledgement about the requirement and he should already done such projects... i want to run 4G/LTE bastion station using OAI and any sdr he require , ( i have now bladerf) . and i can order limesdr or any other requirements. the freelancer should access to my pc over teamviewr or any other remote...

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    I need a simple android app which can work in a rooted system, it can alter the IMEI, mac address, device id, GPS location, set up proxy IP etc(you can remind me what else info will be used for identification of a cell phone), basically each time I click button, it will clear the cache, and generate a new identity for my cell phone, and ready to be used for work. (initially, the app could backup m...

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    Básicamente necesito una aplicación, que envíe en tiempo real los siguientes datos: -Ubicación en tiempo real del dispositivo -Datos del dispósitivo: Estado del GPS, nivel de batería, imei, version android. Por otro lado podría ser también tener en un mapa, ubicación en tiempo real, histórico de recorridos, las paradas

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    Bulk Whatsapp Web Panel Project Description: 1. We want to develop a program which will send bulk messages ( Img-Audio-Video-Vcard)to whatsapp contacts. 2. Should support more than 10,000 to 10, 00,000 Avg. contacts.{ may be above with re-Seller Requirement.} - send bulk messages to whatsapp contacts which 1+ million daily. 3. The program will also should be able to submit messages on a planne...

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    we have a customized version of mod_gsmopen/chan_celliax that working on our Allwinner H3 Board we need to port it to work on asterisk 16 and also we need to add some feature the main features - Voice calls in both direction - call progress - show the information and status for every simcom module from CLI (IMEI,IMSI,Phone Number , Signal Status, Sim Card status, Calls Status) - sim card De...

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    hello i need to create app tracking GPS for car, i need something like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (IMEI), i need only expert for do this work thanks recommend fix the price in your offer thanks

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    I have lost my vivo smartphone anyone can trace it via it's imei number if you can then response me soon

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    build a website to detect or get IMEI + phone number + IP address + port number + device details

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    1 Create hybrid app for android,iOS for mileage tracking using GPS, Network and google services. Map: Openstreetmap 2 Android: App should work in background a. Register user with imei mapping Error log should be captured and can be viewed from web panel b. Login and mpin using gps as mandatory (same as OLA) for imei mapped mobile users Capture coordinates every 5-10 sec c. After login, users curre...

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    I need an Appcelerator Android Module for returning the IMEI of and android device. It needs to be compatible with SDK version 7.1.0.GA. My budget is 40$

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    Trophy icon Business Name and Brand Tamat left

    I need a branding expert to develop a new business name and brand to go alongside it. It is in the insurance industry but I don't need the word insurance within the name. I like short, sharp names. Examples of insurance company names I like: AON, AXA, AGEAS, AVIVA, HISCOX, AIG, Allianz, CATLIN MARKEL NOTE: THE WORD DOESN'T HAVE TO BE A REAL WORD **EDIT** This is now for name ...

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    Arham International Group (AIG) is the parent/ holding company of four companies which are into different spaces. AIG is primarily into trading of solid fuel such as coal, chemicals and supply chain/ logistics space. Also, check our website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to see the existing logo

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    Need a android app to track mobile latitude and longitude every 1 or 2 or 3... min and update the latitude and logitude into mysql database using there mobile's IMEI No

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    Hello, I would like to create a page on my website that allows for customers to enter an imei, log into their paypal or pay with credit card through paypal, and have the imei they entered checked. I have an API for a company that would be responsible for taking the orders. I would be basically be the middle-man for these imei checks. A good example would be like this company https://imei.info. I&#...

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    Need a android app to track mobile latitude and longitude every 1 or 2 or 3... min and update the latitude and logitude into mysql database using there mobile's IMEI No

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    app mobile Tamat left

    Goal: - Collect and display the software and hardware inventory of the device, as well as IMEI and user ID. - Contact Backup - Geolocation of the device - Allow device lock / unlock remotely Comments: - IOS and Android - Secure communication for sending and receiving data between devices and WebServer. - Periodicity for collecting Inventory, the Backup Geolocation will be configured through the we...

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    I am looking for someone to build software to change Imei On all the latest Samsung phones

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    nosso app seria de rastreamento de celular pelo imei do aparelho onde o cliente faca o cadastro do aparelho pagando uma taxa de 10 reais e depois venha no caso libela o sistema para ele tipo em caso de roubo ou perda do aparelho ele venha a rastria lo pelo site qual a posição do aparelho tipo onde ele esta na quele momento pela posição geografica. ai todo mes ele ira ...

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    PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE MAKING YOUR PROPOSAL. I need a great copywriter to write for my new website devicetraders.com.au. The pages/ information needed is: 1. Turn-Off-My-Activation-icloud-lock 2. Privacy Policy 3. Our Free Reply Paid Address 4. Removing your personal data 5. Google / Samsung Activation Lock 6. Forgot your iPhone passcode? 7. Terms & Conditions 8. What is an IMEI number? 9. H...

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    Location: US only. Our company develops a mobile app for tracking driving behaviour. We are in need of testing the stability of the app on the various Android phones in the USA. Testing is fairly simple, your role as a tester is to install the app on your Android phone login with given credentials and let it run in the background for one week, while you drive your car going about your daily routin...

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    I already have a hardware capable to catch IMSI and IMEI. I just need a C developer to build me a software specifically 1) catch IMSI and IMEI and able to do eavesdropping (Call/SMS) to targetted IMSI no. 2) plot map captured IMSI location and able to do whitelist of several IMSI or single IMSI in location map. We can do teamviewer to let you able to view my device capability to gather informatio...

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    Hi Dahlia, This is Hannah, from the Remote Laundries Project, we have posted the project called "AIG Remote Laundries". Can you search for it and make a bid? Thanks, Hannah

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    A variety of graphic design support

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    I have a client that is wishing to build a peer to peer end-to-end encryption app. They are in the first stages and looking for an experienced development team to partner with. This will be an android based app that is able to be push to the phone through the imei. This needs to have extensive messaging and presence protocol (XMBB) with Sockets-based chat. It will be end-to-end encrypted, encode...

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    Dear Sir or Madam, I am searching for a freelancer which program me a custom instagram account creator. Some main instructions: ->No use of selenium or Java/Java script ->The program should use mobile browser emulation, no request method ->This rules should be considered and integrated in the program [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ->Functions from the chrome plugin „BP ...

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    I need a great copywriter to write for my new website devicetraders.com.au. The pages/ information needed is: 1. Turn-Off-My-Activation-icloud-lock 2. Privacy Policy 3. Our Free Reply Paid Address 4. Removing your personal data 5. Google / Samsung Activation Lock 6. Forgot your iPhone passcode? 7. Terms & Conditions 8. What is an IMEI number? 9. How it works. 10. Why Use Us. The freelancer wi...

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    Hi Freelancers I seek a professional who can develop a Mobile Phone Shop Management Software. Which must have the following features; Buy, Sell, Repair for Retail and Warehouse/Bulk orders (Mobile Phones, Tablets, Smartwatches, Accessories, Spare Parts, etc. There are two keen sides to look at; 1) Stock Control / Management 2) Managing Profit & Loss (Cash Management) However, there are o...

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    Mobil Soğuk hava kasasının sıcaklık değerlerinin sensör yardımı ile ölçülerek thingspeak sitesine Gprs üzerinden aktarımı için donanım ve yazılım ihtiyacımız vardır. Donanım: -Arduino nano -DS1820 -SIM800C (imei kayıtlı modül kullanılacak) Yazılım: DS1820 nin ölçtüğü ısı değerleri SIM800C ile thingspeak üzerindeki hesabıma gö...

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    Android application to read the main data of the mobile device (all information on the device, including code name, brand, manufacturer,, radio, serial number, IMEI, model) will mainly serve as a monitoring tool. Data saving with export, possibility of user registration and device association.

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