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    Hello. I have a online pizza shop where customers can order food. I need IOS & Android application which Restorants can view food orders. I attach some screenshots from my web based "order panel". All necessary Web-Services will be provided to you by myself after we agree how to comunicate. Features I want -Restorant should login-in to application by username & password. Once...

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    i need a yii2 component manage my prestashop need to do (CRUD) for: product , customers, orders... [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    The project consists of consulting hours to solve a software solution to develop a digital signature component and an effort estimate (time and cost). Software solution: We have a document management software that is a web portal, which must digitally sign the documents using a browser, accessing the repository / certificate store of each client. The solution must be cross-platform. Current sys...

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    Tengo una plataforma de guias electronicas que necesito poder integrar como plugin en wordpress. Envias: Codigo Postal Remitente, Codigo postal Destinatario, Largo, Ancho, Alto y Peso Y el webservice regresa paqueterias disponibles y precios. El plugin toma los datos de direccion de envio del pedido y genera una guia en PDF. Solo se necesita la integracion en wordpress como plugin. Gracias!

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    if you connect my server to amazon please contact me

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    Add ScreenRecord to Selenium 3 hari left

    I want to screenrecord what is happening on a html page in selenium. I want to launch the script remotely, so it launches selenium, films the screen, then saves .mp4 or .avi and sends a callback. Something like here [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Start your bid with word ScreenCapture, so I know you read the description, otherwise it will be ignored!

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    Ticket Webservice & Demo Page 3 hari left

    Need to create proof of concept web solution that includes rest service for creating & updating ticket entries, fetching entry and making payment request including a demo page. Familiar with general programming but need help to get started. Have installed EasyPHP Devserver but not sure where to begin.

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    i want a vb.net code to use a webservice in json.

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    api webservice 2 hari left

    I need a random number website using php ,javascript , Plus minus percent

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    PHP expert 2 hari left

    I have some projects based on PHP. This is about grabzit. You might not have experience with it, but if you are familiar with PHP callback, it will be no problem. I will let you know in detail via chat.

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    A kind of membership portal 2 hari left

    We would like to see this implemented on PHPRad. And we welcome PHPRad developers. Our portal will allow self registered users, subject to validation before logging in, to create and edit lists of contacts for the purpose of sending them activation codes, when respective check box is checked (or at specified dates/intervals) and the user account has credit enough. There will be a backend that wil...

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    We need to capture basic (CRUD) events that happens in Tally, like create Company, Invoice, Ledger etc, intercept the data (e.g is its create company, then all company data that user filled on the form) and sent this to external web service via POST in JSON format. This is very basic requirement that can be achieved by an efficient TDL developer in a couple of days.

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    I have an existing Payment backend that supports now Pay pal and BTC. I need to incorporate a 3rd api backend to the existing code. Pls ping me if you can help. I have existing code and also api doc for you. You must know linux to do this project.

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    Necesitamos el desarrollo de una app para la creación, modificación de partes de trabajo y que esté integrada a través de un webservice (también a desarrollar) con nuestro erp. El erp está desarrollada en .net y la base de datos es microsoft sql express. Tenemos la estructura de toda la base de datos y de las pantallas de trabajo que necesitamos en la app.

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    I need to set up a simple, small javascript app to get data from a live stream, and save the streaming data to a Mysql database. Adapt this demo: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The demo shows a chart of stock prices using live streaming updates. The live stream is powered by Lightstreamer. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Streaming data API: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I will provide an AWS e...

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    Build a website 12 jam left

    We want you make a website that is possible to login and ordering activity for us. You must use asp.net in your work. Therefore datas must be posted as webservice that datas are written by Ajax. Also you do responsive coding with it. Screenshots are ready now, we will give you these after we received affordable qoute from you. Also in your work, frontend and backend coding have to finish in latest...

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    I have an application which after 24 hours force closes, i guess this is down to firebase / callback service. Can this be removed so the checks are removed and the app carries on working.

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    For a new APP to be written using ONLY using B4A/B4I tool (Basic4Android/Basic4ios), I'm looking for a mobile developer. It's substantially a web-browser with a fix address. REALLY EASY project!! It's required to display the notification of unread messages (like image in attachment) retrived by a webservice. An initial splash-screen is appreciated. Previous experiences on B4A/B4I a...

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    I require a simple application in android that toast token if the authorization is a success. I have client id, client secret key, redirectUrl, callback URL, auth link, token link.

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    hi, i am hosting simple rest webservice using java and using router port forwarding i would like to host the service in internet. i have opened port forwarding my router(frontier arris router). after that i could not access through internet.. but my localhost/[log masuk untuk melihat URL] ip is working good. for this project the person should know no-ip configuration and router port forwarding...

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    Hi, I need a design for a start page that should not look like almost all themes on Themeforest or a pagebuilder. The client is a caretaker company, whose main areas of activity are the following: 1 building service 2 Caretaker/supervision 3 Glass and building cleaning 4 Green space maintenance 5 Winter maintenance 6 small repairs & craftsmen pool Furthermore, must be considered topic...

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    I am trying to send VOIP push to the user. While the app is in the background, it crashes with the following error: 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'Killing app because it never posted an incoming call to the system after receiving a PushKit VoIP push callback.' IOS13, OneSignal and Sinch 2019/11/12 | SINCH SDK IOS 4.1.0 iOS 13 VoIP push and CallKit compatibilit...

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    Hi, I need someone to take over and finish a project that is written in Django (Cookiecutter Django) with a postgres backend inside multiple docker containers (docker-compose). The project is a horse selling website where you can register, login and list your horses for sale. People can then offer to buy them, they can also favorite them etc. It's a longterm project as features will be add...

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    Basic help to move api from soap Webservice( java 1.7)to spring boot soap webservice (java 1.8)

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    Estamos trabajando con odoo en un proyecto de venta online, compramos un conector con woocommerce, y la idea es instalar eso, a su vez hay un proveedor que nos facilita un webservice para integrarnos a su stock y eso se está replicando en otros proveedores, me gustaría poder automatizar el uso de mercadería en consignación, lo que yo me imagino es lo siguiente; todos lo...

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    Hi, Freelancers. I am looking for a google pay developer. If you have an experience with google pay development. Now I am using "react-google-pay-button". Most of function is finished. I have some problem in my project. And I am going to use paypal payment in google pay. [log masuk untuk melihat URL]: react-google-pay-button[log masuk untuk melihat URL] Please check this url. One of the...

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    Required to build a SOAP based webservice and a simple blog application. Your SOAP based webservice must take posts from your BLOG and anonymize them before the blog post is displayed. This must continue until the client types EXIT. For more details please go through the attached file.

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    Se requiere el Desarrollo de una Aplicación móvil para Captura de Pedidos La aplicación deberá permitir: 1.) Capturar el Pedido de un cliente 2.) Registrar la Ubicación de un cliente 3.) Poder trabajar de manera local sin acceso a Internet y posteriormente sincronizar 4.) Enviar el Pedido a un ERP El sistema actual es un ERP desarrollado en Acu Cobol los arc...

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    Need to write a simple python program using boto3 library. The program should have 2 callback REST APIs, one for starting EC2 machine and another to start. EC2 machine id will be passed as input in REST API and the program has to start or stop it. After job is done, it has to notify the client. The REST API should be able to handle concurrent requests. The Start API has to notify the public IP add...

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    Toate operatiile trebuie sa se desfasoare prin intermediul unor WebService-uri Anumite operatii pot implica trimiterea de comenzi din viewer-ul de PDF Serviciu standalone de conversie (bazat pe ImageMagick, LibreOffice si Tesseract) o Input: accepta unul sau mai multe fisiere PDF, PDF/A, PNG, JPG, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, TIFF o Options: parametri transmisi catre ImageMagick (validare paramet...

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    8 bida

    I need someone that can fix lazy loading infinite scroll issue on my Wordpress website, The issue is that after scrolling to the second page the lazy loading images do not show. It appears it needs a callback to re-initialize the lazy loading, similar to this: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Should be small task completed within a hour.

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    14 bida

    Atom gateway integration- Settlement API and Callback API Document - Text Case for -Contra Voucher - Settlement API Pdf gateway Ref Document - Settlement APs file Please find the attachment for more details Note - integration in existing software MCV .Net

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    9 bida

    I need you to build a webservice in .net core. The webservice will be called with Get and userId. 1)It will then read a Firebase Realtime Database for user's preferences and details. 2)It will read Firebase DB to get the top 10 matches based on the user's preferences. 3)It will then call a KNN algorithm to find the similar users from the above 10 results. The KNN computation will done ba...

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    19 bida

    Hello, I'm looking for a custom payment gateway module for Prestashop The Payment provider is PayFip, a secure system launch by french government (official payment system). If i understand good, there is two different way to plug this system : URL call : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Web services : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Do no hesitate to answer and tell me which solutio...

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    Need a web service connection to an existing REST based Web service Interface. In simple terms, connect to web service (documentation is online for this service) using JS, after user enters KEY in a simple web form, take the response from webservice which comes in XML, and store this to be used for the session. The values should be used as a variable to access rest of the site, primarily the KEY, ...

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    I need you to develop web service that uses available API to pull stocks data and fill sql server database table. API is available. I would like this service to be developed in .NET

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    29 bida

    Tengo un ecommerce y necesito conectarlo mediante api para que actualice el stock con el webservice de mi proveedor que es prestashop. El proveedor me pasa dirección api, asi como el usuario para acceder.

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    webservice Tamat left

    install kafka or wso2 and using to prepare web service

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    We want to develop a web application using Java using on Spring Boot and react framework, Webservice, API. We are looking for individual full stake part-time developers. skillset -->Java 1.7 -1.8 -->SpringBoot Framework -->React Framework -->Maven, Gradle -->Test driven development experience -->API -->WebServices

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    Sila Dafter atau Log masuk untuk melihat butiran.

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    Creation of a webservice to send messages by wassap. The webservice should receive via get a phone and a message and send that message to the phone passed by parameter. The company currently does not have anything done in this regard, everything would have to be configured. Whatsapp must be used for companies from SPAIN

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    Creación de un módulo de cursos que contiene los contenidos (videos, imágenes, urls, pdfs) y las evaluaciones pertenecientes a un curso, también se necesita que se lleve el tracking del avance así como de las actividades en el módulo. Adicionalmente se requiere conexión a un webservice para el servicio de login y el front de la app debe llevar colo...

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    Hello, I am seeking a developper who can create react hook form compoment quickly using our webservice Please bid only if you can work now and delivery in 2 hours max for first page, if it is correct, i will give you more page to do. Zoom is used for talk and work quickly in our project so please have it before bid. I use Nodejs LTS v12.16.3 Thanks you

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    Earn yourself some quick cash and fix this wordpress error. PHP Warning: uasort() expects parameter 2 to be a valid callback, class 'WC_Dynamic_Pricing_Cart_Query' not found in C:home[log masuk untuk melihat URL]wwwrootwp-contentpluginswoocommerce-dynamic-pricing[log masuk untuk melihat URL] on line 430 Need this fixed.

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    16 bida

    Hola, Somos una startUp de movilidad que ofrece servicios de suscripcion flexible a eBikes, motos eléctricas y patinetes eléctricos. El equipo técnico necesita ayuda de un profesional con experiencia en plataformas de suscripción (pago recurrente mediante TPV virtual), con lenguajes HTML, CSS y PHP, así como experiencia subiendo webs a los servidores de AWS. Par...

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    Need to create a webservice on c#. To which, we will pass a doc/docx document. The output need to be the document converted to pdf.

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    16 bida

    Wompi is a payment gateway that works in Colombia, they have developed a woocomemrce plugin but they don't support it. The callback to The Webhook endpoint URL is not telling woocommerce that the payment has been completed so there is no status changed for the orders once the payment has been completed. Everything is configured properly. Here is the documentation: [log masuk untuk melihat ...

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    11 bida

    Necesitamos un Consultor SAP, que nos construya un Web Servcie en SAP que nos permita integrar una aplicación NO SAP. Este WebService en SAP, deberá extraer la programación de viajes en TMS de SAP mediante un endpoint del WS y darla como respuesta a la aplicación NO SAP con la información requerida. Se deberá llevar un control en SAP TMS para marcar los ...

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    Hi. We want a full website with login facility. I also want to be able to upload a predefined Excel, or have a capture screen for values. once you click save/upload, it must save the data to a MySQL DB and run mysql procedure. The procedure is currently in an Oracle Package and would need that converted to my sql. Once the procedure has run, It must display data from a table on the front end. The...

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