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    ...spring MVC framework. In the first step, we will create a mobile application using Java. Here we will use NetBeans IDE and JDK with some supporting software. To run this application on emulator we are going to use CLDC and MIDP by creating a class by extending MIDlet. We also need to create methods like startApp(), destroyApp() and pauseApp(). In

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    ...project may complete within 3 to 4 days. Mobile-OTP is a free "strong authentication" solution for java capable mobile devices like phones or PDAs. The solution is based on time synchronous one time passwords. It consists of a client component (a J2ME MIDlet) and a server component (a unix shell script). The server component can easily be plugged into free

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    Simple midlet emulating a calculator. The specification are currently beeing written. I will post them in 3 days ## Deliverables 1) Source codes with comments in english 2) jar file ## Platform Nokia 6230

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    PROGRAMACION DISPOSITIVOS MOVILES (NETBEANS) 1. Realizar un midlet con un menú con listas en donde se realice un splash, en esta se debe Mostar la identificación y nombres de los creadores por cinco (5) segundo e ir a un menú en donde se pueda escoger el ejercicio a realizar, crear una carpeta con el nombre del alumno en donde se guardara el proyecto

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    ...Project Blutooth On Chat during – 1/2013 - 6/2013 Description: The project BLUE TOOTH CHAT SYSTEM .The project is a Client-Server Application. In this project Java, designer package of java (MIDlet) are used for...

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    I'm looking for a professional Java developer who is also familia with J2ME. I want the developer to modify a game developed using J2ME with MIDlet using layer manager and sprit (old style gaming). The game runs perfectly, What I want the developer to implement is. - Manage the collision with bullet, and asteroid - Manage the collision with the

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    Multiplayer XOX game - midlet - uses sprites for X and O characters - bluetooth connection for multiplayer mode - send game(play) request via bluetooth to a Blackberry user which opens bluetooth P.S.: I paid 200$ for Ram Optimizer which is cancelled, and now I can pay 150$ which means 350$ for that project

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    An expense manager MIDlet, that; 1. shows unique user ID on the main screen 2. creates a web page with given user ID as [login to view URL] 3. logs all the expenses the user saved on the web page 4. and shows all the expenses on the phone 5. and the created web page all records should be on the gray&white list form like http://www

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    A MIDlet project, that: 1. Lists all running applications as checkbox list 2. Has "close applications" button to close checked applications 3. Close the unused applications that slows the phone with allocating ram

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    IPconcierge is a Midlet based personal application suite that will run on IP phones, delivering a personalized user experience through a fully touch screen QWERTY keyboard, touch-screen writing, and personal contact and messaging groups providing an innovative way of delivering text, voice and digitized notes using IP phones. It creates a new personal

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    for the same project's MIDlet version

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    I want an application (I prefer MIDlet app if it's possible), that's shows the battery level like(below the time, and in the app list with battery level logo animation -it should use the attached image-), sample view: [login to view URL] ---- and when the user opens the application, battery level

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    ...thread will be for interaction with the user. You will need also additional timer object for added interactivity – e.g. gauge. 2. The main thread will make use of two midlet forms. The first form will ask for web page address (URL) or file name and separately for a delimiter which will separate the words in the URL document, the second form will

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    ...retrieveResource(String key); It may be possible/permissable to use byte arrays instead of InputStreams in the methods - please advise. Please write a self-contained Midlet that allows the entry of a key and url on screen and then displays the download icon as an Image using all three methods above to validate the end to end process - i.e. enter

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    A java/midp system that provides a way for users with internet enabled phones(gprs/3g/wifi) to upload phone contacts (numbers + names )held in their phone memory and sim card to a server. These details can later be retrieved in the event that the user looses the ones on their phone. These details are saved onto a mysql database where every user has

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    Create Java Midlet app to run on CIsco 7926G IP phone. App allows user to scan in & out products to 2 sql server databases via barcode function on phone. Updates databases with changes. Straightforward project, have clear structure & interface design prepared, but poor knowledge of java & other projects waiting, so external developer required.

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    I have j2me application which purpose is to provide se...application which purpose is to provide security .There is one screen which allows accepting password and sends this in SMS to predefined number (e.g. user’s mobile number). MIDlet should be self-start after first launching and will accept password only first time after then it will by itself.

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    We have a midlet for placing orders by connecting to a Servlet over HTTP. The expected response time for placing an order is 0-2s. However, it will take over 30s (or even more) at times. We have compared our midlet with some of our competitor's midlets, and theirs do not seem to have the issue of connections taking too long to establish. We

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    A java card system to be instored on the sim card throgh the mobile service provider to upload phone contacts (numbers + names )held in their phone memory and sim card to a server. These details can later be retrieved in the event that the user looses the ones on their phone. These details are saved onto a mysql database where every user has a table(tablename

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    Hello. I downloaded and installed software on my android phone and and when I open application it opens and...rError at BTExplorer. startApp(Unknown Source) at [login to view URL](Unknown Source) at [login to view URL](Unknown Source) Plase contact Midlet Author " Please let me know if you can help. Thank you.

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