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    I'm in need of a Machine Learning Engineer who can migrate our models from RStudio to AWS Sagemaker. Your task will be to: - Understand the Rstudio models I have running locally. It is one Rstudio logistic regression model with several other codes for the data transformation part-, all in Rstudio. R. - Migrate The Rstudio models to AWS SAGEMAKER. Data will be on S3. -Prepare models to run on sagemaker totally, so that we can do training and testing 100% on sagemaker.-Models are already running on a local computer, but I need to move them to Sagemaker 100%. Data is on S3 already. -You need to configure and prepare Sagemaker from end to end, and teach me how you did it, since I need to replicate it in another system. -I will give you the data and access to AWS Ideal Skills an...

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    I'm working on an academic project that requires advanced statistical analysis. I need assistance with regression analysis and hypothesis testing. The statistical analysis is for an academic project, so I need someone who has a deep understanding of these methodologies. For the documentation, a comprehensive and professional LaTeX documentation is needed. It should include advanced formatting, custom LaTeX macros, and complex mathematical formulas. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in regression analysis and hypothesis testing. - In-depth knowledge of LaTeX, particularly in advanced formatting. - Experience in academic projects is a plus. ***It consists of 6 advanced statistics questions and you are expected to write their detailed solutions in latex.

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    Group Project 5 hari left

    ... each dataset should have its own table. Database and table creation and data insertion can be done either with the `sqlite3` package or with `Pandas`. Both SQLite and `sqlite3` come with Python. **Machine Learning Models** For each dataset you should train, evaluate, and save a machine learning model: - one model should be for a *classification* problem - the other model should be for a *regression* problem - Group of 3: you should have 2 of one type A *validation* dataset must be used to either select between models, or to choose between hyperparameter values of a single model. A *test* dataset must be used to evaluate the performance of the final chosen model. **Website** The final models should be presented to an end-user through a website. (Deployment need only be t...

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    I need a proficient data scientist with a strong understanding of linear regression and time series analysis to build a model from company sales data. Key Requirements: - Creation of a Linear Regression Model: The primary objective of the model will be to predict sales trends based on past data. - Time Series Analysis: The model should effectively incorporate this to help me understand how sales are changing over time. The ideal freelancer for this job would possess: - Proven expertise in data science, particularly in building predictive models. - Strong command of R, as the model should be developed in this language. - Experience in working with time series data and analysis. If you are confident in your data science skills, especially in the context of ...

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    MATLAB Electrical Coding 4 hari left

    I have an electrical project that requires specialized MATLAB programming skills. This project aims to optimize a hypothetical renewable power microgrid using linear optimization algorithm cvxr in MATLAB. This initiative responds to the growing need for sustainable and efficient energy solutions in the era of climate change. The focus is on how optimization algorithms can enhance the cost effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability of such microgrids. Please check the attached Word file for more details.

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    Objectives: To develop a model that predicts housing prices based on various features such as location, size, amenities, etc. Data Set Link: Kaggle: House Prices - Advanced Regression Techniques () Analysis Tools/Programming Language: Python, Pandas, Scikit-learn Final Outcome: A predictive model that accurately estimates housing prices. follow a step-by-step process to create ML models predicting housing prices, create heatmaps of different features to find the most correlated feature and apply several ML models on the dataset, make an evaluation metric comparing the different models based on precision, accuracy, R2 score, etc. and present the result in easy to understand ways. send me all the codes so that it can be

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    Chemical Regression Analysis of Chemical Molecules to predict the molecules charges.

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    I am looking to analyze the relationship betwee...adhering to Scottish dietary goals influences mental health scores - The mental health score is calculated via Wembys and GHQ12 in the said survey. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience with health-related data analysis is an advantage - Strong understanding of different statistical methods. There wasn't a specific preference, but demonstrating capability in Correlation Analysis, Regression Analysis, and/or T-Test Analysis could impact selection chances. This project is not just about crunching numbers but expected to unravel meaningful insights which can bring valuable influence on health and food policies. I look forward to working with passionate, diligent professionals who care about the real-world impact of ...

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    ...highly skilled data scientist with a strong background in linear regression, social network analysis, time series analysis, and web visualization. My project involves identifying potential future trends by leveraging data science techniques. Your role would include: - Applying your expertise in linear regression and time series analysis to predict future trends based on historical sales data. - Implementing social network analysis to understand the societal impact and potential market of these trends. - Utilizing web visualization to present these results in a simple and understandable way. Ideal candidates will have: - Prior experience with predictive modelling. - Extensive background in time series analysis and linear regression. - Proficie...

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    Scenario Smart businesses in all industries use data to provide an intuitive analysis of how they can get a competitive advantage. The real estate industry heavily uses linear regression to estimate home prices, as cost of housing is currently the largest expense for most families. Additionally, in order to help new homeowners and home sellers with important decisions, real estate professionals need to go beyond showing property inventory. They need to be well versed in the relationship between price, square footage, build year, location, and so many other factors that can help predict the business environment and provide the best advice to their clients. Prompt You have been recently hired as a junior analyst by D.M. Pan Real Estate Company. The sales team has tasked you wi...

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    As a student needing help with advanced mathematics, I'm looking for a seasoned expert who can provide academic assistance in Algebra, Calculus, and Statistics. Specifically, I need help with: - Algebra: particularly with linear equations and functions and graphs. - Calculus: deep understanding in differentiation and integration required. - Statistics: specifically in the area of probability and data analysis. Ideal candidates should have a strong academic background in these areas, be patient, and be experienced in teaching complex concepts in an understandable way. This opportunity could extend over the course of my study, so reliability and commitment are key.

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    ...knowledgeable in statistics to test an existing Python code. This code is designed to perform a range of statistical and probability calculations. Key Requirements: - The code should be thoroughly tested and debugged to ensure it functions correctly - The code should be capable of performing complex statistical and probability calculations, such as: - Descriptive statistics - Hypothesis testing - Regression analysis - Probability distributions - Conditional probability - Bayesian inference Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Python programming - Strong background in statistics - Experience with statistical libraries in Python (e.g., NumPy, SciPy, Pandas) - Attention to detail and ability to debug code effectively - Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to troubles...

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    The project comprises 6 regression models (linear, logistic, and moderation) based on a set of dependent and independent variables. I need someone with good knowledge of statistics to operate a dataset, make log transformations in the data, and give me the regression analysis results in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    I am in need of the expertise of a machine learning professional to develop versatile classification models including Multi-Class Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machine, Random Forest, and Gradient Boosting Model. The goal is to predict NHL game results. Key aspects that need consideration are: * Team and player statistics. Required skills and experiences: * Proven track record in Machine Learning, specifically in the creation of classification models (Multi-Class Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machine, Random Forest, and Gradient Boosting Model). * Expertise in sports data analysis, particularly in the NHL. * Strong knack for accurate prediction success rate. * Able to provide a comprehensive report comparing the model results. In your proposal, please share...

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    I am looking for a skilled Data Science professional who can create beginner-level training projects in Machine Learning using Python. Key Project Details: - Topics: The projects should cover a range of basic Machine Learning concepts and techniques, and be suitable for beginners. Examples include linear regression, decision trees, and clustering. - Programming Language: Python is the preferred language for these projects, so a strong proficiency in Python is essential. Ideal Skills and Attributes: - Proven experience in Data Science and Machine Learning. - Excellent command of Python. The aim of these projects is to provide students with hands-on experience and a solid foundation in Machine Learning using Python.

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    I'm in need of a proficient MATLAB programmer who can efficiently solve system of two coupled first-order linear differential equations(ODEs) for me. Your responsibilities will include: - Applying your expertise in MATLAB to solve system of two coupled of first-order linear ODEs. - Documenting the entire process in a comprehensive report. This should include a full narrative of explanations and justifications, not merely an overview of the procedures and results. - Adhering strictly to MATLAB coding standards throughout the project. (Questions and Report template is attached below.) The perfect candidate for this assignment will have an extensive background in both mathematics and MATLAB programming, with a deep understanding of ODEs. Proven experience in academic o...

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    I'm looking for an expert in Python, C# and machine learning, preferably with a background in options trading. The main goal of this project is to blend machine learning with options trading strategies. Key Responsibilities: - Develop machine learning models: I'm aiming for a basic level of complexity, such as linear regression and decision trees. - Code in Python and C#: You should be proficient in both languages, as the software will be primarily in Python, but will also need to interface with C#. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Python and C#. - Experience in developing machine learning models, especially in the realm of options trading. - Able to handle the complexity of blending machine learning with trading strategies.

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    This project seeks a highly qualified professional with extensive experience in econometrics and statistical regression modeling, particularly utilizing STATA software. The project involves a comprehensive analysis of employee wage data using quantile regression and decomposition techniques, both with sample selection adjustments. OBJECTIVE 1.) Determine the impact of various characteristics of workers on their wage in the Sectors (regular and casual separately) using the BEST sample selection adjustment technique along a conditional quantile regression model, and then decompose the gender wage gap (between males and females) with the same sample selection adjustment technique using Melly’s Machado-Mata decomposition for regular and casual separately. 2.) Dete...

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    For my project, I'm seeking an expert in creating statistical formulas that would convert compiled raw data into a clean, streamlined dashboard. This formula should be able to handle the following: - Data Type: Call volume averages from the past week. - Statistical Concept: The formula should be able to perform a comprehensive regression analysis and probability calculation from the raw data. Ideal candidates should have a solid background in statistics, proficiency in data visualization and analysis, and significant experience with dashboard creation. Knowledge of how these concepts apply to call center data would be a definite plus. Effortless transformation of data into easily digestible information is the key objective here.

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    The aim of our project is to identify relationships between variables in a given dataset. We'll be utilizing pooled data...aim of our project is to identify relationships between variables in a given dataset. We'll be utilizing pooled data in order to conduct this analysis. If you are experienced in handling such kind of data, it would be optimal. Familiarity with regression concepts and an ability to interpret and manage data sets with less than 5 independent variables is mandatory. Key Responsibilities: - Evaluate and Identify relationships between different variables - Conduct regression analysis on pooled data Ideal Skills: - Strong understanding of regression analysis - Proficient in handling and interpreting pooled data - Experience managing datas...

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    Statistical analyst spss 1 hari left

    ...are divided into 4 different groups ( 18-30, 31-40,4 1-50, 51-64). b) Per Gender. • I want the (2.5, 5, 50, 90, and 97.5) percentiles for each lab test result (grouped according to age as well). • I want to test whether there is a statistical significance for each of age, gender, and BMI on each of the 3 lab tests ( K, L, and K/L ratio). Also, I want the 3 factors to be combined in one regression analysis. • Note that I also want the percentiles to be done after transforming the data ( Ln and Log10 transformations) so that I can rely on the one with the least skewed distribution ( best gussian distribution). • Finally, I want to compare the data that I got to similar data from a different population on which a similar paper was published using grap...

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    I'm in need of a Machine Learning Engineer who can migrate our existing notebooks from RStudio and PySpark to AWS Sagemaker. Your task will be to: - Understand two models I have running locally. One is a Rstudio logistic regression model, and the other is a pySpark XGboost also running on local. - Migrate These two models to AWS SAGEMAKER. Data will be on S3 -Prepare models to run on sagemaker totally, so that we can do training and testing 100% on sagemaker.-Models are already running on a local computer, but I need to move them to Sagemaker 100%. Data is on S3 already. -You need to configure and prepare Sagemaker from end to end, and teach me how you did it, since I need to replicate it in another system. -I will give you the data and access to AWS Ideal Skills and Experi...

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    I am looking for a python programmer who can develop python code to interface with some hardware data acqusition and basic signal processing. Phidgets Device: Basic Functionality: 1. GUI for User 2....processing. Phidgets Device: Basic Functionality: 1. GUI for User 2. Be able to read raw data from 1-4 channels from bridge sensor 3. Be able to set ADC scale, data sampling rate 4. Perform auto zero (take X readings, average it, and subtract it from the values) 5. Calibrate sensor (we apply 3 points of known excitation to sensor, and scale reading to that using linear or polynomial fit) 6. Save raw and scaled data to CSV files You must be able to debug software with the hardware remotely via Team Viewer or remote desktop.

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    ...PowerPoint presentation for an educational purpose. The main focus of the presentation will be on Medical Research. Key Specification: • Review of the attached study comparing Tenectaplase with alteplase for acute ischemic stroke Cover/summarize the intro, methods, results and discussion. Include which statistical analysis was used Dedicate 1-3 slide in the end to discuss common statistical regression models and how they work • Engaging yet informative slides. • Clear, precise and scientifically accurate information. Ideal Skills and Experience: The ideal candidate should have experience in crafting educational presentations, preferably in the Science industry. A solid understanding of Medical Research will give you a competitive edge. Familiarity with PowerPo...

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    ...Delivery of comprehensible reports explaining the data analysis. - We need to extract the above mentioned data for India. The data will need to be processed, either on a quarterly or monthly basis. (Monthly is preferred). Run all the required tests on the data (autocorrelation, heteroskedasicity, check for correlation, stationarity. Run ARDL to check short and long term relationship. And run a VAR regression. We have a reference article that we want to replicate by using our time horizon, original data and code. Required Skills: - Proficiency in R coding - Extensive knowledge in financial indicators. - Ability to conduct statistical analysis. - Ability to interpret complex financial data. - Able to deliver high-quality work under a tight schedule. Your experience working ...

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    I am seeking a specialist proficient in QA automation with Selenium, core Java, Excel data validation, SQL database validation using JDBC, and Jenkins. You should be available to work within the US timezone CST (8 AM to 5 PM). Key Responsibilities: - Automation tasks including data, input, and field length validations - Form filling and regression testing - Filling the form with random data for testing Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in QA automation - Proficiency in Selenium, Core Java, and Jenkins - Strong knowledge of SQL database validation using JDBC - Excellent understanding of data validation principles in Excel - Adherence to the US timezone for work collaboration This role is perfect for those who are thrilled by the challenges and intricacies of QA au...

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    I'm seeking an industrial designer who can help me create a 3D model exoskeleton that prioritizes mobility for individuals with disabilities. Requirements: - Industrial design experience, particularly with exoske...the exoskeleton itself, as well as creating a highly realistic 3D animation that showcases its functionality and use. The animation should provide viewers with a clear understanding of how the exoskeleton can improve mobility for its users. The 3D animation will include a part in which the exoskeleton parts will become partially transparent revealing internal mechanical components (rotary and linear actuators, sensors, electronic boards) Then a scene will be made to show how the exoskeleton will fit the patient, and how it will be used to enhance the patient'...

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    I am seeking a professional to explain the applications of various quantile regression methodologies for the analysis of wage and gender wage gap differentials based on previous studies. The review is to be done from latest to oldest, and thematically, with the main themes being: - Conditional Quantile Regression for wage or gender wage gap Analysis - Unconditional Quantile Regression (or Recentered Influence Function) for wage or gender wage gap analysis - Sample Selection Adjustment in both the conditional and unconditional quantile regression for wage or gender wage gap analysis - Comparison between the above methodologies - Quantile Regression-Based Decompositions, namely Machado-Mata Decomposition, Melly's Modification of Machado-Mata Decomposit...

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    I'm in the need of an experienced animator to help me bring a JPEG logo to life. The project will involve creating a mixed 2D and 3D animation in which three skull jaws clack shut in a specific, non-linear sequence. Animation Requirements: - The logo is a JPEG image featuring three skulls. - I'd like the jaws of the skulls to animate and clack shut. - The jaws should close in a specific non-linear sequence rather than all at once or left to right. Ideal Expertise: - Proven experience in mixed 2D and 3D animation. - Ability to work with JPEG format to create animations. - Exceptional attention to detail to follow the specific sequence requests. - Great communication skills to understand and follow the project requirements as outlined. This is a unique project th...

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    ...with my academic research paper on Data Analysis. Main points of the job involve: - Managing multidimensional data: Experience with sorting and managing large datasets in Python is required. You should have proficiency in handling multidimensional data sets, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of data. - Implementing regression analysis: This is the specific statistical method we will be using in our research. The successful candidate will be skilled in running regression analysis in a Python environment, and in interpreting the output. Ideal candidates will have experience in academic research, specifically in Data Analysis. Also, having familiarity with the relevant field of study will be a plus. I expect the task to be completed with utmost precision and thoughtful...

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    As a client, I'm seeking an experienced data analyst who is proficient in the use of SPSS software for statistical analysis. Key Tasks: - Execute Statistical analysis using SPSS Ideal Candidate: - Experience with SPSS is a must - Ability to perform statistical analysis - Good understanding and experience with regression analysis, time-series analysis, and hypothesis testing With your expert skills and knowledge, I'm assured our project will be a success. Looking forward to your bids.

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    ...assignment. This task involves creating algorithms using Linear Regression models. I already have my specific dataset for the project which is less than 10,000 records. Ideal Skills for the Job: Data Access and download the study dataset: This dataset is a survey of 2033 residents of Canada was conducted to determine the key factors associated with political engagement. A variety of variables were measured and recorded including some tests they were asked to complete. Below is the data dictionary for the data set. One group of respondents (“Treat”) were given additional education on political matters while the other (“Control”) were not. Assignment Tasks Your task will be to used multiple linear regression to determine the factors...

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    ...portfolio demonstrating past work in similar projects While applying, keep in mind: - Detailed project proposals - Demonstration of past work - Qualifications and experience in the sector PROVIDE SAMPLES OF LIVE COMPLETED WORK THAT IS SIMILAR TO THIS PROJECT. Overview We require the development of an application that uses machine learning for incoming invoices and receipts. Combining regression, classification, and clustering, the output is to establish a repository of purchases and create predictive analytics for future transactions. All invoices and receipts are received via email and the transactions need to be saved into the database. Scalability is integral to the design, as we expect to process over 100,000 transactions per day. To ensure you have read this scope...

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    I'm in need of a skilled biostatistician who can efficiently carry out a full statistical analysis on my quantitative data project. Key Tasks: - Data analysis - Utilising statistical modeling - Tailoring a detailed study design based on outcomes Required Skills and Experience: - Expertise in statistical methods including descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, regression analysis, and Chi-Square test - Proficient in biostatistics - Strong understanding and interpretation of quantitative data The ideal freelancer should be able to provide a thorough analysis and report on the data to aid in the continued development of the project. They must possess an excellent command of statistical techniques and tools with a fine attention to detail.

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    For my project, I require the expert knowledge of an knowledge of an Econometrics professional who is adept at operating the STATA software. The primary task centers on the analysis of cross-sectional data. This endeavor will necessitate the utilisation of descriptive statistics. It would favor the project greatly if the chosen freelancer has experience in executing similar tasks and possesses a firm understanding of hypothesis testing and regression analysis. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Econometrics - Expert user of STATA - Strong experience in data analysis - Solid background in descriptive statistics - Familiarity with cross-sectional data analysis. A freelancer who exhibits these skills and has a history of efficient task completion will be the ...

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    Seeking an experienced manual testing expert to perform comprehensive testing on my application. This assignment involves: 1. Functional testing: Checking the application's functionality to maintain overall smooth operation. 2. Regression testing: Ensuring software changes don't disrupt existing functionalities. 3. User acceptance testing: Assessing the software's practicality and its user-friendliness. Scope of work would entail full application testing, and your role will also comprise creating detailed test cases. Ideal candidate should possess lustrous skills in formulating test cases, full application testing, and managing varying types of testing. Previous experience in a similar role is a definite plus.

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    As a keen project owner, I am in need of a skillful Python coder particularly talented in creating advanced graphics and performing linear regression. Key tasks: - Development of Python code for data manipulation and analysis - Creation of advanced, highly customised graphs - Execution of linear regression on numerical data Ideal candidate skills and experience: - Proficient in Python programming - Expert in data visualization and graph customization - Experience in handling numerical data - Strong understanding of statistical analysis and linear regression - Mathematical acumen The successful freelancer will be able to deliver to a high standard and show an in-depth understanding and ability in the specific areas required.

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    ...includes: - Data Cleaning: Ensuring the data quality, eliminating any errors or redundancies. - Data Visualization: Creating intuitive charts and graphs to illustrate the data trends and patterns. - Statistical Analysis: Implementing statistical methods like Regression Analysis, Time Series Analysis, and Hypothesis Testing to interpret the data and draw conclusions. This demands a great deal of experience in Excel, data cleaning, statistical analysis, as well as in working with large datasets. A solid understanding of regression analysis, time series analysis, and hypothesis testing is strongly required. An efficient, meticulous, and detail-oriented approach towards data is key. Your ability to draw meaningful insights from raw information will be crucial for the succe...

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    ...mechanisms (encryption, tokenization, etc.) - Robust and reliable architecture - Ease of integration with third-party APIs and systems 7. Deliverables The provider must supply: - Complete documented source code - Detailed technical documentation (architecture, flows, data models) - Installation, configuration, operation and maintenance procedures - Test plans for unit, integration and non-regression testing - A training program for our teams 8. Organizational Aspects The provider must also handle: - Setting up functional and technical acceptance procedures - Assisting with initial deployment and knowledge transfer - Technical support and X-year maintenance contract The provider is invited to respond by detailing their proposals for each of the points listed abov...

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    I need an expert in SQL, Python, Tableau to undertake data analysis project on less than 1GB of categorical data. The main requirements of the job include: - Proficiency in Python, SQL, Jupyter, Spyder, and Tableau recommended - Strong background in data analysis, regression, and machine learning - Experience working with categorical data specifically - See for details The chosen freelancer should be able to analyze and interpret the data in a way that can drive actionable insights. While the data set is not overly large, accuracy and attention to detail are paramount. Previous experience working on similar projects is highly desirable.

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    I'm looking for an experienced CAD designer who can help me bring my i...CAD Model: The robot should be designed with intermediate level of detail, including some moving parts. - Animatable Files: Create files that can be used for animating the robot for promotional purposes. - High-Quality Renders: I need high-quality visuals for the tower extending animation and overall robot design. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Familiarity with Mechanical Design and Cascading Linear Slides - Proficiency in CAD software - Experience in animating CAD models - Ability to produce high-quality renders - Past experience working on similar projects If you've got the experience and skills needed to create a detailed and animatable mechanical CAD model for an inventory tracking robot, I'...

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    This project seeks a highly qualified professional with extensive experience in econometrics and statistical regression modeling, particularly utilizing STATA software. The project involves a comprehensive analysis of employee wage data using quantile regression and decomposition techniques, both with sample selection adjustments. OBJECTIVE 1.) Determine the impact of various characteristics of workers on their wage in the Sectors (regular and casual separately) using the BEST sample selection adjustment technique along a conditional quantile regression model, and then decompose the gender wage gap (between males and females) with the same sample selection adjustment technique using Melly’s Machado-Mata decomposition for regular and casual separately. 2.) Dete...

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    I'm currently working on my MBA project, and I'm looking for a statistician with a strong background in regression analysis and Excel. Here's an overview of what I'll need from you: - Perform a comprehensive regression analysis: I've chosen to focus my research on this area of statistics. - Use Excel for this project: I have decided to use Excel for this project due to its simplicity and because it's a tool I'm familiar with. - Complete the project as soon as possible: I'm running on a tight schedule, so time is of the essence. Required Skills: - Strong grasp of regression analysis - Proficiency in Excel - Ability to work under a tight deadline This project is quite urgent, so I'd appreciate a swift response from interes...

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    I'm seeking a highly experienced tutor for advanced statistics, specifically within the realm of multivariate analysis and experimental design. While it is not mandatory, familiarity with structural equation modeling, multivariate regression and factor analysis would be highly beneficial. Tutoring sessions should be scheduled once per week. Ideal freelancers for this project would be those with: - Expertise in advanced, graduate-level statistical methods - Familiarity with several advanced statistical topics - Proven experience in tutoring or teaching statistics. I am halfway through this course and it will end on May 25th. I will also have 5 courses after this that are similar that I would need help with as well. Please submit your bid to include the cost for the entire ...

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    ...Modelling: Two models are developed to estimate the probability of default (PD) — a basic model using FICO scores and loan-to-value (LTV) ratios, and an enhanced model incorporating state-level income growth. This step involves calculating PDs, visualizing trends over time, and comparing the accuracy of both models to assess the added value of including economic factors. LGD Modelling: A linear regression model predicts loss given default (LGD), incorporating variables from the enhanced PD model. This involves estimating LGD, plotting averages over time, and economically interpreting these predictions. The section also delves into the potential impact of income on LGD and suggests additional explanatory variables. Generative AI in Credit Risk Prediction: The assign...

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    Hola, tengo un emprendimiento () y estoy buscando alguien que pueda mejorar el editor que tengo actualmente. Uso TipTap La idea es que armen un editor estilo linear/notion. Que funcione rapido, tenga buena performance y ux. El usuario tiene que no solo poder escribir y agregar titulos, negritas, subrayados, etc. Sino tambien fotos (seleccionar y drag and drop), un custom block para videos de youtube (links), custom block para tweets, code block con selector de lenguaje y highlight syntax, inline code, listas, blockquote. El editor debe devolver markdown.

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    ...suggested logo signage. Adjacent coffee bar with bar chairs. Customer waiting sofas. Water fountain as a decorative feature on one side. Private Rooms: Three private rooms for specialized services. Storage: Long storage cabinet along the block wall to optimize space. 3. Design Elements: Ceiling: Open ceiling design or suggested hanging ceiling with decorative elements. Proper lighting with linear lights for brightness. Furniture: Black-colored furniture for a cohesive look. Reception counter and coffee bar table designs to be sleek and modern. Walls: Marble slab design on one long wall for a luxurious touch. Inner wall paint suggestions: Soft and neutral tones to complement the service beds' white color. Glass Showcase: Utilize window glasses for showcas...

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    Show Me Your Skills With a 1 minute Test video: exaplaining how to solve this linear equation: " 3x-7 = 14 " Coul be a Easy Sketch Pro animation Style or, Like the one of 3blue 1 brown or the style you choose, exaplaining how to solve this linear equation: " 3x-7 = 14 " MATH VIDEO OF 5 MINUTES - ABOUT LINEAR EQUATIONS -BETTER THAN VIDEOS OF THE LINKS I POST BELOW OR IF YOU COULD DO IT LIKE THE VIDEO OF 3 BLUE 1BROWN or WITH EASY SKETCH PRO GO AHEAD, NO MATTER WHATS THE METHOD I WANT THEM TO BE BETTER THAT THE VIDEOS I POST IN THE LINKS BELOW I'm looking to produce a captivating educational video that makes learning basic math concepts engaging for elementary school students. EXAMPLES THE VIDEO I NEED SOMEONE THAT COULD DO IT BETTER THA...

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