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    23,552 java project need tugasan ditemui, harga dalam USD affiliates per sale but per click/lead (a lead is represented by a request of free catalogue so the code is placed on our confirmation page). These are the functions we need: Administration side (some sample [login to view URL] ) a) tracking of each click and or lead with IP and email if is a lead (email taken

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    I need a Java utility program which does the following: 1) Reads a .SVG file. This is done with Batik - an open source java library at [login to view URL] 2) Based on a configuration file, resize this .SVG file into an Image object. Batik handles this too, since the .SVG image can be manipulated as XML. 3) Save the Image object as a .bmp file

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    We need a Java applet for file uploads via FTP. Files to be uploaded will be large (~100MB), so progress feedback must be given to the user. Upload resume ability preferred. Server platform is PHP+Apache. Applet must work with either Sun or MS java runtimes. Most of the work is already done for this: [login to view URL] Via this open source java

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    ...situation. I need to get a discrete math project done TODAY. It cannot be late. It has to be done today!!! If you do this, I will work with you for at least one year. I am looking for a very dependable person for various work. Especially operating system, information systems, database, data network communications, data structures using Java etc... ##

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    Develop a lightweight Java Servlet that simply uses an XML config file to email html form data to a small list of recipients. The servlet should also save the form data into an XML log file (with timestamp). XML Config file: The XML config file will specify the list of recipients (probably no more than 5-10 email addresses), any mandatory form fields

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    This will be an easy project for a java programmer. This project is a blackjack game. I have 75% of the project done and need the player and dealer logic done and the game to work properly. You can change my existing code around if you need to get it to work. This project will need to use abstract classes/methods, so be sure you know how to c...

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    Winning Game Tamat left

    I am studying programmimg and I need help to for a project I have to hand in after x-mas. THe project has the folowing variables which must be taken into account so as to generate a workable program. ie selection of the first three with the highest rating. [login to view URL] with the name -winning game window, where user log in- username and password. [login to view URL] the

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    Program I need created is a Movie Cinema Locator, we need users to search by movie name, and then the results can be displayed. This program has to be created in Java and run in a web browser window (Applet). The movie names dates and times can be in a flat .txt file. The movie that the users selects must be notified if somebody has 'reserved' seats

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    Hello there, I am looking for a talented and efficient web programmer to tackle this challenging project. I want to set up an environment where users can shop and chat online together in a 2d world. When a user logs in they assume the role of a character that can move around with the arrow keys in a 3d isometric world. The character can interact with

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    ...I get into the project requirements, please review the following project requirements. This particular project is very important to our business, and we simply cannot hire a programming student or hobbyist. The person we select to work with us must be very experienced, very professional and very willing to be a team player. We need programmer who

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    ...needs to be a simple-to-use graphical user interface. I will also need some support getting this page on my site and setup. Although my web site that is listed above has contact information on it, please use RentACoder to contact me about this bid request. This is a low budget project, so please don't bid too high even though I am keeping my maximum

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    ...improved upon. I want my software to include AS MUCH of these things as possilbe, at a reasonable price. The winning bidder of this project will more than likely be involved in the continuous development of the project, so please consider this a long term relationship. ## Deliverables 1) Script that is robust, and applicable to most affiliate partner

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    I need both a FTP client and server written where the client is on a web page as either an activex or a java applet. Please specify which you can to offer. The server MUST be written in VB 6.0. Here are the following specs: * Server can allow multiple connections for file transfer - normally up to 5. * Ability to set beginning top folder on server for

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    35 bida[login to view URL] I need to know the codes and scripts behind these tools. I heard that one of the methods is URL caching, but I'm not sure how it is done. I've tried searching for the codes, but cant' find them. please show me. please? next, I need to know how to store or save these results into SQL server database. first, I need to know the codes...

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    7 Java assignments from a Data Structures class covering the following topics in the Java language: Trees and Tree Traversals Hash Functions and Collision Resolution in Hash Tables Linked lists, Dequeues, Stacks Algorithm Analysis and Big-O Notation Layout managers and listeners Recursive Descent Parsing Not all of these need to be completed, but the

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    Hi, I need someone to provide a working program for the following three-part project. A Bonus will be paid for rapid completion. They are short and simple introductory level programs and I should be able to open them in Jbuilder. Please see my other Bid Requests for Part 1 and Part 3. Here are the details for Part 2: PART 2: Write a Java program, using

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    Note: please do not bid if payment is required up front for this project....i will pay once i have tested the program and the programmer is ready to transfer the program over to me. I want a automatic Homepage Creator where the java script will set all website visitors homepage to whatever URL ( specified by the user of the program ) automatically

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    For an initial prototype system, I need a user-friendly, Java-based data editor designed to modify just a variation of the attached XML file; the file is an excerpt--some additional elements are in the complete version but the structure isn't extensive in this initial phase. This prototype is part of a larger effort that may lead to web-based XML development

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    Need an ASP.NET Application that is built with VB.NET or ASP.NET (with VBScript, no java). The project needs to utilize Microsoft SQL Server. The project should have the following: ASP Pages required 1. Customer sign in page with password 2. Customer can view their open invoices 3. A payment screen to process an online payment Need ability to use templates

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    Java help Tamat left

    To better explain the project. The things that I am thinking about creating are only ideas. Only ideas. Simple Terms: The Party Planners organization your local town is sponsoring a contest to see who can program the best Java Swing applet to be used as an advertisment for their party events. You can download sound clips and graphic images from the

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    ...needing: First I need all of these programs to appear "transparent" in the way of a single sign on. Meaning that once you go to my site and log on with a username and password, you have access to your email account, your appropriate groupware with your school (if the school has an account), the forums, etc. With this sign on, I also need there to be the

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    I'm in need of a java s based chat server with multi user capability. The server must be simple and easily configured for use with flash MX. The server must have a front end admin interface. The chat client communicating with the server will be done in flash MX using the builtin XMLsocket object for the connect. data passed between server & client must

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    Java Project Tamat left

    A project description is given in STRIPS syntax. I need a Java command line parameter to input a text file that specifies a planning problem in the given STRIPS syntax which I will provide, and correctly parse the problem specification. (I will provide about 4 pages of Java Outline/Skeleton code for the JAVA Parser. If the problem specification has

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    This project requires web automation for the site [login to view URL] This is a paid subscription site that provides real estate data to the end user. I need to perform a daily search of property activity, and extract about 30 items of data per listing. This data is a java frames site. So, this requires paging through the java pages until all of

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    FULL DETAIL IS NOW AVAILBEL ====================== The aim of this assignment is to familiarize you with JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) in client-server environment. In this project, you have to develop an interface for students to request an appointment with their instructor. This interface will allow the user to select an appointment consisting

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    I have this project for school and I could not debug it. My computer teacher told me to start from scratch, as it was incorrect. I must A) write a program that accepts a two-digit number and displays the digits each on a single line. The program output should look similar to: Enter a two digit number: (27 for example) The first digit is:

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    What I have: 1. DLL. What I need: 2. Install it from Web-browser, for this purposes I need ActiveX + probably Java applet (cause I don't know may be you may do this in Netscape without it). 3. It will work like you place my dll and your ActiveX/Applet into cab/jar and I place code to my Web page. When people goes to page browser automatically

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    Shopping Cart Tamat left

    Shopping Cart. Description: We need to build an Online Shopping cart that MUST BE integrated in our existing web site. Please notte that the current web page is under re-construction. The basics of the page will be the same , only the design will change. Visit [login to view URL] for the page navigation and [login to view URL] if you

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    HI~~ I am looking for someone to help me with my Java code writing. Basically, what you have to do is to answer all the questions that I am going to have, help me when I get stuck and help me with debug. I need someone able to communicate with me at least once per day or even more often. Thank you very much. Below is just a brief decirption

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    Need to have the following done for a Web Site: Knowledge of HTML, SQL, ASP, vb script, Java Script, Adobe Photoshop Flash is must. 1: Building forms in ASP connection to Access Database Retrieving information from this database to display it on the pages. 2. ASP Chat Room 3. ASP message board 4. Html pages 5. Flash moves

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    NetPong Tamat left

    I require what sounds like a fairly simple program but infact it must be very good. I need a game created called Netpong and the game must allow at a minimum 2 players that can play against each other over either a LAN or WAN (The Internet). There must also be some way of minimising the effect of network delay on the performance of the game either in

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    HI~~ I need someone one to help to write the below java program and some other problems related to binary tree. I am going to try to write the program myself and your job is giong to help me when I get stuck. Mainly, I need that person to help me with debug and answer the question I have. Below is just a brief description about what I need. (1)

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    You are going to build a Java program that simulates the life of animals in the shallow water near the Jersey shore. You will be able to watch animals live and die over a period of time. Some of the software for the assignment will be provided for you, namely the simulation driver with some auxiliary classes, and the graphical user interface (referred

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    Java Help Tamat left

    Those who knows Java and some session stuff should be able to do this in 5 min. This is a little modification of a simplest shopping cart. Here is some descripttion: " In order to be absolutely clear about the assignment, let&'s say, the user is looking at the music records under "Classical" category. When the user click on the add button, it

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    This program is to be written in Java only. This project requires you to write a program that displays a calendar for a specified month, a sequence of months, or an entire year. In addition, the program will also allow the user to enter information (some event), which can be associated with a day. For example, a person may want to use the calendar

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    ...confidential and the property of the company placing this project .It should not be used, borrowed for any purpose. You Agree to these terms by reading this document. Copyright 1995-2001 (Confidential) We will retain all rights to all code and product as result of this project. *************** I need to make some modifications to ezwebstore shopping cart

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    We have a Map that has map with popup data that we need to pull additional data from an SQL 2000 server to display in the popup in a table format. ## Deliverables We have included the SQL Script for the tables we have. The SensorDef holds the values for each Sensor in our database each sensor is part of a Station ID or (Site ID) the links on

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    * looking for any coders in London,UK. * need help on a java assignment. This is a very simple project that involves creating a graphical analogue Java clock with a GUI. User will be able to enter the time via keypresses or a drop down menu and show the selected time on the clock. Would also like to implement some chime/sound. Further details

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    Involves taking an existing text-based java application and porting it to the web. This java application is based on the EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) Toolkit for domain registration. We will need the following functionality on the website: 1. Check for domain 2. Register Domain 3. Renew Domain 4. Get domain information 5. Shopping

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    Java Calendar Tamat left

    ...The save command should save event information only. A print command should print the current calendar in html format. The currently displayed calendar does not actually need to be sent to a printer, printing to a file, in html format, is fine. Then the user can simply open the file in a browser and print it. Finally, the user should be able to

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    Hi, While I wait for other bidders for another similar project I posted ([login to view URL]), I really need editing of the attached script. Now it works under IE only; it should work also under Netscape >= 4.5 and Opera >= 5, both under PC and Mac. Coder should not use any form

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    SoftwareWise Tamat left

    This is a personal project based on redoing / modifiying an existing website I have created as a first attempt at a dynamic website. A skeleton database and website is available for modifications to. Also the url can be visited at [login to view URL] The site is fictious as Im just trying to learn how to create websites at the moment. What is required

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    I need someone to write a Java Applet for viewing Windows MetaFiles ( WMF) and Enhanced MetaFiles. This should support * specification of the WMF file using a URL, * Scrolling and Zooming using JavaScript as well as end-user control using the mouse * Printing via JavaScript If this project works out there will be follow on projects including writing

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    ...cancel the project. It turns out that there is no port control in JavaSound (even though it is discussed in the examples and the JavaDoc for JavaSound) in 1.4. JMF does not recognize the audio as a native audio type, it will take abit of work to wrap the MOTU drivers so that JMF will recognize it ADC. I'm going to repost the project in the C++

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    9 bida be completed is an API to a database. It needs UNICODE interface to complete it. The API is written in Microsoft Visual C++ and so you will need to use that compiler. Both UTF-8 and UTF-16 functions need to be coded. The incomplete database API calls the UTF8Convert object. When you get the API you will be able to see how and where to supply the

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    Java homework Tamat left

    I need to write a java program for class that is blowing my mind. It needs to prompt the user (using the attached text inputting class) for an arbitrary number of nonnegative integers, and read them into an array until the value -1 is reached. Like this: **234 6 543 6 23 1 23 6 34 -1** ...should create an array of length 9 with those

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    8 bida title, album, artist, genre, etc.). The software should be Visual Basic 6/.net, but is not limited to Visual basic. We will accept programming in other languages such as Java, Visual C++, etc. as long as the final product mentioned above is interoperable and scaleable with a Visual Basic 6 Client. We are pretty sure that we can get by with a Visual

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    ...have more than one of these on a page, to show what person 1's view looks like, person 2's view, etc. (Each person will have about a paragraph for example.) To that effect, I need an interface where I can change the colors of each character for each person I have. For instance, in one person's example, I'd want A to be red, B to be blue, C to be orange

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    Need a RPM script for [login to view URL] This script will need to check for Sun Java Runtime 1.3+, optionally allow setup as a service daemon (init.d). Request destination for setup, default is /var/xdespellchecker Full upgrade and uninstall support. Note some files are created during runtime and should not be remove by an uninstall

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    ...fraction. For example, 5/4 is an improper fraction. It is equivalent to 1 1/4 which is a mixed fraction. The first part is to write a class called Fraction to handle fractions in Java. The fractions can either be proper or improper (there's really no difference as far as the methods are concerned). The class should have methods to add, subtract, multiply

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