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    We need you to take our logo and cut it out of a larger design we have so it is is its own file. (This will be used for a sticker). We also need you to take another logo of ours and add a website URL below the logo so it can also be made into a sticker. You'll need to match fonts, etc. We have source files in AI/EPS. Should take you 10-20 mins of work. Both are very easy. Please put the word ...

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    I am looking at animating the pack opening experience at ninjasticker.com.

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    I need 8 different 2-3 color designs featuring Motorcycles. Harley Davidson or Indian for Tropical Bike Night events. I have several examples .

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    We need a vehicle counting and classification project written in C++ or C# using OpenCV. The problem is to count and classify vehicles inside a pre-defined area and multi lanes. Classification shall consist of large vehicles (trucks, bus, etc.) and small vehicles (cars, Pickup truck, motorcycles, minibus, etc.) only. Counting shall consider that the vehicles might be at zero velocity. Expert knowl...

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    I need an app designed and built which can measure the following: A circular sticker of a known diameter is placed on the lens of a pair of glasses Then a photo is taken of a person wearing the glasses (with flash) The app can calculate the number of millimeters from the reflection of the flash on the person’s eye to the lower inside rim of the spectacle frame based on knowing the diamete...

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    Looking for a design to put on stickers to promote my YouTube channel. I am wanting a piece of toast with the words “ HEY GUYS! IT’S MICHAEL” written on it. I want the words to look like the toaster burnt them on the toast. I will also want my QR code placed on the bottom right hand corner.

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    i'm looking for a creative designer to design a logo from scratch for a new business (mobile application). the details of the business will be discussed with interested candidates. also the design package should include 1- letterhead 2-envelopes A4 and A5 size design 3-business cards with QR code to direct to business website 2- window display sticker round shape with min diameter 15cm 3-f...

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    Company Name- Omni Foods Product Category- Snacks Product- woodpecker Chakoli in Five varients (Butter, Salt, Pepper, Garlic and Peri Peri) Customers- between the age of 20 to 50 years Style Attributes- My design should be-Luxury, Minimalistic, Playful, Modren, Quite, Heritage and Masculine Colour- Mustard Yellow and Black or Maroon Size - sticker will be pasted on a poly pack of 3 Inch by 5 Inch ...

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    Our company looking for a freelancer who can make a 3d virtual video presentation for our Product. 1. 3d Virtual product model 2. 1 min video presentation 3. with background music (no need for voice-overs video) Brief storyboard, Our Product is Water Vending Machine 1. Show the Product Model without any Options 2. Add 1st, 2nd, 3rd . ... Options into the Machine 3. Show to complete (full Option...

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    Business is about delivering kids meals. So we are looking for designing packaging stickers that will be pasted on top of the meal boxes. We need 3 types of design: 1. Editable sticker with logo, some cartoons and dish name 2. Editable Sticker with nutrition label and allergen information 3. Editable sticker with logo, details of delivery to the customer

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    I am looking for making a sticker app for social media like whatsApp, facebook, imessage etc

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    Check out our website www.kingfrosch.com. Our frog should come alive sitting on a motorcycle (BMW1200GSA) and having fun being out in the wild riding it. Our brand (frog) is healthy wines for a healthy lifestyle. We are called the no headache wine (this tag line must be in the sticker). I will enclose a sticker with the motorcycle (but this one is without the frog, we need the frog on or next to t...

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    I would like a search page for used vehicles. Cars, truck, camper, trailer, motorcycles, car parts. Look for certain known car sales sites in Switzerland or on all pages (Switzerland). Create a list according to the desired criteria. I can sort the vehicles by specific filters and save as a favorite. After a certain selected time interval, the newly inserted vehicle will be sent by e-mail. One fre...

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    Same as [log masuk untuk melihat URL] with all functions. Only for sell Cars, truck, camper, trailer, motorcycles,car parts. Price for an ad should be displayed when registering. For car dealers a certain amount per ad "10 CHF".Free for private individuals. Invoice should be sent automatically by e-mail. And possibility to pay by credit card or Paypal. In three languages IT, DE, FR.

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    hello dear coders.. we need inventory management application having barcode sticker for the stock of fabrics. we don't know weather desktop application is good or we should go with web based. we need to create new barcode stickers for the fabrics which should consist of all product details. we need some one experienced or we are willing to purchase prebuilt app. letter we will require to show...

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    (pick one of the scenarios, not all!) Who are we: We have a wine brand called KING FROSCH ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]). The brand logo is a (tree-) frog with a crown. Task: We need a sticker(s), 4” which shows the Frog King in different scenarios enjoying the natural environment of whatever your fantasy is guiding you with (see below the different scenes). The idea is that the wine cultu...

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    Check out our website www.kingfrosch.com. Our frog should come alive sitting on a motorcycle (BMW1200GSA) and having fun being out in the wild riding it. Our brand (frog) is healthy wines for a healthy lifestyle. We are called the no headache wine (this tag line must be in the sticker). I will enclose a sticker with the motorcycle (but this one is without the frog, we need the frog on the motorcyc...

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    We have a wine brand called KING FROSCH ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]). The brand logo is a (tree-) frog with a crown. Task: We need a sticker(s), 4” which shows the Frog King in different scenarios enjoying the natural environment of whatever your fantasy is guiding you with (see below the different scenes). The idea is that the wine culture is to be promoted, that wine can be enjoyed bef...

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    For a new product we are launching, we are looking for someone who can create custom stickers for us. We want to give this out as a gift with purchase. See pictures for inspiration of what we would like.

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    acrylic & wood lathe turnings is what I do, I have pictures to add when I figure out how , I would like to have my name, as well as a company name (maybe) phone number as well as email

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    New Tea company launch need to design sticker for pouch pasting

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    I know have changed to a LTD company so need adding to the logo first. LTD in fine print. Need the business cards edited with new logo and address changed to 8 old coach road, add 0800 We Reuse (93 73873), Remove owner and change to Managing Director. A5 Brochure information exactly the same except phone number 0800 We Reuse (93 73873) Use images of your choice. 3.8cm x 3.8cm circle sticker. L...

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    I need to retouch 6 photographs of a new industrial product please. Here are the images on dropbox: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Requirements: IMG_0347 - remove the background. keep or provide a shadow layer. lighten the photo for product clarity, but don't make the sticker too bright/shiny. the image will be put onto a white, off white, or grey background. please provide TIF image incl...

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    I need some graphic design.

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    I’ve been into racing and motorcycles for most of my life! The story behind my motorcycle is pretty neat. I was able to get ahold of Nick Bloor, the CEO of Triumph, and get the build number I wanted. My motorcycle is a Triumph Thruxton TFC, number 016! I’m looking for someone who can draw my bike to something similar to the ones I’ve found online. Sincere regards, Ross

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    Trophy icon Sticker design Tamat left

    Hello, I run a Dog Walking business and I'm looking to design stickers that I will be putting up in the neighborhood on posts, mailboxes etc... I will print the sticker in 2 different sizes both rectangles 5" X 3" (Width X Height) and 12" X 8" (Width X Height) use my logo and exact colour scheme provided (attached) The logo and name should be the biggest font size plea...

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    Hola Gustavo, I work for a small niche perfume house in the South Pacific Islands. We're in the process of redesigning our packaging and I'm looking for someone with a good eye for creative design to help us finalise the packaging for 2 perfumes. We already have the box design, but need a sleeve or sticker to go over the box, There are two perfumes in the same range that need to be des...

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    please make the dinosaur look like the stuffed animal in last attachment. I want this sheep redone and almost exactly the same. bright tongue, crooked eyes, silly, happy. but make the fluffy fur a little larger and fluffier behind his head. These will be round stickers. The round white fur should take up most of the background [log masuk untuk melihat URL] then for the other 2 animals, plea...

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    Looking for album artwork for a song. This is a Hip-Hop song called "Society". I am attaching an imagine. I would like THAT CONCEPT turned into an original cover for a digital Spotify/Apple Music Cover. The song is called "Society" and supposed to reflect the false and unhealthy way people portray themselves online and obsess over what other people think. I am attaching the ima...

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    We are looking for someone to take a drawing of a logo and make it into a file so we can have stickers and other items printed. on the uploaded items, the T1 drawing needs to be made, the sides swoop and are not straight lines, then put into the blue oval(remove the T1 and stars), the red arrow needs to have Resto written out in a font similar to the Schwinn bike lettering.

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    I enjoy cooking (and do it a lot) and would like to turn that passion into a possible business venture.  I do this mostly at my weekend home, which I call #blackboxcabin, as the house resembles a black box.  I would like to use #blackboxcabin as the brand for the food/cooking/design/lifestyle etc. activities.  In line with that brand, I would like to have a stylized image of my hous...

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    looking for a developer that can create a car plate recognition system for stole vehicules and motorcycles for a city in latin america

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    48 bida

    Our brand name "Kalgary" Manufacturer of 100% biodegradable, eco friendly cleaning products With white 80%, 20% green background. Fonts black and green.

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    13 bida

    We need to sticker a water purifier. I need a designer for the stickers.

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    26 bida

    Need a digital format of a rough sketch to make it in a sticker form.

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    16 bida

    I need packaging for my skincare product. It's for mom and baby. Stretch marks care lotion, baby gel wash, milky baby bath, baby lotion. It's a natural high performance skincare product. I need a sticker design for the bottle.

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    I need someone to design my vitamin packaging. I need the sticker on the bottle and box designing. Ideally someone who has experience with vitamin / medicine design as they will need to know what the requirements are.

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    A plugin where site visitors are able to make their own stickers or labels. Like: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] User select: - text to be on sticker - font - font size - colour and cut type - Plugin calculates price based on height x width of sticker and adds to check out cart Admin is able to change settings on the back end. Plugin Project is almost already complete except for the last point:...

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    We run car racing event and need a logo for our business “Infinite Time Attack” Using the letter “ ITA” Logo needs to look good and easy recognisable as bumper sticker on race cars Simple. Timeless. Modern. Are what we are looking for. Logo must stand out against any colour background as we will print logo on t-shirt We would like the final logo in psd format with lay...

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    Trophy icon Clothing brand logo Tamat left

    I need a logo designed and also a silhouette of the design for vinyl sticker printing. the business is called "Bedlam Threads" I want an original piece, one of colour and one as a silhouette. (picture is only reference to the 2 styles of character) the character must look a little angry/evil, like a mad man with a smirk on its face.i would also like the name incorporated into the colou...

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    Hello, I need a sticker pack for telegram designing. Please contact me for more information. Thank you!

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    Trophy icon Need a logo Tamat left

    We manufacture high end fish tanks/aquariums and filtration systems. A lot of our tanks are used as reef tanks. What we build is on our website at www.crystalreefaquatics.com. We are the parent company, and our name is AquaDaddy Tanks LLC. We're looking for a logo using a pin-up girl and something to do with aquariums, etc... It should be somewhat simple, something that could be embroidere...

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    I need someone to help me find the thickest high quality printable A4 sticker paper (matte) available in the market and some cold laminating film. I'll need 20 sheets of each, I also need the info about where the items were bought, their contact number and the name of the contact person so I can reach them in the future.

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    Logo design Tamat left

    I'm launching a new Rosin company. I have the name and ideas for the logo. I just need some entries so I can send them to a sticker/vinyl guy for packaging.

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    I need a mobile browser solution when the user opening it displays the user's rear camera (after it authorizes access). It will have a sticker on the screen that can be positioned, rotated and sized. When taking the photo it generates a preview (with the sticker built in the position previously set) and can share by email, whatsapp and etc. The sticker is always the same picture. The server ...

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    Trophy icon Design car window sticker Tamat left

    I want to advertise my book via a car decal on my back window. I will upload a few images of the book you can use or choose from. I want it clean and eye-catching. I want it to flow with the book. The book title is "Empath: Release & Recharge" The sticker will be horizontal 12in x 18in. The website MUST be listed: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The phone number is optional: ...

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    Hi I need a graphic designer for long term basis. Proficient experience in Adobe Photoshop , Adobe Illustrator , Adobe After Effects , CorelDraw. Roles: Logo design Brochure design Leaflet design Banner design Social media banner Corporate identity Hand on experience in Designing Packaging material , Label designing , Sticker designing. Candidate shall be Creative designer with up - to - date kno...

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    The Company name is : The Green Board The current website is [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The Client brief is as follows: > I need some help on a rebranding matter for the above-mentioned company and below are a list of things (divisions) which this company will be involved in: > > > > Paperless Board Meetings > Bag Wrapping Stations (hotels) & “other” p...

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    Please create 3 stickers for Cryptocurrency thought leader Emin Gun Sirer in the Great Minds Telegram Sticker style. The winning entry will be published to the Avalanche Telegram Group with your credentials. You can use other freely available images of Emin Gun Sirer. The above example is the most well known one. Please create one unhappy image, one neutral image and one happy smiling imag...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    20 penyertaan