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    I am working on a website for almost 2 years and tried many free themes but all themes have problems and when I edit them they become heavy and take time to load. I want a professional person who have experience and love his work. What I required in my theme:- While scrolling page down side bar must be locked. Proper space for ads. Light and professional theme. Mobile Friendly. SEO Friendly. Mega...

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    We are a money transfer company that is looking to be able to compare prices of other services on a daily basis. Please see the attached doc for more.

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    Software report 6 hari left

    Looking for a program which will compare 2 .CSV files and produce a report with only price and inventory change.

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    I have a microgrid set up supplies power to a dynamic load having some renewable generators and diesel generator integrated with battery, supercapacitor and flywheel. The requirement is to minimize the cost of electricity while maximizing the reliability of the power supply, subject to a couple of system constraints (power balance, limits of energy storage systems). Need to solve it using nature-i...

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    I need help with creating a custom page on Rehub theme using WooCommerce and Advanced Custom Fields. Short description: Rehub theme has a comparison feature that let's users select products (WooCommerce) on the site and compare them based on their attributes. By default the comparison page displays a table comparing the attributes of the selected products. I want be able to create a custom...

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    We are a multinational corporate training company based in China. Our website: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We need an intelligent freelancer to make some English tests for our English learning website. Our website is for adults of all nationalities wishing to learn English. We require a freelancer who can upload English tests to our platform for the following levels: • Beginner • In...

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    make software or google chrome extension to compare sports betting odds automatically without API

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    I need to build a total of 11 certificate online courses. 10 of these courses will be linked to an overall certification once’s they are individually completed/passed. I need them to be university level multifaceted with a variety of lesson plans I.e. videos, PowerPoint, quizzes learning content etc. The last course will be a Certified Trainers course for anyone interested in becoming an in...

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    I need a system repaired and made better with things like logs and support on future updates. The system uses the following: PHP PM2 Node.JS The system made works as a file compare tool through my website and uses API decoders from other sources. At the moment the website will work but then it gets to the point where it says no matched file, when I know there is a matched file. The command on the...

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    Part 1 : Machines and work Many people believe that machines put out more work than we put in and do not realize that machines simply change the form of the work we do. Convince these people by answering the following Describe What is a machine? How are work, energy and machines related? Describe what is the machine efficiency and how it can be calculated? How can machines change the form of ...

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    I need somebody to estimate the fair value price of DM Wenceslao's shares by applying the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) methods and to determine the market value of unallocated land. Finally, compare the fair value price with the price of the initial public offering (IPO) and decide whether to buy the stock or not. The analysis must be done from 2018 to 202...

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    I am looking for a Linux ghostwriter who can write 800 to 1000 words. The content should compare Alpine Linux vs Ubuntu Linux to act as a Docker host OS. The content must be well-researched and original. It must discuss the technical differences of basic CLI tools, BusyBox tips, performance, and security. The summary should articulate the better one to use, and why. The content must also provide ...

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    Yet again I came across a sweet talker who is not delivering. I had to stop him and start over. This is time-consuming. Focus on applying to this job and tell me about projects that is relevant to bounding boxes and text extraction. Give examples of similar work you have done with bounding boxes, storing extracted data in tables. Prove you can do the job. Give details of how you did it (no I will...

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    Hello I’m looking for a logo to use on social media, printed material, website and overall representation of my brand. Jackie’s Legacy is dedicated to the memory of my mother who I lost at the age of 16. Memories of her, my grandmother and great grandmother are what make up the inspiration behind this brand. I will need represented the feeling of family tradition, our 4 generations, ...

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    I need somebody to estimate the fair value price of DM Wenceslao's shares by applying the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) methods and to determine the market value of unallocated land. Finally, compare the fair value price with the price of the initial public offering (IPO) and decide whether to buy the stock or not. The analysis must be done from 2018 to 202...

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    Trophy icon Design for an event tee shirt 1 hari left

    We are a upstart memories company specific to capturing your Jeeping events and shared with others through a Tee Shirt. We have identified the event specific tee shirt design and need a artist individual to translate our vision into reality. The attached word document describes in greater detail what we are looking for. Of importance, is the artist must use colors that provide maximum impact bas...

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    So, the this is about consuming an API that has a date and time property. The content should change every 3 hours by comparing current user Date/time with that of the API and assigning past and upcoming hours in an array, most importantly, which I need help with is to assign Data if the user Date/Time is equal to or within 3 hours in array to display it for that duration.

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    Hi BrightDock LLC, I noticed your profile and would like to know if you have the ability to create a chat platform. The easiest way to explain it would be to compare it to "Discord" as in its functionality, user accounts, and servers for communities. Something that is used on IOS, Android and Web base. This would be a larger project so I am not going to bother with the pricing as of yet,...

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    Hi BrightDock LLC, I noticed your profile and would like to know if you have the ability to create a chat platform. The easiest way to explain it would be to compare it to "Discord" as in its functionality, user accounts, and servers for communities. Something that is used on IOS, Android and Web base. This would be a larger project so I am not going to bother with the pricing as of yet,...

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    A&P Journals 5 hari left

    Hey I’m an antenatal and postnatal practitioner who would like to turn my my face to face classes into a journal and activity book. This is a big passion of mine as I not only want this is to an accessible support tool but I also want to bring back the personal element of capturing memories away from social media. So far I have my content and an idea of how I’d like it presented. H...

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    I need script in bash: 1) connect to sftp to remote server 2) found all newer files on remote files without prefix (file) than local with prefix (file-somting) - compare by date 3) check that file not in uploading state on remote (files will be less than 1mb) 4) download newer files wihout prefix (file) 5) if remote file was download(from 3) ), local files with prefix (file-something) backup wit...

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    Unit 4 dis 5 hari left

    Compare the concept of happiness as defined in everyday use with the academic definition implied in the field of positive psychology, such as when discussing "meaning in life." Describe the top 3 factors/actions that you feel would bring greater meaning to your life and increase your happiness.

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    We are looking for someone to find info, for example compare products or companies, their prices (complete real price), reputation, quality and so on. Sometimes you must create a user (log in) to find out all that is needed. It can be: * search and compare product from Amazon or Ebay or Alibaba * choose three cheapest companies that transfer sand in Sweden * find companies which manufacture plasti...

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    Logo and simple corporate identity (digital) for a new brand: This company will be doing following biz: 1. Online sales company 2. Water business (like faucet and showe products) 3. Wellness business The logo wants to have follow visual elements: - Soft - Technology - Design - Innovation/idea - Young we can give u similar brands to compare.

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    Looking for an engineer who is experienced in Embedded C programming to complete the project for LED video wall Capable of finding the processor for requirement Should able to understand the datasheet and schematic   experience in working with ATMEL, microchip etc Experience with memories and selection aware of led Multiplexing using TI Led driver Familiar of interface protocols like I2c...

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    I need help from an expert Oracle SQL developer for query creation. This has the potential to be an ongoing relationship as there will be more work. I have the need to query 2 tables and compare/contrast them for specific testing scenarios.

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    Free Paid Membership Pro. 4 hari left

    New Subscription Task I want to add paid Subscriptions to my website. Access to Paid subscription's will be on the services page. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] It leads to this page. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] where users can compare options and continue to pay. After Payment is secured. Users are directed to the order page, This page has to have. All order info, ...

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    This is a brief explanation of the system required. Developers will need to sign and NDA to receive the full specifications. This is a system with blockchain and side-chain technologies. Side-chain technologies will be written in Python programming language. 1. Users have a unique identity and a very broad set of data about them from multiple sources. 2. Some data about users will be input manua...

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    I'd like three sample logos done for a new website that we're creating that is in the recruiting space. I'm looking for very simple logos to be done to compare.

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    research aims to compare one positional variable from the data of pro players to the data of amateur players Sample size data will be provided

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    Placement portal 4 hari left

    Placement selection portal project for academic purposes in which 3 type of login student login, admin login, company login(HR). In this student register himself in which field they have interest to get job. Company registered themselves and admin get approved it. Then compare and relevant field interested student direct interaction with eachother. Then company select time and date of interview in...

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    Economic Dispatch of Load using Particle Swarm Optimisation Algorithm using MATLAB. Compare the efficiency of thermal power generators and solar power.

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    The book is about the best method to Teach English to Non-Native English Speakers living in a Korean or Chinese or Arabic speaking environment (i.e.: China). Compare this with Non-Native English students residing in North America or UK. Concentrate on Business English language & the common daily expressions (i.e;TOEIC) rather than Academic language. We are trying to compare the same learning g...

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    From this data set : transactions data with 2.5 m records Task 1 : Using Sqoop load data in HDFS ( I have done it) Task 2 : From HDFS using pyspark need to create 4 dimension tables and 1 fact tables. Task 3: Those tables should be copied to redshift cluser Task 4: Analyse data using redshift queries (8 queries) At every step there is hint document we need to compare results.

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    + web scraping for 500-100 reviews in Arabic + ML algorithms (classifier ) pos and neg + compare the sentiment with a star rating ( validation ) the accuracy + analyze the result

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    I need a program that, when run, will add all of my new Instagram followers to an Excel Spreadsheet. Each row of the spreadsheet should include the new Instagram follower’s username in the first column, display name in the second column and the date that the follower was added to the spreadsheet in the third column. Each row will contain the information for only one follower account. The fi...

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    Develop and analyze the properties of sustainable concrete using machine learning. Please refer the 290-300 pages below I would like a machine learning model that creates those forms of comparative graphs on compressive strength of geopolymer concrete and provide other ratios of geopolymer concretes compare them with traditional concrete at different time spans

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    Biography Crawler -- 2 3 hari left

    Hello, I need your help with crawling the data as follows: # Objectives - Get Biography data from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and [log masuk untuk melihat URL] in TEXT and image to compare with the Biography of the same person in [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - Sample data is attached - You must automatically detect and verify the name. - You must give the reference the URL of the websites in...

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    Dear Sir/Madam We looking for an expert with proven experience to review our Business Case and to conduct a Data Analysis for establishing a plant for Medical Disposal Supplies in particular Blood Collection Tubes. 1. Review the Business Case, Financial Model and the Business Case Assessment to identify, validate, compare and match the assumptions used in the financial model; 2. Develop a compar...

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    I need someone to programme a java based android app to continuously measure the loudness/amplitude value of sounds it picks up based on a threshold value*. It will have to output this 'loudness level' in real time in the form of an integer rating system (e.g. '1' for very quiet and '10' for very loud, or something similar). *This threshold value needs to be adjust...

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    Need PHP script that will be run by cron. The script will check a specific field in mysql and compare its date and hour with NOW. mysql query is "SELECT time FROM volume ORDER by time desc LIMIT 1" The above query outputs "2021-02-21 16:00:00" lets say Now is "2021-02-21 16:13:00" The script won't do anything... ELSE The script will run the fallowing code.....

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    Hello, i want a model in Neural Network to detect those points at which the graph is abruptly changing towards upwards or downwards direction(i.e; points which are changing in a higher amount compare to the other points) in Time Series Data. Also want to make segments of those points which are not changing abruptly and situated between the abruptly changing points.

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    A website that show vaccine comparison needs a banner. I'm thinking about multiple phrases for it: 1. Which COVID19 vaccine is the best? 2. Compare COVID19 vaccines ... Other ideas are also welcome. I'll accept multiple entries if they are good. I'll need the PSD file.

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    build visual c# application that stream crypto price using websocket (can use ccxt-net or other free alternative) the application must be able to connect and stream from multiple exchange simultaneously source code with neat code comment must be provided for sample, it should able to stream from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and binance the application should able to compare bid/ask price from 1 e...

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    Building website 2 hari left

    We are a start up Insurance broking company in life, general and health category,. So a website is needed where people can understand about us, and register themselves for becoming our advisors and/or fill the enquiry form. Can also view for themselves product and compare them

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    Address in your paper the two concerns 1. Excessive Force: o Correctional officials are often required to use force to prevent serious and imminent harm, as well as to maintain the safety and security of the correctional facility. In Whitley v. Albers, 475 U.S. 312 (1986), the Supreme Court noted that if “force was applied in a good faith effort to maintain or restore discipline,” the...

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    All content has to be sited From Journals dating 2015 to 2021 You are required to talk about 1. How do hybrid battery cooling systems in cars work Compare cooling system in prius, bmw, mercedes hybrid cars (using both internal combustion engine and bettery power) 2. talk about copper and aluminium talk about their properties thermal conductivity the malleability and more compare both materi...

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    Requirements: We need to develop a mobile App that can capture a photo and identify the two circular images from the captured photo and compare them. Skills: Android, iOS Development, App Developer, Image Processing, Backend Development. Details: • Mobile App development with image processing capability in Healthcare domain: – Mobile App will a capture a photo – Locate two ...

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    Excels are 2 list lists of shopts Neeed to know if a shop, is in first excel, on second excel or both. U can identify by address is in one excel, of latitud and longitud is in other excel. We recomend, made transforming adres in lat and longitud, and comapre them. are like 6k of shops aprox.

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    History paper 2 hari left

    Paper: “My Experience of the 2020-21 Pandemic” Prompt: Having completed the assigned reading about the Influenza Pandemic of 1918 please consider how the experience of those who experienced the 1918 pandemic compares with your own experience in 2020-21. Begin by describing your own experience in 2020-21 (limit to 1 paragraph), then compare and contrast your experience with the readi...

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