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    Hello, I currently have an app that works well but I stop showing directions as I write I currently have the error:  [log masuk untuk melihat URL]: Unexpected response code 429 for [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 2019-09-03 19: 23: 45.665 1876-7189 /? E / AsyncOperation: serviceID = 65, operation = GetAutoPredictions     OperationException [Status {statusCode = PLACES_API_...

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    We have an existing monolith PHP application that we would like to package into Docker container(s) and have those containers made easily deployable into multiple different environments. The application itself has some well-defined system requirements, and we have an Ansible playbook that could be used as a guide to configure the containers. We have in fact attempted this ourselves with some succ...

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    Hello, I have created a website for a client. I need the website to show up on search engines. I think google changed something as it is not appearing. I can provide all the keywords needed i just need someone to submit the information to the major Search engines. thank you

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    i have a website that needs optimizing for Google searches e.g Keyword optimization - Google previews - Google algorithm updates - readability check etc

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    I need to build a tool in python which will scan all the files in a directory and look for a keyword inputted by user. files can be word of pdf. there can be multiple files in a directory. Output should be a log file where there is a list of keywords found in the file with the location of the file, page number in the file where keyword was found and line number where the keyword was found. The too...

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    Hello re-create an onlne based music search engine into Win Software, example given.. https://www.a p l [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    We are in the process of selecting a firm to enhance our SEO capabilities driving potential prospects to our websites to capture names of businesses interested in our business intelligence and analytics applications. Our prospective clients are very specific and our website is relatively new. There is also interest in managing Google and Microsoft Ad Campaigns.

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    Want a small site where people sign up and search for partners online, thought the search options. each profile will be displayed one by one, and can be filtered by search option.

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    Looking to add positive search results about a person's name on Google first page only, the keyword competition is very low and easy, so if ur confident u can add google search results to first page then please bid, if not then please pass THIS IS NOT WEBSITE SEO! - it is a person's name branding WE NEED FIRST PAGE RESULTS ABOUT HIM, can be REDDIT POSTS OR QUORA OR WHATEVER POSTS THAT C...

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    Looking for a professional to create videos on elastic search/kibana. The videos should be created on different topics and subtopics, for each module. The targeted length of each video should be around 8-12 minutes. Please only apply if you're up for the challenge of recording videos of your technical skills. If you have already had a recorded video link please attach during your response R...

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    Hi there! I am looking to get done a quick fix in my wordpress theme, the page search results is not displaying the product price. Best bid and time frame will be answered

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    I am looking for a person who can look after our solr search for two websites which are made on php. We have many indian & international api's linked to both the websites.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C or C++.

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    I have search filter and a pagination but I can't get them to work together. When I run a search it only searches the cuurent page, I need it to search all pages and return result. If the search result item count is over the per_page then the remaining items should be on the next page. Also I am having issues with pagination, I need it numbered but so far I can only get it to add 1 or subt...

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    I am looking for a search engine that is mine with my own domain name feeding from google or dmoz, but also seek PPC as part of it. So there will be paid listings and unpaid listings. Paid listing will be in higher position or different show they show differently, This will need to involve admin panel for use and admin - where user can post and pay for premium listings for certain amount of time, ...

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    I need some changes to an existing website. I need you to build my online store. need to make search option by brand, size of tshirts and [log masuk untuk melihat URL] the left side of the webpage. also need to edit the contact us page as email need to send to us dedicated email address. and social log in button in the registration page. the website is on WordPress and have a dedicated flatsome t...

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    I am not a technical person. I am looking for a professional developer to conduct a research and determine the possibility to build a meta search engine which collects data from selected websites (around 8 websites) and present it to a third party. Selected websites will be provided to the selected candidate. Candidate should also be able to provide technical recommendation, specs and estimated ...

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    Data search over the internet using searching engines

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    On the site [log masuk untuk melihat URL], you need to configure the Search & Filter and ACF plug-ins (compatible, work in conjunction) so that the selected pages (with the checkbox option) on a particular page of the site are filtered as on a demo: https: // demo. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] a list of criteria will be provided.

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    Hi! I'm Eran, the tech lead for [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - our firm provides a software solution that helps pharma corporations to navigate FDA site inspections, site quality control, and FDA notice letters. We would like to map out the data our competitors are addressing. This freelance project will help establish part of the initial data. We have broken down this project into 2 miles...

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    Experience in creating Curl to access DB and use functionality over on third party website.

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    Im an employee of benitec BIOPHARMA . I need to settle a search box for online purchasing integrated with the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] api/xml database. Im part of the Affiliate Program of Purchasing .com, so basically I wish my customer could search availability only with the company i work with, and find that availability in [log masuk untuk melihat URL] under my ID tracking.

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    Hi, I am looking for someone with experience to help me work out why a large number of my pages on an ecommerce website are not indexed and are showing up under the "Crawled - currently not indexed" category. They are primarily product pages but also some category pages. I currently have about 5500 pages which are valid and indexed and about 3900 pages which are showing up on "Cra...

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    I recently bought a WordPress job portal theme. I want to create a custom php page and styling of the job search results to look like that of LinkedIn job search results page. The page should be responsive and it should be implemented on the live website. Most of the features required for the php page are already there.

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    Looking for an SEO service for my website.

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    This is a Teamviewer or Anydesk only project. I have two sites set up that need to be looked at and some adjustments made. And I want some suggestions on how to make it better.

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    This is a very long term project. I don't mind buying an already built website from Theme Forest or something like that. I need someone with expertise that can create a website, graphic designer and programmer. You need to be creative and most importantly you need to have common sense. It's a website where people need to sign up, log in either using facebook or other means and do searc...

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    Hi freelancer, I need help fixing 3 coverage errors on google search consoles. I have started the validation but nothing seems to be happening. I need help with Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’ - 1 Url Submitted URL seems to be a Soft 404 - 2 Urls

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    I want to add search view in my project, where it search the data from MS SQL database. Please see the screenshot. The data in the screenshot is the data retrieved from MS SQL database. I want to add search view in that. Also (*can exclude this) to display the total number of data available (display count).

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    Looking to have a routine which can capture contact details such as email and telephone for people searching for a specific product.

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    I need a python code that: 1. Inputs a couple of keywords 2. Searches them together on google 3. Provides a level of confidence as a result For example: Input: Apple, CEO, Tim Cook Result: confidence: 95% Example 2: Input: Peach, mountain, burger Result: confidence: 43%

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    I need some graphic design.

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    we need someone to look into errors such as:: Either "offers", "review", or "aggregateRating" should be specified on our (Shopify) website as specified by google's Search console

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    We need somebody with knowledegments in aspnet core, sql server, azure...

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    MarketPlace website where Seller (Adv their products) and buyer(Search and interest in the product) can deal .. same of ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) by using (Laravel and JS)

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    I want to create google search campaigns , Im new this way of marketing , I need to generate leads from google search, I can create what ever landing pages you recommend, I work with Saudi arabia , United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar, I promote forex and crypto Ads , like how to make money from trading , And i cant compete with this big sharks in this sea , i need a solution can you h...

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    I recently bought a WordPress job portal theme. I want to modify the front-end of the search results page

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    Hi I need a well experienced website developer in Shopify Liquid Code Themes { Venture Theme }, enable to add the needed coding involved with Google being able to properly and easily index the website.

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    1. Using Python 3 and Selenium, open a google search page. Enter the search string in the search bar. It will be a combination of two separate terms, both of which should be placed in the search bar in the following manner “searchterm1” + “search term2” It is absolutely essential that both the search terms are placed separately in inverted commas and a plus sign is placed b...

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    • I have a search page that I want to show related section. • I need a related search container primarily using a free source that's legal so I don't get blocked or anything. • The concept is like (Yahoo or Google) with an output in simple html or JavaScript if possible so I can just add in the code to my search results page

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    For a research project in entrepreneurship, there is a need to gather a small amount of business information from public databases. The information is thus freely available and the job relatively easy. The minimum requested amount of businesses are 500. For more information, please make direct contact. The job is open to someone who is quick around the web.

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    We are looking for a skilled Elasticsearch freelancer to help us improve search accuracy and performance of our B2B E-Commerce website. Invenotry data from a DB2 database is synced to Elasticsearch using a Python script. Technology Stack: Frontend: React.JS Backend: Java, Spring Framework Search Engine: Elasticsearch (data synced from DB2 via Python script) Database: DB2, MySQL

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    We have an excel list of companies we need you to go to their website, click on the careers section and find the recruiting contacts name and email. There are 600 firms and we need you to do so for each firm.

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    this is inverted index it has to follow all directions and instructions

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    I search worker who can create script and data to easly create data to export on online tool to create vids like this [log masuk untuk melihat URL] i need regular videos like this , and or someone which can create this quickly or create an sxript that i can easly export data

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    App Basic: (Consider a Shazam for Fashion Items especially Dresses using Cameras) The App should be able to capture a random image of the dress & using an existing database of websites, find the exact or the most similar match. App Technical: The app should be able to store an existing database of websites (limited to Dubai region only for now). Using the phone camera, whenever a picture is...

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    We have about 10,000,000 pieces in our database, we want to search by image from our database, to find the same products, We need it fast, have better get the search result within 3 - 5 second or faster.

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    In this project, your Pacman agent will find paths through his maze world, both to reach a particular location and to collect food efficiently. You will build general search algorithms and apply them to Pacman scenarios

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