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    We have a project developed by python and converted to Exe by pyinstaller, but windows defender and Norton antivirus consider this as a trojan. I would like to get the required certificates so that our applications is not considered a trojan

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    MSPs seem to over rely on expensive tooling, nebulous monitoring, and have a break-fix mindset, while underdelivering. We could perhaps determine if there is any market for a DevOps-centric MSP, bring the benefits of enterprise to SMBs, and what identify the client base. The deeper I get into tooling, the more I realize how much I don't know, Dunning Kruger certainly applies. I feel there is ...

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    Read carefully! Please no Proposals if you have no idea how to do it. Price you offered is that what you need. no negotiaton afterwards ! No payment outside this website ! This script should be able to start via windows cmd. Python enviroment is installed so far. Following project steps to be done python script should check every 5 minutes here [log masuk untuk melihat URL] on scheduled tab. ...

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    We need a application in java which allow a single port and block all others port in a applicattion for eg. if i want only [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to work then all the others ports and ip of all website should be blocked. In windows we can achieve this by using Windows filtering API but the problem is these API is only accessible using C/c++ so we need a interface in java to to access thes...

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    Well I’m disabled my husband used me to make $4,560 a month from IHSS and he made me the caretaker of my own Mother who was diagnosed with Dementia and I moved her in . I got really sick ans he was working 70 hoirs plus a week and he has a prior for picking me up by my neck DV charge and what i didn’t know was he had 3 others and 198 arrests 2 strikes 2 terms & 2 violations . Then ...

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    Before we go any further, this is part of a updater system. It will regularly be used to deploy updated exe files to our clients. We have all heard of WinRAR SFX. Well, it creates false positives in windows defender. and its becoming an issue. Need a solution/alternative. Must: -Produce an EXE that, when executed, extracts 1 or more files from itself. -EXE when executed, should not require a...

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    App for police to record law enforcement interactions. IOS and android. BlueLivesDefender and BlueLivesDefenderPro. Includes listing in Apple and Google Stores and Paypal interface.

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    I need 5 pictures creating for my online game, I have 5 recruitable units, I would like these units drawn so that a user can see the unit, the units are low leveled. I.e basic units that will level up over time. Game is [log masuk untuk melihat URL] if you want to get a feel for the game. The units are: Worker, Farmer, Woodsmen, Warrior, Defender.

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    I have a windows app built in python and built an install file using Advanced Installer. I've applied for an EV certificate, but I want to make sure my app doesn't get a windows defender 'smartscreen' warning when my customers install the software. Experience with Windows App Certification Kit helpful.

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    Work Daily from 9PM to 1 AM India time managing websites, making changes, posting corrections, installing word defender.

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    Hello, I am trying to send emails to many contacts (400). I write my email in Word and use the Mailings function. Unfortunetaely, when sending the email to all contacts, they all retrn back with: systems administrator erroris : 0x0004005 - 0x00000b22 - 0x00000501 I need to send those emails today. Any idea how to resolve this? I turned off the Avast anitvirus email check and same for Win...

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    El tema tiene que ver con la educación física, el tema está aún sin determinar, propondrá varios temas y elegiremos uno fácil de defender. · Metodología: sin determinar. · Plazos de entrega:  Primera entrega: 10-01-2021, con el 50% del desarrollo.  Segunda entrega: 3-02-2021, con el desarrollo al 100% + documento RAW. · Exte...

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    I need a 2 hour consultation with a Microsoft Security professional who can share his real time experience working on the following technologies: - Azure Active Directory - Azure Defender - Azure Threat Protection - Azure Information Protection - Azure Sentinel - M365 Defender - M365 Security - Microsoft Authenticator - Microsoft Cloud App Security - Microsoft Defender for Endpoint - ...

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    I have a very complex application using VBA (many thousand lines of code). Windows defender keeps reporting a false positive for a trojan and I need to identify exactly which part of the VBA is triggering this so that it can be modified/ eliminated to remove the false positive.

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    El proyecto es simple, en lugar de escribir cada componente, se utiliza un json que en base a eso se crean los componentes. Ya tengo hecho un boiler plate que crea los componentes desde el json y los conecta a redux saga y actualiza la pagina inmeditamente al editar el json sin necesidad de actualizar la pagina. Hay tambien una especie de formulario dynamico para configurar estos componentes. Lo ...

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    I just got rejected a scientific study mainly because the statistical analysis that I performed I collected data through motion analysis from all the goals for the 2018/2019 season in the English Premier League. I analysed the movements using a movement classification system called: “the Bloomfield Movement Classification”. This mainly includes movements (sprint, decelerations, turns, ...

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    Hello, I work in computer security I am looking for a server / client that is basicly a remote administration tool that should be able to work even with all modern antivirus softwares working and intact, including windows defender. You need to be able to hide this process / software properly to remain undetected, id like to grab the screen image of the server that i run on my own machines and be ...

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    i want to fix my program [log masuk untuk melihat URL] the files include here. for antivirus dont detect. The file just normal [log masuk untuk melihat URL] but windows defender detect virus. * i want windowsdefender and avast dont detect my files is virus.

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    Hello guys, i need a guy to build me a Rat like async Rat - RAT will pass win10 defender - File with trojan inside can be edited in word or PDF format - RAT can take all saved login ( user : pass + cookies ) in Pc's victim and can control mouse/keyboard - File with trojan inside can send from email to email and through messenger facebook to another - Dashboard is easy to control and manage

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    Hello, I'm interested in having "Microsoft Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection [ATP]" installed/configured on my standalone Windows Server 2008 R2. Might you be interested in this project?? Please assist. Thank you. Richard

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    I would like a logo designed for [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The company provides mobile log splitting and processing, bespoke built log stores and firewood delivery. The company is located in a rural setting in North Devon. I want something that stands out and has something interesting happening in the logo, as opposed to just the text of the company. At the time time, not being too busy. Lig...

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    URL categorization and context service: - We have a browser extension which captures the url a user goes to and associates that URL to that user in our database. We need to build a service which can then go to that URL and associate a category ( IAB) to that page plus the most relevant contextual keywords from the page. - understand what IAB category that page belongs to and what the contex...

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    Se trata de hacer un proyecto de investigación en Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación para la educación y el aprendizaje digital. El título está aún por confirmar pero se propondrán varios para que elijamos uno fácil de defender. La propuesta del TFM sería: innovación sobre blogs en el aula, o las herra...

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    Hello everyone, We have a custom package program on c# and this available now for 1200 pc/350 customer. Since last week microsoft defender and bitdefender detect our project false positive. We scaned our project at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and kaspersky etc. did not detect false positive. but microsoft defender, bitdefend and 8 other program detect false positive. So we need detect and fix ...

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    we need a powershell expert see ps galery to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 1. install Virus Updates* see screen ore our dev server. we have all days ore 1x the week the virus Updates. I want to update the virus and scan runs automatically [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 2. Check Defender Settings I want to check the settings automatically [log masu...

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    Se trata de hacer un proyecto de investigación en nutrición, la persona encargada de la redacción podrá proponer varios títulos relativamente fáciles de defender. · Metodología: Sin determinar. · Plazos de entrega:  Entrega Previa: 7-11-2020, pendiente de concretar.  Primera entrega: 25-11-2020, con el 50% del desarrollo.  Segunda ...

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    Attack & Security Tools Choose one of the following topics and choose 1 attack and 1 security tool: • Trojans and Backdoor • Viruses and Worms • Sniffers • Phishing • Denial of Service For this topic, you will need to research 1 tool attacker’s use, and 1 security tool used to counter attackers in the area chosen. Your assignment involves running both tools...

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    I think my WP site was hacked. I was able to restore a backup. I'm getting all kinds of errors. I cannot deactivate plugins. It throws up errors. I tried wordfence and defender scans and both of those failed In my opinion, the database seems large for a small simple site like this The website is slow and sluggish I host on Google Cloud. there's no cpanel here. I can give you access to ...

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    Looking for Android developer for sport analytics software We are looking for android developer, who can develop the game statistics application. Idea is, that there is no need for registration nor login. The application does not communicate with server and is stand alone application at users Android pad. orientation is landscape. Application needs to scale to be usable at different size of lands...

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    Similar to what Winrar does but more secure and with more options: 1) I would like to compact n files into a single self-executing file. 2) The latter should decompress the files in a temporary directory different, each time, and not visible by the user but knowable to me by an artifice 3) and at the end of the decompression it should automatically launch one ore more file chosen by me 4) The self...

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    I want to start a technical blog on WordPress like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] . I ready to pay money only if you made the website like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] .

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    I want to start a technical blog on WordPress like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] . I ready to pay money only if you made the website like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] .

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    Se trata de hacer un proyecto de investigación en profesorado de secundaria, FP e idiomas, Formación y Orientación Laboral. · Título: Aún sin determinar. Se podrá proponer varios títulos fáciles de defender. · Metodología: sin determinar. · Plazos de entrega:  Primera entrega: 03-11-2020, con el 50% del desarrol...

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    I need the image attached (ANaso10) designed into a video intro. I have attached some image samples of what it will look like after the text is added to the image/video. This is for sample design purposes. Please view "intro image sample" and "intro image sample 1" The intro should be 8-10 seconds long. The text is what you will be adding to the image to make the video int...

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    Se trata de hacer un proyecto de investigación relacionado con la biología, se propondrán varios temas y eligiremos uno, pero relacionado con la biodiversidad, el trabajo cooperativo y el uso de las TIC. Se podrá proponer varios títulos fáciles de defender. · Metodología: según propuesta. · Plazos de entrega:  Primera entrega:...

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    wordpresse configuration, customize all website !!!JOB ALL 2 WEBSITE WORDPRESS!!! (( Warning at your minimum budget price proposal)))) 1config all 2customize ALL website (example logo, name and other) 4I will tell you what to change as you go: 5 install and creation chat webrtc and config: chek me reference example: https: //[log masuk untuk melihat URL] 6 INSTALL (https green padlock the fixe...

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    I am getting my new business put together, it is a firearms and ammo dealer. I have created a design from a website that has peaked my interest, but wanted to have a human touch (possibly you guys) remake it in your own sight and vision. My business name is Tramel Guns LLC and my business slogan is DEFENSOR PACIS which is Latin for Defender of the Peace and was the motto of my submarine that I ser...

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    Trophy icon design a logo Tamat left

    I need a logo designed for an upmarket offroad accessories manufacturing company. The company name is SKOVERLAND. The logo needs to be simple and able to be laser cut into steel so no complex shapes or unsupported graphics. I am unsure of company colours so would like to see the logo in a few variants. Most of our equipment will have a silver, black, dark grey, white colour scheme. I have include...

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    Looking for Microsoft Specialist who has experience on Azure and Intune services. We need to hire on project basis and will be paid hourly. The expected know is:- 1. Disable firewall. 2. Disable defender. 3. Disable usb-drives not other peripherals like scanners etc etc. 4. Bitlock drive and save key on cloud, do not allow to save on local machine. And do auto-bit lock so policy can run in the ni...

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    I have created one application in Java application and build as JAR, now i want to create Windows installer, I already created installer, but it block Windows defender when trying install the application. Its show the message "The application is harmful to the computer" when running in windows 10. I want to create new setup to remove this message.

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    1) I would like to compact n files into a single self-executing file. 2) The latter should decompress the files in a temporary directory different each time and not visible by the user but knowable to me by an artifice 3) and at the end of the decompression it should automatically launch one ore more file chosen by me 4) The self-executing file should have password not crackable protection and ti...

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    This position is responsible for providing deployment, support and maintenance of servers & storage services. This includes ensuring the stable operation of IT data centers and computer rooms across our operations. The Servers and Storage Analyst will require the ability to manage multiple priorities, including help desk tickets, daily tasks and projects, while working closely with other team...

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    Hi My name is Saleem and I am in the market to buy a manual car (Land Rover Defender). However, I only have a couple of hours driving a manual car, so I need more experience. I already have my full license in NSW but I drive an automatic car at the moment. It would be great if I could be taught in a 4x4 car similar to a Defender - something like a Landcruiser, Patrol, Pajero, Hilux etc would be...

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    Hi My name is Sal and I am interested in buying a Land Rover Defender 110 soon as it's my dream car. The problem is, I have never driven one before. I am wondering wondering if there are any Defender owners out there that could teach me how to drive/use one or teach me how to do basic servicing or even show me what to look out for when buying one second hand, I would really appreciate it. L...

    $19 - $39 / hr
    $19 - $39 / hr
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    Hello peoples, i got .exe main application which running a game, but the file is false-positive in virustotal. We can talk for the job price directly. Here is the virustotal log: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I don't have the source of the application, but i really want somehow to be not detectable by the windows defender at least. If somebody is sure that he can do it, ok. But if you are no...

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    Hey guys I'm looking for someone to create and design a flyer artwork A5 Bi-Fold or Tri-Fold size for my Mobile, Tablet, Computer repair business. Looking for 4 Pages - Front > Two Middle Pages > Back. I like the clean and modern look but catchy. We sell a range of Accessories / Red Pepper, Otter box Defender, 360 case, wallet cases, Tempered glass, All cables lightening cables, usb...

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    I recently started a non-profit that focuses on stopping sexual exploitation of children online. I am wanting to build a app that runs in the background of laptops and tablets and monitors popular apps like Facebook,Youtube and Instagram and catches key words and alerts parents of questionable activity their child might be involved in.

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    I would like to begin using Defender Anti-virus on Windows 10 Endpoints that we manage remotely. We have an RMM tool we can use to configure remote endpoints. Need to deploy a standard configuration to 3000+ endpoints, and also have them report issues/events to csv log files (which will be uploaded to the RMM tool for reporting and action). Alternatively, the RMM can use the System Event Logs to ...

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    I need to configure the Security of the following products through Migration initiative "Only the ones with proven references are invited" Phase 1, AD Sync & Exchange Hybrid Deployment SSO using Pass-through Authentication (PTA) Exchange Online Configuration OneDrive for Business Configuration Microsoft Teams Configuration Office 365 security Installation of Outlook profile/OneDri...

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    Usando la libreria sdl2 desarrollar defender game arcade

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