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    Membuat Komik/Manga dengan tema cerita Islami Honor : IDR 10.000 up to 20.000 per halaman Jumlah Halaman : 4 sampai dengan 7 halaman

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    I'm looking for a talented manga artist, proficient in shōnen style, to join me in Paris in creating a detail-rich short story. Here are the important aspects of the project: - You should excel in shōnen style manga, bringing characters and settings to life with energetic artistry. - The artwork will be highly detailed, incorporating intricate elements to visually narrate the story. Having prior experience in such detailed work would be advantageous. - I prefer face-to-face meetings for project discussions. Therefore, you should be based in or around Paris or willing to travel. Skills and experience required: - Proficient in shōnen manga - Detail-oriented - Based in Paris or willing to travel - Excellent communication skills - Ability to work collaborativ...

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    I need a skilled artist with a strong foundation in anime/manga drawing style to illustrate my story. The theme revolves around Indian Mythology and an adventurous plot. - This project involves the creation of 3 primary characters, along with numerous side characters. - An ideal candidate should be able to achieve a strong balance between the distinctively vibrant richness of Indian mythology and the stark, expressive style of anime/manga.(Mostly I would handle all about Indian Mythology) - A solid background in illustrating stories with multiple characters is highly preferred. - Please share your portfolio illustrating similar projects or styles. This project requires an adept understanding of character design, an eye for detail, and a passion for bringing stories to l...

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    Are you a talented 3D artist with a passion for erotic gay art? I'm currently in search of an artist or designer who can craft detailed 3D figurines showcasing male figures, in which we will focus mainly on explicit details. The envisioned sculptures will depict the hum...modeling Experience in creating explicit male figures Ability to incorporate animal elements into the design If you're up for the challenge, you'll receive concept images, and your task will be to create the 3D design file. Please note that the artist's role is to produce the digital 3D drawing file only. I'm specifically seeking a style that is human and realistic, avoiding cartoonish or manga influences. Ready to bring these unique visions to life? Let's collaborate and cr...

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    ...for a skilled digital artist with a knack for exquisite anime/manga style artistry. I am particularly interested in an illustrator who can finalize a work in progress with a keen eye for detail and precision. Here's some information to help you gauge the scope and nature of this project: - Timeline: The project must be completed within a week, so you should have the capacity to work under a fairly tight schedule. Key Aspects: - You will be required to masterfully render a piece with a specific pise. Although the background scenery was skipped initially, if you possess the skills to add that in, it would definitely be a plus. - it will be a colored art piece. Ideal Skills: - A strong understanding and love for anime/manga style art. - Ability to work quickly w...

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    Please message a sample of the work. Will be a shrunken heads search cartoon page. Jungle scenes. Coupoek, pretty girls dressed like jungle girls. Needs to be all shrunken heads, and sexy ladies.. I can provide images of the ones I want to be made into a sc...The resolution should be at 300 DPI - The final deliverables need to be in both PDF and JPG formats Ideal candidates for the job should exhibit: - Strong creativity and a unique style - Proficiency in comic book artworks - An impressive portfolio showcasing past pieces - Solid grasp of working with specified dimensions and resolutions. Whether you lean more towards a classic superhero look, a manga style, or a more cartoonish approach – I'm open to see what you've got. Your personal touch might be exactly ...

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    kirim proposal / CV Anda untuk yang ahli bidang : 1. SEO 2. Ads ( google, tiktok, dsb) 3. Digital marketing (sosmed) 4. Pembuatan situs film 5. Pembuatan situs komik manga

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    I'm looking for a skilled translator to translate a literature piece from Spanish and French into English. The document is a Manga, and the word count is over 1000 Manga name It’s Over! Empress’ Husband is Actually Invincible Skills and Experience Required: - Exceptional command of Spanish and French as well as English - Previous experience translating literature, particularly Manga - Ability to convey the style and tone of the original text in the translated version. Your task will be to produce a translated document that is not only grammatically accurate but also captures the essence of the original plot and characters. Please provide examples of previous work in your bid.

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    I am seeking a creatively skilled cartoonist to help breathe life into a school-themed anime/manga project. Your proficiency in the anime/manga style, particularly one reminiscent of Scott Pilgrim but less dramatic, will be instrumental in creating enticing and gripping content. - Style Required: Anime/Manga with influences from Scott Pilgrim - Theme: Everyday high school or college scenarios Ideal candidate should have: - Familiarity with anime/manga style ethos - Ability to create compelling high school or college scenarios - Proficiency in digital drawing tools and techniques - Flexibility to tweak style to specific demands Please provide samples of your previous work that reflect the style and theme of this project.

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    I am seeking a creatively skilled cartoonist to help breathe life into a school-themed anime/manga project. Your proficiency in the anime/manga style, particularly one reminiscent of Scott Pilgrim but less dramatic, will be instrumental in creating enticing and gripping content. - Style Required: Anime/Manga with influences from Scott Pilgrim - Theme: Everyday high school or college scenarios Ideal candidate should have: - Familiarity with anime/manga style ethos - Ability to create compelling high school or college scenarios - Proficiency in digital drawing tools and techniques - Flexibility to tweak style to specific demands Please provide samples of your previous work that reflect the style and theme of this project.

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    As the cre...horror-themed manga work, I am in need of an expert manga illustrator capable of manifesting writer's vision into psychological yet realistic style, resonant with the Seinen genre. Here are the requirements of this project: - Proven proficiency in black and white manga illustration - Adequate experience in the Seinen style work - A capacity for delivering dark, haunting, and psychologically charged artwork that corresponds to the tone of my dark-hued narrative - Ability to produce high-quality work for over 100 pages of manga - Open to payments of 5 to 15 dollars an hour in CAD Achieving this project necessitates not just relevant skills, but also a passion for the Seinen genre and a deep understanding of the unique elements required to build...

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    ...artist to bring my vision to life with a dynamic piece of Shonen manga art set in a captivating fantasy world. This artwork will feature three or more characters, each with unique traits, engaged in an action-packed scenario that embodies the spirit of adventure and camaraderie common in Shonen manga. **Requirements:** - Proficient in Shonen-style manga art. - Ability to create intricate fantasy worlds and believable, diverse characters. - Experience in dynamic composition and action scenes. - Comfortable drawing three or more characters in a single piece. - Capability to work with client's character descriptions and contribute creative ideas. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in digital or traditional manga art. - Strong portfolio showc...

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    ...captivating anime/manga style. To bring this vision to life, I need a talented artist who can immerse readers in a world of thrilling escapades, using a blend of vibrant characters and moderately detailed backgrounds that maintain the essence of manga aesthetics. **What I'm Looking For:** - **Anime/Manga Style Artistry**: An artist proficient in manga drawing techniques, comfortable in creating dynamic and expressive characters that resonate with action/adventure themes. - **Moderate Background Detailing**: The ability to craft backgrounds that are detailed enough to be immersive but do not overpower the main action. A balance that enhances storytelling. - **Adaptability**: Someone who can adapt their style slightly to fit the specific vibe of the st...

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    I'm embarking on an exciting journey to create an anime series specifically tailored for teenagers, focusing on bringing captivating stories to life through the anime/manga style of animation. My primary goal is to entertain, offering viewers an escape into mesmerizing worlds full of intriguing characters and compelling narratives. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in anime/manga style animation - Experience in creating content aimed at teenagers - Ability to craft engaging, relatable stories for the target audience - Strong understanding of the animation production process - Creativity in character and world design **Project Needs:** 1. **Character Design:** Unique, relatable characters that appeal to a teenage audience. 2. **Story Development:** Creati...

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    I'm seeking a talented video editor and animator to bring the first chapter of the manga "Berserk" to life through a video that will be showcased on YouTube. Utilizing a panel-by-panel approach, the video should allow viewers enough time to read and digest the images, enhanced by the immersive experience of orchestral epic music and sound effects without any narration. **Key Requirements:** - **Orchestral Epic Music:** Without copyright, you should find the music. Create an atmospheric backdrop with copyright-free, orchestral epic music that complements the unfolding events in the story. - **Video Length:** The final product should exceed 10 minutes, ensuring a paced storyline that gives each scene its due time and respect. - **Sound Effects:** Integrate sound e...

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    ...experienced comic book illustrator with a knack for manga style illustrations. My project is an adult-targeted fantasy comic book with a rich lore and worlds full of mythical creatures. Thus, the ideal freelancer should: - Be proficient in creating manga style illustrations; - Have prior experience in writing and illustrating fantasy comic books, particularly targeting adults, demonstrating ability to create complex and engaging narratives; - Be capable of creating vivid, memorable characters, and equally immersive fantasy environments. This project provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase your creative and artistic talents in creating a unique, appealing, and adult-targeted fantasy world. Please share previous examples of your work in the manga style, espe...

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    Manga artwork Tamat left

    I am looking for a skilled manga artist who specializes in Shōnen (action-oriented) style artwork. I can provide reference pictures for character styles and I have scripted out the panels that I’d like to be illustrated as a screenplay. I’d like to work with someone and illustrate each chapter (15-20 pages) one at a time. Ideally I’m looking for a long term partnership. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in manga artwork, specifically Shōnen style - Ability to bring action and dynamic scenes to life through illustrations - Strong understanding of storytelling and character development in manga - Attention to detail and ability to capture emotions and expressions effectively - Experience in creating multiple manga pages/panels and mai...

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    As a Freelance Thai to Traditional Chine...consistency. • Meet agreed-upon deadlines for project completion. • Stay updated with trends and slang in both languages to enhance translation quality. Qualifications • Native or near-native proficiency in Traditional Chinese (TW) and fluency in Thai. • Proven experience in translation, specifically in entertainment, comics, manga, or related fields. • Strong understanding of cultural nuances in both Thailand and Chinese-speaking countries. • Passionate about webtoons, comics, and manga. How to Apply Please send your resume, and samples of your translation work (if available) with the subject of [Thai to Traditional Chinese Freelancer Translator_YOUR NAME] We are looking forward to your application a...

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    17 bida

    One page manga 4 panel in color based on client document

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    I'm seeking a talented cartoonist to create engaging comic strips for my newsletter. Here's what I'm envisioning for this collaboration: - Unique comic strip creations tailored for a newsletter audience - business / office - Flexibility in style, open to classic, modern, or manga influences - I will write the dialogue and create rough draft of panels; need artist to draw characters - Start with monthly cartoon; may move to weekly. Re-use the characters Ideal Candidate Should Demonstrate: - A portfolio showcasing past work in cartoon or comic strip art, ideally business / office environment - Creativity and ability to convey stories or concepts humorously ... mostly through facial expressions - Proficiency in relevant drawing software - Deadline-oriented approach...

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    53 bida

    ...immersive manga portal that features: - Engaging manga chapters for a wide array of genres. - Insightful reviews to help users discover new favorites. - Personalized manga recommendations tailored to user preferences. The platform will focus on providing an outstanding online reading experience with: - High-quality, easily navigable manga reader interface. - Responsive design for desktop and mobile compatibility. Community interaction is key for my platform, requiring: - An integrated comment section for each manga for real-time discussions. - User-friendly comment moderation tools. The ideal freelancer should possess: - Proven experience in web development, especially content-rich platforms. - Expertise in creating responsive and intuitive UX/U...

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    97 bida

    I'm looking for a cartoonist who can convert a little fantasy sci fi story into a comic for me. The initial pay won't be much but I guarantee continuity projects I am in need of a talented Manga/Anime style artist to illustrate a medium length (11-30 pages) fantasy sci-fi comic. My vision is a full-color project, mirroring the vibrant worlds often seen in manga and anime. Key Responsibilities: - Translating my story into a comic format - Crafting vivid, full-color illustrations Ideal Candidate: - Experienced in Manga/Anime style / Comics - An eye for color and detail - Ability to illustrate complex and abstract concepts effectively While initial compensation might not be high, I guarantee continuity in projects, offering a solid professional relation...

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    ...Contest Overview: We are seeking original, creative t-shirt designs that capture the essence of popular culture. Your challenge is to submit a set of three (3) unique designs, each reflecting a different aspect of pop culture. Themes to Consider: Movies (blockbusters, classics, indie films) TV Shows (current hits, nostalgic series) Music (bands, solo artists, music festivals) Video Games Anime and Manga Comic Books and Superheroes Internet and Meme Culture Contest Rules: Each participant must submit at least three designs. Designs should be original and not infringe on any copyrights. Submissions should be high-resolution and suitable for t-shirt printing. Judging Criteria: Creativity and originality Relevance to pop culture themes Visual appeal and design quality Marketabi...

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    I am seeking a talented scriptwriter and video editor familiar with manga and anime, particularly targeting young adults aged between 15-25 years. Your job will entail: - Scripting long manga/anime videos that run for more than 16 minutes. - Video editing that maintains continuity, compelling storytelling, and a fast-paced narrative. The ideal candidate must have a solid understanding of manga/anime content, creative scripting abilities, proficiency in editing tools, and awareness of the preferences of young adults. Proven experience in scriptwriting and video editing in the manga/anime realm is a must. Be ready to bring this demographic's interests and trends into long-form video content.

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    ...looking for a talented illustrator to bring my Shonen manga concept to life with vibrant and action-packed visuals. The artwork will feature dynamic scenes with more than three characters, requiring someone who can capture the intricate detail and energy typical of this genre. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Shonen-style illustration. - Proficiency in creating complex scenes with multiple characters. - Ability to produce both black and white and full-color artwork. - A portfolio showcasing manga illustrations, specifically in the Shonen genre. Ideal Skills: - Previous experience illustrating manga or comic books. - Strong character design abilities. - Excellent grasp of anatomy and movement for dynamic poses. - Familiarity with manga shading techniques a...

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    I am on the lookout for an experienced manga artist passionate about crafting short, engaging manga stories. Specifics: - The manga would be an erotica, adventure, isekai, - Story will be restricted to less than 50 pages - Some main characters are already designed, others require creative input to design them Ideal Candidate: Should have a solid background in drawing adults-oriented manga, possess excellent character design skills and be able to complete work under deadlines. Must also be open to working closely with me on creating the characters and the story. Experience designing and executing Shonen, Shojo, and Seinen is a bonus, but talent and dedication are the key requirements.

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    I'm in need of an efficient and knowledgeable manga script writer to recap short manga series (1-10 chapters) for any genre - action, romance, fantasy, etc. Your main responsibility will be to: * Read the short manga series. * Write recap scripts I'm particularly interested in working with writers who have: * An excellent understanding of manga across several genres. * Experience in writing concise summarised content. * Strong ability to identify and write about key events. Please make sure your proposal clearly showcases your previous manga-related works.

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    Currently, I am in need of a skilled script writer who has a passion for and understanding of manga and its various themes. As the project details suggest, the project involves creating a radio script inspired by manga. Key points about the project include: - The genre of the script is Tecap (please familiarize yourself if not already acquainted!) - Main characters include a strong male protagonist, dynamic female lead, and a group of friends. - The overall theme of the manga series can range from fantasy to sci-fi or slice of life. Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in script writing, particularly in the Tecap genre. - Strong understanding of manga characterization and world-building. - Ability to work creatively within a given theme or sett...

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    Hi! In short, the essence of the task is to edit a video on the recap of manga and manhwa in a english! An example of such a video: The average duration of the video is from 30 minutes to 1+ hour If we work together, I hope for a long-term job! You will need to edit one video in 1-3 days, depending on the length. Editing is simple, even easy, but it takes time. note: It will be ideal if you are interested in the culture of manga and manga, anime. BUT THIS IS NOT NECESSARY!

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    ...a talented manga artist proficient in creating a gripping, action-focused Shonen manga. - Style: The project will involve creating a manga in the traditional Shonen style, which means the artist should have a knack for designing distinctive characters and exciting action sequences. - Genre: The manga will be of the action genre. Therefore, an understanding of how to effectively convey motion, speed and conflict is a must. - Artwork: This manga is intended to be a mix of both color and black and white. The artist should be effective in using color where appropriate to deliver vibrant scenes, and black and white to create dramatic contrasts and maintain the traditional manga appeal. Ideal skills and experience for this job include previous ...

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    ...illustrator with a keen eye for Cyberpunk2077 animation style, Marvel, and Manga illustrations. Infusing the distinctive energy and dynamism of these styles to create artwork is the task at hand. Comic Illustrations - Style: Abstract - Storyline and Characters: The client has a detailed brief - Number of illustrations: 2 Comic Books each book will 16 to 20 pages - Each page will be from 3 to 5 Panels - The comic books will target primary and secondary school Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong artistic abilities in creating abstract illustrations - Experience in illustrating for comic books or graphic novels - Ability to bring the client's detailed brief to life through captivating and visually engaging illustrations -Marvel, Manga, cyberpunk2077 - Creative thin...

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    Hello there! I am looking for a talented animator with the skills to bring my v...long 2D animation comic clip that will capture my story perfectly. If you think you have the technical know-how and creative flare to make this project happen, I would love to hear from you! To better understand what I am looking for, here are 3 questions that I've answered to provide more detail: Question 1: What style of animation am I looking for? Answer: 2D Animation in comic style, like a manga cartoon, but in American style Question 2: Do I have a specific storyline or concept in mind? Answer: Yes Question 3: How long should the animation be? Answer: 4 minutes I'm confident that an expert animator can use this information to come up with something special. I'm excited to see w...

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    Estoy buscando un ilustrador que hable español para crear un cómic personalizado para un regalo, sería de unas 10 páginas, aproximadamente. - Estilo: cómic, a color. - Entregable: PDF digital, formato A4. - Trama: La historia está escrita...los diálogos. - Personajes: Tendrás que diseñar y desarrollar dos personajes principales, tendrás fotografías de apoyo para que se parezcan a las personas reales. Deberás ser capaz de representar de manera eficaz su relación dinámica a lo largo de la trama de aventuras. Idealmente, busco una persona con experiencia previa en el diseño y la ilustración de cómics, a ser posible también en estilo manga. Tus habilidades ...

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    manga pages Tamat left

    ...off against the R.G.B and Rainbow Table as he learns the truth behind his Grandpa’s research. We need art for Manga Pages either Greyscale or Color Covers Concept Art Promotional Art Merchandise (Stickers, Buttons, Posters) Kickstarter art Banners As well as anything else that might come up during the production of the series. We are hoping to produce a 32-page floppy every 3 months and Kickstart it allowing the creation of 2-3, 32-page floppies a year. Job Requirements - Clear communication and consistent updates - Good understanding of drawing fundamentals (anatomy, perspective, composition, etc) - Draw and Create small animals Preferred Skills - A good understanding of the Manga pipeline and aesthetic - Good handle on action scenes with script direction - Good...

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    More details: What features would you like to have on your comic, manga, and e-book store website? Search functionality,User registration and login What type of customization would you like for your comic, manga, and e-book store website? Customizable layout and design,Customizable navigation menu,Customizable product categories What payment options would you like to offer on your comic, manga, and e-book store website? Credit card payments,PayPal,Cryptocurrency payments

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    Title Creating an animated film in a Japanese anime style 5 minutes +1 min intro Description I have a script that I want to turn into a short anime film Japanese manga In the style of this series 5 minute video I am attaching a script for you The figures are almost ready and I will attach them to you I need a source file in addition to animation I would love to receive a quote Attach a script It is important that the video be of a high standard and present A living and real world All rights to the designs and the film belong to me I have PSD files of the characters I have designs of the environment budget $500

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    manga artist Tamat left

    Looking for a manga artist to create a shonen-style manga with a specific story concept in mind. The manga will require 14-18 pages or panels. It does not need to be super complex. Line work with light shading will suffice for this stage of the project. This is going to be long term business if you are a good fit. pay expectations are up to 50$ CAD per page if your work is satisfactory. Looking to produce 4 chapters (14-18 pages in length) followed by a additional 6 chapters to complete the first volume within this calendar year (and early 2025). More work will be available if successful. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Strong illustration skills with a focus on dynamic action scenes and expressive character designs - Proficiency in creating visually engagi...

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    Manga artists Tamat left

    Der Preis für jede einzelne Seite beträgt 35 $. Die ersten 9 Seiten werden erstellt, die Sprechblasen und Graustufendarstellung enthalten und auch die Zeichenarbeit umfassen. Die Lieferzeit beträgt für jede Seite 2 bis 4 Tage, abhängig von der Komplexität des Inhalts. Falls der Kunde es wünscht, können bis zu 2 Korrekturen pro Seite vorgenommen werden.

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    Estoy buscando un editor para videos de anime y manga, NO se trata de resumenes. Son reseñas de series, capitulos o temas interesantes (Teorias, analisis, etcetera) videos enfocados a ser entretenidos y con mayor libertad creativa para hacerlo divertidos, ya que mis videos incluyen memes. Por este motivo los siguientes requisitos son necesarios: -Que conozca-vea animes, para hacer mas ágil todo y no volver tedioso la explicación. (Obligatorio) -Que tenga creatividad, mi formato de video tiene memes y se lo dejo a eleccion del editor cuales poner. -Responsabilidad con los tiempos de entrega; que no me diga que el video estara un dia y lo atrase varios. -Que sepa como funciona el copyright. (Puedo explicarlo) *Los videos tienen una duración entre 10-15 mi...

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    28 bida

    ...jornada, salvo una. Ejemplo: en Costa Brava , excursión de un día a Barcelona (con almuerzo) Zonas: 1. Costa del Sol. Base: Torremolinos 2. Costa Brava: Base: Lloret de Mar 3. Costa de la Luz. Matalascañas (Rias Bajas). Sanxenxo 5. Galicia (Rias Altas). La Coruña, Cedeira. 6. Cantabria. Noja 7. Asturias. Candas, Luanco. 8. Costa Dorada. Salou 9. Costa Blanca. Benidorm 10. Costa Cálida. La Manga 11. Costa de Almería. Roquetas 12. Costa Tropical. Motril Pago por itinerario realizado, primero en word y luego con wordpress en nuestra web. Mínimo 700 palabras con seis fotos. Videos se aprecian. Preferencia a personas con estudios de geografía, historia, turismo. A tener en cuenta horarios de visitas y periodos de cierre de museo...

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    Manga artist Tamat left

    Ich will einen eigenen Manga doch kann nicht so gut zeichnen daher diese Anfrage. Hier ist die Main Handlug des Mangas damit Ihr wisst um was es grob handelt und unten findet Ihr den Anfang der Story für Akt 1 welcher euer Projekt ist. Auch unten findet ihr Bilder zu den Charakteren so wie ich sie mir vorstelle Änderungen dürfen nach Absprache gemacht werden. Bild 1 kaelen Bild 2 zenith Bild 3 eldric **Kurze Zusammenfassung der Story**: "The Arcane Blade: Chronicles of the Overlord" ist eine epische Anime-Geschichte, die in der magischen Welt von Eldoria spielt. Der junge Kaelen Stormrider entdeckt das mächtige Arcane Blade und wird so zum Overlord, der die Zukunft des Landes beeinflussen wird. Zusammen mit seinen Verbündeten begibt er sich ...

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    I am searching for an artist with strong experience in illustrating in Manga style for a comic book cover project. The goal is to bring to life a key event from the story, encapsulating this with a dark and mysterious atmosphere which the audience can resonate with. Key tasks and requirements: - Illustrate in Manga style for a comic book cover design. - Emphasis on capturing the dark and mysterious mood. - Creatively interpret a key event from my comic book story. Ideal skills: - Strong Manga illustrating capacity - Extensive experience in cover design - Superior understanding of mood representation in the manga genre. I look forward to seeing captivating portfolios and working to bring this project to life.

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    2 Manga pages Tamat left

    2 page manga in color each 4 panel

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    ...from a story I am writing. I want to see if the story would translate well into a manga format, so I am specifically looking for an artist with experience in creating cartoon/anime style illustrations. I require 1-5 illustrations for this project, capturing specific scenes and characters that I have in mind. It is important for the artist to bring these characters to life and accurately depict the scenes as I envision them. This is a test to see if it would translate into a manga like format. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in creating cartoon/anime style illustrations - Ability to accurately depict characters and scenes from written descriptions - Strong understanding of manga storytelling techniques I am open to discussing f...

    $30 - $250
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    $30 - $250
    22 bida

    Comic Illustrations - Style: Abstract - Storyline and Characters: The client has a detailed brief - Number of illustrations: 2 Comic Books each book will 14 to 16 pages ...Storyline and Characters: The client has a detailed brief - Number of illustrations: 2 Comic Books each book will 14 to 16 pages Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong artistic abilities in creating abstract illustrations - Experience in illustrating for comic books or graphic novels - Ability to bring the client's detailed brief to life through captivating and visually engaging illustrations -Marvel, Manga, cyberpunk2077 - Creative thinking and ability to suggest unique and innovative ideas for the storyline and characters - Attention to detail to ensure consistency and coherence throughout the illustrati...

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    I'm in need of a talented illustrator capable of delivering a blend of illustration styles - Realistic, Cartoon, Manga, and specifically in the vein of Marvel and My Hero Academia. Key skills and experiences I'll be looking for in a freelancer include: The project is education comic books for primary and secondary school - Proficiency in comic illustration - Ability to adapt to a variety of styles, particularly Realistic, Cartoon, Marvel, Cyberpunk2077 and Manga - Comic Character design and creation - Strong portfolio showcasing the mentioned styles - Experience with creating illustrations in color The project consists of creating more than 20 illustrations, all to be executed in vibrant colors. Kindly submit your bids apportioned for the scope of work and provi...

    $2051 (Avg Bid)
    $2051 Avg Bida
    99 bida

    I am looking for a Japanese serial artist who specializes in Manga artwork. The preferred medium for the artwork is digital. I will need approximately 6-10 illustrations for my project. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Manga art style - Strong digital illustration skills - Understanding of Japanese culture and aesthetics - Ability to create dynamic and expressive characters - Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines

    $108 (Avg Bid)
    $108 Avg Bida
    69 bida

    I am looking for a talented designer who can create a fun logo with a Seinen manga design. Here are the details of the project: Style: Seinen manga design - The logo should have a mature and sophisticated aesthetic, reflecting the Seinen style. Color Scheme: Specific color scheme - I have a specific color scheme in mind that I would like the designer to stick to. Elements: Specific Object - The logo should incorporate a specific object as the main focus, adding depth and creativity to the design. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in manga design, particularly in the Seinen style. - Strong understanding of color theory and the ability to work with specific color schemes. - Experience in logo design, with the ability to incorporate elements seamlessly into the des...

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $15 / hr Avg Bida
    67 bida

    I have my own character created already. I would like him redrawn in manga style illustration. I want the PSD file + every layer seperated in the drawing. I will want 2 versions. 1 with no background, and then one with a background Head, hair, eyes, eyebrows, clothing, arms, hands, legs, feet, accessories ECT. Will show you a sample if you message me. Need it in 24 hours

    $28 (Avg Bid)
    $28 Avg Bida
    104 bida

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