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    Motor de inteligencia artificial: La Aplicación Arranca con una selección de las imagenes qué se quiere reconocer, diferenciada por familias. Se seleccionará la imagen qué se quiere reconocer. En el detalle de la misma aparecerá: La imagen con los diferentes nombres qué tiene. descripción de la misma (extra) fotografías de la e...

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    Mechanical Design Articulating Laptop Screen! In this project, the freelancer should design the mechanics of a articulating 13" screen. All or almost all components must be available off-the-shelf. The up/down motion of the screen should be motor controlled and include begin/end travel sensors for the electronics (not included in the scope of this

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    We are a Motor Coach Operations company and are looking for a professional salesman to go out and get corporate accounts.

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    Control panel Tamat left

    Controller that control the speed, the torque and reverse rotation for 9v brushless motor

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    I would like help completing a project; I would like to see how someone else would first, design controllers and simulate in various conditions. Second, derive a system model for the Quanser DCMCT motor/flywheel system, implement your controllers on this system, and analyse differences in performance. I can provide examples and further information

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    I need some changes to an existing website. We are from the motor industry and requires a freelancer to do social media marketing .

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    controlar motor a traves de la voz en raspberry pi 3

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    Explicar paso a paso, que en la raspberry pi 3 un motor con cambio de giro, se encienda gire hacia un lado, luego encienda gire hacia otro lado y luego se apague a traves de comandos de voz, nota: la raspberry pi 3 puede estar conectada a internet en dicha programacion

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    Como encender un motor con cambio de giro a través de la voz en raspberry pi 3

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    Como encender un motor con cambio de giro a través de la voz en raspberry pi 3

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    Como encender un motor con cambio de giro a través de la voz en raspberry pi 3

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    We have a program that communicates with an Android APP and triggers a LED driver and Motor driver on a device has the Nordic BLE SoC. We need to port this to ESP. The original code is in C.

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    De auto verliest koelwater, ik weet niet wat het is, kan een slang zijn of waterpomp, kachel of....?

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    ...frequency test.  Carry out ABB low voltage switch board inspection test and low voltage starter functional test.  Carry out Quality control and Quality inspection for AC motor inspection, MCC inspection, DB inspection, UPS inspection, transformer inspection.  Carry out REFUSE Crane trouble shooting, Crab crane troubleshooting, ID fan motors, and

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    Hi! , I'm looking for someone who can program a small stepper motor to perform a few simple tasks. I'm building a screw orientation machine to feed small screws , ( 1 to 2 inches long), into an automated screwgun on an assembly line. What the stepper motor will do is orient the fastener on a small turn table, with the head always pointing in the same

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    ...Bone-Strengthening activities Muscle-Strengthening activities Aerobic Activities (cardiorespiratory endurance) Gross Motor Skills: the abilities required in order to control the large muscles of the body for walking, running, sitting and crawling. Fine Motor Skills: the skills that involve controlling the fingers, hands, and arms; require deliberate and controlled

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    Hi, I am hiring an electrical engineer, preferably with motor controller design experience, to create PCB for manufacturing (schematic will be given). Some of the task include: -route schematic into PCB to fit specific size constrain -provide feedback in circuit optimization & component selection Cheers Steven

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    I need an infuction motor manufactured of about 2 kw power that fits and runs a motorbike.

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    An induction motor of about 2000 Kw power.

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    Hi everyove. I need to modify this sketch which is a PID motor controller. You can find the sketch and more details here: [login to view URL] I would like to implement the following features: 1. Motor should stop whitin a time (acording to actual pwm output) if no feedback is received from encoder. 2. Brake should open

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    As per chat this is for Small Single Sided Motor design.

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    ...wrong in my initial proposal when I stated I needed to control 4 motor machines with the 2 sensors, while that is true I failed to properly state only 2 motors need to be controlled by a Uno/Motor shield sketch, the 2nd pair of motors would be in an identical sketch run on the 2nd Uno/motor shield unit. Both will use the same sensors A1, A2, B1, B2 but

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    I need help and idea about working project in electrical engineering. The project uses: - STM32 - TFT LCD - Sensor - Motor The idea is to measure the rotation of the motor and graphically show on the TFT LCD. The kit will be later available in the market.

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    We are looking for a furniture designer to assist with motor-home interiors and domestic furniture,

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    I need help selling motor club of America benefit packages for $40. Help! Anyone! Please!

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    ...Roller products and controls. PulseRoller brand consists of a variety of motor drive rollers of various diameters and configurations, GearDrive motors, the most advanced Ethernet networked drive controllers, and various other components required to assemble and implement motor driven roller conveyors and system. We are currently looking for a photographer

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    ...get a code for operating: Servo MG995: 0 - 90 degree (write servo position and read the position) Read and Store Temperature measurement (MAX31855) DC brushed motor 24VDC: 0 - 100 % (write motor position and read the position) Using Arduino Ameba RTL8195A bored and Arduino 1.6.12 Program (the code must be for Ameba RTL8195A) Also, I want to use LabVIEW

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    ...SUSCRIPCIÓN: varios tipos de suscripcion oro plata TIPO DE USUARIO/CLIENTE: nivel cliente (cpanel back-end) nivel usuario (gratis) registro con facebook cedula correo telf etc motor central de encuestas (para usuarios) formulario de encuestas: si llena el perfil basico se otorgan punto, que son $ control de usuarios y puntos deacuerdo a los formularios

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    Ansys oktatás Tamat left

    Két ütemű motor szimulációjához kérnék oktatást Ansys programcsalád keretein belül.

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    a. Building a humanoid robowith Voice Recognition u...Voice Recognition using Raspberry PI or Windows. b. The humanoid robo must respond appropriate reply based on human voice. c. The voice response should also activate the motor control robo's mechanism based on the voice. (example. Nodding head for Yes .. ) e. You can contact me for more details

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    I am interested in working with somebody in undertaking calculations and possible design of a functional industrial robot with a payload of 5 kg. I require that you have knowledge on how a 6 axis robot works - Sizing AC synchronous drive motors, Harmonic Drives (strain wave gearing). I am more so interested in the hardware side of configuring a robotic

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    Food grade PVC belt Worm gear motor Control panel with Schneider VFD. Darkroom enclosure of Acrylic sheet special Hopper with door mechanism, which is driven by DC gear motor DC vibrating motor And more can be discussed.

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    Storing pushbuttons values into array and printing them sequentially to run motor

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    I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data. I am looking for some help to fill in a spreadsheet format with catalog data found online or a brick and motor store. (Grocery)

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    ...added a picture of a t-shirt i would like to look the same as it but can i get 2 designs one with the red motor and one with the other motor added but i need the motors redone to a cool line drawing like the main shirt design add as much to the design as you like to make it look good as well as shading and it will be going on back shirts so needs to stand

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    ...launched dependent on the work quality and reliability the same person will get the other job too but that would be something similar however instead of properties it would be motor vehicles. GOOD LUCK!!!...

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    i would like to control a step motor with stm32. Project is a step motor driven syringe pump. The project has two stage. One is controlling a stepper motor and then adding analog output to control another device

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    Designed a automatic path switching track for a 2 lane 1/32 slot car layout. I use (2) Arduino Uno boards coupled with (2) seeed motor shields to move (4) Circutron Tortoise switch machines via (2) Ds Electronic light bridges (4-IR sensors). All hardware works in testing mode, but cannot get any of my attempts at writing a sketch to compile. I believe

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    $10 - $30
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    ...Inyección de pedidos (alta, modificación) - Inyección de clientes - Notificaciones varias (stock, avisos, cambios) Es importante que el plugin funcione sobre el motor estándard de Prestashop en su última versión y desarrollado con vistas a la compatibilidad y evolución de esta herramienta. NOTA IMPORTANTE: Serán espec...

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    we are into designing of 3 phase AC Induction Motors and Brushless DC Motors. We need a design draftsman either full time or part time.

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    ...and cannot go out as there is much more traffic already there and there is no way to go so the space is left in case of that situation raspberry pi is connected with the DC motor to rotate the gate down so when trains leave the gate crossing area on behalf of no train in the video camera the gates again open as without train images are taken to make

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    .../you tube marketing video to promote my new site [login to view URL] . I need you to follow the rough sketch attached to produce a cartoon video, to illustrate a senerio at a motor park ( Bus station) . the video should be short and very funny. at last you will show this message Message: SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLES, BOOK YOUR BUS TRIP WITH [login to view URL]

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    .../you tube marketing video to promote my new site [login to view URL] . I need you to follow the rough sketch attached to produce a cartoon video, to illustrate a senerio at a motor park ( Bus station) . the video should be short and very funny. at last you will show this message Message: SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLES, BOOK YOUR BUS TRIP WITH [login to view URL]

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    ...other with an LCD screen in the center containing the cues unique to each trial. I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3 microcontroller and need a program to release rewards via a servo motor, signal the speaker to emit a chime with correct responses, and randomly generate the appropriate cues/responses for each trial. I also need the program to record the time of

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    General Labour Tamat left

    My vehicle Motor cycle bearing AP Registration has taken NOC to Chennai City in 2014. But, I've not used it there (decided not to go) and not registered in Chennai. To cancel my NOC, I need a formal certificate from Chennai RTO stating that my vehicle was not registered there. I need someone in Chennai to help with this task. I will send you my

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    Motor Control Tamat left

    Convert C code to VHDL for BDLC, see attached datasheet. C code is available from TI website (or I can provide). Need to convert code, which ...website (or I can provide). Need to convert code, which is based on document into VHDL. Deliverables: VHDL code + working testbench + block diagram Need to be knowledgeable in Motor Control, C/C++ and VHDL.

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