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    after a PCB push button intercom supports GSM and WAN camera support etc like here [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Please bid only if you have prior experience in Bluetooth headset development. PLEASE WRITE THE CHIPSET THAT YOU HAVE WORKED WITH along with your bid. Thanks.

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    Hello, I currently use Arduino Nano's loaded with GRBL to control CNC machines. I use the Arduino Nano GRBL shield v4, it works on 5 volts. I want to use STM32 blue pills in its place. I already have the GRBL code for the STM32 blue pills. I require a Schematic and PCB design, basically a pinout conversion board, using the components in the pictures in the file section. I also would like Blue...

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    ** Please download the attached file "Job [log masuk untuk melihat URL]" for a complete explanation. ** I am looking for an electronics engineer to advise me on how to optimize the RC network to get a perfect “carbon copy” lag signal. It must work no matter how long the LOWs are. I suspect my RC network could be optimized to operate better or maybe there is a semiconductor ...

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    Hi! Love your work! We are first looking for a logo to be made for our Energy Company. We specialize in LED Lighting, Solar Lighting , LED Signage. We help businesses save money by Lowering their Wattage. Our company is called LOWatts. I would like a logo that is unique that nobody else has that expresses our brand and the services that we provide.

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    Hi, Marco. As I told you before, I would like to hire you to develop my project with Flow Meter on ESP32.

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    About Us: LED City is a lights distribution company located in Dallas, Texas. We are continuously innovating and researching to ensure we offer you the most efficient and effective lighting to our customers. Our graphics team plays an important role in marketing our new products to our customers by designing catalog, installation guides and flyers. We provide information about the product includi...

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    Hello, My name is Dev and I am running in an election to become the Member of Youth Parliament ( Youth MP ) of my city. It is similiar to a Student Presidential Election but more senior and intense. I am looking for someone to make a high quality poster for me to put up around schools, around the city and also something is which has nice colours and is appealing to people. I'd also hope th...

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    -I have existing eagle files and need a tof sensor appied to the design. -I also need a working prototype. The candidate will alter and build the prototype and code the firmware VL53L0X tof or similar. nRF52840 BLE

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    I need the designs for a compact bluetooth device that will fit in a small housing. Footprint for the PCB will be provided. The device should use an Apple certified Bluetooth controller. More details will be provided when you apply. Thanks!

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    I need to produce a device that will monitor water flow out of a tank. This will be for a boat. I will want to use a water sensor inline with out pipe of the tank. You will initially set the tank capacity eg 100 litres. Then the display will monitor the water passing thorough the sensor and decrease the display. Ideally the monitor will be on a remote cable and backlit. An audible warning could b...

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    Hello Let me emphasize. YOU ARE NOT WRITING A NEW PROGRAM. You are only finding the problem and modify it. I need an expert to modify a simple software application written for nrf52810 to drive LED strip. The developer wrote it to use nrf52832 because that is the board he had but neglected to update it for nrf52810. The difference between the two chips is that 52810 does not have I2S. I will provi...

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    I have created some plans for a PCB, but need it created in a Gerber file for prototyping. I can provide DXF files of the top & bottom layers, as well as separate layer for all the drill holes. DXF files will be uploaded when the project has been awarded. Screenshot attached for reference. Green is board outline and holes, Red is top layer, Black is bottom layer

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    Hello, I have some meter photos, we need to detect meter area and based on its position another area. (We will make template per meter type , where we will store relative position). So as a input we will give image and template number, output should be 2 cropped areas. Project cost cannot exceed 350 Expected accuracy of captured area is 95 %, cropped images should be horrizontal (ie u should rotat...

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    Project - Smart Energy for Express KCS ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) - Learn/pilot energy management technology from an international R&D research partner and design/develop a product/solution that is an alternative to diesel generators for extended power backup. - 5+ years of software or electrical/electronics circuit design and development experience for an IT/product company or equivale...

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    Need to make simple PCB layout design, from ready schematic diagram. KiCad, Eagle or Altium. A basic entry-level task for Electrical Engineers who involved in various power-supply electronics and LED lighting applications. I consider it as micro project.

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    I need to write a topic about “ variante of brightness control for LED” in german. Appropriate 10 pages.

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    I need Eagle PCB designer and circuit designer as well. I already have schematics designed in Eagle that schematics must be converted in PCB. along with it some modification and circuit designing. Please place bid only if you are expert in Eagle PCB designing. thanks.

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    I am looking for an experienced PCB designer who can complete my device on Altium Designer. My device is using Node MCU and some sensors. Power supply is DC12V. If you are interest, please bid. Thank you.

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    quiero un plugins de wordpress donde pueda meter anuncios por ejemplo de google adsense y poner que solo aparescan los anuncios si vienes de facebook si no vienes de facebook no salgan esos anuncios

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    Need to build a switch-mode power supply that drives a ~1Mhz H-bridge, all powered by a AAA battery. Specifically, I need a tested circuit design that will work to drive this using small SMT components. Using a MIC4606 H-bridge to drive 200mW.

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    I am developing a device to respond to acceleration. I need help to design a circuit that is cheap and compact and can filter out vibrations.

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    banner di sponsorizzazione di questo articolo sono 3 led crepuscolari notturni il prezzo di vendita sarà 29 euro con spedizione [log masuk untuk melihat URL] che chiediamo è l'aspetto grafico e lo slogan di vendita che acchiappa chi vincerà il contest verrà proposto un lavoro di collaborazione a lungo termine

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    The project concerns the design of a data acquisition module for LVDT probes. The module uses the PGA970 chip from Texas Instruments and must also have the relative signature that allows the management of different types of probes, with different values of sensitivity and connections ( 2-4-5-6 wires ). The project foresees the realization of the electronic diagram and the realization of the PC...

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    Hi, I need a schematic/PCB design that will convert 24VAC to 3.3VDC. AC/DC should be robust and be able to handle AC spikes and most important protect the 3.3VDC microcontroller/circuit. The system will be used in homes on the low voltage 24VAC. Design should be done in Altium.

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    My self & my partner creating a new venture. We will be doing Home improvement and Commercial improvement. Ranges from carpentry work, tile work, light electrical work, home flip, power washing etc. Name of business is: RCI Solution Co (Residential Commercial Improvement Solution Co.) We are looking for website that can: 1. Have good logo (need one created) 2. Home Page 3. Have About us page ...

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    hola este proyecto son 2 cosas en 1 una es hacer ideas e historias hent/ai de imágenes que yo pasaría (el número de páginas dependerá de la historia) ya que hay algunas que den para mucho y otras no tanto) y el otro trabajo busco escritor/redactor para que me ayude a ampliar y mejor mi historia que es de de fantasía, acción, romance, magia, dioses,...

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    hola este proyecto son 2 cosas en 1 una es hacer ideas e historias hent/ai de imágenes que yo pasaría (el número de páginas dependerá de la historia) ya que hay algunas que den para mucho y otras no tanto) y el otro trabajo busco escritor/redactor para que me ayude a ampliar y mejor mi historia que es de de fantasía, acción, romance, magia, dioses,...

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    I need a 3D image, preferably in Solidworks format that shows a project that I am working on. I am using an -off-the-shelf plastic enclosure that has a 3D file. It has a couple of connectors on it that are also off the shelf with 3D files. The enclosure has a 2.8" display that fits on top of the enclosure in a recess. I dont have a 3D file of the LCD display, but I do have an mp4 video that I...

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    86 bida

    Hi John, I have a small and simple but delicate project I was wondering if you could help me with. I have an industrial motorcontroller with an incremental encoder. I want to connect in parallel to the encoder signals and read them with an arduino-compatible board. The challenge is that I don't have the schematics or any information about the encoder and controller and don't know how muc...

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    Good Day, We have the basics of a shopify online store selling LED lights. However we need this to be developed further in both looks and functionality. We also need assistance with uploading and customising specification sheets for the various products. So we are looking for an expert Shopify developer to help us with all aspects of developing our e-commerce store.

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    We have a temperature probe that is used in a water heater that comprises three thermistors. In production we can find one or more thermistors can short circuit (ie the measured resistance is low) or, more commonly, break to an open circuit (ie the measured resistance is too high). It takes time to replace the thermistor, so we would like a small tester made that can verify the component does n...

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    11 bida

    We need to create a PCB board to be used as an adapter for a MSATA SSD slot. The board must have a connector to connect a MSATA SSD slot and a USB-A (female) connector to connect the MSATA SSD to a computer. Additionally, the board must have a USB-C (female) connector to allow a smartphone ( iOS or Android ) to connect to the MSATA SSD. When the smartphone is connected to the MSATA SSD through t...

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    We are looking for someone to be able to design us, produce drawings and CAD for manufacture a PCB that allows a plug to fool a power source into thinking it is on

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    31 bida

    Small LED PCB Convert PCB files to Altium project and add IPC-356 files to output files

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    17 bida

    I want Star PCB of LED . The deliverable should be a *.brd file and gerber file. i want Board for 3 diffrent LEDs , The steps you should have followed 1) Identify the Cree XHP LED footprint (freely available form snapeda) for XHP 70,.2, 35.2 and XM-L, and 6 solder pads 2) Place them on schematic file, then Create generate Board from schematic, then Create board layout (STAR shape either within...

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    We are looking for companies able to develop a tool to visualise pcb and components on it, but also with export features. The attachment should make the task more clear

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    i want to get hardware / pcb design for my product .

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    I am looking to decorate / make the interior design of a bedroom, decoration from scratch, nothing is in the room right now only floor, windows, walls and ceiling , the bed room is of type "master bedroom" it has a bathroom attached to it and a very small place as a closet. all dimensions can be provided in details however roughly 6X4 square meter total area size. I am looking at a minim...

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    I need a eCommerce website to be built where i would be selling certain grow lights for plants. For now there will be 4 to 5 led light products that i am going to sell.I future i would add more products. Things i Need....... - I can add photos in future on my own. I might need help on posting beautiful photos for my site in the beginning. I also need a video to be posted. - I can add additional ...

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    Good day Freelancers, Our client has a need to design a private villa for him to accumodate his medium size family. The land space is 425 sq meter (17m long x 25m depth)

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    I have an idea for a Logo but need some fresh ideas or tweaking the original. Once finalised I will need to design packaging also. Hopefully will led to ongoing work.

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    Simple circuit required. I just need the diagram and i'll build it. I have a PIR security light outside which has a wireless beeper that plugs into the mains inside, when motion is detected the light comes on and the beeper inside beeps for 8 seconds (Its not a continious beep, its on and off for 8 seconds then stops) Now i want to attach a circuit to the beeper so when the beeper is tri...

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    check the pdf the idea is attaching current sensor to SOC Bluetooth to send the current information from the SOC bluetooth to the bluetooth HC-05 which gonna receive the current information or waves and send it to the C2000 board to decide whether to charge or discharge to save the energy (using matlab) Matlab programming: Program the CYW20706 Single-Chip Bluetooth to receive the current measure i...

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    Simple PCB Tamat left

    I need a very simple PCB to be used as power connections to a female USB port and a Barrel connector. Each PCB should be 25mm x 38mm in size. The data ports on the USB are not used, only the power pins. The traces should be as wide as possible to carry 5.5V 8 amps. It is a single sided PCB with the traces on the bottom of the PCB and the components on the top of the PCB. See the attached BOM and L...

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    Hallo So what i need is a Software for Windows and an Plugin for XPlane 11 Flight Simulator. Xplane uses Datarefs and Commands. Datarefs are only informations and Commands do something for example switching Buttons. So what should the Xplane Plugin do. - Scan for ALL available COMMANDS and DATAREFS - This Commands and Datarefs need to be sent to the Windows Programm ONCE to update Windows prog...

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    I am a software developer with a hobby for electronics. I designed this pcb that is a 1000baseT (gigabit) ethernet selector. The central ethernet connector must be able to be connected with one of the two side connectors, or disconnected from both. Schema is based to TS3L501E Texas Instrument (used like relays) and other 2 logic gates ic. The device work, but the quality of the electronic project ...

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    Searching person who is expert in stm32 mcu for pixel led controller firmware development, along with that also looking for computer software developer also, for your reference to understand my project you can Google T4000 Chinese controller for pixel led,

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    Design the boost circuit in Matlab/Simulink. System Diagram will be provided.

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