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    Saya membutuhkan yg paham dan pengalaman utk melakukan setting/configurasi asterisk saat ini sdh terpasang akan tetapi masih mengkonsumsi cpu server boros sekali rencanaakan dipakai utk call center dg jumlah agent 100 orang.

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    asterisk module developer 6 hari left

    Our asterisk Gsm Gateway software use PCI board gsm modules its Hardware , the software is working fine ...we are now changing the hardware from a - PCI gsm modules board- base to - USB GSM module or modem , for that we need to to Modify chan-rgsm module software to adapt the new hardware base

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    Our asterisk Gsm Gateway software use PCI board gsm modules its Hardware , the software is working fine ...we are now changing the hardware from a - PCI gsm modules board- base to - USB GSM module or modem , for that we need to to Modify chan-rgsm module software to adapt the new hardware base

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    Tengo un servidor Issabel PBX con una tarjeta asterisk para troncales DAHDI, y tambien tengo una caja Vonage, necesito que la central telefonica tenga salida por el Vonage. Estaba configurado anteriormente por otra persona, pero dejo de funcionar.

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    I have a grandstream model UCM 65 10 that reboots and connects the voip trunks very well. however after some minutes, the registration refresh is not working properly. need help: this is the error message in the asterisk logs WARNING[1923] chan_sip.c: Timeout on 896482223-292013357-1450912169 on non-critical invite transaction.

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    Hi I need an experienced developer with wallboard design , that understands a call center operation and wallboard requirements also reports , logon and logoff features etc. Thasnk

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    We have Installed the latest version of issabel with asterisk 16. We Also installed Vtiger CRM 7.1.0 and the connector works succesfully. At the moment click'n'call works perfectly and it's possible to pair an extension with a single vtiger profile. We are also able to see a pop up each time we call a number from vtiger interface, This pop-up only says that the extension received th...

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    Buscamos un programador. Para desarrollar, modificar y agregar nuevas funcionalidades de nuestra central PBX Issabel. Actualmente ya tenemos el módulo call center funcionando. Relación a largo plazo, para tener un programador / soporte mensual.

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    I have odoo v11 community edition. I am looking for a freelancer who can help me to implement VOIP calls form Odoo. I would like to implement function of click to call in contacts.... I dont have any asterix, freePBX or cloud calls system yet, I do have SIP Trunk lines. I have seen many projects that had integrated odoo with FreePBX system, and I would like to do the same. So in short you will be ...

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    I need expert guys who have good knowlege of opensip and Asterisk

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    I am looking for an EXPERT with opensips to build me a carrier grade platform for wholesale and retail. I can work with cdr without rates for now. Platform must be able to handle thousands of concurrent calls and also doing rtp proxy. Platform must have a did management feature and the ability to provisioning and turn up customers immediately, retail with1 number or wholessle with thousands of ...

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    Asterisk PJSIP Choppy Voice 3 jam left

    Hello, I'm running VitalPBX. Using PJSIP extensions with SIP trunks. All with TLS signalling and not encrypted RTP. When placing multiple calls at once, voice quality is horrible and choppy. I need someone who can look into Asterisk settings for me and possibly do a network capture and understand what is going on.

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    i need a sysadmin to Install A2Billing + Asterisk + FreePBX

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    18 bida

    Hello i want an expert to install FreePBX + Asterisk and A2Billing.

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    I want to create a Voip trading platform (like for example: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - See Video ) for VoIP sellers and buyers. The system has to work with Kamailio and Asterisk.

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    Need someone to configure click2dial to make calls. Calls using softphone and freepbx - done. Odoo is connected to freepbx - done. If you know odoo 11 and you already develop/integrate asterisk phone system, please let me know. I need this job to be done ASAP. Thanks

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    We’re looking for someone who has extensive knowledge of VOIP services in Odoo with OnSIP. Also good knowledge of VOIP Asterisk server and VOIP integration for Odoo. If you're an expert in this job, please apply and others are not acceptable. Please submit your proposal with your best samples. Thanks

    $8 - $15 / hr
    $8 - $15 / hr
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    Need a individual that can develop me a connection between my asterisk voip server to a crm system i build in house.....

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    7 bida

    I must have made the following shell script with associated cronjobs. It's fine if you send the script and the cronjob command to be inserted here. 1. script The script must activate this command every night at 01 (1 am) /usr/bin/mysql -u -p -h -P 3306 -D -e "update calendarEntries set timeStart=DATE_FORMAT(NOW(),'%Y-%m-%d 10:00:00'),timeEnd=DATE_FORMAT(NOW(),'%Y-%m-%d ...

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    23 bida

    install openvpn and fix the connection issue in asterisk and fix some issue

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    my provider's server crashed (raid issues) and i need a find gentleman who can install freebpx / asterisk and secure it on a cloud server having ssh access...

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    7 bida

    Hello Eremin P., I'm interested to talk to you about our project. We are a small group of professionals that have a few FreePBX solutions implemented in some of our customers and we are developing a web interface that has the ability to show queue statistics in a more dynamic and intuitive way and also have some agents control with the tool. Eventually we would like to implement dialers and o...

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    I have an asterisk server, the calls are droping as soon as the call reaches the IVR, I require help to fix this problem urgently please.

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    We have a Asterisk/FreePBX-system with 2000 preconfigured extensions. We need a software to run on another Linux machine that continuously monitors the status of the Asterisk/FreePBX system state and triggers email-alerts if the server is unresponsive. The software also need to log in a local SQL DB when a PJSIP-extension/endpoint on the Aserisk/FreePBX changes state. Details of the Endpoint shou...

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    We have a single Virtual Phone Number that we want to direct to our Linux cloud server, most likely running Asterisk. We only need a single account so that when the Virtual Number is called then will be forwarded likely via SIP to the servers IP. This will then play a single Audio file of our choosing. Perhaps later we might expand it into a full auto attendant, but we only really need a single m...

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    14 bida

    our Gsm Gateway software use PCI gsm modules board as its Hardware we are now changing the hardware from a - PCI gsm modules board- base to - USB GSM module or modem , for that we need to to Modify chan-rgsm module software to adapt the new hardware base

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    **To do without any commercial module** I have a requirement of Asterisk/ FreePBx to make it redundant. for that what my client is looking for is One main PBX at Location A and another PBX box at Location B. In case Location A goes down for any reason then Location B should kick in and continue the phone service for the company. Is this is something you can do? Please let me know.

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    9 bida

    For custom made Invoices to bill clients for incoming calls through our Asterisk PBX or for items sold and Credit Notes to pay telephone agents for their work. Experience needed: 1) LibreOffice Calc spreadsheets 2) Software to change templates to pdf without loosing formulas and calculations (Foxit ?, etc.) 3) Linux 4) MySQL DB 5) PDF 6) PHP 7) KVM qcow2 (if possible, for disk management) We us...

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    10 bida

    We are looking for a Call Filter solution for Asterisk .Call Filter will Whitelist and Blacklist numbers using rules.

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    15 bida

    I have an asterisk server which has oem set functionality which I want to be accessible via an android app. Below are the requirements. Allow users to be able to call each other within the netowrk via UserID - users must be able to call each other at anytime i.e. constantly connected to the SIP Include speech synthesis in the app - so user can type in what they want said at the start of the ca...

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    12 bida

    Create a JavaScript program that will calculate the volume of the cylinder. The formula needed to calculate the cylinder volume is: V equals r squared asterisk times pi asterisk times H The height (H) and the radius (r) are arbitrary, while Pi must be defined as constant (3.14). Record the result using the alert method or document.write. Note: Send the work as an html (zip) file.

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    19 bida

    Hi Mohammad Saydul K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. The project is about to integrate Teams, Kamailio and a SIP provider and asterisk. Teams and SIP provider registration is already working, including certificatates etc. The major part of the work is to configure Kamailio to rewrite phone numbers and make RTP, sRTP work.

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    1 bida

    Hello, Need to setup audiocodes with asterisk, 4 analog lines and route to trunks. Work is via Anydesk or teamviewer. Thanks in advance!

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    2 bida

    Set up Kamailio in front of asterisk server to proxy webrtc/tls /tcp / udp to asterisk server on private network with failover. - rate limiting sip traffic by source IP - dropping malicious / invalid packets - integrated with APIBAN ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) - MySQL integration to be able to adjust config (like primary / secondary / tertiary failover etc) - auto install script so this can be...

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    shapeshifter Tamat left

    What shapes are needed and how they need to look: strLine: This variable will hold a line of asterisks strRectangle: This variable will hold a rectangle of asterisks strTriangle: This variable will hold a triangle of asterisk. strSquare: This variable will hold a square of asterisk. shapes should be able to change orders in that they appear.

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    7 bida

    Hi I have CCs Zycoo coocenter-S30 , need many modification for the following : 1. Change GUI for monitor user Interface ( add counter for the queue ) also Agent user (Arabic language) 2. add some math equation in reports (Arabic language) thanks

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    We have a basic setup ready with chan_dongle and M35 modules. We are able to run this succesfully with Asterisk. At times asteriks crashed intermitantly . Some time the gateway runs for 24 hours without issues. But some time it crashes with in few hours. We need some one with experience on Asterisk and chan_dongle who can resolve the issue for us

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    We looking for a VoIP / Asterisk PBX professional that is great at sharing knowledge. We working on a VoIP solution that will be integrated in our complex public transport system. Currently we have implemented a simple 1 to 1 voip call but we planning to extend the implementation. The features we want to implement are following: - Group calls (1 to many) - Custom headers for additional configur...

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    3 bida

    Seeking for someone who can help with a sip integration. Please only people with experience in VoIP and / or jitsi. Thanks

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    5 bida

    We are a wholesale distributor that needs a way to input a list of orders and automatically call the customer and play a pre recorded message.

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    14 bida

    we a Gsm Gateway software that use PCI gsm modules board as its Hardware we are now changing the hardware from a - PCI gsm modules board- base to - USB GSM module or modem , for that we need to to Modify chan-rgsm module

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    Use webRTC or native language to develop VOIP dialer & call and messaging app for Android and iOS with the following features: Multi-language support: English, French, and Spanish User Registration: Language selection, OTP / OTC for user registration, etc Phone Contact Integration: Sync phone contacts each time app launches Chat with media: text, images, emojis, audio, video, documents and ot...

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    i need filter on asterisk about did and clid number. We are using this project on maniplation temination voip traffic

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    Encuestas telefonicas realizadas en automatico con una base de datos telefonicos de excel We require an IVR phone survey module that can be used to evaluate the quality of customer support calls and agents and surveys. At the end of the call an agent will ask the customer if they are prepared to answer a short survey and the call will be transfered to the survey module. The customer will be asked...

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    12 bida

    looking for someone to install FREEPBX 15 on Centos7

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    Entry Phone Definition: An Entry Phone is located at the lobby of a building and permits visitors to call residents or property managers. Traditionally, once the call is received, the resident usually presses a number on his phone to release the door or elevator. The Entry Phone allows for a few other customized features, namely, conferencing the visitor, resident and a guard AND caller reject...

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    Hello i have asterisk with did where 500 users call this did number we hava to create a routing logic where we will interconnect them randomly inside dynamic conferance without pin if in the conferance caller or callee press 0 we will interconnect them randomly to any other conferance without pin in case the user have no any user available we will interconnect hem to any active conferance else ...

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    Hi, I'm in need of either a Discord bot, wordpress plugin, or a webpage I can integrate into my current site that users can access and use to select and strike stages for competitive play in the game Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Currently players have a paper in front of them listing the stages (starters and counterpicks), the process order goes like this: First game: each person strikes stage...

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    10 bida

    asterisk web interface needed for click and call

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    we need a developer that should have these experiences: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Modules. GSM Modules .GSM Channels, GSM Gateways, rSAP -> Remote SIM Access Profile, rSAP over TCP,,SIM Banks ,SIM Servers the developer will develop the software will run GSM Gateway and SIM Bank using Asterisk and GSM Modules, Hardware and software knowledge required. payments terms . please read it , will w...

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