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    ...and Setup (1-2 weeks) Domain Name & Web Hosting: Choose a catchy domain name that reflects your brand and secure affordable web hosting that supports WordPress installation. WordPress Installation: Install WordPress on your web hosting platform. Most web hosting providers offer 1-click WordPress installation. Learning Management System (LMS) Plugin: Explore free or freemium LMS plugins like LearnDash or Tutor LMS. These offer basic course creation, enrollment, and content delivery functionalities. Theme Selection: Choose a free WordPress theme optimized for eLearning platforms. Popular options include Astra or OceanWP. These themes are customizable and integrate well with LMS plugins. Stage 2: Development and Integration (2-4 weeks) Course Creation: Develop your cours...

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    ...connect with industry peers. User Profiles: Customize profiles to highlight skills, interests, and business objectives. Networking Tools: Facilitate connections between entrepreneurs, investors, and consultants for mutual benefit. Resource Library: Access a curated collection of articles, tools, and resources to support business growth and development. Learning Management System (LMS): Learndash Offer educational resources, courses, and training materials to users. Event Management System: Event Management Host and manage events such as workshops, webinars, and networking sessions. Consultant Pool with Booking Management: Bookly Users can browse and book consulting sessions with a pool of professional consultants. Member List: BuddyBoss Facilitate easy connections, cha...

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    ...We need to connect job seekers and employers with the role in BuddyBoss. Primary tasks that require automation include ensuring seamless flow from subscription purchase, powered by WP Job Manager and SureCart, to Automation powered by SureTriggers. This project requires a high degree of compatibility with a number of platforms and tools. Our key operating platforms are WordPress, BuddyBoss, Learndash, Bookly, Gamipress, SureCart, and SureTriggers. Additional integration with WP Job Manager, Artificial Intelligence, and ATS is also necessary. PLEASE TELL US YOUT EXPERIENCE AND LINKS TO PROJECTS FOR THESE PLUGINS. Ideal candidates for this project should possess: - Strong experience with the aforementioned platforms and tools. - Knowledge in automation and process streamlini...

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    I need a Wordpress developer with in-depth experience working with the LearnDash plugin. Here are the key features I'm looking to incorporate: - Online courses - Membership area In addition, having a knack for design will be a significant edge, as I need to revamp a portion of my website, and operate the Learndash feature. Ideal skills for this project: - Extensive working knowledge of Wordpress - Proven experience with LearnDash plugin - Ability to design and lay out effective, user-friendly website pages Extra brownie points for bidders with a strong design portfolio that aligns with my taste and requirements. So, ready to make an impact through your skills? Let's chat!

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    I am seeking a proficient WordPress developer who is well-versed with LearnDash and Elementor. My WordPress site already has an existing LearnDash course that requires some navigation fixes. Both the main Course page and the Lesson pages have been built using Elementor page builder. The Learndash-Elementor add on plugin has been used. Here, the primary task is: - Debugging and fixing course navigation issues The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - A thorough understanding of WordPress - A strong knowledge in LearnDash and Elementor - Proven experience in debugging and fixing site navigation issues I have attached 3 screenshots: 1. Correct Navigation - this is what it should show 2. Wrong Navigation - this is what is currently showing but not wh...

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    Tenemos una plataforma de cursos ya implementada con wordpress, learn dash, con pagos mediante woocomerce , lo que estamos búscando es que se revise esta plataforma, se Mejore la visualización página de wordpress y los cursos ya creados, se optimice la configuración de LearnDash (ya que tenemos configurado lo básico) conocer que otra funcionalidad de Learn Dash se puede añadir, Revisar la configuración de woocomerce e integrar la galería de pago de Payphone.

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    Estamos buscando alguien que nos realice una herramienta para importar de forma masiva a learndash los cuestionarios de preguntas exportados de moodle y las preguntas o cuestionarios que vayamos realizando a través de chat gpt. Imprescindible hablar español. Tenemos muchas preguntas y queremos realizar la importación sin necesidad de teclear los datos. Moodle exporta las preguntas en xml, y Learndash las importa en xml, pero no son compatibles, pues el xml de Learndash es más complejo. También queremos incorporar un botón en las preguntas de los cuestionarios de Learndash para que el alumno pueda impugnar las preguntas, enviando un email al administrador.

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    Our WordPress plugin LearnDash has been custom-edited to allow a custom workflow for quizzes. This custom code does not register a quiz as complete when a user gets to the end of the sequence of questions. We need to re-add the function which exists in native learndash quizzes, where if our custom quiz is completed the "mark complete" button should be shown, and the quiz is remembered by the system as being completed.

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    We urgently need a WP/LMS(Learndash) developer to assist with developing our oil and gas industry-related eLearning Academy. Required Skill Sets 1. 3-5 Years' experience as WP/LMS developer, with specific experience in Learndash LMS, uncanny toolkit, WooCommerce 2. Proven track record with verifiable experience 3. Command on written and communication English language 4. Detailed-oriented and follows work requirement 5. Structured programming skills 6. Self-testing attitude of own finished work before delivery 7. Expert in writing scripts, cron jobs, and debugging code 8. Expert skills in CSS, HTML, PHP, MYSQL 9. Adhere to the task timeline and detailed logging of work hours 10. Prompt communication with the lead developer and project manager via WhatsApp, Email, pho...

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    I am looking for a proficient WordPress developer and designer, particularly skilled in crafting visually appealing minimalistic designs. We have built a basic version of the site and loaded some of the video content. We are using Learndash, Memberdash and Spotlightr for video hosting. We need someone to sort out the landing page and course listing pages and style emails (and I'm sure piles of other things). The ideal freelancer will possess relevant experience with Wordpress, Learndash and Memberdash and a keen eye for details. A good understanding of user interface and experiences for professional audiences is beneficial. Proven experience in similar e-learning platforms and payment integrations is a definite bonus. Design Aesthetics: - A minimalist de...

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    I'm currently using the LearnDash plugin on my WordPress site and require an expert to assist with specific customizations. These modifications entail: - Revamping the course layout per my previously prepared design. - Tailoring user profiles to meet specific objectives. - Inserting flipbooks and other assorted media into the courses. A freelancers should ideally have substantial experience with LearnDash and WordPress. A solid understanding of flipbook and media insertion is also desirable. You should be detail-oriented, and able to repurpose a pre-existing design to improve the LearnDash experience.

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    Hola, estamos construyendo una academia de cursos online de oposiciones a través de wordpress y learndash. Necesitamos alguien que nos soluciene los siguientes puntos : - Mi intención es poder subir preguntas y cuestionarios de forma masiva. En la actualidad tenemos muchas preguntas y cuestionarios multirespuesta y no podemos importarlos en learndash. También generamos pregunas a través de Inteligencia Artificial y tenemos el mismo problema para importarlas de forma masiva. Las preguntas son siempre multirespuesta, es decir, pregunta con 3 ó 4 posibles respuestas de las cuales únicamente una es correcta. Las respuestas siempre están justificadas. También tendremos preguntas de psicotécnicos con imágenes. ...

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    I want a 30 minute consultation to discuss first - happy to pay -must be buddyboss website AND app expert. I'm seeking a highly skilled professional to assist me in the c... custom banners, layout, and typography to achieve the desired look. Functionality Customization: - Key functionalities I am looking to personalize include user registration and login process, as well as integrating group access via woo subscriptions on both the website and app. Ideal Candidate: - The ideal candidate is an experienced professional with expertise in Buddyboss, Wordpress, Learndash, and WooCommerce (subscription, Membership, Points & affiliate). You should be proficient at integrating and customizing third-party plugins, have strong design skills, and experience creating custom user ...

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    I want a 30 minute consultation to discuss first - happy to pay -must be buddyboss website AND app expert. I'm seeking a highly skilled professional to assist me in the c... custom banners, layout, and typography to achieve the desired look. Functionality Customization: - Key functionalities I am looking to personalize include user registration and login process, as well as integrating group access via woo subscriptions on both the website and app. Ideal Candidate: - The ideal candidate is an experienced professional with expertise in Buddyboss, Wordpress, Learndash, and WooCommerce (subscription, Membership, Points & affiliate). You should be proficient at integrating and customizing third-party plugins, have strong design skills, and experience creating custom user ...

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    We are looking for someone to optimise our WordPress website. We are currently running our Online academy using Learndash, and have a Woocommerce shop, and MEC (modern event calendar). Presently we are employing a range of optimisation tools: Rocket WP All In One WP Security Asset cleanup Pro Database Cleaner: Clean, Optimize & Repair (Pro) Image optimisation service by Optimole Object Cache 4 everyone Server stats: 6 cores 16 GB 400 GB (100% SSD) 400 Mbit/s Cpanel Cloud flare CDN We would like to increase the page load times, for optimal user experience, and are looking for a someone with expertise in Wordpress optimisation. We would like: • our Databased to be cleaned up from any unneeded entries, I.e those left over from old plugins • Site load ...

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    As the owner of a Learndash course with timers on each topic, I'm seeking a Wordpress developer with solid Learndash experience to automate topic completion based on the timer settings. Key requirements include: 1. **Autoplay Feature**: The system should automatically mark a topic as complete when its timer ends and transition the user to the next topic. Experience with Learndash customization programmatically is crucial. 2. **End Course Action**: After the a topic page's timer runs out, the system should mark the page as completed. 3. **Global Autoplay Application**: The autoplay feature needs to apply to all topics within a course. In addition to these defined tasks, capabilities in PHP and a deep understanding of the Wordpress ecosystem will be help...

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    PARA APLICAR DEBES COLOCAR LA PALABRA YAKU. Descripción Breve: Se re... con CTAs destacados para agendar llamadas y descargar brochures, cada uno con un flujo específico que incluye formularios y redirecciones adecuadas. ✅ Segunda Página: Inspirada en la página de agradecimiento de IE, permite la descarga del brochure y ofrece un CTA para agendar llamadas, manteniendo la coherencia en diseño. ✅ Subdominio "Campus": Creación de un espacio virtual para cursos con LearnDash y BuddyPress, incluyendo foros, chat entre alumnos, exámenes y certificación. ✅ Los usuarios deben ser capaces de registrarse y hacer login con Google, Facebook y TikTok. ✅ Se deben configurar y aceptar pagos con PayPal y Apple Pay Presupuesto y E...

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    Expanding educational horizons, I am in need of an expert in Learndash development who can actualize my vision of a comprehensive e-learning platform. Key Features: - Online Course Development: Crafted to house diverse forms of course materials, from text-based lessons to quiz-oriented content and even dynamic video lectures. Access and Progress Tracking: - Secure User Registrations: Learning platform should include a secure user registration and login system for students to access course material. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in Learndash development and understands how to transform coursework into an engaging online format. - Exceptional capability of inserting gamification elements that not only keep learners engaged but actively tracks their ...

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    I need to add a quiz on to a course, the quiz is produced but I can not "drag" it to its postion, should be Quiz 1 lesson 1

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    I'm in need of an experienced Learndash expert who can help me promptly. I'm not certain of the Learndash version I'm using, therefore proficiency in multiple versions is vital. The primary concern I have is with the course accessibility settings. For some reason, my courses remain closed when they should be freely accessible. I am keen to have this issue addressed immediately. Key Skills: - Experience with various Learndash versions - Proficiency in course accessibility troubleshooting DONT respond if you can not start work now!! use the reference BIGwaves

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    In need of an expert in elearning platforms, particularly with Learndash and TinCanny, to refine my WordPress website, courtcomplianceeducation.com. The website sells a single elearning course and requires improvements in the flow of checkout, registration, and course viewability. The enhancements needed are: - Simplified steps: The current checkout and registration steps are too complicated and drive away potential learners. - Enhanced user experience: The checkout, registration and course navigation should be effortless and intuitive. - Increased visibility: The course is currently not shown on the page, which also needs rectification. Additional, specific features required include: - A user-friendly interface to attract and retain users. - Mobile-responsive design for use...

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    I urgently require a LearnDash expert to perform a sophisticated LMS integration for a learning platform. With immediate start. Please share me your example which you have completed. - Successfully integrate LearnDash with an unspecified LMS. - Troubleshoot potential problems during the integration phase. The ideal freelancer for this task will have: - In-depth knowledge and experience with LearnDash - Strong experience in LMS integration, regardless of the platform used. - Excellent troubleshooting skills - Ability to begin work immediately.

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    ...and the ability to implement a range of designs—from minimalist to sophisticated—would be beneficial. Developers who can accurately build a website based on a Figma design is a must. - **Timeframe**: There’s no rush on completing these projects. I’m more focused on quality and finding the right person who can adapt to the varied nature of the work. Your first task will be to assist me with a LearnDash migration by performing some FTP transfers and testing. Ideal candidates would not only possess the technical skills listed but also be problem solvers, capable of thinking on their feet, and communicating effectively. I'm looking for someone who can work independently but isn't afraid to ask questions when necessary. If you believe you have the ...

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    I'm experiencing a critical error with my LearnDash plugin. Specifically, an error message related to system configuration issues is displayed. This problem wasn't present initially but cropped up after I made certain modifications. I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to help resolve this error swiftly. Ideal skills for this project would be: - An in-depth understanding of LearnDash and its workings - Proficiency in WordPress Plugin troubleshooting - Strong technical skills to diagnose and rectify system configuration errors - Experience in managing and solving similar issues will be highly beneficial. Some out of date or unused Plugin may have to be removed. This issue is due to poor preforming Freelancer developers. If you cant do this NOW- if your not sure...

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    Hi! We need to export all wordpress Users, Paid Memberships Pro data, Woocommerce product/orders and LMS users (approx. 630) from one site to another. The current LMS is and is unsupported. We need all the user data including all their current lesson status, results, certificates, etc to LearnDash on the new site. Their is only one course and this course has already been setup exactly the same on the new site.

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    ...owner of a thriving LMS, I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to upgrade my WordPress site to the latest standards. **Requirements:** - Upgrade WordPress & ensure compatibility. - Update PHP from 7.3 to the latest stable version. - Maintain all content, users, plugins, and site functionality. **Includes:** - Learndash - Tin Canny - Elementor - Gamification - Yoast SEO - Other miscellaneous plugins **Must-Haves:** - Proven experience in WordPress and PHP upgrades. - Familiarity with Learndash and associated plugins. - Ability to work with backups provided (Godaddy, Updraft). **The Ideal Candidate Will:** - Have meticulous attention to detail to prevent data loss. - Perform a successful backup test before starting the upgrade. - Ensure a seamless transition with zer...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create an e-learning platform that caters primarily to student learners. Essential Platform Features: - Video lectures for engaging visual learning experiences - Interactive quizzes to test knowledge and track progress - Downloadable course materials for convenient offline study - Forum Ideal Freelancer Skills: - Experience with WordPress and LearnDash LMS plugin - Ability to integrate multimedia content - Strong UI/UX design skills for a student-friendly interface - Knowledge of e-learning industry standards and student engagement Note: Interaction among individual users is not required but there should be forum or discussion board. The focus is on delivering quality content through a seamless, user-friendly learning environment.

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    I'm seeking a talented WordPress plugin developer to help me create a specialized tool for my e-learning platform. Here's what I need:...quizzes to engage learners. **Accessibility:** - The course will be accessible to the general public. **Ideal Candidate Attributes:** - Proven experience in developing WP plugins, especially for e-learning. - Strong knowledge of integrating multimedia and quiz functionalities. - Proficient in PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and WP development best practices. - Understanding of WP LMS plugins like LearnDash or WP Courseware is a plus. - Ability to create a user-friendly interface that's intuitive for all learners. Come join me in creating an e-learning service that's both informative and accessible to everyone interested in learnin...

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    We have a Wordpress website with LearnDash LMS on it. We want to integrate the Honorlock Proctoring System into the LearnDash LMS. Among other proctoring features, Live Proctoring is a must. This is the URL that Honorlock sent us, containing, according to them, all the needed API and SDK documentation: They also mentioned that you can contact them at anytime for help on the integration. Note: Our host does not allow Node.JS installing, but the Honorlock API developers told us there are two options you can use: 1. You can include the package as a CDN just like jQuery 2. If you want to use Node.JS you can go the route of building the package on a separate VPS server then just include the package from there. Option #2 would be preferred. We will

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    Hello! I have this website where students buy access to some English courses. They attend classes within their own website (Wordpress), which has a course structure made with the "LearnDash" plugin... I would like to create an application where the student can log in with the same credentials as the website, and can watch classes directly on their smartphone, whether Android or IOS. We need the application to receive information from the website, for example: every time a new course or class is added to the website, it must also appear in the application. Would it be this... Ideal skills: - Proficient in cross-platform app development tools (React Native, Flutter, etc.) - Experience with UI/UX design for educational platforms. - Knowledge of integrating

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    I'm seeking a professional with experience in LearnDash to help with an important task. My objective is to add a printable certificate for students who complete any of the courses on my platform. This will entail: - Incorporating a feature that generates printable certificates upon course completion - Using basic templates for certificate designs - Ensuring that the certificates include the course title, learner's name, and completion date And my logo Ideal freelancer should have: - Proficiency in LearnDash - A concrete understanding of e-learning platforms - Familiarity with certificate design templates Your task will involve tight integration with LearnDash, ensuring the user experience is smooth and intuitive. Understanding the workflow of e-learni...

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    LearnDash Paypal & Site Linking

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    AMPLIAMOS EQUIPO Necesitamos una persona APASIONADA con su trabajo que se convierta en nuestra mano derecha para construir Escuelas/academias Online en Learndash. No es un trabajo puntual, es formar parte de nuestro equipo en Sepia Creativa () Esencial: Compromiso por llegar a los plazos que marquemos juntos (tú los marcas primero), si no se llegan a los plazos, fin. Será vital que trabajes y controles 100%: - Diseño web Experto en Elementor Pro - Diseño de tienda online en Woocommerce (No sólo la parte técnica, también visualmente) - Diseño de Escuelas Online en Learndash o Buddyboss (No sólo técnicamente, también diseño visual) - Control de multi-idiomas y plugins de traducción - P...

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    ...servidor son: -Biblioteca de imágenes -Recursos -Entradas de Blog -Sistema de constancias -Página web antigua -Revistas: Se migraran las revistas (archivos y base de datos), si hace falta algun recurso o documentacion para el funcionamiento de las revistas, se solicitara: • Fohrum • Ecociencie • Huds • KSQL No se migrara los siguientes plugins (notificar si alguno hace falta): • learndash - cursos • buddyboss (tema) • woocommerce • encuestas • chaty Los primeros subdominios están en Wordpress -Subir los dominios y carpetas al nuevo servidor, después de la desinfección y limpieza, ponerlos en funcionamiento y conectarlos a la página principal -Dejar en funcionamiento los nuevos dominios y c...

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    As an organization, we require a professional that can wear the hat of both a LearnDash developer and trainer. Key Responsibilities: - Customization of LearnDash features: There are several existing features we would like to adapt to our unique requirements. - Development of new LearnDash features: We want to stay at the forefront of learning and hence, need new features that can push our standing even further. - Debugging and Fixing LearnDash issues: The idea is to provide a seamless learning experience to users. Therefore, any existing issues or bottlenecks within LearnDash should be fixed promptly and effectively. Call for Multimedia Integration: We strongly believe in the power of multimedia. Hence, we would want multimedia integration on-board, en...

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    I'm looking for a skilled WordPress developer with expertise in the LearnDash Plugin. The main task will be to improve and refine the quiz functionality and design of the earnDash plugin. The ideal candidate should have: - Extensive experience with the Wordpress plugin LearnDash - Proven track record in WordPress plugin development and customization. - Strong understanding of third-party integration. As part of the role, you will: - Develop enhancements for LearnDash's quiz feature. - Integrate the new functionality with other tools as needed. - Ensure the plugin's enhanced usability and design. Two primary functions are added to LearnDash quizzes when this addon is activated for a particular quiz: (1) To allow an incorrectly answered question to be...

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    Tenemos una aplicación de cursos en LearnDash y Wordpress para vender los cursos se requiere que se integre con Payphone para recibir los pagos, además necesitamos se evalué las buenas prácticas en la página de cursos ya implementada

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    I need someone who knows how to use and wordpress. I need to migrate my actual training course from wordpress (learndash) to systeme.io. So i need help to rebuild my landing page in systeme.io. Only rebuild landing page. I will migrate video course myself.

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    I need to Build Ims website using learndash, buddyboss, tutor Ims elearning I need all the necessary following features and complete the tasks: - Student registration and Login forms - Students dashboard to manage courses - Teachers Dashboard/Panel - gateway integrate - Design important pages beautifully - Certificate design and setup - Membership subscription plans - Website security & speed optimize - Course/Student Reports - Discussion forum feature - Zoom meeting/class function - Live chat feature

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    I need help to configure my learndash extension on my platform. I need when users register, they need to have possibility to choose their password. Actually its configured that password is sent by email. Or something emails are net received by users.

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    I'm currently experiencing issues with my Learndash project. Specifically, the main problem lies with the quiz functionality, predominantly around answer options provided in the quizzes. Key areas requiring expert support include: • Quiz Answer Correction: Some quiz answers are incorrect. Hence, I need help to review all current questions and answers to ensure their accuracy. Ideal skills for this project would be: • Extensive Learndash experience: A solid background in dealing with and troubleshooting problems associated with Learndash. Preferably, with a focus on quiz functionality. • Quiz Creation and Management: Sound understanding of creating varying types of quiz questions, from multiple choice to long answer formats, to help rectify issu...

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    ...servidor son: -Biblioteca de imágenes -Recursos -Entradas de Blog -Sistema de constancias -Página web antigua -Revistas: Se migraran las revistas (archivos y base de datos), si hace falta algun recurso o documentacion para el funcionamiento de las revistas, se solicitara: • Fohrum • Ecociencie • Huds • KSQL No se migrara los siguientes plugins (notificar si alguno hace falta): • learndash - cursos • buddyboss (tema) • woocommerce • encuestas • chaty Los primeros subdominios están en Wordpress -Subir los dominios y carpetas al nuevo servidor, después de la desinfección y limpieza, ponerlos en funcionamiento y conectarlos a la página principal -Dejar en funcionamiento los nuevos dominios y c...

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    Buscamos un desarrollador en WordPress para crear un sitio web educativo que integre LearnDash para el sistema de gestión de aprendizaje (LMS), un chatbot AI avanzado integrado con ChatGPT-4 o IA similar, y un sistema de suscripción y pagos a través de WooCommerce. El chatbot debe estar conectado a internet, ser entrenado con bases de datos de conocimiento y capaz de responder consultas relacionadas con marketing. El proyecto debe mantenerse dentro de un presupuesto máximo de $400. Características Específicas: LearnDash LMS: Instalación y configuración del plugin LearnDash. Configuración de cursos, lecciones, cuestionarios y gestión de estudiantes. Configuración de emisión de certifica...

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    I'm currently experiencing an issue with my LearnDash system where the course times out and there are certificate generation problems. However, I'm unsure at what stage the certificate generation issue occurs as it has not been specifically identified. The perfect freelancer for this job will be someone who; - Has proficient knowledge in using and troubleshooting LearnDash systems, especially with certificate generation and course timeout errors - Is capable of identifying the specific issue and its cause, and can provide a solution in a timely manner - Has excellent problem-solving abilities and is comfortable working with previously unfamiliar errors or issues Please, only apply if you've worked with LearnDash systems before and dealt successfully...

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    My website is a wordpress website. I use a buddyboss theme I also use the “Learndash” plugin I need a button add to it. See the attached document for full details

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    As the owner of a Wordpress site with LearnDash and Paypal integration, I'm seeking an experienced LearnDash professional. Here are the primary tasks I need help with: - Connect Paypal to LearnDash and my Wordpress site to create a fully functional payment gateway for course enrollment. This connection needs to support one-time payment for courses. - Complete any remaining tasks related to fixing issues and optimizing the course materials. (I get stuck on Training video 5 so need an expert to compete the integration program from 5-9. See vid 5 below.) The expert should also be familiar with Elementor and should be able to navigate a MacBook Pro version 10.15.7. Having previous experience in creating similar gateways is highly preferred. The freelancer should be...

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    ...buddyboss, wordpress, learndash expert to assist me with theme customization. Specific tasks include: - Customizing the buddyboss theme to match my desired look and feel - Implementing necessary plugins for enhanced functionality - Creating custom courses using learndash I have a specific theme in mind and would like assistance in customizing it to fit my needs. The timeline for the project is flexible, with a timeframe of 1 month or more. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong knowledge and experience with buddyboss, wordpress, and learndash - Proficiency in theme customization and plugin installation - Experience in creating and managing courses using learndash If you have the necessary skills and expertise in buddyboss, wordpres...

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    ...Diskussionsforen: Plattform für die Lernenden, um Fragen zu stellen und Diskussionen zu führen. Moderierte Diskussionen für tiefgehendes Verständnis. Progress-Tracking: Persönliche Fortschrittsverfolgung für jeden Lernenden. Belohnungen oder Auszeichnungen für abgeschlossene Module. Technologiestapel: Lernplattform: Verwendung einer etablierten E-Learning-Plattform wie Moodle, Canvas oder LearnDash. Multimedia-Inhalte: Integration von Videos, Grafiken und Animationen für einen vielfältigen Lernansatz. Code-Editoren: Einbindung von Online-Code-Editoren für die praktischen Übungen. Kommunikationstools: Nutzung von Foren, Chatfunktionen oder Videoconferencing-Tools für die Kommunikation. Evaluation und Feedback: Tes...

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    Php developer to write 2 rest apis learndash p

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    ...together behind the scenes. Here's what I'm looking for: • LearnDash expertise. Although you'll not be required to upload course materials, knowledge of ecommerce integration is of absolute necessity. • WooCommerce and Cartflows. These two will be fundamental for smooth operations, so experience with them is paramount. The project will revolve primarily around back-end integration; creation of course material or the Landing Page is not a requirement. You'll ensure my customers move swiftly from the landing page, through purchase and onto the Thank You page with no hurdles. You will ensure customers can then log in to the LearnDash course and begin learning. Who fits? An experienced developer, well versed with Elementor, LearnDash...

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