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    MSP430 board 3 preparation tasks

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    Trophy icon Create an Animation Tamat left

    I have one power point slide with 24 boxes. I need an animated 'worm' to start in one box and make its way through other boxes. I need this to disappear and then another worm to appear (in a different colour) and move through the boxes in a different pattern. Then another worm appear and go through a different pattern. I need this worm to keep moving

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    I am looking for a 2-3 minute motion graphic describing a power electronics product. I will be able to provide the 2-3minute sales script. I would like the motion graphic to visually depict the script. So to provide motion graphics to my written and spoken story. I would requrie a voice over and back ground music

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    I currently have a power point that needs modifying and rewriting.

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    ...attached file. It may has a photo or not - up to you. Sample photo is attached. You may use any other photo you choose from stocks on the theme "Electric Power Generation", "Steam turbine", "Gas turbine", "Power Plant". I must approve your photo. Text pages are attached below. They consists of a table of contents, titles, subtitles, tables...

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    We want improve the current website user experience and interface self usage ...need expert in UI and experience implementation..someone...current website user experience and interface self usage ...need expert in UI and experience implementation..someone must able take current ui and show new UI improvement is power point before starting execution. .

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    Design project Tamat left

    Cartoonish white board illustrative graphic designs for educational video. anatomical references, apples on a scale, cut out of a house, etc

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    I need a simple app, entitled, "Dream It. Do It. Share It." It is a virtual dream board. It consists of a frame with two spaces for pictures. Above the first space, it says, "I dreamed it on _____". Above the second space, it says, "I did it on _____". In the bottom right corner is a share button. The idea is that the user clicks on the first space

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    Trophy icon Moore Power Tamat left

    "Moore Power" is our my family group that we have created to show people how we have fun, get healthy, be inspired and motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. We want a logo for "Moore Power". We want the logo to show energy, live and fun... We like edgy design and no prefer color.

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    Hello! We...defines us. We're also in the process of redesigning our website. We'd love to see what you can come up with! Please ask as many questions as you like on the clarification board. Attached are what our business cards currently look like. Feel free to put your own spin on it or come up with something entirely different! Thank you!

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    ... The main purpose of the paper is to inform readers so that they may realize that they need to use our consulting services because railroads exercise significant pricing power in the rail market place. I will supply a detailed two page primer for you to use as a basis for writing this paper. This paper needs to be completed in 5 days.

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    ...Computer player 5+ Levels Wind Control Disc/Frisbee throwing - must throw like a real frisbee, curl Power control Destination arrow Point Counter In-App purchases Google Analytics Social Media Login/Sign Up Integrated Ads (ModAd) Score board Points/Prizes (unlocked items) Admin Panel Out of App notifications Push Notifications Sound affects

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    ...user -Public file share -Private file share -Record session -Raise and lower hands -Screen Share -Integrate joomla file library of user (we have user drive) -upload Power Points for presentation -add videos to presentation from youtube/mijo videos (our joomla video library) -whiteboard -Multilanguage interface (translator?) -polls -switch

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    Trophy icon Design a Website Mockup Tamat left

    ...The result is improved operational efficiency, the built up carbon is removed allowing for the engine to operate using less fuel, it requires less effort to generate the same power, it runs cooler with less wear and tear providing greater engine longevity. D-CARB Global Benefits - reduced carbon emissions, re-use captured carbon to regenerate impoverished

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    We are looking for an 80's-inspired National Park shirt. Please see the attached mood board for inspiration and guidance. You can use any national park that inspires you - Yellowstone, Joshua Tree, Sequoia, Zion, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, etc. Have fun with it! Be bold! Be colorful! Please reach out if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing

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    I have this board: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and I removed the eeprom, the code has been modified to work without eeprom but the problem is I can not save the IP and and gateway since it does not have eeprom, the project is to save that information on the flash memory. I attached a picture of the configuration along

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    I want to make a hunger games type of video game. The goal of the game is to surv...them from items placed around in the arena. The most important thing for me is the art. I want it to be cartooninsh but still realistic. I want it to be a video game that is a board game if that makes sense. I already made a sloppy version of what i want it to be like.

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    Computer fundamental . Basic of networking. office xp and Internet coneets 2003. Access 2003 & tally 9.0 Installing and configuring hardware . installing and configuring software . network installation . data base management system .

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    Designing Camp Stove for charging exte...[log masuk untuk melihat URL]) Elements to desing and assemble: - external case - TEG element - FAN - LED screen - Power button - 4 x USB hubs - Accumulator - PCB (Screen/Power/Fan/Accumulator/USB drivers) Wood version here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    I need a services proposal presentation

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    Need to create a short (60 to 90 sec) animation to use for our website and to show potential investors. Have story board, just need animation to fill in. Involves showing futurist tractors planing corn, and pictures of wind and solar farms.

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    ...the basis of correct tips/total tips posted. Admin will approve which tip is correct or which tip is wrong). Admin Panel. b. On the basis of user rating. 3. Admin must have power to up or down any tipper ranking or rating. Or active inactive tipper or any random tipper tip. Admin Panel. Admin Panel 1. Admin Panel to activate inactivate tipper. 2. To

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    ...distance of 200 ft max. The bottom board, where the processing is taking place is connected to the top board (where the graphics display processing is) with a 8 pin inline header male (btm) female (top). I would like to separate the boards and put the top board with the LCD display in my hand while leaving the bottom board at the UT probe. If I can wirelessly

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    I am new to the world of internet advertising and I need social media marketing help with my job board. I want to gain thousands of new followers from the USA on Twitter and thousands of new followers/likes on Facebook from the USA. I would like to target people looking for employment as well as companies that are looking to hire new employees.

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    I need marketing help for a job board that I have created using job board software. There is a special place in the admin for SEO but I have no idea where to start. Basically, I want: 1. The search engines to have my website listed, preference being high in rankings when people are looking for a job. 2. I want to be ranked high when employers

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    My product will be a different style type cooler, it will have extra accessories that is missing in today's ...accessories that is missing in today's coolers/travel packs. This will mainly focus on a target audience of outdoor enthusiasts. It will include many accessories including a power station. I can describe it more in details once we are talking

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    A 4000 word project, due in 72 hours. Fixed pay plus healthy bonus for good quality work. If this goes well, we will bring you on board as a regular translator at higher pay.

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    77 bida

    Hello I would like to create a professional look power point presentation for 16 slides. I need to create the look and feel for the entire power point presentation

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    82 bida

    Hi dennuar, I need to get a 12v>5v regulator, an arduino pro mini, and 6 leds(in a row above the two previous) on one board. someone used to Eagle should just have to import both designs, add 6 LEDs, and connect the three. i however, can't seem to get along with eagle, and everytime i do, they update everything. i need the eagle files, andthe files

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    1 bida

    Hello, Our current Real Estate website running on Wordpress receives data from a PHP RETS system that has been upgraded by our Real Estate board. We need someone who can review the new documentation and get our site back working again. If you have previous experience working with PHP RETS, please apply! Thanks, Adam

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    24 bida

    ...have the time: 1. A basic course in cryptocurrencies for someone who has exchanged fiat money for bitcoin to pay for an online product but does not really understand the power of Bitcoin. Basically I want people to understand that cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin in particular, are their best option and how to get started. I have some information that

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    12 bida

    Hello We have the Ios and Android Apps and Web Based Admin portal. We need someone to Install th...Web Based Admin portal. We need someone to Install them first on our Hosting and then edit them for few changes. This project is only for extracting the softwares and installing the web Portal. Only 4.5 Feedback with minimum 15 done jobs please!

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    3 bida

    Need to have a Power Point Presentation transferred into Prezi. Also need additional clip Art added to Presentation on blank slides.

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    10 penyertaan

    Hello We have the Ios and Android Apps and Web Based Admin portal. We need someone to Install th...Web Based Admin portal. We need someone to Install them first on our Hosting and then edit them for few changes. This project is only for extracting the softwares and installing the web Portal. Only 4.5 Feedback with minimum 15 done jobs please!

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    15 bida

    Hello I get many works for installing and design themes for wordpress. I need someone that can corporate to do me the customization for the templates & install plugins If he knows how to manage shopify would be great too . So customer chose a theme and we do something similar theme for him . Usually i pay my existing designer/ developer $40 per

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    66 bida

    ...flash memory so that at power up our firmware loads into DDR memory and runs from there. Existing bootloaders/software/tools/examples/resources found online for the MPU can be used with or without modifications and/or completely new ones can be written if needed. - Development will be done on ATSAMA5D2B-XULT evaluation board. - Fast firmware load

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    16 bida
    Trophy icon Design a Logo Tamat left

    Hi, I need a design for a new pub I'm opening. I need a logo that'll be on the board above the house where the pub will be opened. That logo will be used for cards and other advertisement related things for my pub. The design should have "Pub Majmunac" in it as it is the name of my pub. You could also add small things like a beer pint in it, not necessary

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    Duration : 2 minutes. I will give your the specifications (story board, character type, voice, music, ...)

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    94 bida

    We are looking for a native German speaker with Catalyx is a new breed of strategic marketing agency that was appointed Best New Agency of the 2014 year by the MRS. Catalyx harnesses the intelligence and the power of the crowd for the benefit of brands and organizations via ad-hoc end user communities and social listening techniques

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    4 bida

    ...monsters etc. Each enemy has its own AI. The player move forwards ,backwards ,up and down and he has the abilities to attack with his sword and fires fireball. Also he can collect power ups in the levels to make it stronger , faster and improves his health. Each level start with 3 lives , if the player lost one life he can use the second life if he watch a

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    84 bida a rectangular coworking table that can be used efficiently from both sides for 4 to 6 people. There should be a removable screen (e.g. small shelve) in the middle. A power outlet in the middle of the table and small storage facilities should also be included. The construction should be rather simple (easy to produce), based on wood (plywood) and

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    Slot machine 1. splash screen 2. main game board with 3 lines 3. bet on main board and play game with music,while rolling 4. if all the lines have same image then user win, otherwise he will lost. When user win, then showing the “congratulations” and the same image, simple sound effect. line 1 : burgers , [log masuk untuk melihat URL] fries , [log masuk untuk melihat U...

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    power transfered through wireless for charging wheel chair and mobile phone of the disabled persons at their [log masuk untuk melihat URL] disabled persons find difficult,if the batteries charge of the wheel chair and or mobile phone goes low when they are alone at their home Since they cannot move and or communicate in low [log masuk untuk melihat URL] the charge of their mobile phone

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    The technical writer for biomass gasifier power plant. The writer for financial table.

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    Sila Dafter atau Log masuk untuk melihat butiran.

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    I need to have programs installed that allow me to save multiple coupons from sites.

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    Build an App Tamat left

    I am looking for quotes to build an online ...interested teachers will accept job to explain question I need it to include: 1. take a photo of pages in textbook including maths problems and change to text 2. white board function to explain maths problems 3. Chat function to explain questions 4. Possibly video chat function to explain questions

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    I need a firmware development. for the development board ESP8266-12. With secure connection. Using the MQTTS protocol. Documentation. Source code. PCB design. Temperature and humidity control dht11. 4 Touch buttons. LCD (led - custom matrix) or Graphic Display. 2 Relays (High Power - Low Power). IR [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Control. autoconfigure wifi .Connectivity

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    Transfer Power Point slides from old template to new template. New template background and format is different to old template. The new template has alternative design elements that can be used at random. Number of slides: 1941 Project timeline: 14 days New template characteristics has to include: • Font type to be used: Franklin Gothic

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    38 bida