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    Well right now the website has it so that I have to go and send out invoices if people owe money for listing fee's. What I want iS what ebay has that the fee's are automatically taken out if the person 's auction sells or if not you can relist it free for one time only.

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    ...POS (point of sale) software for the use in a small business. Most of it's complete. Only need a few things to be fixed up which we're unable to do. We're on a very tight schedule so this must be completed ASAP. Full details about what it should / does do will be given to the successful bidder. A zip of the database so far is included. In short, the

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    ... 3) Assign "company accounts" and "user accounts" to users that allow someone from that company to log in and see all their companies files 4) accept user input (standard loan application data, we will provide, approx 200 values) and store in database 5) provide ability to view records that have already been entered 6) import files from Caylx

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    ...base airline ticket ordering system, that will schedule flights and seating for a small-midwestern airline serving six states. There are approximately thirty-planes, all the same, with the same seating arrangements. The database-ordering system will be operated primarily by airline personnel, who will schedule the flights, apply seating, and set ticket

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    ...with our representative Hassan. Thank you THE COMPANY So basically what is needed is a system where we can compile various rules and have the system run on a daily or hourly schedule and fire the SMS accordingly Below are some of the rules required that I can think of now, maybe they will help in setting the structure of the system. However it has to

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    Tabbed Pages Tamat left

    ...information and that's it at this point. Our issue is that our current sign up or registration page is records personal details, work details, registration information details, schedule availability details and skills details. As you can imagine, we have a signup page that is 3 miles long. What we would like to have is tabbed pages where an individual

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    I'm looking for a program that will converts a PDF to Excel. It should work in the following manner: 1) It should run every hour, I will schedule it within the NT Scheduler. 2) The program will work with the following windows directories: c:CCLPDFConverterInbox c:CCLPDFConverterOutbox c:CCLPDFConverterExcelFiles **Inbox

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    I need a payment form for the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] AIM payment method. I am stumped on the programming and have decided to freelance this project. I am able to customize the script as far as output design myself, so I just need the basics for the script to communicate w/ authnet to either accept or decline the transaction, and if the transaction is declined

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    1 bida Outlook calendar as appointments with the category “MeetingMaker.?? However, the version of MM I work with is not time zone based and I have to operate two accounts to schedule meetings across different time zones. Also, meetings do change and I need to do imports daily to adjust all future records. If I import from one MM account it deletes all

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    ...sent to each customer and contact in our list table. * Run as a windows service with a system task interface for basic running data. * Execute tasks based on a recurring schedule basis * Write to Event log for Testing Components Supplied: * Database with same data * Example working Agent * Object and structures for data access * Connection

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    ...Need help on a homework problem for a Java programming class: Sanchez Construction Loan Co. makes small loans for construction projects up to a maximum of $10,000.00. The current cost for a $10,000 loan is based on the following fee structure that has a maximum loan payoff time of 24 months: Time Fee 6 months $800.00 12 months $1,800.00 18 months $3

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    We need a small application that will automate tasks for us. This needs to function in a .asp environment (not Essentially what we need is an application that we can install on our website, that will be accesible only to us (password protected: login required), and can be set up to complete specific tasks at specified times. Example: We have a .asp page that will send out...

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    ...Sharepoint services. ** - We have very limitted experience with SharePoint services and are looking for a company that has experience with this. We will be on a time schedule and cannot afford hangups or time losses because a developer is learning Sharepoint! -- Very important. We will have 10-20 intranets in total. Upwards to 100 users

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    I have a payment gateway full source script buy from [log masuk untuk melihat URL], and i need payment system specialist to modified the script to add in a new feature. I need it to have a jont venture account type, which 2 or more members can join to open an account, when $ send to this account, the fund will pay to them automatically , according to the % they

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    I need the freelancers script intalled. I also need the payment systems implemented for Credit Cards and PayPal. I would like someone who can finish this as soon as possible, as I am behind schedule right now.

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    ...that will allow understanding and implementation of the Script f) Upon successful completion, ALL codes, files, materials, examples, etc., will be returned to the Owner and payment made for services rendered The Project will commence immediately upon receipt of the above Information. All contact will be between the Owner and the Programmer. Any questions

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    ...There are to be two submission methods by the public ??" paid submission or free submission. Each goes into appropriate queue for admin. Admin can review free submissions and schedule for a next available spotgot day, or can add to directory with no spotgot scheduled. The user will submit the review. Admin will edit if necessary. Email will be sent with

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    ...that have many task lines, several of them are disappearing when being scheduled and the whole job is ending back up in unscheduled. This is forcing the scheduler to have to schedule some jobs 2 -3 times. (That's got to be quite fustrating for them!!) Danielle again is a good person to call for that when you need help. 3.) The 3rd priority is the

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    ...the join/login isn't working therefore I can't tell if anything else is working? I also need the payment systems implemented for Credit Cards and PayPal. I would like someone who can finish this with in a week too a week and a half, as I am behind schedule right now. Thx, and happy bidding. NOTE I would like to pay via PayPal. (will not pay via money

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    ...the site. Invoicing, ordering and shipping form generation as well as interaction with HSBC Merchant Bank Account for credit card processing. The project is seriously behind schedule and requires additional manpower to bring our new site to publication ASAP. cd-uk is the CD and DVD products and services division of the Syonica Digital Media Group. cd-uk

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    ...components, etc. unless all copyright ramifications are explained AND AGREED TO by the buyer on the site). 3) The work will comply with the attached list of requirements and schedule. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ## Platform Photoshop 6+, Image Ready 3+, or other professional authoring tool (Dreamweaver etc.). JSP...

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    Payment Form Tamat left

    we currently have a function on our site that allows our customers to input information and pass onto the next page, while eventually reaching a payment page. All of the information is recorded on our backend database and if paid using a credit card, will automatically activate the client's account. There are several things we need. 1. To add "PHONE

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    Payment verification script for PayPal, StormPay, egold and IntGold. Programmer must have experience with PayPal IPN and egold hash checker to complete this job quickly. Order process: Customer completes form with 2 drop down menus to decide which payment gateway and if the customer will become affiliate: First Name: ___ Last name:

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    I need my Random payment website moved to my new server. I need the Members data base, Hit logs,Passwords saved and uploaded. I also need the site uploaded fast cause I lose the old Hosting this week.

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    Production schedule/order application (approx. 3 modules, 30-40 mall programs... some programs only create a report for example) is written in Micro Focus Object Cobol 4.0 . This application runs in the Micro Focus run-time environment, dos-based. As this is outdated and because i have also some problems with new OS like Windows 2000/XP, I need

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    A script is required to submit, verify and redirect customers through payment process via Payment gateways PayPal, StormPay, egold or IntGold. Sample of customer order page [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Drop down menu will decide which payment gateway Second drop down menu will decide if the customer will become affiliate. Redirect

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    ...[log masuk untuk melihat URL], [log masuk untuk melihat URL] or [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to outlook 4. Import data from [log masuk untuk melihat URL], [log masuk untuk melihat URL] or [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to outlook and... 5. There should be facility to schedule above stated actions by specific date-time / interval. Thank You, Wish you happy bidding...

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    ***************************** Note from Rent a Coder: This buyer has learned the hard way the value of the RAC escrow system. A good reminder for all to follow all RAC rules and what can go wrong if you don't. ***************************** Ok, I got screwed by a coder named Azazel from Romania because I went off-site with him rather than using Rent a coder and the escrow system. It h...

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    ... various levels of access include: admin --> can add delete change rights to users update pricing. supervisor --> can adjust inventory, add items to inventory, schedule. sales --> schedule, make sales, notate account. not logged in --> search for product that are currently in inventory (no pricing or anything else) just tell if the item is in stock

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    ...characters --For the opening of text files i would like the developer to use the ADO jet driver (see atached ms kb article). I my self am a programmer but due to tight schedule i wish for somebody else to do this for me. Programme must provide proper error handling routine in all routines. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working

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    ...number of factors. I start with a base rate and add or subtract adjustments based on the values from the controls. So if I have a base rate of 5% and the user selects an LTV (Loan To Value) of 90% then +.5% is added. If they then choose a credit score of 700 a ??"25% is added. So the program looks at each control, each time one changes, and calculates

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    ...development project is to accomplish the following: Integrate available ecommerce software into existing website. Ecommerce functionality to include: shopping cart &credit card payment, Integrate avaliable reverse auction software into existing website. Very much like the software used for scriptlance. The software to be used is Freelancer. We will

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    1 bida site. -Gregg's Bio -Staff -Program -Highlights -Application -Speaking Engagements -Tution -Team News a)Listen Live b)Recruiting c)Roster d)Schedule e)Team Stats f)Top 25 polls g)The Aerie -Mailing List -Contact Us ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well

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    ...followed. The mockup is included in the zip file. We have used VB to the mockup but you are free to use C++, VB or even Delphi. We suggest that the project follow this schedule: 1) Create the program and read/write the xml files correctly based on what policy and users/computers and options that are selected. 2) Create the integration with NetOp

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    ...purchase 3rd part components, preferable C# or VB.Net. Code should be written for easy understanding and commented accordingly. Individual or team should be available on my schedule over the next couple days to have this completed (US 6 Central). It is a simple project, but I do not have the time to figure it out on my own. ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    ...system. Most importnantly the system should be capable of being queried for information in many different ways. I will need an indvidiual who has a very flexible schedule (who is capable of working in my time zone (US 6 central). The application will need some documentation to describe the process of how it will work in the end. The application

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    8 bida with us on the licensing as we will be encrypting the compiled version before you build the installation using PC Guard for .Net. Winning bidders must have flexible schedule and will need to put in many man hours in a short amount of time. Once this application is built we will also ask same team (or individual), if everything goes well, to do

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    ...document outlining the project implementation plan (use Microsoft Project files or other project management software). Based on this plan and timeline we will establish a payment schedule and move forward. Please note that we will only respond to inquiries that demonstrate your understanding of the requirements (ie. show us some of yoru work!)

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    System should include administrative end to view activity / change status's on user accounts, posted questions etc.. System should work with PayPal's IPN system for instant payment credits to users of the system. System should be capable of being configured to remember user settings, such as monitored categories. I am going to need an individual

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    I currently have a web schedule and outlook schedule for myself. Keeping them both maintained is a pain in the butt. I would like someone to write a simple application that would allow me to convert a calendar export data file to a nice browsable html file. I don't care what the application is written in. Outlook can export to: CSV, PST, TSV, dBase

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    I have a Privacy Protection software that needs the following functions to be added to it: 1- Schedule to run the erasing functions just exactly like the one found in (Privacy Eraser Pro Software) [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 2- Files Erasing function, Files erasing function MUST be implemented using A-US Department of Defense 5220.22-M. B-NSA

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    ...before) - Admin can do the following: - Everything the Player can do - View, Add, Modify, Delete Players available for user picks, all user picks, results, user accounts, Season Schedule and Move users between the two divisions Making Weekly Picks The deadline for submitting user weekly picks is sometime before gametime of the first game played that week (must

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    Enhance a Web page, using JavaScript functions that will enable the form to complete the following: Validate Credit Card Dates Calculate Loan Information Insert a Video file Insert a Sound File Insert a CreditRoll Class Applet ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code

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    1 bida only for a payment schedule generator that is 60% complete. A payment schedule must be generated based on amount financed with an interest rate of 0.0%. Payments can be made weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or semi-monthly (first and middle of the month). Typically, one would specify the financed amount, the start date and the montly payment amount. Based

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    Hi, I would like bids to: 1) redesign the site at <[log masuk untuk melihat URL]> and 2) integrate the look and feel of the new design into my payment processor script, [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I don't like glitzy flashy webhosting designs. Would like a more conservative, professional look as the target clients are small business owners and real estate

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    ...over a certain ammount, the shopping cart gives them the option to pay for the item in 3 (or as many or little payments as we wish) to pay for their merchandise. The first payment must always include the shipping and handling. Also, the software must then automaticly bill the customers credit card the following month. ## Deliverables Must

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    Looking for a simple e-store with paypal cart. Search function, categories, inventory management, special 'flags' on certian items for weekly/daily specials. PHP and MySQL. Also a user system with their cart and email, paypal account, address etc etc. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done...

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    ...----------------------------------------------------- Please read the attached documentation before answering. Key Docs; "01-Project Plan - [log masuk untuk melihat URL]" - communication plan, schedule etc. "02-Scope of Works - [log masuk untuk melihat URL]" - explains briefly what needs to be done. "04-Functional Specification - Wireframes - 11 - Content Managem...

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    A small class homework assignment that's written and working in It's a Bank Loan Application that I wish to convert to a working copy that done in ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Able to import and compile in Visual Studio 7

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    DotNetNuke Tamat left

    ...cost) -filter products by a cetain criteria (ie. tire size) Strong development experience with Portal Store & Dotnetnuke is required. Also, this project is on a very short schedule. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that

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