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    Trophy icon Create a text based logo Ended

    My company name is Pseudofilm Factory. I would like you to design a logo using the word "Pseudofilm Factory". This logo will be used in letter head , video clips and etc. It should be only one color

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    Company Name: PWR Style: Luxurious/classy looking, high quality materials Target Market: People in their 20s and 30s. Watch enthusiasts. Individuals who are constantly striving to become better. The vision of PWR Watches (Pronounced as "Power") is to empower the world to be at their best. One watch at a time. Requirements: - Will need a logo

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    ...Bureau of Weights and Measures. Bronze doit of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), depicting its date of production and the Company's monogram logo. The VOC's logo was possibly in fact the first globally recognized corporate logo. It is considered by many to be a well-designed logo that ensured its success at a time when the concept of the corpora...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo - Ella Ended

    looking for a unique, creative, clean logo for my company. company name is - Ella Banquet & Lounge company concept is: banquet hall, restaurant and lounge attached is the idea i put together i'm looking for a Symbol/Icon or an Emblem, it can also be Word or a combination (word and symbol)

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    I need a logo designed. Our company brand name / website is “Bygul” and it is for an online shopping and mobile app based shopping application. The word “Bygul” stands for “बिगुल” in hindi, which means a music inatrument. The logo should be simple and professional.

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo/Rebrand Ended

    ...business name/re-branding of a company to Executive International Corporate Services Ltd - I would like ideas for a modern, professional company logo and stationery. The name says it all - this is for a corporate business providing management services to their client company's. The logo can use all of the words in the name or highlight the <...

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    Dijamin Sulit
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    Hello All, I need a minimal logo designed that will reflect a premium brand. The logo will be used across a wide range of applications. The logo needs to be a word logo. Please submit your entries in multiple color schemes and make sure the logo is designed in Adobe Illustrator as a vector. The name of the company is ACAH GROUP Th...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Ended

    Looking to have this logo created. BudBox is the name of the company and a logo is what we desire. We need a logo that looks like the mock up unless u have another suggestion. The company will deliver Bud (green) in a Box. The concept we discussed was having the "o" in BudBox represented by a box like the drawing. The word box or the ...

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    Ditampilkan Segera Dijamin
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    Please include a portfolio link. I need at least 3 different logo concepts for a new business which will deal with recreational cannabis and wellness. The logos must be able to work as a square, vertically, and horizontally for various applications. It should ideally be something can can be built in the real world as well as work online. I would

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    Trophy icon Kampong Design Logo Ended

    ...interior design company who specialise in Interior Design, Space Planning and Design Renovations services. We are providing a one-stop solution provider for interior design and project management service. our company provide residential interior design & commercial interior design. We would like to do up our company logo. Our company name is "K...

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    Ditampilkan Dijamin
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    Company: Hobbit Shire Farms PROJECT IS NOT SEALED. Please do not ask for me to seal the project, I will not. Thank you. Looking to have a logo made. The company produces hydroponic leafy greens, herbs and micro greens. The word Hobbit and Shire refer to the movie Lord of the Rings. The Shire is a lush green area where the "Hobbit's" live

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Ended

    ...neat, simple and modern logo for our company. it's a transportation company providing service to drive and transport PEOPLE / PASSENGER GROUPS for tourism and all kinds of events. the company specialized in passenger minibuses. logo description: 1- Company name : Chicago Group Transportation . --- Chicago (word ) must be ...

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    Trophy icon Logo redesign Ended

    I have a logo for my business which i really love. It contains my little mascot and the name of the business beside it. What i am trying to achieve is a small update of the logo where the man remains the same but instead riding on a DVD he is riding on a cloud and instead of the words "The Mobile Computerman" i just have a the word "Computerman" in

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    Logo design for Nyumbani Coffee Nyumbani coffee is a company that will be selling packaged coffee to markets abroad. The name ‘nyumbani’ is a Swahili word for home. The logo should distinctively represent a major coffee brand of the world. The coffee is grown organically in the highlands of Kenya between [login to view URL] and the Aberdare ranges. P...

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    ...download the logo from the download page on the site]. [login to view URL] I will give you arabic word to write it in the film. The vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 and the Ministry of Education logo and the logo of the company implementing the initiative "Consultants" and the company supervising

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    ...download the logo from the download page on the site]. [login to view URL] I will give you arabic word to write it in the film. The vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 and the Ministry of Education logo and the logo of the company implementing the initiative "Consultants" and the company supervising

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Ended

    Need a logo for a distribution company. Company name is "Grocery Trading Limited". Its an urgent job. You can also use GTL for the logo design or use any icon or vector design without the word GTL.

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    ...project I already started. I have been designing a logo for a company called "FRENCH OPTICAL". Please read the contest rules and follow specific instructions and feel free to ask me any clarifying questions. 1) Even though the name of the company is FRENCH OPTICAL, there is nothing FRENCH about the company. Do NOT include any images having to do w...

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    Ditampilkan Dijamin Peraduan Teratas
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    I need a logo designed. Reveal Coaching and Mentoring is the name of the company. I need a logo to use on website social media business cards etc. I want the word reveal to be the centre piece, maybe with a mirror image effect splitting the word vertically. Highlighting that the reflection is mot equal tonthe image

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    We want to revise the attached logo. The "CAP" font is dated and much too large. The "60" is too small. I don't mind the circle as some part of the logo. Don't love the colors either. I'm open to suggestions. A logo should first look good in grayscale before adding colors. CAP60 is a data management firm. In fact, consider adding "Data...

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    We have just changed the name of our company to Synovyx. This name is a combination of the words "synergy" and "innovation" with an additional hint of the word "technology" in the ending syllable. I don't know if it will help your design or not, but here is how the name is pronounced (using phonetic spelling): si - NOH - vic...

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    Ditampilkan Dijamin Sulit Peraduan Teratas
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    Trophy icon Logo and Clothing Design Ended

    ...and sleek logo. I would also like a couple of images of the logo incorporated on some polo shirts, caps and possibly belts to see how it would look once embossed on clothing line. The name of the brand is to be Lagom. This is a Scandinavian word which incorporates the mindset of having a balanced, happy life. The strapline for the company and DNA

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    Hello, My name is Melanie and I need a logo first for my social media, then to launch my brand and eventually open a Zero waste store (bulk store) in Maui. Company name: Zero Waste store Maui LLC on Social media: Zero Waste Maui For now I need a logo for social media and my blog with "Zero waste Maui" keeping in mind that the logo needs...

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    110 bida

    ...(Mockup) Character details for now - I will provide real details to Winner) High Quality Black Logo (logo is 98% done, winner will be provided this- We how ever will get you to tweak a small word in this) use placeholder example for now. Provide space under Logo for our slogan which is 5 words use these placeholders - Crdfrsfjk Sdfa & Sghute Addyts this

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    i Need someone to design a Creative , minimalistic logo for a Digital Marketing company the logo should present a Valley and Technology with a great creativity inside it from the designer Helpfull Info : - Company name : [ Tech Valley ] " Tech is a shortcut from The Word Technology " - Color Scheme : [ Blue and silver maybe? ] - i also ac...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Ended

    The contest is about to create a logo to a bar/restaurant's App. A logo that can be used to an app's the initial screen as well as an icon (the logo must be readable when small or have a simbol representation that can be used as such). The logo theme to match is the name "MAIS BAR". "Mais" in portuguese means "plus". So ...

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    ...prepared video of about 2 minutes then 2. ends with a Landing Page with the company logo and name etc 3. also on the landing page a Login Field for a Username and Password that is not active at this point 4. plus an info@ link for making contacting with the company That's it... very simple website just to show the intro video and allow people

    $237 (Avg Bid)
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    80 bida

    I need a much better logo for this company I have attached the current logo The name of the company is Anvil and that must be incorporated into the current logo I need a logo with the name I need the word ANVIL as a stand alone logo with the anvil incorporated in the A Good luck - I can't wait to see what you...

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    Dijamin Sulit
    153 penyertaan

    ...looking for a logo for a small travel concierge service in Denmark. I would like it to look as it was drawn by hand - little bit old school, kind of a sketch, but also very classic, stylish, luxurious. I have attached an inspiration logo, with a suitcase. I would like something like that but a little less detailed. The name of the company should be written

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    ...Please start your bid with the word bootstrap, otherwise it'll be ignored. Here are the fields for each form: ## 1)Pages with forms (to create new objects) ## 1.1. USER * firstName <string> * lastName <string> * email <email> * password <string> * region <select> 1.2. COMPANY * name <text> * logo <...

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    I am building a company that uses waste material and turns it into usable products. I would like a very modern and simple logo that gives an idea of recycling but doesn't use the recycling logo. The name of my company is: Daur Solution Daur is the Indonesian word for Cycle

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    Ditampilkan Dijamin Peraduan Teratas
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    ...fitness products. For our company's women's resistance point fitness products, our company would like to design a logo specifically for it. The logo needs to have a combination of graphics and text, and we hope that the graphics and text can be split. The name of the logo is "olefitness", which is composed of two words consisting of &quo...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Ended

    I'm interested in a logo design for my real estate company. It should have three words - ZAMIR real estate. make sure that the word ZAMIR is bolded. and please use the colors of red and black. In addition, Use the initals of my name the letters EZ to produce a template (or a small icon for the logo in the form of a building or a tower. so its three

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    Trophy icon Logo for Natural Brand Ended

    Logo Design for an International Aromatherapy Brand Thank you for taking the time to look into this project. The name of the brand is Oshadhi 'Oshadhi' is a Sankrit word, meaning 'healing plant'. The roots of the word literally mean 'carrier of light'; so the ancient peoples saw the healing plants as conveyors and transformers of t...

    $299 (Avg Bid)
    Dijamin Sulit Peraduan Teratas Perjanjian Kerahsiaan
    591 penyertaan

    I want a logo for a social enterprise company that does, Public Health Strategy, Mass Advocacy on public health, Edutainement content creation to change perspective on health matters. The logo should be word based. The company name is " Exochos Innovations Limited) Primary colors should be purple and white

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Ended

    ...need to have a logo designed for my trucking company. This logo will be applied to both sides of the truck and trailer, so, it should either be symmetrical or random but not one directional. The logo should include full company name; DEEP FREIGHTLINE INC. The logo must relate to the company name or the industry. After the

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    Dijamin Sulit Peraduan Teratas
    58 penyertaan

    Logo needed for Real Estate Company. Need all file formats: png, jpeg, esp, ai Need color variations. Looking for creative but simplistic design. I tend to like signature logos or those that are somewhat circular. VinTasha Real Estate Investments, is the company name. Creative use of the word VinTasha or the letters V & T could be interesting

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    Hello! I'm looking for a renewed logo for a small italian company operating in woodworking and recycling art. The name of the company is "DiLegno InLegno" so "legno" (the italian word for "wood") has a central role. They are looking for something simple but effective, similar to the hand painted logo I attached. Th...

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    I'm just starting out in a new business, and have just had a logo design completed, based on a brief I prepared. There are many things I like about it, but I've just come across another look / approach I think might work better. My company name is Creativer and I provide creative thinking trainng and workshops to corporate clients in Asia. I help

    $38 (Avg Bid)
    Ditampilkan Dijamin Sulit
    13 penyertaan

    Hi Armine, I really enjoyed working with you on the SalesTrunk logo and can't thank you enough. I'd like to hire you again under provision of the existing NDA between us, if you are available to complete project before 3/30/2018. SCOPE OF WORK -Color Business Card Design (I'm using VistaPrint if that matters to your design, unless you recommend different

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    ...need a logo created. My brand name is Iron Hero. I've tried one company who claimed their work was custom but a quick google search I was able to find the pictures they used. I need something that is custom so I will be able to copyright the logo. I would like something simple that relates to my brand name. Maybe turn the first letter of each word...

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    ...a bonus if we are REALLY pleased with the logo The name of the company is MainLee Candles. URL [login to view URL] The name is a play on the word Mainly but is the last names of the owners Main and Lee WE DO NOT WANT A CANDLE IMAGE IN THE LOGO! Some kind of stylized flame is ok The name of the company must be spelled correctly! The...

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    Trophy icon Haengboks Marketing Ended

    ...marketing materials made. I already have a logo. I need a variation of this logo, a Facebook cover, and a business card design. The logo design that I already have is a play on Korean characters which spell the word, "happy" or "haengbok" which is the name of the company. So I do not want major changes to the logo design but a...

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    Number 1 factor, must be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement. I created a product that I am looking to have I guess the word is digitized with a certain font style to spell the name of the company/product which is to be our logo. I have pictures of the prototype that I can provide upon returning the signed NDA. The product relative shape should help

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    Trophy icon Company Logo Design Ended

    I would like to design the logo for our company Carryfresh Logistics Private Limited. We are providing transportation for food products. Check our website [login to view URL] for more info. 1. The logo should include the word "carryfresh". 2. It is good if you change our current logo itself with font style change or colour change etc.... but new de...

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