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    Trophy icon Elegant Logo Redesign 6 hari left

    ...designer to revamp my existing logo. I want it to capture a classic and elegant style, so I require someone with a keen eye for detail and a flair for design. Our Business: We create personal VIDEO time capsules of you or your loved ones through intentional conversations that will connect future generations. Imagine being able to watch a video interview of your late grandmother. We are here to preserve someone's memory. Requirements: - Please Incorporate the colors green, yellow, and brown into the design in a seamless and aesthetically pleasing way. Green - Primary Brown - Secondary Yellow - Very light accent Green - leaves, life, birth, growth, new, re-born Brown - soil, royal, calming, grounding, strength Dark Yellow - Sun, energy, light, god, sun - The log...

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    Trophy icon FitHub Wellness Center Logo Design 6 hari left

    ...designer to create an appealing logo for FitHub Wellness Center. Our gym is more than just a workout space; it's a destination for our consumers' complete wellness journey. At FitHub, we provide a state-of-the-art fitness facility equipped with modern equipment, expert trainers, and a variety of classes to cater to your fitness goals. Our experienced trainers offer personalized guidance, ensuring every workout is effective and enjoyable. Here's what I envision for this project: - Preferred Color Scheme: I lean towards warm colors like blue, green, and orange. However, I'm also open to other color suggestions that harmonize with the center's wellness theme. - Desired Elements: The elements that should be incorporated in the logo design are a...

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    I am seeking a professional writer who can articulate the uniqueness of my tea company, which specializes in the tea industry, majorly focusing on loose leaf tea. Key Project Details: - The content should reflect our specialization in loose leaf tea. - Our key target audience are wholesalers so the content should appeal to this demographic. - We require a well-structured company profile that effectively communicates our business identity and values. Ideal freelancer for this job: - An experienced content writer who has exquisite skills in writing company profiles. - Someone who has knowledge or experience in the tea industry would be an added advantage. - Proficient in English writing and communication. This project offers an opportunity to write for a unique company in ...

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    As someone who is passionate about utilizing te...passionate about utilizing technology for environmental causes, I am looking for a skilled coder with experience in using Raspberry Pi 5 coupled with Dual Pi Cameras. The aim of this project is to create a system that can: - Detect leaves using color-based detection, a critical skill in your repertoire. - Transmit a wired signal once leaves are identified. - Trigger a pump to start spraying water when leaf detection is successful. Demonstrable knowledge in low-level programming, Python, or other Raspberry Pi compatible languages, as well as a solid understanding of image processing mechanisms would be advantageous to fulfill this project. This initiative could prove rewarding for an environmentally conscious technology enthusiast ...

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    Trophy icon EcoWear Fashion Line Creation 3 hari left

    As the client behind the vision of EcoWear, I'm seeking someone who can help me materialize my eco-friendly vision into a tangible fashion line. The scope hasn't been narrowed down to a specific clothing type yet, so the ideal candidate has experience and creativity to handle a diverse desig...EcoWear, I'm seeking someone who can help me materialize my eco-friendly vision into a tangible fashion line. The scope hasn't been narrowed down to a specific clothing type yet, so the ideal candidate has experience and creativity to handle a diverse design palette, including tops, bottoms,Brief: A sustainable clothing line that uses eco-friendly materials. The logo should reflect a commitment to the environment and high fashion, using a leaf motif and earthy colors...

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    ...looking for a highly talented designer to craft a modern logo for my marketing company, Magnet Mint. The logo should embody our mantra, "Attracting Fresh Local Leads," and effectively communicate our brand's vision on our platform, , and across all our marketing channels. Here's what I envision: - I'm open to color suggestions that is fresh, vibrant, and inspiring trust and confidence in the company. - The aesthetic should be sleek, modern, and dynamic. It should easily resonate with our target audience and make a statement about our brand identity. maybe versions with magnet and mint leaf would be unique and memorable. Maybe name magnet that is blue/red and mint that is mint green. Maybe using magnet as a cup for the mint leaf. M...

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    Trophy icon CrunchyGreens Bistro Logo Design 1 hari left

    I'm in need of a robust logo design for CrunchyGreens Bistro. CrunchyGreens Bistro is dedicated to fresh and wholesome dining. Our menu features crisp salads, hearty grain bowls, and creative vegetarian dishes made from locally sourced produce. Eating healthily never tasted so good. Ideally, the design should utilize our chosen colors: green. However, I'm also open to other colors that may enhance the design. Key Aspects: - Preferably a modern look, but other themes that suit our bistro could also be considered. - Must incorporate a fork and knife, leaf, and chef’s hat. Any other elements or symbols that can strengthen our brand's identity are welcomed too. Skills and Experience: - Creativity, to think outside the box and consider other themes...

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    Dijamin Dimeterai
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    Hi - Here's a more detailed ask of what I was referring to in my other message. Looking to have some edits done to a logo we have for CardLeaf. Need the icons changed to more leaf looking images, rather then the feather icons. Would like to see a few different color variants as well - maybe different green colors since it is a leaf themed logo? Also would it be possible to change the slogan from "grow your tcg investments" to "grow your tcg collection"?

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    Objective: This project is at the forefront of door design innovation, aiming to revolutionize traditional manufacturing processes and establish new benchmarks within the industry. By integrating Hollow Concrete Blocks (HCB) into the construction of door jambs and refining the design of the door leaf, our ambition is to significantly enhance the structural integrity, longevity, and visual appeal of doors. Our approach is grounded in first-principle thinking, targeting a radical shift in door production towards greater efficiency and sustainability. Urgency: The completion of CAD drawings and engineering designs for this project is of the utmost urgency, with a strict deadline of 2 days from the date of assignment. This accelerated timeline is critical to maintaining project momentu...

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    Objective: This project is at the forefront of door design innovation, aiming to revolutionize traditional manufacturing processes and establish new benchmarks within the industry. By integrating Hollow Concrete Blocks (HCB) into the construction of door jambs and refining the design of the door leaf, our ambition is to significantly enhance the structural integrity, longevity, and visual appeal of doors. Our approach is grounded in first-principle thinking, targeting a radical shift in door production towards greater efficiency and sustainability. Urgency: The completion of CAD drawings and engineering designs for this project is of the utmost urgency, with a strict deadline of 2 days from the date of assignment. This accelerated timeline is critical to maintaining project momentu...

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    Ditampilkan Segera
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    ...and black shoes. The sky needs to be blue with white fluffy clouds but should look realistic. It is a sunny day - (see shadow on right hand side). The sun was behind the photographer. The road has s a dirt-road surface. The banner at the top will have old-gold coloured writing. The banner slightly lower will almost certainly have been royal blue with gold writing. There are trees in full leaf in the background and some of the buildings have decorations, many of them being made of flowers and foliage. This was the day of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. Overall I am looking for enhancement but a clean, natural overall look. The newspaper printing effect should be removed if possible. Anyone posting a "Please check my entry" message will be ignored. I do ...

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    Objective: GM Furniture is embarking on a groundbreaking initiative in door design innovation, aimed at reshaping traditional manufacturing processes and setting new industry benchmarks. Our vision is to seamlessly integrate Hollow Concrete Blocks (HCB) into door jambs and elevate the design of the door leaf, enhancing structural integrity, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Guided by a commitment to efficiency and sustainability, we seek to pioneer a transformative approach to door production. Urgency: The timely completion of CAD drawings and engineering designs is paramount for the success of this project. With a stringent deadline of 2 days from the date of assignment, GM Furniture emphasizes the critical nature of this task in maintaining project momentum and achieving stra...

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    I am looking for a thorough research on five leading POS companies in Canada; specifically, Moneris, Clover, First Data, Light speed, and Revel. Information required involves a deep dive into the following elements: - Features and specifications of their payment machines - Pricing and fees - Integration capabilities - Daily transaction limit - Cash out and batch close out system - Deposit processing - the best five brokers for each company on Toronto. The ideal freelancer for this project is someone with a strong understanding of the POS industry in Canada, and previous experience in finance or market research. Proficiency in data collection and ability to work in a detail-oriented manner are equally important. I need it as soon as possible

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    ...Builder v19, and may utilize it's own controls and CSS imports with exception of a login page necessary to authenticate users and establish a timed session, resulting in cookie session management, utilizing AES for obfuscation. **Key Requirements:** - **E-commerce Functionality:** The site will utilize user authentication via PHP & AES, through; File IO. - **Payment Gateway Integration:** Implement Clover as the primary payment solution, ensuring secure and efficient transaction processing. - **User Experience:** Maximal visibility & archived changes, as well as seamless work flow, are preferable. - **Responsive Design:** The website will have a workable area of 1111 x 800, however resizing of the object controls to page is desirable (no mobile version). **Ideal S...

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    260 bida

    In the wake of challenges post-COVID era, including personal trials and business financial mismanagement, I am taking a proactive step towards recovery and stability. My business, GetGas, has been operational and profitable for over 15 y...ideal candidate will have experience in: Financial restructuring and planning for businesses facing challenges. Working with Xero Accounting software Crafting strategies that ensure long-term financial health and profitability. Providing actionable insights to prevent future financial missteps. This is more than a job; it's an opportunity to make a profound impact on a business ready to turn a new leaf. I'm committed to transparency, collaboration, and taking the necessary steps to ensure a brighter, more stable future for GetGas and al...

    $22 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    35 bida

    ...sugar skull but very Canadian **Design Elements:** - The primary colors should be inspired by the Canadian wilderness, incorporating hues that reflect its animals and plants. - Accents of neon orange should be used to add a modern, energetic feel to the design. - Iconic Canadian animals such as the Moose, Bear, Polar, and Wolf must be integrated into the design in an abstract fashion. - The Maple Leaf, a symbol strongly associated with Canada, should feature prominently in the layout. - The overall style should steer clear of traditional racing motifs, aiming instead for a fresh and modern aesthetic. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in graphic design software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop). - Experience in designing for three-dimensional surfaces, ideally h...

    $233 (Avg Bid)
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    34 bida

    I am looking to streamline the process of extracting sales data from our Clover POS system and inserting it directly into our Snowflake data warehouse. This project involves utilizing FiveTran as the data integration tool and leveraging Azure Functions to automate the process. The aim is to create a seamless, automated data flow that allows for real-time analytics capabilities. **Requirements:** - Experience with Clover POS's API for data extraction. - Proficient in configuring and managing FiveTran for data integration. - Skilled in utilizing Azure Functions for automation between Clover and Snowflake. - Familiarity with Snowflake's data warehousing solutions and the ability to efficiently manage and organize data within it. - Ability to ensure data securit...

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    24 bida

    We're looking for a talented graphic designer to hand-draw a logo for our e-commerce grocery store, "Thaalai Naturals". - Colors: Emphasizing on a blend of green and orange color tones. - Elements: The design should creatively incorporate a leaf and a shopping cart symbol. - Style: We're leaning towards a hand-drawn, organic feel to match our natural product line. Ideal candidates will have experience in logo design, specifically in creating unique, hand-drawn designs. Proficiency in color theory and a knack for turning abstract concepts into visual reality would be commendable. Show us what you can bring to "Thaalai Naturals"!

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    Trophy icon Vibrant Wellness Clinic Logo Tamat left

    ...mobile clinic called EnLiven IV hydration and wellness and am in dire need of a logo that captivatingly represents our brand's essence. Our services are centered on improving wellness through hydration, vitamins, and minerals, offering a rejuvenating experience to our clients. EnLiven IV Hydration and Wellness ### Ideal Colors: - Primarily Blue and Grey, reflecting trust, balance, and neutrality while emphasizing our medical and hydration expertise. ### Key Visual Elements: - **Water Droplet:** Symbolizing our core service of hydration. - **Leaf:** Representing natural wellness and the vitamins and minerals we provide. - **Fluid Bag:** Directly referencing our IV hydration therapy services. ### Logo Vibes: - The logo should emit an **Energetic and V...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    502 penyertaan

    I am in need of a unique, professionally designed logo for my company. It should be a circle shape, with our company name going around the American flag and clover together in the center. The primary color scheme should incorporate red, white, blue, green, and dark blue. The attached Photos have water mark, those ARE NOT in the design Company Name: VRM Renovations & Repairs LLC Ideal skills & experience: • Graphic Design • Logo Design • Brand Identity Key Requirements: • Circle shaped logo • Company name embedded around the inside of the circle • Include a center symbol • Use of red, white, blue, green, and dark blue colors. This project is ideal for a freelancer with a creative mind and deep understanding of mo...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    115 penyertaan

    ...professional graphic designer to create a logo for my consignment store called "A New Leaf". The design aesthetic should be modern and clean. Key Elements to Include: - The Store's Name: This should be the main focus of the logo. - A Tree and Leafs: Smooth integration of these elements into the design is essential. - Hangers with Clothing: They should represent different types of clothing to signify the diversity of options we offer – male, female, and children's clothing. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Expertise in modern logo design - Experience working on retail store logos would be a plus - Strong portfolio showcasing diverse, dynamic logo designs - Ability to interpret requirements clearly and creatively This proj...

    $76 (Avg Bid)
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    125 bida

    I need a talented logo designer to help reimagine the logo for my ecommerce store, which sells sustainable homeware and body care products. We're seeking the following: - A modification to the typography and graphics of our current logo, with a specific focus on simplification / clean leaf design. - The redesigned logo should evoke trust and sustainability and position the brand as apirational. The ideal freelancer for this project has previous experience in logo design and a keen eye for modern, minimalistic aesthetics. Familiarity with the eco and sustainability sector would be a plus.

    $74 (Avg Bid)
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    221 bida

    Yeşil Temizlik - Cleaning Solutions. We request a logo design. Our website : I'm seeking a talented designer to create a sophisticated and clean logo for Yeşil Temizlik, reflective of our eco-friendly cleaning solutions. - Ideal Palette: Green, Grey, Blue tones - Desired Emotions: - Freshness - Trustworthiness - Professionalism - Visual Elements: - Open to the designer's creative vision - Possible motifs: Bubbles, Leaf, Water droplet (not mandatory) Skills: - Strong Portfolio with Logos - Proficiency in Graphic Design Software - Creativity and an Eye for Design - Understanding of Branding Experience in designing for eco-conscious brands is a plus. Please present your initial concepts along with your bid.

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    43 bida

    I'm seeking an experienced graphic designer to create a unique, minimalist logo for my business. Here are the requirements: - It should prominently feature an olive leaf and a wren, following an image-based design. - The color scheme should be primarily in black and white with possible gold accents added for interest. - While the imagery is the primary focus, the initials "EC" could be subtly incorporated, without being the main focal point. The ideal designer for this project will have experience with minimalist designs, has a knack for translating concepts into visuals, and an understanding of how to use color accents elegantly. Please ensure your portfolio showcases this.

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    95 bida

    ...CLEVERNESS. I need a high-quality logo for my real estate land business. Creativity and an eye for detail will be crucial for success in this project. The traits I'm looking for include: The name of the company is SHAMROCK LANDS - Experience in abstract logo design - Proven skill in color theory, specifically working with the color green - Experience incorporating unique symbols into designs, such as a Shamrock in this project - Background in creating logos for the real estate or land sector will be a major plus - Make the logo pop. - NO 4 LEAF CLOVER. Only 3 leaf. The logo should be abstract and prominent #009E60 shamrock green color. Also, I'd like a 2 leaf Shamrock to be incorporated subtly, representing the land ...

    $108 (Avg Bid)
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    7 same, but yet diffrent logos needed All have the same leaf background but different text. Max. 6 letters Logo idea is drawn to a paper. Need to mix cannabis leaf and a word. Need to generate .ai and other forms. Logo is used on t-shirts, stickers, www. and other platforms.

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    100 bida

    Hi, I am a military instructor and would like to introduce a new design of instructor apparel to my team. Some concepts I would like included are - combat instructor (the title)( on top) - Roman gladiator/ leaf crown /colosseum theme(logo) (in middle) - Invictus company (name of the team)(bottom) Anything else you want to add or change in there is fine

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    Clover pos Tamat left

    We are looking for Clover Pos experienced consultant to guide us for a integration with 3rd party applications. More details: Is this project for business or personal use? Personal What information should successful freelancers include in their application? Experience How soon do you need your project completed? ASAP

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    I'm seeking a skilled graphic designer to create a bold, modern badge for the Royal Marines Commandos. The design must incorporate specific insignias representative of the Royal Marines Commandos. The design needs to incorporate an "angry" liverbird with a commando dagger in its mouth replacing the leaf that is traditionally found between the teeth of the liverbird. - Design Style: I'm looking for a modern, bold aesthetic rather than a classic or minimalistic approach. - Unique Elements: A specific Royal Marines Commandos insignia must be incorporated into the design- in this case, the commando dagger. Ideal candidates should have experience in military insignia design, a strong portfolio showcasing their creativity and attention to detail, and clear underst...

    $111 (Avg Bid)
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    76 bida

    I'm seeking an expert who can transform low-resolution JPEG images into crisp, high-definition visuals specific for print media use. The final outcomes must preserve the original colors meticulously while being set against a transparent background. **Key Details:** - Convert JP...- Ensure color integrity and clarity of design. - Provide files that are ready to be used in a professional print setting. This project requires someone with a keen eye for detail, a passion for preserving visual quality, and an understanding of color dynamics in print media. If you excel in remastering images with precision and creativity, I'm looking forward to your bid. IMAGES: Poppy, Maple Leaf Quebecois Symbol Ontario Flag (just the green and yellow part of the coat of arms) Orange Hand - ...

    $10 (Avg Bid)
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    I am in need of a reliable and resourceful professional to purchase a medium quantity (1-5 kg) of fresh guanabana, soursop, graviola, or Brazilian paw paw leaves and ship them to the UK. The leaf source can be from the Amazon Rainforest, the Caribbean or South East Asia. Ideal freelancer should have: - Experience in sourcing natural products - Good understanding of international shipping regulations - Strong connections within the food industry, specifically tropical fruits Tasks will include: - Locating and negotiating with a provider - Ensuring the leaves are freshly picked - Managing international shipping, ensuring secure and timely delivery Your skills/experience in sourcing and shipping natural products will be necessary for the successful completion of this proj...

    $17 (Avg Bid)
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    I want to create my own Point Of Sale Mobile terminal device. Someone who knows 3D/CAD and new hardware design. To bring my inspiration to life, we must draw on a couple of existing devices for inspiration. Please see attached. I know exactly what I want and I have all the specs. To be clear, this competition is to design a concept that will most resemble the style I'm looking fo...phone will also have a camera. 6. The style should be minimal/modern and black in color. The back side should be industrial black texture: The screenshots that I provided, are only for you to understand the functionality. All these screenshots are showing devices that are outdated. I want a very sleek, modern and minimalist design. Take inspiration from Apple, Square, Clover, etc.

    $100 (Avg Bid)
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    Seeking a talented and creative designer to construct a logo for my gardening company. The ideal logo should evoke feelings of freshness, professionality, and trustworthiness. Expected Deliverables: High resolution full colour logo and black and white vector line drawing version of the logo required. These logos to be able to be used in high quality print and on the web. Attached is the the pdf ( 2024 Harling logo outline ) with the lettering as a vector file from which to base the logo marked up with the way it will look. The g descender to curve away as shown in the SKETCH gradually changing from the solid green of the lettering to the brown wood colour turning into the ivy IMAGE 1 with leaves growing off the stem. The leaf colourin...

    $26 - $319
    $26 - $319
    56 bida

    I need an informative and detailed double-sided flyer designed, which focuses on the hazards of gas-powered leaf blowers. It's meant to appeal to local government officials and should: - Clearly layout the dangers of gas leaf blowers - Be eye-catching yet professional - Be rich with detail but easy to digest The ideal freelancer for this job will have a strong background in informative and persuasive graphic design. They should be adept at compiling complex information into easily digestible and visually-appealing content. Prior experience in environmental or political campaign design work would be a significant plus.

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    I need a logo for our brand new digital marketing agency, Maple Leaf Studio (), based in Saskatoon, Canada. The nature of my industry requires a logo that can display our innovative, forward-thinking, and end-to-end marketing approach. Your design should be captivating, unique, and relevant to our industry. Please check our brand color palette below.

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    628 penyertaan

    I'm opening a brand-new restaurant called Bheema's and am seeking a creative freelancer to produce our logo. The logo will encapsulate the image of Bheema eating on a banana leaf, making it integral for a freelancer to have prior experience with character creation and design. Here are more specifics for the project: - Color Palette: Your design should incorporate the vibrant colors of Green, Brown, Yellow, and a hint of Orange. - Font: I am after a bold style font to create a robust and impactful brand identity. - Styling: The logo should be a mix of abstract and realistic viewing. Relevant skills for this project include graphic design, illustration, logo design, and creativity. A successful bidder would also have a strong understanding of...

    $57 (Avg Bid)
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    65 bida

    ...looking for an expert logo designer to translate my concept drawing into a professional, minimalist logo. The logo should primarily convey a sense of professionalism. Here are the specific details: - See my concept drawing - Color Scheme: Strictly red and green. Other colors should not be incorporated. The Square and all contents of square should be Green color , like leaf. All else outside the square should be bright RED - Font type and size and Check Mark should be same as drawing - Make square with large radius corners , and thickness that is scale - after approval of thew above, also need a second logo with words REACH , instead of RoHS , all esle exactly the same . Ideal candidates will have previous experi...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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    56 bida

    ...mind to design a logo for my brand, Golden Beans. The logo should predominantly feature a gold color, embodying a vintage style that remains fresh and appealing. Please look at attached Direction 2 images for direction. thank you for your patience! Golden Beans: Top Heading is " Golden Beans" Big green leaf holding a White Cup (see sample for color) of foamy coffee cup with steam coming off top. keep three coffee beans. Bottom type should read "Organic Coffee" Heading is " Golden Beans" Please present on white background Ideal candidates have: - Proficiency in logo design. - Experience in creating vintage-style graphic designs. - A refined sense for color theory, with a focus on the color gold. - An understanding of...

    $33 (Avg Bid)
    346 penyertaan

    ...opening, stopping and closing Position detection: The controller uses feedback from an encoder and two (ore one) limit switches to determine the gate's precise position along the track, ensuring accurate opening and closing operations according to their respective motion curve. Safety protocols: To avoid any risk of crushing between the latch post and the gate leaf in closing motion, the horizontally moving leaf must not exert more than 400 Newtons of force when it is one meter away from reaching its fully closed position. In any other position or movement directions, the force can’t be higher than 1400 N. These movements also have to stop quick enough so these forces don’t remain for longer than 0,75 sec higher than a static force of 150 New...

    $1431 (Avg Bid)
    Perjanjian Kerahsiaan
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    26 bida

    ...colorful explosions that resonate with the intended crazy tone. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in 2D digital animation. - Ability to create intense, visually dynamic scenes. - Experience in creating high-quality animations for anime intros. Please include your portfolio samples demonstrating similar work. Looking forward to your proposal. it should be the pace of an anime intro such as black clover, the into I've gotten inspiration from (s3) which ill be using the same music as (black rover) it'll be an intro for me and my brothers show that we make for our parents, there will be a lot of stuff happening so anyone whos willing to help would be amazing. i do animation and art myself spending 50 hours on artworks I have done so I will be able to explain in a very pa...

    $23 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $23 / hr Avg Bida
    50 bida

    ...seeking an experienced graphic designer to create an engaging, modern logo for our coffee and tea point. Below are the detailed requirements: Kings cafe is the name of the cafe . - Modern style: I prefer a modern, clean and professional logo design style. - Colors: There's no specific color preference for the logo. Feel free to use your creative judgement and propose a color scheme that suits a modern logo. -Skipped elements: Although I've skipped the elements selection, I'm open to the inclusion of any elements such as a cup, tea leaf, coffee bean etc., if it enhances the overall look of the logo. Skills and experience: The ideal candidate should have: * Proven experience in logo design * Strong portfolio of modern ...

    $6 (Avg Bid)
    218 penyertaan

    I am seeking expertise from a proficient machine learning expert with the know-how to create a leaf disease detection system. The project covers creating a solution using deep learning techniques with models like VGG16, DenseNet121 along with another suitable model - Scope: This system will primarily identify diseases in medicinal plants through leaf scanning. Consequently, the project entails development of an Android application which can scan and detect the detected diseases effectively. - Expertise: A thorough understanding of machine learning models, particularly deep learning models like VGG16 and DenseNet121. Previous experience in Android development is a must due to the mobile nature of the solution. - Dataset: I will provide a specific dataset for training the d...

    $4 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $4 / hr Avg Bida
    12 bida

    I need a sourcing agent to find a importer or buyer for my product in Japan. Quantity Must be in tons. Agent must be from Japan. I have fresh Neem Leaf, Dried Neem Leaf and Neem leaves Powder to export from Pakistan. And one thing that i want to clear is that I am not a supplier We are manufacturer.

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    Trophy icon website for lawn care Tamat left

    ...focused on offering information and tips. The website will largely center around lawn care. It should include the following key components: 1. It should be photo and graphic-rich. 2. Responsive design and mobile-friendly. 3. Lots of meta tags to get better search results on Google. 4. Description of services: Lawn Mowing, Spring/Fall Clean Up, Sod Installation, Hedge Trimming, Landscaping, and Leaf Cleanup. 5. Leading potential clients through the Get a quote, receive service, then you're done process as shown in the picture I attached. 6. Make it easy for them to contact me. 7. Attach my Facebook and Google profiles. 8. make an "our reviews section" to show our reviews from Google. 9. An "About Us" section. 10. Have the ability to edit the website...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    26 penyertaan
    Trophy icon Design for Mylar Packaging Tamat left

    I need a design for our weed bags at our smoke shop. We sell bulk flower so we weigh it up and put it in these bags. want a cool design. Maybe even a clear area where you can see the flower, I'm open to any ideas. You can google weed bags and see all the examples you wish to see. The bag is 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall. Links are to some graphic...our smoke shop. We sell bulk flower so we weigh it up and put it in these bags. want a cool design. Maybe even a clear area where you can see the flower, I'm open to any ideas. You can google weed bags and see all the examples you wish to see. The bag is 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall. Links are to some graphics we've used in the past.

    $65 (Avg Bid)
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    118 penyertaan

    Please post your website using clover integration Restaurant Website Redesign We are looking for a talented web designer to redesign our restaurant website. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites for the food industry. This is Indian homestyle curry Point, our menu changes dynamically. Need real time interaction to POS Specific Features: - Online Menu: The website should include an easy-to-navigate online menu that showcases our dishes and allows customers to browse through our offerings. WebHook need to be included for realtime updates from Clover POS to website Design Style: We prefer a modern design style that reflects the contemporary atmosphere of our restaurant. The website should have a clean and minimal...

    $497 (Avg Bid)
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    We would like to design an emblem for our Health Unit that will be embroidered. So, no fine detail needed because it won't be translated on the embroidered thread. I would like an image like the "maple leaf us Canada flag" file attached, but a bit different. I want the maple leaf outline, but the Canada flag on top and the US flag below. Both need to be "flat" images without shading or contour so they can be properly embroidered. Rather than a flat line, I want the Canada flag and US flag separated by an EKG image called an P QRS T complex which is attached in another file. Do not include the letters "PQRST", but just the shape of the EKG wave. Also, I would like a stethoscope to surround the image like the image attached. Lastly, I wo...

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    Id like a logo designed for a company called White Light Therapies. The logo will be hands holding a lotus leaf that also looks like a sun with white light eminating from it. Please see the picture for an example of style and colours.

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