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    ...more on this SEE in a Zip file BannersAndCode.gif. Admin must be able to add new 88 x 31 banners via web admin interface. In addition, must be in place features like in-site search, ad rotation system, polls, date and time in Armenia. Logo must be simple 300 x 60 blank gif. Web Site must be optimized to load fast. Use Arial font and Hex={C8,CC,C8} for

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    ...view all of their customer accounts (via billmax, etc), view all of their network node reports (via Nagios), and submit/modify trouble tickets (via OTRS). This will be an intensive project, and require the use of multiple skills/personnel as I want this service/back-end to be completely privately-labelled and individualized per ISP for reporting, etc

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    ...artistic and creative abilities with this site. Please dare to be different. However it is important that you keep this site so that it loads fast. This site will be picture intensive since the attention is on the goods themselves. Each piece will have approximately 5 different pictures associated with it. If you bid I would love to be able to see some

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    ...been we'll tested so far, but we would like a professional developer to get a view of the performance and the software from an outside view, both applications really are intensive. Things that would need to be improved are : 1) CPU usage should be less... 2) Memory usage should be less... 3) Applications should be very we'll tested... 4) Apps should

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    ...same as the Exchange 2000 webdav provider. The existing Ximian connector could then be used. This is a second option, if it appears that the first is too difficult or time intensive. I am looking for your suggestions, and effort required for such an undertaking. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form

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    ... Must she sign on as the client to do this? Would be a lot easier if the administrator had a way to force appointments and set up for anyone on the list? 11. Some kind of search method on names - last name, first name - some way because it becomes more difficult to locate someone as the database grows. 12. A method to import existing names - lets

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    I have several sites that are CGI intensive - Three of which are banner exchanges, one is a bulk email site. I need this task completed without losing membership data. It is also very important that it is completed quickly. Example of one of the errors is the following it is a banner rotation script: Content-type: text/html Error! Unexpected CGI

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    I have several sites that have been moved to a new server, the server doesn't have SSH, and some of the sites are showing errors - the sites are fairly cgi intensive. The sites are a bulk mailing site that is missing links and banner rotator, a banner exchange and a PPC engine. The person doing this should probably have access to DSL - With that connection

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    For the last 2 years i have been slowly developing p2p software designed specifly for distributed applications. As it is just me performing all the work it is time intensive and i am moving into unfamilier teratory especialy in security and excryption. Features such as virtual filesystems and autmatic routing and connection managment are just a few

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    $30 - $5000
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    ...can work from their current home or office and send data over the internet or through the U.S. mail. The type of position we are offering is more than just a one-time website job, we would like to see this position become part-time consulting work for the applicant. To accommodate this long term business relationship, management has asked me to set up

    $5000 - $25000
    $5000 - $25000
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    Currently I am looking for a web designer or programmer to work at my website. I will pay for the project. I am selling Performance Car Parts & I am a retailer in Los Angeles. I would like to see if anyone interested to help me build a website, I will pay. Please make offer. Please email me for more info. ASAP. Here are some layouts I found from the internet that I like. I dont need too much F...

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    $495 - $500
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    *University Ed... * 5 years as a Project Manager * 2 years experience of development using IBM technology * Implementation experience of IBM's Websphere P{ortal V3 (or 4)in a Lotus Notes intensive environment * Candidate must currently be based in Munich full time - no relocation allowance or travel costs * Experience of work with the EU is a bonus.

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    ...(several small programs, plus a project) III) Be able to provide feedback through online chat at least once a week The duration of the course is about 9 weeks and it is intensive. I estimate that I will need up to 10 hours of help the first week (including the time the tutor exam my programs off line), and about 5 hours for each subsequent weeks. So

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    ...WAN IP changes..either via email (their own emial client) or by checking the above website 3. app should user friendly, requires no plugins (if possible) and not cpu/memory intensive 4. app should have a help file Pls let me know how you are going to do it (in what lang), the merits of your method, the time needed. If you got any suggestions, feel free

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    6 bida provided with which to exercise the code. Bidders on this project should be familiar with legacy Pascal as well as skillful Delphi programmers with experience in math intensive application development. ## Deliverables Depending on what we choose to contract, the deliverables will be either a drop-in class which can be added to any project or a

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    LOGO for PWL Tamat left

    ...with professional sports instructors in the UK. Step One: is for the company to raise the funding necessary to develop the entire creative interpretation and the database-intensive website … which is the reason for this initial project – creating a logo to “brand” meetings and business plans etc. towards raising this funding The Brief: The LOGO needs

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
    0 bida company template for a company that supports software development, web development, hosting (web and games) would like something in the flavor of [log masuk untuk melihat URL] but less intensive color wise current site looks a bit like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] simple white with two shades of blue, a bit bland would also like a logo in flash something very simple but animated e...

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    ...create a "slide show" effect fading in and out from one image to another using action script? Using motion tween to create such an effect is too time consuming and memory intensive especially when you have over 15 images you'd like to fade in and out from. There must be a way to use action script telling each image to fade in from 0% to 100%, pause

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    I need an excellent flash designer that's hungry for work. I'm willing to pay someone $500 to redesign my site which is 100% flash and, at the time, was a top of the line flash site. I need something that is updated and amazingly cool. I will not be considering bidders who don't have sample work to show me so please don't waste your time or mine if

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    ...jpg files), mask every combination of additional images onto source images, creating hundreds (possibly thousands!)of "new" images. This may be very tedious and labour-intensive - unless someone could work out an automated process. Expect to use an image manipulation package e.g PhotoShop. See document in zip file for further details. "An automated

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    ...done on it, We just feel it needs a new look. Requested bidders are advised to have a look at our website before bidding. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] It is a very intensive site, we would like to keep our navigation similar however improve the look and feel of the website. Please keep in mind the budget we have alotted for this project.

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    A [log masuk untuk melihat URL] script "clone" + lay out regarding the dating/matching script: MySQL / PhP based it has to give the ability t...that we will split this in two parts regarding the script: > Please only respond if you have experience with building this kind of sites , because it's to pricy and intensive in time to let someone invent te wheel... :)

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    This must make intensive use of classes. Must be able to use this DLL in both client and server programs. Must be able to send and receive both regular text and binary/text file transfers. It must keep an internal array of connections. When it raises an event, it will pass a (LONG) index as part of the event (to reflect the connection). Must raise a

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    ...ASP expert to look over the pages and produce a report based on the site, detailing all the pages and any page specific ASP or site notes on it. As this is more of a time intensive task rather than a technical one and becuase it the deliverable is doucmentation we will need to see your current format and style standards and then make a decision. ##

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    ...(not open to public yet) and do my real job! (marketing consultant). Not in this project but please keep in mind: When you view my site (and you should before bidding) you will see it is content driven (search engine style) and the data in these tables will mainly come from users (it is very product intensive). Users can also upload product pictures

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    ...files that keep track of a users account. Each time a user clicks a link, the system has to go through each file to find the user to update his/her record which is very CPU intensive and dogging my server. I need this converted to a database so that my CPU usage drops and also to make reporting a lot easier. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional

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    44 bida should also have facility to accomodate various departments / wards at the hospital e.g. some hospitals may have Pedeatric ward and others may not have. Some may have Intensive Care Units and others may or may not have it. The app. should have a provision to accept readings which will be entereed either by the non-medical staff or by the doctors

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    This is a project for Linux guru! This person MUST have intensive knowlodge of shell programing, sql, C/C++, networking, linux security, and everything related to linux. Person will develope linux application in a team environment. More detail will be given for winning bidder. Contact us for payment detail with price quote. ## Deliverables Complete

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    I need a simple two tier affiliate script. I would like to see examples of what you have done in the past. The only requirement is that it is not system intensive and payouts can be exported easily. I need it to be portable so I can set it up on several of my sites.

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    ...through at up to 30 requests per second. Previous script crashed the server due to overload. But this script also recorded time, date and ip for each hit which was storage intensive, time consuming and unecessary. It was also written in perl. The new script only needs to record the number raw hits for each customer account, with no other specific information

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    ...who can finish this project very fast. My new website is done but the COM+ components on the site need to be updated and possibly 1-2 added. The site is in ASP and the work-intensive functions involve querying the SQL database. I need this site to manage 100-200 concurrent users so I need the coding as efficient as possible. If you do not have extensive

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    ... Must not use potentially unstable API calls/techniques such as using console input functions to retrieve the state of these keys. 9. Must not be a global (and hence CPU intensive) hook, must rely on keeping track of the the toggle state of each key by detecting when it is pressed, and must not rely on a timer/polling. 10. Must work on NT4, Win9x, WinMe

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    Please visit [log masuk untuk melihat URL]~leeson/[log masuk untuk melihat URL] for the description of the project. It must be code in java. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. ## Deadline information I must completed this before 10/14/2001

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    Splash Page Tamat left

    ...a good job I would like to eventually pay to have my whole site re-done in flash. I would like something graphically intensive, exciting and professional looking, and it needs to include high energy music that goes with the theme. I would also require a loading image (download percentage indicator) since as I said it would be graphic intensive. I will

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    ...based on a search of the item number. The program will also caclate the total price of the transaction based on items purchased, a seven percent sales tax, and shipping and handling chart(which ill give u) the program should be of business [log masuk untuk melihat URL] must be fully formated and commented. ## Deliverables - When the item numer is input a search will produce

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    Our client is keen to retain an experienced freelancer with intensive Flash skills. Not simply a designer but an expert within this exciting application. Knowledge of Flash Actionscripting, vectors and string laterals as is experience of Lingo. Variety of projects, utilising the interactive abilities of Flash. Greater Manchester.

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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