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    I'm running 2 instances on AWS Lightsail (Bitnami Wordpress installation) that have both recently failed in their Bitnami HTTPS Configuration Tool (automatic renewal). I've attempted to problem solve but I've been unable to do so. I need somebody well versed in Bitnami Wordpress installation on AWS Lightsail. This prject should take 30 minutes to complete

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    ...Records from local database, which failed to sync due to any reason - Reset Data option, to reload the Users data from APIs 3- Devices Management Option to Add/Edit/Delete Device in the System using IP Address, Port & Other settings 4- Users Management Fetch the Users List from API, save it in local Database, fetch the users from devices, link with API users based on Attendance ID, and also show the users which are not linked with any record Users biometric data will be synced with server using APIs, so that user registered on one device can automatically be registered on 2nd device 5 Attendance Data Read the data from devices and list in the system Sync the data with server using API and show the status (synced or not) Option to re-try the syncing of failed record...

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    We are seeking a Data professional who can support establishing/monitoring ETL/ELT processes within Azure Data Factory to support the buildout of an analytics data warehouse for an Ecommerce company. Ideal Freelancer will have: 1. Azure experience, specifically ADF. 2. E-commerce experience, and familiarity with Google Analytics/Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. 3. Strong SQL ex...seeking a Data professional who can support establishing/monitoring ETL/ELT processes within Azure Data Factory to support the buildout of an analytics data warehouse for an Ecommerce company. Ideal Freelancer will have: 1. Azure experience, specifically ADF. 2. E-commerce experience, and familiarity with Google Analytics/Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. 3. Strong SQL experience 4. Experience using API / ODBC con...

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    Freelancer must upload 1000 Questions of Money Heist Series episode-wise in the TalenTitan portal. The company will provide a section to upload questions and Freelancers have to upload 60 questions daily. If you failed to upload 60 questions on a particular day you must have some solid reason. If you fail to upload 1000 questions in a specific frame of time company will not give any money to you. Campany can only give a max of 1 rupee per question. You need to upload 1000 questions maximum in 20 days.

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    I have a backup of ms sql I want to convert to mysql I tried workbench but it give a error: copytable]: Statement execution failed: Incorrect string value: 'xF0x9Fx98x8A &...' for column 'content' If someone know what wrong i am doing or know any other method please apply for project.

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    We have a program which has an SQL Database and would like to have an App on mobile phones to scan barcodes and write the results back to our Database. We contacted the Software developer and got the answer that is possible using an ODBC Driver. Please contact us if you think you can create us such an app.

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    Hello, We urgently need the people who know how to setup Openshift Data Foundation on Openshift on VMware platform. We try to deploy operator but it was failed. We need CephFS for demonstrating IBM Spectrum Protect Plus backup job. But this software need Openshift Data foundation operator. We don't have so much time. In 24 hours we need to finish it.

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    Hello, I am looking for a developer who can customize our donation platform () which is built on WordPress and uses GiveWP donation plugin. Below is our requirement: 1. Redirect the donors after a failed donation or a successful donation to a specific page 2. Making the donation form a bit simple and user friendly Currently GiveWP uses only one page to let the donors know the status of a donation on a single page.

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    ...- Easy Installation & Configuration - Compatible with all WooCommerce Payment Gateways From WooCommerce Admin side: - For the API connection to the server: Adding CMS Credentials: Server IP (or DNS), Example: On successful connection "API connection Successful" on unsuccessful connection "API connection failed" notification. Language Variables editor like in the example: Add Application Links like in the example (this App should be show later in the WooCommerce Client Area): Upload Application Links: Product (Service) creation: Get package info via API from CMS and assign

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    I attach a little sopaui project that generate a SOAP request with MTOM attachment. The endpoint adopt the basic preemptive authorization. I have a bash script test_mtom that try to MAKE AN IDENTICAL AN WORKING SOAP request, but goal is to find someone that can make the test_mtom working. Attached files soapui log of a failed request caused by missing "preemptive_authorization" soapui log of a OK request test_mtom the script that generates my request the request attachment the envelop used by test_mtom to create the request SOAPUI project

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    I’m wanting payments added to my site where it automatically inserts into the database with a success and failed result Here’s what I require is for a successful payment and where it adds to 'users' user -> var_credit for the amount they have topped up and also into transactions table of the database is for a failed payment to add into transactions table of the database is the page they add there details in could you make it where its set at minimum £5 gbp? also, is it possible that we could name the transaction so it appears on there bank statement as 'Percentaro'

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    Portfolio Modelling using R 2 hari left

    Using R to Construct Multi-Asset Portfolio i want someone to run that code to stocks : Amazon,google ,meta,microsoft, nvidia dates 1-1-2019 until 1-1-2021 i m trying to run it # d...nvidia dates 1-1-2019 until 1-1-2021 i m trying to run it # download prices and create returns from Adjusted Prices data1 = lapply(s1, FUN = function(x) { ROC(Ad(getSymbols(x, from = "2019-07-01", to = "2021-06-30", = FALSE)), type = "discrete") * 100 }) #%returns Warning: download failed; trying again. Error in (Symbols = "", env = <environment>, verbose = FALSE, : Unable to import “”. download failed after two attempts. Error message: HTTP error 404.

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    Estoy intentando realizar una solicitud post con fetch http con un archivo en la peticion pero cuando agrego el archivo a la solicitud sale el siguiente error [TypeError: Network request failed] El proyecto es con react-native android Estuve intentando arreglarlo con : android:usesCleartextTraffic="true" Pero sigue igual

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    I have a 40min FaceTime video that the audio failed on and need it transcribed via lip reading.

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    Android studio , build issue 1 hari left

    * Duplicate value for resource * Build project issue Task :app:mergeDebugResources FAILED Execution failed for task ':app:mergeDebugResources'. > A failure occurred while executing > Resource compilation failed

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    Our client has a research proposal which was not approved [failed] and he needs to correct this by Saturday 25th. The thesis will address the Tourism industry and climate change

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    Database error 11 jam left

    Connection failed: User "someting" has exceeded the 'max_user_connections' resource (current value: 50)

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    I need a MSAccess remote MySql connection. I think the better way is through a ODBC driver. The MySql database is hosted in CPanel. Is it possible?

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    Need help in investigating build failures, why the build is failed and what can be done to avoid the failure in jenkins

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    .Net Developer Tamat left

    automation engineers for its business processes. This role is ideal for people with automation experience in both web and client-server environments. You will be required to work on both long term projects and short-term rapid development engagements. S...automation experience in both web and client-server environments. You will be required to work on both long term projects and short-term rapid development engagements. Strong analytical ability to grasp functional requirements and visualizing future automations will be needed. Skills and experience - C#, ASP.NET, WebAPI - SOAP, Rest API integration - Process automation using .NET or VBA - Running SQL/ODBC queries - Interest to work with AI services offered by AWS or MS Cognitive Services - Knowledge of the healthcare industry is a...

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    I need someone to remote on to my PC and try to resolve the issue i am having.

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    The task is to create a basic SMS blocking app which can reject an SMS message on the SENDER'S side with a 'Message Failed' type error.

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    I am facing the socket connection issue with my application.

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    I am receiving the following error message on the Laravel section of my site: ErrorException fwrite(): write of 2680 bytes failed with errno=28 No space left on device It seems I need to free up space. Need dev to be able to work now AEST.

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    Hello, I am a 3D designer. I designed a character in blender. my character is rigli. but the clothes are not rigi. because when I press ctrl+p and try to rig, I get the error "bone heat weighting: failed to find solution for one or more bones". And when I send it to mixamo I get the error you see below. I want to transfer my character to mixamo. and i want to know what is wrong. thanks. I will send the blender file to the send message.

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    I am facing the socket connection issue with my application.

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    Hi there! we have XLS layout of calcu..."add-in" in Microsoft App store. Did you already do that before? Please let us know. >We will provide you XLS with functions (basically, its about cash flow time series). >You will build and upload this "add-in" so common users could download add-in from MS app store and use it in their desktop XLS. Please note that this is not the first attempt to ask for it on Freelancer. Two previous attempts failed as MS App store stop accepting visual studio code and first programmer didn't realised that. Second programmer build javascript code, however didn't make upload there. It is therefore important that you already did upload previously and you absolutely 100% know how to create add-in for successful upload. Ha...

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    I have tried many times to convert bootstrap template to a wordpress theme but failed every time, I need a developer to help me with this and guide me step by step through this with support if I need help. Ideally the developer should be skilled with PHP and wordpress, and also have good knowledge hmtl, css, js,.

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    energize rod Tamat left

    I want to create an energized stainless steel or aluminum rod about 1/8 of an inch thick and about a foot long with a piece of 1.5 " pvc pipe as a handle . Need to work with one or up to three 9V batteries . Need to be energized from one end only the other end is going in the ground to use eledctricity to tickle fishing worms out of the mud. Batteries...foot long with a piece of 1.5 " pvc pipe as a handle . Need to work with one or up to three 9V batteries . Need to be energized from one end only the other end is going in the ground to use eledctricity to tickle fishing worms out of the mud. Batteries and any other components are going to be stored inside the 1.5" pvc pipe handle. I needed the proper configuration, tried by myself in the past and failed I was unable t...

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    Drupal issues Tamat left

    I have a drupal site and have two issues who like to fixed! One with forms can't send because captcha validation failed and the second with google api key try to add new api key!

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    You must transfer the design in a current Wix website and build a custom Eccomerce website. This cannot be wix, shopify or wordpress unless you are 100% confident you can build the custom plugin described below. The website built must allow for the easy upload and management of thous...questions to confirm you have read and understood the task: 1. Do you have experience transferring Wix store? 2. Do you have experience building large eccomerce sites with thousands of products? 3. Do you understand what is meant by embedded pages instead normal images? 4. Are you able to complete this project? Deadline: 14 days Budget: £550 *Too many Freelancers have accepted projects and then failed to follow through. You must show that you have understood the task before asking to be awar...

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    I am currently experiencing an issue with Socket IO. Its working on my Dev but on my Prod. i am getting the below error in prod Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 ()

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    CSS problem Tamat left

    I want my 600+ static site ( ) pages to display Arial as the font. Most pages do, some don't, and I can't figure out why. I've refreshed Firefox & Chrome browser cache repeatedly without change On this page, it works: On ... On these two it does not: This site has been built by an amateur over a 10-year period. I'm an old woman who lives on social security checks so cannot hire someone to fix the site and must do it myself. I need help with finding the problem so that I can do so. The site is hosted on Bluehost and so far I've failed to learn how to clear the server or site cache there. (My host of 17 years blinked out of biz in Feb :( )

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    Need an expert who has knowledge of Project Planning, Managing Scope, project framework, Creating the Work Breakdown Structure, Personal Project, Analysis of a failed project and the expert should be able to complete the project efficiently within 24 hrs from now.

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    Hello everybody. I am seeking for someone who have rich experience in cryptocurrency trading software development. This attached file that my previous developer developed does not run now. My private key was not imported into this software. Report Waring " Private Key" failed. I hope someone fixes this error asap. This bot is a software based on python for trading. Please help me.

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    Looking Windows Server AD Expert , Who have very good Experience in Replication, 3 AD and Trust Replication is there , Not able to join workstation to Domain *The Trust relationship between this work station and the primary domain failed error ( while logging to domain account ) *Replication issue( not able to replicate, Error will appear) Please apply if you are a expert

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    Flutter app Tamat left

    ...deprecated .getPackageInfo((), PackageManager.GET_PERMISSIONS); ^ 1 error 2 warnings FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: Execution failed for task ':geolocator_android:compileReleaseJavaWithJavac'. > Compilation failed; see the compiler error output for details. * Try: Run with --stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with --info or --debug option to get more log output. Run with --scan to get full insights. * Get more help at BUILD FAILED in 51s Running Gradle task 'assembleRelease'... 52,4s Gradle task assembleRelease failed with exit code 1 ...

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    We tried to setup a demo project of AWS IVS demo in React but it failed to run in local environment and encountered the following errors (can refer to the attached photo): Uncaught Error: Unrecognized extension value in extension set ([object Object]). This sometimes happens because multiple instances of @codemirror/state are loaded, breaking instanceof checks. Please try to fix this out so that we can setup the demo in local environment. Project repository: REACT_APP_PUT_METADATA_API=''

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    Site unable to approve new users . site not sending out email notif...out email notifications due to problem below, which makes it impossible for users to receive or very their email address so they can login. Once system is fixed, admin email address change is needed and successful registration test required. EMAIL DELIVERY ERROR: the plugin WP Mail SMTP v2.1.1 logged this error during the last time it tried to send an email: Mailer: Other SMTP SMTP connect() failed. review your WP Mail SMTP settings in plugin admin area. Consider running an email test after fixing it. Heads up! The last email your site attempted to send was unsuccessful. Email Source: WP Core Mailer: Other SMTP SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.

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    ...specified as unsigned integers - The sequence of edges is not ordered in any specific way. Output: - It is one line. - Contains no whitespace. - If errors are present, print te first of below listed errors (e.g. if E1 and E2 are present, print "E1") - If no errors are present, print the route using the representation as described below. Errors E1 - Input syntax error E2 - Logical input error E3 - Failed to find a suitable route Logical input errors are duplicate definitions of edges, specifying either a start or destination node (second line) that is not actually defined in the graph(first line), disconnected graphs, or more than one shportest path found. Output representation: If there were no errors and the shortest route is found, the nodes should be printed in t...

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    ...# Introduction I have a webApp hosted on my server which performs the following tasks: - Initialize a video stream from the camera - Uses GEOLOCATION to get current location Both procedures are done in Javascript via the website. # Problem When I've tried to build a Chrome wrapper using webView on AndroidStudio, the above mentioned features no longer worked. Call for geolocation and camera failed. Both requests immediately throws a permission denied error. # Required work Build an Android app wrapper for a (to be provided) website URL which will allow it to initialize the mobile camera and, prompt permission for the geolocation request. The app also must support links such as described below. - email links <a href="mailto:..."> - phone links <a h...

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    14 bida

    assist in fixing intune compliance errors Failed to require bitlocker / firewall / etc must have previous experience on proper security practices with intune

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    I need a teacher (tutor) to help me prepare for my exam in August so I can learn faster and more efficiently as I failed in my summer exams.

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    28 bida

    Support for skipping tests has been added since Python 2.7. It is possible to skip individual test method or TestCase class, conditionally as well as unconditionally. The framework allows a certain test to be marked as an 'expected failure'. This test will 'fail' but will not be counted as failed in TestResult. To skip a method unconditionally, the following () class method can be used − import unittest def add(x,y): return x+y class SimpleTest(): @("demonstrating skipping") def testadd1(self): (add(4,5),9) if __name__ == '__main__': () Since skip() is a class method, it is prefixed by @ token. The method takes one argument: a log message describing the reason for the skip. When the above

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    PROJECT OBJECTIVE 1) Automation of FTP Reports Data into Database 2) Set up of 2 dashboards ( As per corporate level , with CSS and design) 3) Training for if any changes needed to do and to create dashboards on Power BI 4) Reports FTP LOAD INTO DB we have 2 different...with CSS and design) 3) Training for if any changes needed to do and to create dashboards on Power BI 4) Reports FTP LOAD INTO DB we have 2 different type of excel file, which we use to get daily. both file have multiple sheet , and each sheet data should go in separate table. Once file read and write in database successfully , file should be moved to another folder for record purpose. If file failed email or notification to team. SQL Database Can be Azure or on Premises. Kindly prepare your design and share wi...

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    I need to solve the issue of my Ec2 instance witch i had to stop services and restart server, suddenly it got stack i try restart it several time but still the same .. i will upload some images to figure out the issue .

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    I have a website makes 99% in page speed insight but failed. can anyone fix it pages are : مظلات-سيارات/ برجولات/

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    ...developer that will handle an Android React Native Mobile Application development Project. The selected developer will carry on the Project Update to 64Bit. The App currently compiles and is working fine and already previously submitted and approved to google playstore. The app needs now to be updated to work for 64Bit, as the new requirement to submit to Google Playstore. Our initial Attempt failed as limited knowledge on React-Native Update. It seems the best approach is to upgrade the react-native version to min 0.59.10, where it can have 64 bits. The requirements/skills are as follows: 1- Very good Experience in Android JAVA 2- Very good Experienced React Native developer 3- Experienced Yarn/npm 4- Experienced Android Studio on MAC 5- Experienced MacOS 6- Experienced Goog...

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    58 bida (can you get this link running - can you help me get it running?) │ Error: remote-exec provisioner error │ │ with null_resource.set-hostname, │ on line 17, in resource "null_resource" "set-hostname": │ 17: provisioner "remote-exec" { │ │ interrupted - last error: SSH authentication failed (ubuntu@): ssh: handshake failed: ssh: unable to authenticate, attempted methods [none publickey], no supported │ methods remain ╵ (base) ej:raspberry-testing ej$ If you can get this running; I do have the Raspberry Pi on my lan and seems a KEY issue I am having; is there a way you can help with the key? There is hope you can give your “best” price; unemployed, and h...

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    PHPMailer SMTP connect() failed on CONTABO VPS but worked locally I own a VPS from a contabo company I have a problem when accessing an email account through Outlook, a desktop email app or another website via SMTP using a secure TLS+SSL connection, whether it's the local mail server itself or another server like Google, unfortunately "failed" Connection" . Find an expert to solve the problem, and when he solves the problem, he provides documents explaining how to solve it.

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    7 bida