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    Kami mencari developer dengan skill sbb: - Menguasai Apache SOLR dan plugin management - Menguasai MariaDB dan MySql - Menguasai program PHP, HTML dan Ajax

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    $487 - $975
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    I'm experiencing multiple performance issues with my WordPress site hosted on a Virtual Private Server (VPS), which has plenty of resources (8 vCPU / 12GB of RAM, SSD). The problems include: - Consistently slow loadi...any recent changes to the site, such as installing new plugins or updating the theme, which could have caused these issues. I need a skilled professional who can dig into these issues and improve the overall performance of my site. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Extensive experience with WordPress - Proficiency in optimizing site performance - Knowledge of Apache and MySQL/Mariadb - Experience working with Virtual Private Servers - Ability to diagnose and resolve database connection errors - Understanding of server CPU usage and its impac...

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    necesito un Software punto de venta con estas caracteristicas Especificaciones • Software de escritorio • Base de datos mariadb • Control de Licencias de manera remota con servidor • Demo de presentación • Grabado de videos de su desarrollo paso a paso Menú principal • En forma de pestañas • iconos en cuadricula con entorno agradable con iconos y animaciones DATOS DE PRODUCTOS 1. Código de barras 2. Código de proveedor 3. Foto 4. Estatus 5. Descripción/nombre 6. Iva tasa 7. Precio de compra 8. Cuatro precios variables de venta 9. Tipo de producto: articulo, kit, servicio, membresia 10. Categoría 11. Marca 12. Proveedor 13. Elaboración y vencimiento LISTADO DE CRÉDITOS 1. Ver cré...

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    About Plesk hosting upgrading the database from MariaDB 10.1 to 10.3 i would like to upgrade the database from MariaDB 10.1 to 10.3 for my hosting however, my hosting have a lot of client website in it, just would like to know if this upgrade will not affect the existing database thanks

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    I'm seeking a skilled system administrator to replace my current MariaDB with MySQL 8.0 on a CentOS server. The ideal candidate will be able to: - Completely remove MariaDB ensuring no data loss - Install and configure MySQL 8.0, adhering to: * Default configuration * Custom storage engine Security is a key concern. Remote access to the MySQL installation must be restricted. This is crucial to maintain the integrity and security of the server and its data.

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    I'm looking for an expert in Linux administration who is specialized in server setup. My project requires: - Setting up a LAMP on a Ubuntu server with MariaDB. - Configuring the server to respond to a specific domain name, empty folder mapping. - FTP and account mapping to the webserver's folder. Necessary skills: Ubuntu, LAMP setup (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), FTP setup. Experience in managing and setting up servers is a must. This are a very easy setup so maximum 2 hours. Please add the word "Light" in your quote so I now you are not a bot...

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    I am currently experiencing failure in MariaDB replication and need an expert to troubleshoot and resolve this issue. Despite attempting to restart the server, the problem persists. Key Considerations: - The issue at hand is specifically in the realm of failed replication. - I have engaged with server restart as a potential solution but without success. Your Expertise: - Proficient in MariaDB 10.3 (The version I am currently using) - In-depth knowledge of MariaDB replication and diagnosing replication failures. - Ability to review server logs and configuration files for error detection and solution implementation. Though not mandatory, previous experience in addressing similar issues will be highly valued. You would be expected to diagnose the problem and sugges...

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    webrtc proxy Tamat left

    Preciso de um WebRTC Proxy para conectar nossos antigos sistemas asterisk em webphones. Ele tem que suportar conexões ipv4 e ipv6. Ou seja, precisamos de um Proxy que faça a conexão dos clientes WebRTC tanto ipv4 quanto IPv6 e entregue as chamadas na rede local. Precisamos de pessoas com experiência em kamailio, opensips, rtpengine, asterisk, freeswitch, MariaDB.

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    ...osoba! Co pro tebe máme: Navrhování, vývoj a údržba v PHP a Node.js. Tvorba robustních softwarových řešení. Spolupráce s týmem na implementaci nových funkcí. Mentoring a koučink junior vývojářů. Revize kódu a poskytování konstruktivní zpětné vazby. Držení kroku s nejnovějšími trendy ve vývoji a softwarové architektuře. Agilní projektový management pro úspěšné dodání funkcí. Používání Doctrine, MariaDB, MySQL a PostgreSQL pro správu a optimalizaci databází. Znalosti dalších frameworků a ná...

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    I want to set up the following: 1) Wireguard server on a webserver (Hetzner) 2) Wireguard client on an OpenWRT router What is the usecase? The OpenWRT router is connected to the internet (at different customers) via WAN cable connection and is connected via LAN to multiple printer (pos printers port 9100). The web application can print things on the clients printers. What ma...internet). Customers are only using our system single days (they log into our homepage and receipts get printed at their location). Possibility of dynamic IP at the customer, NATed connection, different ISP, no port forwarding etc. Are further jobs possible? Yes, if the prototype is working I want to scale it with multiple clients. Forthermore, I may need a programmer for the webservice (Kotlin, MariaDB and...

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    Integrated Al-Quran Education System Development Brief: Create a digital platform for Al-Quran education that features student progress tracking and transparent reporting. The system will utilize PHP Laravel, Flutter or .NET Core, with MySQL/MariaDB on a Linux server. Key Features: User registration for different roles: Admins, Teachers, Guardians, and Students. Payment options both online and offline. Attendance and performance monitoring tools. Video tutorials for Quranic concepts. Requirements: Experience in educational technology. Quick turnaround and budget adherence. Deliverables: Complete web application. User guide and maintenance support. Proposal Needs: Approach, timeline, and cost.

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    ...than 500 concurrent visitors. The primary focus of this project will be optimizing the server's Plesk settings, Postgres and MariaDB databases, and PHP 8.2 configuration. Key tasks will include, but are not limited to: - Configuring Plesk for optimal performance, including adjusting server pool size - Identifying and implementing improvements to Postgres and MariaDB settings to reduce slowdowns - Tuning PHP 8.2 to enhance website speed and performance Ideal candidates for this project will have: - Proven experience in optimizing dedicated servers, particularly with Plesk and Almalinux - A solid understanding of database optimization, including Postgres and MariaDB - Expertise in PHP configuration and optimization - Excellent problem-solving skills and the ...

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    ...recently a new checkout, mobile optimisation and SEO (2022). System Overview Our current developers have answered the below questions (their responses are in Yellow) 1. What are the current versions of software being used? OpenCart, PHP, MySQL etc in the various systems used?  Opencart V1.52 PHP Version 5.6.40 (any other newer version won’t be supported by the platform) MySQL - 10.4.28-MariaDB Laravel V5 … custom interface Active cron jobs running   2. What is the server spec & software versions? RAM, CPU, disk space etc. Full Software list here:  https://xxxxxxxxx/ We run a dedicated machine and resources can be allocated on demand… as minimal requirements: 4Gb RAM, OctaCore 3.2Gb CPU, 100Gb space (bkp included)   3. Any API...

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    I need a comprehensive web application that can handle various data-related tasks, from generating PDFs to processing scannable sheets, creating data visualizations, and interactive reports. The ideal candidate for this job should have experience with PHP, MYSQL/MariaDB, and an understanding of data processing and visualization. Key features and requirements: - PDF Generation: The application should be able to take XLSX files, and based on the uploaded data, generate PDFs. - Scannable Sheets: The system must be able to process bulk uploads of scannable sheets, interpret the data (including pencil bubbles), and translate it into tables. - Error Reporting: I need the system to either prompt users to fix any errors or flag errors for later attention, ensuring data integrity. - Data Vi...

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    101 bida

    ...the cloud server. 3. **Authentication System**: Develop an authentication mechanism using OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect with a robust identity provider like Keycloak or ORY Hydra. 4. **User Interface**: Design and develop a responsive web application and optionally a mobile app using technologies such as React, Angular, React Native, or Flutter. 5. **Database Integration**: Utilize PostgreSQL or MariaDB for user management and session handling. 6. **SSL/TLS Encryption**: Ensure all communications are secured using SSL/TLS protocols. Requirements: - Proven experience in network programming, cloud-based infrastructure, and web development. - Strong knowledge of security practices related to web communications and data encryption. - Ability to work with open-source tools and in...

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    108 bida

    ...desarrollador Full Stack con experiencia en Node.js y bases de datos relacionales (MySQL, MariaDB o PostgreSQL) para desarrollar un sitio web que permita la gestión de clientes y las facturación periódica de los principales productos. La plataforma debe incluir las siguientes vistas: - Información del usuario y sus cuentas bancarias - Cartera de clientes con la información básica de cada uno de ellos - Generación de facturas (en pdf) seleccionando los clientes disponibles y los productos asociados a dichos clientes - Listado de las facturas emitidas Se entrega el mockup de la web y un primer diseño de la base de datos. Para más detalles ver Anexos - Mockup. TECNOLOGÍA EMPLEADA: - Node.js - MySQL, MariaDB...

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    67 bida

    We're looking for somebody who will be able to migrate the following web apps from one server (Linode) to another (Hostinger VPS) on behalf of our charity: - Planka - EspoCRM - BookStack Some of these apps on our current server are dockized, some are based on Apache/MySQL (MariaDB). These servers all run on a version of Debian/Ubuntu. During the migration the domain will need to remain the same on the new server which runs a version of EasyPanel. Our budget is tight, at around £30. However, our timeframe is very flexible.

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    I am looking for a skilled and experienced virtual server administrator to manage my Microsoft Azure virtual server based on Ubuntu. Key tasks will inclu...experienced virtual server administrator to manage my Microsoft Azure virtual server based on Ubuntu. Key tasks will include: - Software installation and updates - Security and access control - Regular backups - SQL Server and MariaDB management - Websites configuration and administration - Domains configuration and administration I would like software updates to be performed as needed. The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience with Microsoft Azure - Strong grasp of security and access control best practices - Proficiency in SQL Server and MariaDB management - Prior experience in website configuration a...

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    41 bida

    I'm in need of an experienced Ukrainian-speaking freelancer, thoroughly well-versed in Git, GitHub, PHP 7+ (preferably Laravel 9+), SQL - with ample experience in MySQL, MariaDB. A solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and JS and familiarity with known frameworks like Vue, Svetle etc. is a must. And other related stuff such as package managers (composer, npm), cli tools (ssh, rsync) etc. Common external API's like Google maps, Stripe, PayPal etc. No time limit is imposed for the project's completion, hence, a focus on quality and attention to detail will be greatly appreciated. I pay per task and looking for a constant collaboration. The perfect candidate is proficient in both front-end and back-end development, with stellar problem-solving skills. The website is alr...

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    115 bida

    ...Virtual Private Server (VPS) running Ubuntu and the development of a simple RESTful API using Node.js for a back-office web application. --- VPS Setup and Configuration --- - Install and configure Ubuntu on a VPS, ensuring optimal performance. - Remove unnecessary services that are not needed - Configure a robust firewall --- Database and Server-side Environment Setup --- - Install and configure MariaDB - Install Node.js and any necessary environment dependencies for development. --- API Development --- - Develop a RESTful API using (or a similar library/framework) to handle user authentication. The authentication system should support email and password verification. - Implement CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) endpoints for managing a single database table. ------ IMPO...

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    29 bida

    Server - Ubuntu 22 Requires - Nginx - PHP 8.1 - MariaDB - phpmyadmin - install The server will run WordPress does not require SSL

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    58 bida

    I am in need of a MySQL/MariaDB professional who can efficiently optimize my current database setup for larger queries. As the main area needing improvement is speed, the successful candidate will be those who can increase efficiency with minimal disruption. Key responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: * Enhancing database structure; this may include revisions in indexing or query optimization techniques. * Utilizing past experience and success stories in database speed optimization to further benefit this project. In your application, please include examples of past work where speed was dramatically improved through your interventions. This task demands significant MySQL/MariaDB experience, with a strong focus on developing and implementing strategies that o...

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    25 bida, we need an experienced developer well-versed in integrating new payment methods, enhancing user interfaces, and optimizing large data set queries. We plan to execute this project in phases. At present we see 3 phases we have listed as key responsibilities below. Our first priority is the optimization of large data sets, because in our production environment with 4,000+ invoices in a MariaDB configuration, loading can take almost an hour when loading a full list. This is impacting productivity. Our office uses Clover as our payment processor. Integration with the Clover API's would be a plus. Eventually we would like for customers to be able to have their own login to be able to see their invoice and payment history. As well as make a payment. Key Responsi...

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    286 bida

    A potentially major issue has occurred hindering my connection to the MariaDB database, placing my project in complete disarray. The exact origin of this corruption remains unknown and troubleshooting independently has yielded no results. Below, I detail my issues and expectations from an expert freelancer: - I am currently facing an inexplicable inability to connect to the database. - Recent alteration has been made to my network settings which could potentially be culprits in causing this entire ordeal. - The challenge up for grabs is to reveal the mysterious roots of this corruption, and thereafter, embark on fixing it. An ideal candidate would have: - Proven experience in MariaDB and its workings. - Proficiency in troubleshooting unexpected issues and errors. - A de...

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    57 bida

    As I'm currently experiencing some challenges with my MariaDB system, I urgently need an expert to handle troubleshooting related to connection errors and data integrity issues. Along with this, I require assistance for data recovery. Key responsibilities: - Identify and troubleshoot connection errors - Address data integrity issues - Recover corrupted or lost data The perfect candidate will have: - Extensive experience in MariaDB - Proven ability to troubleshoot and fix connection errors - Skills in handling database corruption and ensuring data integrity - Proven track record in data recovery As this project requires immediate attention, I would appreciate if interested freelancers can indicate their earliest availability.

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    I'm currently experiencing an issue with my MariaDB. There seems to be a persistent error in establishing a database connection. This issue is accompanied by a specific error message that clearly indicates the problem. • Ideal Skills: A freelancer with expertise in MariaDB and database connection troubleshooting is required for this project. • Tasks: The selected candidate will need to address and solve the database connection issue in my corrupted MariaDB, ensuring a smooth and efficient database operation moving forward. Your ability to understand and interpret error messages will be crucial in fixing this issue. A successful project ends with a properly functioning database environment. Error: Process: 1437 ExecStart=/usr/sbin/mariadbd $MYSQLD_...

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    Hi, we have our server down due to an error on the DB. DB query failed: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused MariaDB is offline. We are using Plesk. We are requesting restoration and maximum attention to the DB. Please note that we do not "open" Milestone. Payment is only made upon perfect resolution.

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    12 bida

    I've got a web application with user authentication, data input forms, and search functionality that is already developed and running on PHP 8.2. However, I need a masterful PHP / MariaDB developer who can help to get it running impeccably in PHPStorm along with remote SSH development on a Raspberry Pi device, all without any database errors. The job calls for someone well skilled in: - In-depth knowledge and experience with PHP and MariaDB - Being familiar with PHPStorm and Raspberry Pi - Solving Database issues (how do we determine what tables to create?) I have access to a running system and we can grab any DB data we need. I don't need a full database migrated, just a working PHP web application that doesn't report all these errors. This is not a lon...

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    19 bida

    As a user of MariaDB, I constantly encounter data corruption every time I perform data insertion operations. This is frustrating as it obstructs my work and disrupts my productivity. - Problem: The main issue here is frequent data corruption when performing data insertion tasks. It is critical that we pinpoint the root cause and apply an effective, long-term solution. - Desired Experience: Ideally, I am looking for a specialist familiar with MariaDB and database corruption issues. The specialist should have a deep understanding of database operations, especially data insertion. - Objective: The goal is to successfully solve the persistent bug causing data corruption, ensuring smooth and efficient data insertion in MariaDB moving forward. If you have the necessa...

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    6 bida

    I'm gearing up to secure comprehensive security-related certifications for my AWS infrastructure, with a specific focus on CSA, ISO27001, and SOC2. Objectives: - Data protection - Robust access control - Develop a project-specific Statement of Work (SOW) EC2 Content - Webserver: - Apache2, php8. phpmailer JavaScript - Database: - local mariadb or Planetscale - port open:- 22, 80 & 443. SSH, closed to public, will be using AWS generate pem whensetup There will be 6-10 pages, for events simple PHP/JScript registration pages and management portal pages which will be written by my in-house team. I would like to use outside to setup AWS Security, and there will 3rd party aduit. My client is a Hong Kong Govt found company, they will need to follow HK Govt IT standard guild ...

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    45 bida

    I need a skilled MariaDB, PHP, and HTML development expert to create a functionality that automates the deletion of lines in my MariaDB based on the age of data. This is an effort to efficiently free up storage space on our server. Key Requirements: - Deletion of data should be based on creation date. - A user-friendly PHP/HTML interface should be provided to enable turning on and off of this auto-deletion feature. - The interface should also allow for the adjustment of the variable that sets the age of line deletions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in MariaDB and Alma Linux. - Experience in PHP and HTML for user interface development. - Experience in automating database tasks and managing storage space. With your set of skills, I'm looking forwa...

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    58 bida

    ...Linux environment? If not a Linux environment, are comfortable managing a Linux network? 1.3 -If NO, what network admin experience qualifies you to manage networks involved with an e-commerce website? 1.4 Did you manage networks supporting a high number of users? How many? Did the networks you manage involve network management for database servers? 2. Do you have any DBA experience with MySQL or MariaDB?...

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    18 bida

    I’m seeking an experienced database developer to build two MariaDB/MySQL nodes using Galera, aiming to ensure high availability of our transactional data. Your responsibility will be centered on constructing these clusters to maintain constant uptime and assuring that they serve as a dependable solution for our growing needs. Primary Tasks: - Creation and configuration of two MariaDB/MySQL nodes using Galera. - Migration of transactional data from an existing MariaDB/MySQL database to these new nodes. Ideal Skills: - Significant experience with MariaDB/MySQL and Galera cluster. - Proficient in database migration processes. - Strong knowledge in high availability solutions. Your expertise will play a vital role in guaranteeing our data processing doe...

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    11 bida

    I need a tech-savvy individual to set up my Control Web Panel (CWP) on my Virtual Private Server (VPS). Since my VPS is running on Linux, having a strong background in this operating system is essential. Please be prepared to...VPS is running on Linux, having a strong background in this operating system is essential. Please be prepared to provide: - Basic Security setup on CWP. Prior experience with Linux security protocols is a bonus. - Installation and configuration of specific services including: - Web Server (Apache, Nginx, LiteSpeed) - Mail Server (Postfix, Dovecot, RoundCube) - Database Server (MySQL, MariaDB) Deep knowledge and proven experience with these servers and databases are required for this project. Appreciate your interest and look forward for your ...

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    12 bida on installation of software that you have experience installing. The applications to be installed are: - Axelor - Formio - ProcessMaker Key Requirements and Tasks: - The most recent version available on GitHub should be installed. - Install on my Ubuntu 22.04 server (already installed). - Install in a subdomain running under Apache HTTP Server (already installed). - Install using LOCALHOST MariaDB database server (already installed). - Installation must not conflict with Virtualmin configurations. Note that virtual servers and databases are managed by Virtualmin. Installs must not interfere with Virtualmin's management capabilities or configuration functions. - Installation must not conflict with other applications installed on the server - including the applications t...

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    4 bida

    I will migrate from the existing server to a new server on Hetzner, where I will also configure the new server to ensure it is highly optimised for the best performance possible, keeping in mind the necessity for it to be always available during peak hours and special events. I will be using the latest versions of Nginx, MariaDB, PHP 8.2, and Docker, and this setup will be managed through Plesk. Additionally, I will arrange for the configuration of an extra NVMe SSD to be mounted at the location where the temporary pkz files are stored, to prevent the main drive from becoming overwhelmed. I will also organise and configure Plesk to run daily backups of the server, which will be stored on Storage Boxes provided by Hetzner. Finally, I will document the disaster recovery plan P.S ...

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    1 bida

    ...players - generating of printable match reports, with infos about teams, players, referee, date, time, venue - booking systems for existing venues - posibility to add/manage advertisings on the FRONT-END For the mobile app, extra option - to have Live score/posibility to add in real-time goals, scorers, cards, with automatic update of the database. For the database the only accepted SGBD is MySQL/MariaDB The website is preffered to be PHP. Regardless of the technology used, it must be also mobile friendly. Mobile app should be available for Android and iOS. The entire code will be in the ownership of the customer, and is mandatory to be properly documented. Apart from the project price, it must be specified a price for after sale support (monthly/yearly), in case of request. An...

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    123 bida

    To be written in PHP/HTML/JS/CSS + MySQL/MariaDB Admin functions: (through desktop and tablet) Login View all "work logs" View, Add, Edit, Delete Employees View, Add, Edit, Delete Clients Must be able to reset an employee password. Employee Access: (through tablet) Login View (own only) past work logs. Add a work item (log job button in mockups) A "work item" is a database entry that logs an employees work for that day. It should have at minimum the following information: Employee id, client id, work location (text input), hours logged, description (text), and customer signature. The signature should be stored as both a blob and png. An email should be sent to the admin (hardcode email address is OK) via SMTP when a new "work log" is created by an ...

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    128 bida

    I'm in search of a seasoned Laravel/Vue Developer for a custom application project. This project requires both full time and part-time developers, and specifically those with a minimum of three years experience. Key Responsibilities and Experience: - Expertise in Laravel, Vue3, MySql, MariaDB, Linux - Capability to implement user authentication - Experience with payment gateway integration - Ability to implement real-time chat functionality - Proficiency in working with MariaDB The developers should be able to leverage these skills and others necessary to create a custom application. Only individuals with proven track records in meeting these specifications should apply. I look forward to seeing your proposals and discussing the project further. Please provide your qu...

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    69 bida

    ...knowledge of FusionPBX, FreeSWITCH, and database management using MariaDB. Key Project Tasks: Customer Management: Create and update customer records, including status management (Active/Inactive). DID Management: Insert, update, delete, and route DIDs within the system. Call Feature Configuration: Enable/disable call recording for specific numbers, and set/modify caller IDs. CDR Synchronization: Develop a mechanism to synchronize Call Detail Records (CDR) from FreeSWITCH to a SQL-based application. API Security: Implement robust authentication and authorization for the API to ensure secure access. Requirements: Expertise in ASP.NET for API development, with a strong background in RESTful API principles. Experience with MariaDB, including schema design, and proficient in ...

    $15 - $30 / hr
    $15 - $30 / hr
    6 bida

    'DB query failed: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory'. Mariadb stopped - I need someone who knows about mariadb and plesk

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    21 bida

    I am looking for a seasoned MySQL admin to setup a Master-Slave replication on my database...sensitivity of data, I need person who can setup Master-slave in front of me using Key Responsibilities: - Setting up Master-Slave replication on my database, therefore, direct experience with this specific setup is required. - Attend to any subsequent adjustment and debugging that might be needed after setup. Qualifications: - Deep understanding of the MySQL as my system is operating on MariaDB/MySQL - Extensive knowledge and experience in setting up Master-Slave replication - Proven experience in MySQL administration, particularly in replication setups Whilst there's no strict time limit for project completion, I expect regular updates and steady progress towards project complet...

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    45 bida

    Hello! I'm looking for someone to redesign one of our websites. Design, graphics design and function changes are all needed. I'm looking more for a long time relationship with the developer / agency because there are other tasks and websites are in the pipeline, so a month or week based quote would be nice. Used frameworks, languages and software: Backend: PHP 7.4.33, Laravel 8, MariaDB Frontend: HTML, CSS, Javascript-JQuery Server: Debian 11 Website: What I would like to change on the website: The whole website should be usable both from desktop computer and mobile phone. Home page: - some of the text needs to be changed for sure, but I can do that on my own - the design should be changed, especially the mobile version, right now there is no incentive for a visitor

    $509 (Avg Bid)
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    120 bida

    I am looking to have FreeSwitch installed, configured with MariaDB, and integrated with FusionPBX for GUI access on a Debian Linux operating system. Key Requirements: * Install the latest version of FreeSwitch latest version. * Configure FreeSwitch with MariaDB for smooth operation * Setup FusionPBX to allow GUI access to FreeSwitch Integration part we can do later, Ideal Candidate: * Extensive experience with FreeSwitch and FusionPBX * Strong knowledge of Linux operating systems * Knowledge and experience in working with MariaDB and PostgreSQL * Forward-thinking approach, with the ability to suggest and implement beneficial features.

    $40 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    4 bida

    ...experienced full-stack developer with minimum 5 years experience As an applicant you are working as a freelancer (part- or full-time ) in a PoC-project for a multi vendor marketplace patform. The project has a duration of 2 months with an overall estimation of 20 days of service and will start asap. Hard skills • Excellent experience with the OpenCart platform, included - DB Management (MySQL, MariaDB) - Deep knowledge in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, XML, JSON - Installing and configuring OpenCart extensions, expecially o Webkul extensions related to OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace o DigitalAtelier Journal 3 Theme o Odoo (ERP) integration o Keycloak IdP (miniOrange) integration - Developing OpenCart extensions following requirement specifications • Good experience with mode...

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    20 bida

    Se solicita crear una funcionalidad en Node.js la cual permita crear una conexión a una base de datos MariaDB sobre un tunel ssh, la cual al recibir una consulta, regresará el resultado en una cadena JSON

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Necesito alojar en un VPS una api en node.js para conectar con un servidor remoto con MariaDB y hacer consultas a las tablas. La base de datos se ejecuta en una subred privada de la red en la nube (VPC), lo que la hace privada es que no acepta conexiones de Internet, solo desde misma red (VPC). Por eso es que tengo una instancia para hacer el túnel SSH, de esta forma la conexión ingresa primero a una subred de la VPC, y desde ahí puede llegar a la base de datos. El servidor requiere credenciales y una Public Key para el tunel SSH

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