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    Delphi FMX Listview Move Item 6 hari left

    Just need someone who can tell me how to move a Delphi Firemonkey Listview Item up and down.

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    2 bida

    I need an Android app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built.

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    9 bida

    Need to fix keyboard retraction issue in Xamarin iOS. This is happening in the listView cell editor placed inside a grid

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    8 bida

    Android Studio app work perfectly, I have a issue with a activity that has an extra listview to select a user, once the activity is selected it crashes the app when it reaches the end of the list or directly on some devices depending on the amount of users/friends the user has, if the user does not have enough friends it will crash immediately. Please read the above description and quote accordi...

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    The Freelancer is required to implement a single page, [log masuk untuk melihat URL] project which can be used to connect an Android device to a Windows computer via a USB-C RS232 serial cable. The project is only intended to demonstrate ‘Proof of Concept’ (‘POC’). The serial cable which will be used incorporates the ‘Prolific’ PL2303RA chipset and complies w...

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    25 bida

    Android Custom ListView Adapter For Displaying 2 Columns one is a text and the other one is a spinner. With a button validation that detect what was selected.

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    18 bida

    Preciso de um app simples, com uma tela para autenticação do usuário via sms. Preciso identificar cada instalação de forma individual e cada usuário poderá ter um numero de 5(eu definirei no banco de dados) instalações. A primeira instalação apresentará 4 a 5 telas ao usuário, pedindo o telefone, confirma&cc...

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    I need Professional WPF developer who can help me with my ongoing C# WPF projects. Currently I need immediate help for the wpf listview. I have one form in which I have listview and in that the data is loaded from file. In that listview I have added 2 options for Edit and Delete the recoard. Now what I need is on click of the Edit or Remove I need respective row's details. I have tried many t...

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    Need to create a simple flutter page (dart file) - There will be a DropDownList with few selection items - Once the dropdownlist is selected, it call a webservice using POST method which return JSON string. The widget display the results (JSON) in a listview IMPORTANT NOTES: - I need this dart file to be completed in next 30 mins

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    Need to create a simple flutter page (dart file) - There will be a DropDownList with few selection items - Once the dropdownlist is selected, it call a webservice using POST method which return JSON string. The widget display the results (JSON) in a listview IMPORTANT NOTES: - I need this dart file to be completed in next 30 mins

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    Hi Evgeny, I noticed you've done some work in flutter and wonder if you'd like to do a relatively small project (hopefully). I"m using a plugin [log masuk untuk melihat URL] but am having layout problems. I need to show a ListView in a page using the bodyWidget property. Your task would be to create a working example and contribute it to the GitHub project. I'm new to flutter a...

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    I need a highly experienced wordpress developer who is interested to work in this project. High level process: (1) Buyer and Seller will subscribe a membership plan (2) Seller will set up the product they want to sell (it could be any product or services) (3) Buyer will search (wild, filter based etc.), view, select and choose a seller based on the products and featires they like and send an &...

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    49 bida

    Need the following layout in flutter 1. AppBar on top with a search button on the right that animates like whatsapp app onpress and serach different listview(describe below). 2. A tabview that holds three listviews with following effects/characteristics: 2.A. the tile is in a container with padding 8, round corners and background color blue, font white. 2.A. Listview per tab needs to be 3 differen...

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    6 bida

    On iOS, when scrolling a long page, iOS briefly flashes the scroll bar. My client wants the scrollbar to always be visible (thus allowing the user to always know there is more content). This post describes a solution for a ListView but I need a solution for content contained within a ScrollView: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I have enclosed a sample one page project in which I would like the ...

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    2 bida

    I want to integrate admob to my android app, I want the adds to be displayed in a ListView, so that the user can scroll true ads

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    46 bida

    Need to Create single page with pagination in flutter using listview and pagination Details are attached in document.

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    Hi there! I need the development of an app. The main functionality is a list view similar like instagram. The listview shows events of a selected city and you can also keep an eye at the detail view of each event. If there is no event in your selected city which you wanna join, you are able to create an own event. This event will be add to the listview so other app users are able to join your cr...

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    77 bida

    Top Menu 1. Make the selected menu’s background to full width and height like it is right now. 2. Make sure any Menu which has sub menu shows the > icon. Second NavBar 1. All dropdown position not good. It makes user thing that we are searching for item in ALL. Please move it in front of the tabs. Because when we select custom date in the dropdown we need to show the date picker also. 2...

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    23 bida

    It is a project having Test view we need to filter the listview in Category and Question basis. - On selecting any category the data is visible but in case if we select and other category our previous selection refreshed at UI level.

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    10 bida

    Hello, I have a project taken from Google UAMP java version ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]). I have made few changes on this code. For example, music is taken from external storage and there aren't any categories. Only listing all music from a specific folder. I want you to; * Music should be deleted on listView and all music data should be updated according to this change.

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    8 bida

    MODULES FOR Perfex CRM (CodeIgniter) [1] KNOWLEDGE BASE The Clients should only see their own KNOWLEDGE BASE ! It should be a modules for Perfex CRM [2 ] Modules - jobdata of an extra table in the client view as a list view … It should be a modules for Perfex CRM 2.1. Please under „modules“ create an Modul with the name „ttjobs“ an extra output (view) with an e...

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    It should work like this version for Delphi VCL Procedure LoadLV(LV:TListview; FN:String; CL:boolean); Var Sl:Tstringlist; i,Anzahl:integer; Listitem:Tlistitem; begin sl:=[log masuk untuk melihat URL]; if not Fileexists(FN) then exit; if CL=true then [log masuk untuk melihat URL]; try [log masuk untuk melihat URL](FN); anzahl:=strtoint(sl[0]); for i:=0 to anzahl do begin ...

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    2 bida

    I need c# desktop trading bot from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] API ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]), the function I need is: 1. Select pairing 2. Buy order, able to input amount and price 3. Sell order, able to input amount and price 4. List all active orders both buy and sell in listview 5. I can able to select cancel per active order and cancel all orders There should status that it is online ...

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    5 bida

    Needs to be completed within 10 days. Require to upgrade a react-native app with additional screens and functionality. (Including backend firebase/nodejs). Backend functionality -> Backendless Firebase cloud functions OR nodejs. We are using firestore as primary DB. Backend functionality for the above screens to be done. Also use Redux to manage state in the react native App. To work on both ...

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    19 bida

    I have a listview in a wpf project which is using a databinding. I require it to be able to replace "True" with a Image of a green Checkmark and False with an Image of a Red X

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    6 bida

    2 activities.. #1: has a list view and an add button #2: has a string input, bitmap and an add button when user clicks submit bitmap and string value saves to listview in main activity. I have done the work, I just need help with adding items to listview because right now It keeps over ridding the previous input

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    9 bida

    I essentially want to have two columns on my winform. Left Column, Right Column. The labels will be the header, and the datagridview will house the data and the number of rows will depend, which is why i'm trying to get the alignment perfect. This is a sample of how my data should display --> how can I dynamically have my contorls all line up when the data varies?

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    11 bida

    NavigationDrawer kullanarak bir araç tanıtım uygulaması yapmanızı istiyorum. Navigation sayfasında Ana Sayfa, Araç Tanıtım, Yol Yardım vs. menüleri olacak. Araç Tanıtım Kısmına Tıklayınca firebaseden aldıgı veriyi (örnek olarak BMW -> 3 20 -> güzel bir araç. ) ilk olarak bmw görünecek(ListView), bmwye tıklayınca 3 20 görünecek(L...

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    2 bida

    Dear All, I need a flutter dev to work on an app. The UI for the app is done and due to some circumstances, could not continue the work so we need a developer to work on the app and bind/integrate the backend APIs. The app is currently working as a test app and very basic, also not fully functional but working to fetch data from the remote side via Hasura 1.0.6 implementation of graphql server ...

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    42 bida

    Given the Excel file PATH, and the SHEET Name, provide the code, written in VB .Net, as a Function to Import Excel Sheet into a DataGridView Control. READ_EXCEL_SHEET(PATH, SHEET_NAME) -> DataGridView Control Some XLS files uploaded

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    7 bida

    I am learning how to program Android app in Kotlin and have started to develop a BLE scanner, but cannot get the code to work. I have used the Android standard code formatting and several other examples for BLE scanner, but when I execute the BLE scan command, I just receive an Null return. I am sure it's something really simple that is wrong, but cannot see the problem with the code. If i...

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    28 bida

    Hi, i want someone expert in c# to fix and improve the code of this open source: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I had made a few changes, like translate to portuguese and added a new filter, this new filter has a few bugs and need to be improved. Basically i want the possibilite of click on a cell in the datagridview and as you type the datagrid is filtered. I had implemented that but its not worki...

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    8 bida

    I would like to set up a native template in an android listview.

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    36 bida

    Hola buenas, Necesitamos terminar una app en Xamarin Forms solo para Android. La aplicacion va a correr en un dispositivo zebra, la finalidad el leer etiqiuetas RFID, crear un fichero csv con las lecturas en una ubicacion de la red. La version que tenemos ya lee las etiquetas RFID y las muestra en un Listview, necesitamos que al dejar de leer genere el fichero csv en una ruta de la red

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    3 bida

    I want to add function where user can tap on QR scan button and display the result on listview, also toggle scan button to confirm button when click on listview.

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    21 bida

    I want to add multiple item selection for listview in my project, Please see the screenshot. The data in the screenshot is the data retrieved from MS SQL database.

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    23 bida

    Coding Language Delphi Rio 3.2 Project Type :FMX Firemonkey Overview I have an image stream that I would like to store in a client dataset and then bind visually to a list view without directly to an image type in the list view. Requirements 1. append Information from input fields into the dataset 2. Link the dataset to the Listview 3. Bind Visually the description and the image to the list ...

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    all the details will be in private chat

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    the detalis will be in prinvate chat

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    Create APP UIs Tamat left

    I need to build an app for a car sales listing business. I need a UI (minus some functionality which i will do myself) to show how the cars will be listed like a gridview and listview. It will also include a sign in page (for sales agents) and a car details page to view a car's info when it is clicked. I also need another UI to for business like freelancer that connect tutors to students. S...

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    10 bida

    I want to add button in Listview custom adapter , when the user clicks a button, it should give a toast message. I am not using any API, I am using CRUD method for database connection. Please understand my question first before bidding. The attached screenshot is what I have worked on it so far. I want to add button in each rows.

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    12 bida

    I have created a ListView with textview that gives data from sql server. I want to add button(click listener) in each row, when the user clicks on an it, gives a toast message. The tutorial I am following: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    37 bida

    billing form with option insert update delete view . DATAGRIDVIEW

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    I need an App developed in flutter that will comunicate with a REST service and get informations from a student. On this information, will be presented a ListView with some informations about the course this student owns. If the student decide to watch the video online, the video will be played normally. But if the student wants to download to the mobile and watch later, the app will save the vide...

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    I have an existing project that needs updated. I have an XML file that has 2 spinner widgets. Each widget is associated to a ListView. All 4 widgets are populated from JSON data. Need ListView not to populate until associated spinner selection made. Need spinner to display 1 value (name+age) but for ListView to be filtered when populated off hidden spinner value (id). Need a 3rd widget that wi...

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    5 bida

    I have an existing Android Studio project that pulls data from a JSON file to populate a list view. I am looking for support to make the following changes to the current project. 1) Change the ListView widget to a RecyclerView widget. 2) onItemClick of the RecyclerView pull the data for the selected item to a new Layout Resource Page (page already created). 3) Update a SpinnerWidget to utlize the...

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    16 bida

    1. My Website auto updates as product is listed and sold, via this link [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 2. I need to have code written to auto download and update these products into XML compatible with Facebooks Commerce manager template (attached). 3. This xml needs to be set to auto update the facebook shop on my business page. 4. Must NOT Upload Firearms or Knifes Category -See Screenshots...

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    16 bida
    DotNet CMS Tamat left

    A dynamic CMS is required to have the following: - plugins that will expose actions that are to be associated with roles, users go in groups and a group has a set of roles - the ui is generated from db schema extracted json metadata (models and options) and is split in the following components: - model records listing: it will be generated based on a template (vuejs markup) and will contain p...

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    44 bida

    Basically i need to have a component that can be easily setup, for user to create datagridview column, whereby 1st column will always be treeview, and it will have 1,2,3 or more child under the parent item. Only is opened for bidders.

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    12 bida

    A price comparison JS app with sort, filter, pagination and search functionality. Coded in JS with a well known framework ex React, Vue Only GET operations. No authorization. Auto suggestion in search field. Listview (Card view with thumbnail) and a detailed product view. Responsive design for mobile devices. Backend is a existing JSON REST api. Something like the attached picture.

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    31 bida