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    Vector Art work for patch 6 hari left

    I am looking for someone who can design a patch for us and create a vector image so we can have a company make the patch. Patch needs to have: >Black Spade shape background >Indian skull headdress with cross axes (example provided for a basic idea) >text that says “Southern Savage” >red boarder around the black spade background. >colors- black red yellow white grey As a reference only I’ve uploaded our copyright official parent logo for CVMA which cannot be used.

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    Trophy icon VK - vending machine company 9 hari left

    Hi Everyone! I need logo for vending machine company. My client is a provider of healthy vending machines (look at attachement). shape of logo: rectangular Company name: VK HEALTHY VENDING Colors: #60A103 & #9E5AE2 & black (No need to use all the colors!) all files: pdf, jpg, png, ai. etc

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    122 penyertaan to create, read, update and delete users. ▫️List of Users should be displayed in the frontend with different table for each type of user. [Table Component is Available in the Theme] Users have the following different models: 3a. Learners 3b. Educators 3c. Guardians 3d. EduCareExecutives 3e. SuperAdmins 4. Deploy the project with Amplify Hosting on Route53 on the Dev URL, and help us merge the branches on the stage and prod URLs to setup Continuous Integration but Manual Deployment. We will setup three different development URLs for Dev connected to the dev branch for Staging connected to the stage branch connected to the prod branch of the relevant repo. Note: Its mandatory to provide a short screen recorded explaination as to

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    I'm developing an application for selling car spare parts. I need the images of the car spare parts from a list that I will provide for displaying the parts in my application, all should look the same in quality and design you can collect the neede...look good and on same theme and quality for displaying the spare parts. attached file is the list of all the parts needed, and an example of the spare parts and design needed to be found. so the project: 1. Finding all the spare parts requested from the list. 2. make sure that all the parts images on the same design and shape and quality, as all the images will be in my mobile APP (make sure that all looks on the same template and theme) note: some parts have a different shape then contact me for helping you to choose whi...

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    Knowledge required LAMP, Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. Application is hosted by Amazon AWS. Knowledge of Amazon AWS is required. Excel , MysQL The application is used to create pdfs and emails that offer mortgage loan choices to borrowers. There is an Editor, Loan Library, Image Library, Settings, and other components. We use a method similar to mail-merge, to personalize and individualize letters and emails. We wish to add the additional fields that are listed below.

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    I need illustrator graphics 5 hari left

    I need to redraw this image in Illustrator. To be the same lines and the same shape. It is a single, repeating form. Size 12.5 * 1.14 cm The figure is in the attachments Please send some previous work. or website link

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    Hello guys looking for someone to do the PCB Design review and schematics completion work for GD32 and ESP32-S boards. The goal of the work is to complete the schematics and review for errors and correct them and route the PCB into compact shape. I have attached the schematics files of the biards, which were designed in easyeda. Check them and quote your bid. Note: please don't apply if you don't know the calculations for the voltage regulator,pull up resistors, which are present in the design.

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    Journal Business 5 hari left

    Hello! Front and back cover design for journal. Gold, metallic design of the virgin islands shape on a white background 2 of the islands and St. John on the front cover because it looks like an ink blocks and half of on the edge of the front cover and the other half on the back cover like a continuum of the front. So a white journal with gold metallic foil design of Virgin Islands and the words on the front cover that says. 'Where Dreams Come True'

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    Logo Delish 5 hari left

    I want the Logo to look like a House in the shape of a cupcake. The colors I want on the logo are Rose gold, Navy Blue, and aqua blue.

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    ...útiles, conocimiento sobre distintas estrategias de merge, etc). -- English We're looking for a front-end developer with knowledge of Angular. The job is to complete a dashboard and connect it to an API we provide. In addition, we want to port it to mobile using Requirements: - Experience in coding provided designs based on Adobe XD. - Good understanding of interaction with REST APIs in frontend interfaces. - Excellent knowledge of implementing the API using services and following Angular best practices. - Attention to detail to get a product with the best possible UX (feedback to the user when completing actions, transitions, etc.). - Great comfort working with git (use useful commit titles, knowledge about different merge strategies...

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    ...Substance Painter. I will share a list of assets to be created and some concept references. A model board will be provided once the job has been awarded. To weed out automated replies, please start your message with the word, lush. Plusses for this project would be experience in foliage creation - we can talk about further budget in that case. Assets needed -A few square walkway stones -A rough shape of a bird, in order to scatter leaves on it -White and yellow flower, with a leafy base. Think something like a daisy -Handcuffs -Low-detail sundial for BG usage -Garden shears -Rose -Ivy leaf -Misc leaf/leaves - to be used as a single leaf and as a bunch of three leave on a twig. (Will use for scattering) -Some grass blades -Stone arch, with metal gate -Tree bark, hand-painte...

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    Trophy icon Coffee shop logo 5 hari left

    We need a unique logo for a coffee shop, the name of the shop is. Karak Mood. The logo will only be used for a sign board outside the shop. We want a shape of a tea cup or take away paper cup with the logo so the customers recognize its a karak “tea” shop from the sign board.

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    ...signup onboarding flutter templates file and folder 2. Configure it to have a form on the website so that testers can launch from the site. 3. configure the github actions with the auto test code that work with fastlane so that the code signing, screenshots and submission to android and ios TestFlight at the same time .. 4. every month when a new update comes out fork and merge the new version with the mother build so that all the apps can push for an update which will make managing all the branches easier. My main is not to totally remove human intervention but more so shift it to more important tasks like upgrading the platform and adding features.. not tediously doing data entry that can easily be handled since the same thing is changed on each app 1. logo, intro

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    Hi Nha Trang K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.I’m looking to make a app that has a grid of points in the shape of a cube but with no bottom.. the grid spacing needs to be adjustable in the app. And the app needs a visual representation of the grid. Then the grid points need to be exported to a txt file xyz format. What are your thoughts? Thank you

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    Sila Dafter atau Log masuk untuk melihat butiran.

    Ditampilkan Dimeterai Peraduan Teratas

    ...cropped out to be on his own. His hand may need some editing as his mates hand is slightly infront of it. I need the file to be in the correct format below in order to be printed into a lifesize cutout Specs i require from the printing place are: PRINTABLE AREA: The below dimensions represent the printable area of your Display Cut Outs. All Display Cut Outs require a dieline to indicate the outer shape of the cut-out. The bleed must extend 10mm beyond the dieline cut-out you have created. 520mm x 1850mm FILE TYPES For best printing results, save your design as a PDF. Maximum file size is 250mb. RESOLUTION Set the resolution of your design to 150dpi before you start designing. This way your print will be clear and sharp. COLOUR MODE Our print machines are specifically made to...

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    Hello all! I require an illustration to be used for the web page and logo for the event. I am attaching the reference as well as the colour pallet of the event. Human heart should be similar mustard colour + flowers can be of different shape - refer to the Mexican style.

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    48 bida as follows: A Catmull-Rom spline with a tension of -1 is fitted to the existing peak points, and a spline point corresponding to the arithmetic mean of their parameters is fitted between two existing points. 4. The polygon can be simplified with the 'd' key, as a result of which the number of vertices of the polygon is halved. We discard those vertices whose discarding minimally modifies the shape of the polygon, i.e., for which the distance between the discarded vertex and the resulting new edge is minimal. The completed project should contain one cpp file. Must use the given framework files (.cpp, .h). Attached a picture of the expected display of the program, along with ideas about the Catmull-Rom part. Next part of the project released after completion. Feel ...

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    Angular Development 4 hari left

    We need help completing an Angular web dashboard. Then, we will also want to carry to mobile using There are about 9-11 views. However, the essential work is to make a proper and structured codebase and use smooth implementations for actions. You can have an insight into the design here: Bear in mind the design will also have a dark version and adaptations for mobile UX improvements. We're looking for someone who: - Understands well API REST interactions in frontend interfaces. - Has excellent Angular knowledge to implement services and states following the best practices. - Has an extensive background with git (makes useful commit messages, knows different merge strategies, etc.)

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    146 bida

    Need support on git merge and resolving conflicts

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    4 bida

    I am looking to improve the design of a pressurized air micro-turbine that will drive an electricity generator. After having already realized a Proof of Concept, I would now like to improve the efficiency by calculating the ideal size according to the volume of air and the pressure at disposal in order to find the number of blades, the shape and the dimension which will allow to be the most efficient possible for my project.

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    23 bida

    Hi Courtney M., I noticed your profile and would like to ask you if you could draw me four images to be cropped to a square shape and used for a set of charity Christmas cards. I chose you because you said you could do line illustration and I need someone to do coloured line drawings of four Hong Kong scenes with jokey/cartoony images of Father Christmas/pandas incorporated. I have a detailed brief plus photo refs that I can share. The fixed price is for four images of approx 130x 130 mm. Thx

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    - Cut and paste audio at Audacity or any DAW. - Merge two audio clip into One track - One track ranging time 1 minute - 2 minute (no Need to listen just watch soundwave where to paste the second track) testing for 1000 audio Planning to do > 100k audio

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    I have two different spreadsheets which I need to merge together. All the rows in my spreadsheet "Andrew Eastwood - Sales Leads 2022 - 031022" - Inc Status" need to be added to rows in my spreadsheet "1 - BDM Lead Stats 300922" where the "enquiry_id" column matches in both spreadsheets.

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    I play a game called haxball, where you create your own team of friends and play a unique mix of soccer/hockey. We have had our team names be the Bees and the Arby's Squad. Looking to merge the iconic Arby's logo with imagery of Beekind in order to create a new, unique look that will ensure us success in our soccer/hockey enveavors. I'm thinking like a pot of honey somewhere, maybe a nest, some bees flying around a scenic view of flowery all finely mixed into the traditional arby's logo. Maybe a reference to THE MEATS somewhere (without any possilbility of infringement!). Perhaps some actual imagery of roast beef/roast beef sandwiches would do. Maybe the bees/a bee could be eating the roast beef. Arby's also has very good curly fries which are more than welc...

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    56 bida

    Our company manufactures granite headstones and we are looking for someone to assist by doing layouts in illustrator. We then use this layout to cut tape for sanblasting the fonts into the granite headstone. Attached is examples of small, medium and large layouts that we have done and this is typically what we would expect from the person that will be doing the layouts. we are...done and this is typically what we would expect from the person that will be doing the layouts. we are offering between $10NZD to $20NZD per layout and this depends on the size and work of the layout. For example 350x230 Plain Plaque will be $10NZD, 550x700 Bookplate($12.50NZD), Bible Temple($15.00NZD) and 2 Meter Headstone($20.00NZD) These are only examples and the actual layouts will vary and shape, size a...

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    Trophy icon 3D Logo Design 2 hari left

    The 2D logo for Algo First Financial (draft version) is attached. This is a draft. I would like the logo design to be designed into a visually appealing 3D logo that is modern/ industrial/financial looking and saved in PNG and Jpeg format. This logo will be used for both website use and commercial building signage. Please stick to the black diamond shape that is separated in the middle and with the words in Red and Black in the general same place, however you can update the font or size to better fit the overall aesthetic of your 3D design. Feel free to add your special touch to make it look as great as possible while keeping it relatively simple since this is the logo for a firm. Kyle

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    Hello, Im looking for one developer for merge 2 builder html page in one. let me explain : I have this builder : 1: Novi builder html page. link : and 2 : Zilla builder html page. link: Zilla is an saas page builder html. and i want move novi builder inside the zila page. I want move zilapage builder for set inside novi builder instead. that mean, i want novi builder for saas mode, like zilapage do, but for be simple use zilapage script, and insert inside novibuilder. Ready to hire you now. Thx you.

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    Hello, i need help to turn my word CV (content is final) into a beautiful layout - i have attached the example i have in mind and would need support to get it in the right shape.

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    45 bida

    I will give like 50 picures of some things I want to sell but I need to make the pictures so they are transparent background to place in the website. Then also redo the pictures so they are even in better HD shape etc. Are you the Freelancer for this I then give you my website to pic the pictures from.

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    A website has been build with BoltCMS (latest version). The classical user management is operational but it there is a need to customize it because of the following default: " Only administrators can make a post while public members (registered member) cannot". Technically this can be acheived by designing a bolt extension which is basically a symfony 5 package. Following is the expect...the default user management system provided by BoltCMS. - The feature is "A visitor can post an items" - An item can be edited only by its owner - Keep default BoltCMS feature: Administrators can do CRUD operation on any items (default features from BoltCMS) [Notice] : The task will be done as a git contribution : you will make a PR and another programmer will make a revision, and ev...

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    merge two sheets 3 hari left

    Merge two sheets using Excel, using a unique identifier customer number. Create on a seperate tab those that cannot be merged because the unique identifier does not exist and the data cannot therefore be merged.

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    ...Person Last name 3) Designation/Title 4) Personal Phone number (if available) 5) Email Address 6) LinkedIn Profile Link 7) Person Location 8) Organization Name (This will be frozen to avoid issues while importing to the CRM) 9) Country 10 LinkedIn Profile of the Company 11) Website Use all leading tools such as ZoomInfo, Hunter, Enrich, LinkedIn etc, I need the following tasks done: 1) Remove/Merge all duplicate data 2) Data Cleansing (correct spelling mistakes, translation of works to English etc) 3) Data Enrichment (need to fill all the information as per the above excel (I will give the designations I am targeting once the project is awarded) 4) Data verification (Need an in-depth verification of all the data entered in the previous step) Final delivery will be in excel fo...

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    ...},"dataMap":{"2":"100000","value":"100000"}} time="2022-10-04 08:38:44" level=info msg="Ready for The Merge" latestDifficulty=52923259306684324570539 network=mainnet prefix=powchain terminalDifficulty=58750000000000000000000 time="2022-10-04 08:38:51" level=warning msg="Unable to cache headers for execution client votes" error="(1664815191 > 1656584718): provided time is later than the current eth1 head" prefix=powchain time="2022-10-04 08:38:51" level=info msg="Processing block batch of size 64 starting from 0x4ceb30c1... 3711168/4837392 - estimated time remaining 48h52m52s" blocksPerSecond=6.4 peers=42 prefix=initial-sync time="2022-10-04 08:38:54&qu...

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    Trophy icon Design Logo 6 hari left

    Create logo designs from example photo. The four logo variations in the photo is a cattle brand, the meaning is "Flying T". The name of the company is "Flying T Investments". Guidelines: - Western Themed - Look up "cattle brands", become familiar with what they are, what they represent and what they look like - Use the shape in the example image - it is the actual cattle brand meaning "Flying T" - Logo should look like a cattle brand - Your finished logo(s) must give viewers a sense of: heritage, trust, regal - Can be black on transparent and/or color on transparent Look forward to your designs!

    $110 (Avg Bid)
    349 penyertaan

    Add our Kush Logo on 5 product images and merge 1 image with another

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    21 bida

    ■ Requirements - Modern Open GL 4.6 - C++ programing - Libraries to use GLFW, GLAD, IMGUI, rapidjson - Visual Studio project 2019 - The app must be a only windows aplication ■ What should the appli...shapes: Points, lines, line strip, line loop, triangulated polygons, texture (rectangle mesh) - Edit shapes: Move/delete shapes, add/move/delete vertices - Select shapes - Grouping shapes - Layer system - Ortographic camera like google maps (pam and zoom movement) - Support to load/edit json file - Menu for: settings, lines thickness, shape colors, transparency, etc. ■ Methods to use - Use glMultiDrawElementsIndirect to draw shapes - Use glReadPixels as a method for shape selection ■ Help available - 2d polygon triangulation algorithm ■ Files to be delivered - Visual Studio p...

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    Music new logos 2 hari left

    Dear team, we are a small Italian company manufacturing components for musical instruments. Looking for a free lance to help us finalize 2 logos we already sketched and now need to get enhanced and realized in vectorial format. These are easy logos: a combination of a text word, a circle shape and a tailored shape. Would like to get a quotation for this work and potential availability date. We may have more extensive works coming up if we are happy with this small task. thanks

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    Mosaic To New Raster 2 hari left

    i need an experienced developer in Mosaic To New Raster to merge about 600 photos and zoom in and out in 1 software

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    16 bida

    We need develop a packaging in Grenade shape, we already have the 3d file for overall looking, we need artist to modify the inner part and screw lock structure.

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    35 bida

    We need develop a packaging in Grenade shape, we already have the 3d file for overall looking, we need artist to modify the inner part and screw lock structure.

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    32 bida
    Booth3D Design -- 2 2 hari left

    3D Booth Design 1.5 by 1.5 m 2.4m height The booth contains table Monitor Aesthetic hidden lighting Expresses the identity of the company There are some examples of booth shape White color is preferred for booth

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    72 bida

    ...Calendar to show the date 36. Pointing to something - e.g this is important 37. Packing or Going on holidays Any other you can provide as well? Note: You only need to keep the head the same, In the head, you can change the eyes and face emotion as per the design. You can change the legs and arms completely if you needed to and also the tummy you can change as well but just maintain the diamond shape as I have in the middle. I have attached the larry :P in plain you can download and create the variation based on the attached mascot. You can also come up with an idea for the mascot as well if in case you won't be able to use the one that I attached. If you are creating your own then you need to make sure that no one else is using that, we want to have all the right...

    $350 (Avg Bid)
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    11 penyertaan

    we run active campaign as our email platform and trigger client 'more info' emails etc. We need help designing attractive (brand respecting) emails with corporate logo. we use custom fields (merge fields) and automation (triggers) extensively. you need to have good design skills and understand the basics of email automation platforms (contacts, templates, automation, merge fields etc).

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    45 bida

    We will start our new travel agency business. At first, we need a logo design and will post a job if we needed a website design as well. What is needed is an excellent logo design, which includes the symbol of a plane or shape to show traveling. The design needs a person to create a professional and minimalistic modern logo. Thanks.

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    I need a complex polyhedron made of red balls

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    Graphics Design - Wolf 2 hari left
    DISAHKAN criptokitties). I need the following: The wolf has a base shape and from that shape I can generate different appearances of the wolf. * Base shape of the wolf * Wolf can have 5 different types of ears * Wolf can have 5 different types of fangs * Wolf can have 5 different types of nose * Wolf can have 5 different types of eyes * Wolf can have 5 different types of spada * Wolf can have 5 different types of cheeks * Wolf can have 5 different types of limbs * Wolf can have 5 different types of paws * Wolf can have 5 different types of claws * Wolf can have 5 different types of tail * Wolf can have 5 different types of chest All those different componens must be(added/removed to the base shape). They are different in terms of shape. In order to ev...

    $250 - $750
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    $250 - $750
    58 bida

    We have a site on WordPress that we want a programmer to modify Required: - Modification in search properties - Modify the shape of some pages - Global payment methods (Stripe, PayPal, Visa MasterCard,...) - Multilingualism feature of the site - SEO optimization - Registration on the site - High protection of the site and of users' data If agreed, we will go into more detail Good luck

    $175 (Avg Bid)
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