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    We are looking for a developer to design a set of dynamic banners using Google Web Designer & HTML5 + Javascript + CSS for use in AdWords dynamic display ads. The banners will contain 4 dynamic objects (image, text, price, url) + 3 static objects (company logo, marketing message, call to action button) The banners should be in these sizes: 200

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    ...libraries and tools. PHP, Javascript and CSS are the only core tools I want you to use for this demonstration of your skill set. Using PHP or Javascript frameworks is highly encouraged. For the user interface functionality I would like you to use HTML, Javascript and CSS. Showing your skills with Angular JS (Google's Javascript framework) or SASS (a

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    Create dropdown using to display colored background (different) for each option and retain style upon selection. it should be complete customizable using easy to use codes in bootstrap html code for bgcolor, value, text color and heading and description. It should work with ajax and modals and should be easy to include in front end mockups. example

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    We have the JavaScript code from a customer reviews provider. The code needs to be developed in order to display product reviews segmented by product_ID automatically in a specific Ecommerce Platform. (VTEX Ecommerce Platform) [login to view URL] JavaScript: <!-- TFC WIDGET #tfcwidgetcontainer receives the HTML for the widget

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    Hi! I need a few different banners for a Google Smart Display campaign. Banners are intended for marketing use, so it has to convince people to click on it. Theming is a maffia game. ([login to view URL]) The images have to be high-res as suggested by Google (1200 X 627) with a limit of 1 MB. Some OLD examples (but low-res, so not usable

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    Hi, I am a biginner in Javascript and need some help to display text and images in a second HTML page. Please have a look at the attached file. Thanks Regards. Paul

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    ...Modal pop-up for taking additional text inputs (Add Notes) 5. Top Bar - 'Section 1' to be a drop-down menu - Display AJAX Page 1 with Tab 1 - Tab 4 for "Section 1" - Display AJAX Page 2 with Tab 5 - Tab 8 for "Section 2" - Message icon to expand as a drop-down panel to display message item with an icon and text and link t...

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    ...In addition to standard text messages and simple templates such as buttons, we need to display more complicated interaction means to get things like dates and airports. Requirements: We need to use more complicated means such as webview to do the following: 1 - Get dates for searching for flights 2 - Display customized content for itinerary

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    I want to have a images of cities changing on the background of a homepage when the field for city is entered

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    Simple Login APP REQUIREMENT: User - first name - last name - email - password (Plain Text) - Role [ user, admin] - User -- As a user I want to be able to start registration by click Register -- I will be presented with a form to enter my user information -- I will click submit on the form and my data will be submitted to a persistent

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    ...web in wordpress: speed, seo, sitemap, robot text, etc. Optimize everything displayed in Google PageSpeed. Insightshttps: //[login to view URL] Hl = en Reduce server response time Avoid landing page redirects Optimize images Delete the JavaScript blocking the display and the CSS content from the top half of the page

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    Need to debug and fix why ads (display overlay ads on the app with audio) aren't showing in the application. I will show you the breakpoint to apply, need to have Github account, and I'll give access to our code repository.

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    I need display my listing result page over my search result page using lightbox, actually both are separated. you will not use just an iframe.

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    Please see attached PDF as it explains it a lot clearer but basically I want to paste a heap of text into a textbox, be able to strip away unneeded characters and words and display the result as a sign in the largest possible text for the screen Don't bid until you've read the entire PDF as you will have to answer some questions with your bid to

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    ...heading--6 -multiline' to text field product_name (PK) * class 'price color-black--1 price--was' to float field product_price * class 'price color-black--1 bold price--discount' to float field product_saleprice * class 'product-description__unit-size -multiline' to text field product_size * class 'product__summary' to text fi...

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    ...Current plan is as below - unless if developer has any suggestions that would make more sense: Either truly native (iOS Obj-C/Swift and Android Java), or React Native (JavaScript) if you can do it flawlessly Firebase Backend for scalability MongoDB, NoSQL database for scalability Provider App, Customer App, Store Keeper App, Admin Panel Push notification

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    ...change password - add "smspage" table (mysql) and mvc -- table needs to store: id, phone, sms text, unique ID, count, (optional) HTML input, (optional) target website url, (choice) HTML or iFrame -- id is unique id, phone is a telephone number, sms text is text that will automatically be loaded in body of sms message, unique id is for URL to load website

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    10 bida I need to be able to create an array using cookies in javascript, if you follow the link. I display an example of my code in jQuery. Task - websites creates a cookie - users click the (add current page to queue list), it should add the current page,( h2 class="an-title" text, get current window location, and add it into an array inside

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    ...files), and (iii) some authoring, and in return the system will generate or “build” a html document and its files that does the following for the end user: - At first an intro text (which was provided by the authoring user) and a “play” button. When the end user presses on the play button we go to the “assemble” challenge. - “Assemble” c...

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    Hi Here is tutorial how to display xml using html. [login to view URL] Here is the solution. [login to view URL] due unknown reason solution does not work under chrome. You should troubleshout

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    14 bida to display on the front-end this type of code (to be displayed graphically, not the code): <div id="xxxxxxxxx"> </div><script async="true" type="text/javascript" src="[login to view URL]"></script> (the code will be different for every listing, it will be inserted by the user on the frontend-add a listing ...

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    43 bida 1. Development of some tracking code to paste on all product pages 2. Creation of a simple database to store this information 3. Development of a "widget" that will display this information on other users browsers. I've listed this overview as a PDF attached in the hope you can see what we're after. Looking forward to feedback / quotes

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    38 bida to charts and tables. There are two pages that need to display data from Stripe. 
Dashboard Page YTD (Total) Revenue Current Month Revenue YTD Revenue (Chart is already integrated. Only data needs to be passed) Revenue Page Transaction List in Table (25 rows per page) Display Data in Chart (Chart is already integrated. Only data needs

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    Hi, I need a kind of widget where any user can insert it in it's website by just including a javascript script. <script async src="[login to view URL]"></script> The dimensions must be auto adjusted depending on the container where it's inserted. The container will be identified by a <div> id. I have attached a picture where it can be

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    ...of the module) to be able to display on the front-end this type of code (to be displayed graphically, not the code): <div id="xxxxxxxxx"> </div><script async="true" type="text/javascript" src="[login to view URL]"></script> (the code will be different for every listing, and it needs to display some pictu...

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    Please see my game here [login to view URL]!AtoF45QC1t4VitERPsJNTjuQFUNP4g . Ju...[login to view URL]!AtoF45QC1t4VitERPsJNTjuQFUNP4g . Just need a really basic intro using javascript and canvas. For example the flashing chicken and underneath "Press Space Bar to Start" make this text flash. When space bar is pressed. The current menu should display

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    9 bida create web content that is branded to different advisors/salespeople, based on the name passed in the URL. This must be done on pages created by OptimizePress 2.0 (via Javascript and/or "Custom HTML / Shortcode" elements). Background The branding parameters are stored in a custom mySQL database, and include: Firstname, Lastname, AdvisorID, Company

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    ...MUST WORK VERY FAST (must be very skilled, do things very QUICKLY) Frontend - HTML/HTML5, CSS + Javascript/Jquery for some dynamic front-end elements - this will include some dynamic elements like sliders, toggle buttons, pop-up or hover-over text, expand/collapse buttons, etc. - responsive: the site must *look great* on web and mobile - nice

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    ...have the product description, instructions for use, a hole to it can be placed in a display hock, stand on a retail shelf or sit in a point of sale carton. The product is round and smaller than a hockey puck. We need the clamshell package, point of sale 12 pack display carton. We need the supplier to help us with the UPC code on the clamshell, POS carton

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    Integrate HTML/Javascript GUI (Ad Content Editor) with Laravel user management app Part 1: GUI (integrate GUI with Laravel user management app) * See GUI here: [login to view URL] * Sample User Login: [login to view URL] - username: tacobueno | password: 123456 - integrate GUI at user login

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    ...understanding - must produce clean/elegant code - be aware of security Frontend - HTML/HTML5, CSS + Javascript/Jquery for some dynamic front-end elements - this will include some dynamic elements like sliders, toggle buttons, pop-up or hover-over text, expand/collapse buttons, etc. - responsive: the site must *look great* on web and mobile - nice

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    ...('Separador', 'Fotos atual' and 'Prazo limite'), but it is just a mockup. You are supposed to display all of the properties. The data for the chart is supposed to be extracted from a DOCUMENT, and the processing is meant to be done CLIENT SIDE, using JavaScript. I need the dates grouped by hour (for example, if there are one hundred events in a gi...

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    I am in need of a LCD driver board/ micro controller that is capable of running two 9 in by 1.5 in LCD screens. The circuit board must be as small if not smaller that the previously mentioned dimensions, as well as it needs to be capable of connecting to a wifi network wirelessly through an application on a smart phone. Similar technology is found in Momentum cameras, I want to be able to open th...

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    I'm looking to hire an app developer to design an app that can display brochures. This task should be fairly simple. Will require more commitment in the future when the app is built upon.

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    Display pole looks very old and in bad quality, we need it to be designed in a more modern way using the same material as the POS and same texture. POS is made using Stainless steel aluminum. A 3DS project file containing the 3D model of the POS will be provided to add the pole to it for entries. Same PCB will be used, see pictures.

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    This embed code widget : <div id="bokun-w6281_47ab5432_d87f_437b_b164_89a2e77b7383">Loading...</div><script type="text/javascript"> var w6281_47ab5432_d87f_437b_b164_89a2e77b7383; (function(d, t) { var host = '[login to view URL]'; var frameUrl = 'https://' + host + '/widgets/6281?bookingChannelUUID=2cd2b885-76...

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    ...logancee. I purchased it on themforest [login to view URL] in this theme you should be able to display a menu that links by product type and not vendor [login to view URL] (look on left side category) But on my site i am only able to do this

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    ...Technology for releavement project J2EE (Spring-MySql) - Solr 6.1 - JSON - Javascript What's done 1. Solr Configured 2. Queries build for two entitied 3. Solr indexing data 4. Backend work for JSON processing and fetching data at controller level done and 80% front end display ready for one entity 5. Search queries are not stream lined What's

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    All my outgoing emails show display name like abc [at] [login to view URL] to the receivers. I want to change this "abc [at] [login to view URL]" to "Some text" (I will share what text it is) Note that I dont have source code on server, it is exe file. You will be granted RDP access to the server. Thank you.

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    I need the following project created( see screenshot of output) In the file output, please send all of files including all of the TXT files for HTML5 file, CSS file, and Javascript file. This website wont be going live, I just need to test for a client. Here are the requirements- also could look at screenshot as well. I need a validation form with

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    ...demonstrated transitions or room for the same. The design must use HTML5 & CSS3 for layout and Javascript & JQuery for any programmatic elements. Home Page: We would like a globe or a global map in the background centered on China. All of the text in the attached document on page 2 must be included on the home page and very little else. The messages

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    ...ver=ymd.h:i:ss My html ends up being like this: <link rel='stylesheet' id='prefix-styles-css' href='[login to view URL]:i:ss' type='text/css' media='all'/> I need a wp_enqueue_scripts function to do this better: <link rel="preload" href="/wp-content/themes/site/[login to view URL]" as="style" ...

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    ...loadCSS script, i require the HTML to display this: <link rel="preload" href="/wp-content/themes/site/[login to view URL]" as="style" onload="this.rel='stylesheet'"><noscript><link rel="stylesheet" href="/wp-content/themes/site/[login to view URL]"></noscript> So need: 1) A wp_enqueue_scrip...

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    ...survey website using Java for back end, HTML, Javascript for front end and MySql for database where user has to login using id and password. After login, text is displayed that says 'thank you for taking your time to help us make things better' then click here to take survey,they take a survey then display an thank you page. The survey would be created

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    Before I explain what we want, we wont respond to any pre-typed bids. We want to create a website, very simple and basic site. The user needs to register for the site which is free, they can choose a username and must confirm via email., must BE salted and secure at all times! Once registered and signed in on the site they can then test there gaming codes to make sure they are valid or not v...

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    ...changable any time by Javascript / Jquery calls. Starting/Ending position will be given in (Float) Seconds. The Timeline should display different -increasingly emphasized - markings for Seconds, 5 Second, 10 Second, 30 Seconds an 1 Minute and 5 minute, etc. time intervals. (Please see the example attached) Timestamp Text titles should be drawn

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    A small job that involves five paintings and one poster in a small exhibition room. I will need 1 Aerial View from top of the room 1 Front View looking in from the door outside 1 Rear View looking out from the back of room The walls of the room will be painted in Pantone 485 red and both the floor and the ceiling will be painted in Pantone 419 black. There will be two spot lights for ...

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    I need simple program for XMC4500 with GUI (python) to control 7 segment display from GUI with Entry box and UART.

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    ...editor system. If you are familiar with manga, with text/scripts on image, this system creates and formats the text inside a bubble conversation. Text and image is separated to each other. CMS is also required for uploading and managing stories using PHP an Mysql. Required skills are JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and CSS. Project contract timeline is

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