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    I am actively searching for a skilled Full Stack Developer who is proficient in both React JS and NodeJS. Your main task is to creat...task is to create a seamless and engaging application that enhances the user engagement of our platform. An understanding of tailoring an application that fosters increased interaction and involvement from its user base will greatly assist in this endeavor. Skills and Expertise Desired: Exp: 7+years Extensive experience in Node JS, ReactJS, NextJS. Knowledge of Azure cloud. Experience with microservices and containerization (Docker/Kubernetes). Cloud exposure is desirable. Experience working with PostGres, MongoDB. Only applicants with these specific skills should apply. Thank you for considering this project. I'm looking forward to seeing ...

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    ...discussing - this project is just to get the microservice/small app upgraded to Symfony 7 with associated packages updated, as well as serverless & bref updated. It's basically bringing as much as possible up-to-date, with minimal other code refactoring. Ideal Skills: * Mid-level Symfony & Serverless knowledge * Solid background in PHP and other compatible web technologies * Basic understanding of microservices architecture and design * Demonstrated expertise in software testing and debugging * Ability to meet deadlines and handle potentially complex technical issues Please include in your application your level of expertise, past work that showcases your capabilities in Symfony, and your current availability. Your estimated # of hours is also required (think of s...

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    In this project, I require a proficient .Net developer who can effectively use C# to integrate APIs in the backend. This task demands intermediate to advanced skills in writing C# code and a deep understanding of API integration. Key requirements: -...third-party services - Managing data storage using Microsoft SQL Server The successful candidate should ideally possess: - Profound understanding of .Net development framework - Experience in using C# for API integrations - Proven proficiency in using Microsoft SQL Server for managing database operations - Familiarity with good practice and modern backend frameworks Note: Knowledge of Xunit and microservices will be an added advantage. This outlines the basic task, but I'm open to discussing more functionalities that may enhan...

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    Job Title: Freelance ASP.NET Core Developer for Retail Enterprise Application We are seeking an experienced and skilled freelance ASP.NET Core developer to enhance and optimize the schema for our retail enterprise application. The project involves refining the existing schema and introducing new models to meet the evolving needs of our chain of retail stores with a centr...introduction of new models. - Efficient indexing for various queries. - Well-documented code and models. - Testing to ensure reliability and performance. We look forward to working with a talented developer who can contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of our retail enterprise application. Chance to get rehired for API development of current project. It will be further extended to microservices. Thank...

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    As our team embarks on an exciting project, we need a seasoned Java tech lead who is fluent or native in Spanish. Your paramount responsibility will be: * Direct Cod...transforming our ideas into working solutions. Ideal Skills and Experience: * Seasoned Java professional - We're only aiming for senior developers with years of experience leading Java development projects. * Spanish fluency - Effective communication is crucial to us, hence why we're seeking individuals comfortable in conversing in Spanish as if it's their first language. Requirements: spring boot, microservices, hexagonal architecture, junit, mockito, agile scrum methodologies Your expertise, knowledge, and leadership are the stepping stones to the success of this venture. If you're up for th...

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    As part of my project, I'm looking for a proficient Java developer with experience in Spring Boot and microservices. I'm in need of a Java Microservices specialist who can contribute to the development and support of microservices for my project(job support)

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    Looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer with at least 2 years of experience to take charge of our infrastructure management. Responsibilities: - Ensure smooth operation of infrastructure - Continuous integration and deployment - Monitoring and troubleshooting Key Skills: - Proficiency in Bash, AWS cloud technologies (EC2, Load balancers, S3, DNS) - Understanding of Docker, microservices framework like AWS ECS or EKS - Knowledge of JSON, XML, YAML, JQ, and bash scripting - Experience with Jenkins, Ansible, and Kubernetes is a must The ideal candidate should have experience with a wide range of technologies and the ability to quickly decipher and adapt to emerging ones. Your main focus will be on designing, implementing, and maintaining deployment processes while ensuring top-no...

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    PHP Developer 4 jam left

    We are looking for a mid to senior-level developer to continue the development of our application and the introduction of new and innovative features. You must have a proven track r...Oriented development • Either MySQL database or Postgress or MariaDB • Good working knowledge of version control systems (SVN/GIT) • Restful API • Design patterns • MVC Frameworks (Symfony, Laravel) • JQuery/Javascript Architecture design • Unit testing (PHPUnit) and integration testing • Integrating third party APIs • Good UX/UI Vision and Skills Cloud deployment of PHP • Bootstrap / HTML • Microservices • Working in a project with Agile methodology • Working with custom written frameworks • Memcache • Message Queues (e.g. Rab...

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    As ...digital age, I need a well-experienced .NET Core developer to assist with an ongoing out of memory issue within a web application. Task will involve reviewing the existing application code, specifically the backend, to pinpoint and fix the root cause of this problem. Ideal Skills and Experience: • Proven proficiency in .NET Core development. • Sound understanding and hands-on experience in Microservices. • Keen problem-solving abilities with a track record of debugging backend code. • Familiarity with system integration is a plus. • Experience in a similar project is highly desired. Your invaluable input will contribute to smooth application operations and ultimately allow for an enhanced user experience. Looking forward to welcoming a dedicated pr...

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    ...Develop these functionalities as either a separate microservice or an asynchronous Django task/job, ensuring seamless integration with our main application. Work closely with our team to understand requirements and implement solutions that enhance our EMR system's efficiency and user experience. Requirements: Proficient in Python and Django, with a strong understanding of asynchronous tasks and microservices architecture. Experienced in API integration, specifically e-fax and Gmail APIs, with a portfolio of relevant projects. Skilled in OCR technology and PDF data extraction, with the ability to process and import data into databases. Familiarity with healthcare technology and EMR systems is a plus. Ability to commit fully to the project for 2-3 months, with a clear focus a...

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    Position: Frontend Engineer (AI Applica...Stay informed about the latest trends in AI, web development, and related technologies. **Requirements:** - Demonstrated experience in Frontend Engineering. - A portfolio demonstrating proficiency in , React TypeScript, and other front-end technologies. - Familiarity with AI application concepts. - Experience working with cloud technologies, including GCP k8s, and an understanding of microservices and container-based deployment. - Strong problem-solving abilities, with a knack for debugging and troubleshooting. - Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field. Join our team to contribute to the development of our cutting-edge AI-powered search engine. To apply, please send - Github - Resume - portfolio links

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    As an owner of a .Net/C# Microservices project, I need a helping hand to resolve a handful of issues I'm currently experiencing with my tests. Currently, our tests suffer from: - Performance issues that cause slow test execution - Inherent complexity causing difficulty in understanding and maintaining the tests I'm further challenged by: - Test execution time that exceeds 5 minutes, which decreases overall productivity - Test logic complexity brought about by multiple dependencies - Complex branching within test logic that increases complexity I'm on the hunt for a seasoned professional with an in-depth understanding of .Net/C# and Microservices, who also has a track record improving, tuning, simplifying, and resolving test complications. If you possess th...

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    ...and responsive user interface that provides a seamless user experience is of utmost importance. You should be skilled in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks like React or Angular. - **Back-end Development:** Building the backbone of our eLearning platform, ensuring robust performance and security. Proficiency in Java frameworks such as Spring Boot is a must. Experience with RESTful APIs and microservices architecture would also be highly regarded. - **Database Integration:** Implementing a scalable database solution that can efficiently manage user data, courses, and various interactions. Knowledge of SQL or NoSQL databases is essential. **Key Features to Implement:** - **User Registration and Login:** Crafting a secure and straightforward process for users to register and a...

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    - Create a full script containing all required packages to install/configure docker and docker-compose in RHEL 7.9 machine that has no internet access. - Compress the docker images in a .tar archive files, Load the .tar archive files in RHEL 7.9 Machine as docker images. Create files for all the microservices to deploy the loaded images about the application, elk stack and api server in RHEL 7.9 Standalone server. - Able to reconstruct the image building and deployment process in the future.

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    ...fashion-forward nature of our products. - **Java Backend:** Your expertise in Java is crucial, as our backend operations will rely on this. Familiarity with building and managing scalable Java applications is a must. - **Microservice Architecture:** To ensure our website's scalability and ease of maintenance, it will be based on a microservice architecture. Experience in setting up, managing, and scaling microservices is necessary. - **Payment Integration:** We plan to integrate payment gateways to streamline the checkout process. Experience with payment solutions and ensuring secure transactions will be beneficial. - **Target Audience:** Our primary audience is young adults aged 18-35. The platform's design and functionality should cater specifically to their preferenc...

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    Need a spring boot code on : Microservices Design Patter 1)API Gateway 2) Circuit breaker 3) Event Sourcing 4) Database per service 5)Saga 6)Command query responsibility Segregator 7)Strangler 8)Aggregator 9)Backends for Frontends 10)Decomposition 11)Asynchronous messaging 12)Bulkhead 13) Cross-cutting concern 14)Sidecar 15) Design patterns for microservices 15) Observability 16) Service discovery 17) Command Query Responsibility Segregation 18) Shared database 19) Externalized configuration 20) Branch 21) Chained or chain of responsibility 22) Gateway Aggregation 23) Database patterns

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    I'm seeking an experienced Java developer skilled in Spring Boot, REST API development, and microservices architecture. This project involves crafting a high-quality, scalable solution integrating a database to meet specific needs. Your expertise will help drive the project from conception to deployment, ensuring a robust architecture that can handle the intricacies of modern web applications. **Requirements:** - Proficient in Java, with extensive experience in Spring Boot. - Demonstrated experience in designing and implementing REST APIs. - Ability to develop and maintain a microservices architecture. - Experience with database integration is a must. **Ideal Skills:** - Strong foundation in software engineering principles and design patterns. - Familiarity with Agile ...

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    I'm in need of a Java Microservices specialist who can contribute to the development and support of microservices for my project.

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    ...understanding of Kubernetes, Kafka, Zookeeper, Docker, and Python programming for microservices. My primary goal is to ensure the high availability and reliability of my services. This project demands a robust skill set, including but not limited to: - **Kubernetes Applications QA**: Testing and ensuring the quality and reliability of applications running on Kubernetes. - **Kafka and Zookeeper Management**: Efficient managing and optimizing Kafka and Zookeeper to ensure seamless data processing and management. - **Docker Container Mastery**: Proficient in Docker container management, including the automation of container deployment and operations. - **Python for Microservices**: Developing and maintaining Python-based microservices, with a strong focus on automatio...

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    I'm on the lookout for a development agency with expertise in SaaS and Golang, ready to take on an exciting project. We are planning to create a CRM similar to the one found here: Should be modular and microservices based architecture. Code quality would be tested during and after development. Proper webservices and API layer (if required architecture can be provided or improvised) Key features required include: - Customer management - Lead tracking and conversion - Task management Our CRM also needs to have specific integrations with: - Google Apps - Microsoft LDAP - Office 365 - A Chatbot app - Zapier In terms of design, I'd like a professional and corporate look and feel for the CRM. Your team should have a keen sense for detail and a proven

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    ...secure booking details storage. User Feedback and Ratings: Database schema for reviews, queries for ratings. Non-Functional Requirements Scalability: Microservices architecture, cloud services (AWS, Azure) for scaling. Security: HTTPS, OAuth, data encryption for sensitive info. Localization: Support for Uzbek and Russian languages. Technical Stack Frontend: React Native for iOS and Android apps. Backend: Node.js with Express. Database: MongoDB (flexible schema) or PostgreSQL (relational). Search Engine: Elasticsearch. Authentication: Firebase Auth or Auth0. Payment Processing: Stripe or PayPal. Cloud Platform: AWS or Azure. Architecture Microservices: For scalability and maintainability. API Gateway: For request routing, API management, security. Containerization: Docker f...

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    I need someone that can help me with the UI of Angular and Java Spring Boot microservice application. We will be working together and I need someone that is available in central time hours and can help.

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    Seeking a skilled team who can make a Tessie app for multiple cars. Key Features to Implement: - All the features from Tessie app for multiple brands like Tesla Kia Ford Successful Freelancer Profile: - Proven app development portfolio with similar functions. - Advanc...team who can make a Tessie app for multiple cars. Key Features to Implement: - All the features from Tessie app for multiple brands like Tesla Kia Ford Successful Freelancer Profile: - Proven app development portfolio with similar functions. - Advanced proficiency in mobile platform programming (iOS/Android). - Familiarity with integrating vehicle APIs and data Ideal Skills: Scaleable api Microservices - Cross-platform development expertise - Strong UI/UX design experience - Knowledge in automotive software i...

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    ...databases or services, which is important for high availability. - **Monitoring and Logging**: Adding components for monitoring the health of the system and logging for debugging and auditing purposes would be beneficial. - **Data Backup**: It's important to have a data backup solution and disaster recovery plan, especially for the databases and document storage. - **Microservices**: If not already the case, considering a microservices architecture could improve scalability and maintainability. This would involve breaking down the Cloud App into smaller, independently deployable services. - **API Gateway**: An API gateway could be included to manage requests between the user interface and the backend services, offering an additional layer of abstraction and securi...

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    ...project requiring expert skills in C#, API development and integration, microservices architecture, and SQL. Specifically, the following features need to be implemented: - Patient Management System: A crucial requirement for managing patient data and interactions comprehensively. - Appointment Scheduling: A manual scheduler is the preferred choice to manage bookings effectively. - Microservices: These imperative components need to be implemented, specifically using AWS Lambda for better system scalability and maintainability. The ideal freelancer for this project should demonstrate proven experience in the mentioned technologies and healthcare projects. Deep knowledge in the practical implementation of microservices using AWS Lambda is a must. Familiarity with man...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer who can help streamline my ...seeking a skilled developer who can help streamline my Kubernetes architecture's deployment process by migrating it to Helm. The task will involve converting a series of YAML files to a Helm chart. This project requires a keen understanding of: - API Services - Databases - Microservices The YAML files to be converted primarily encompass: - Deployments - Services - ConfigMaps Your background must include strong experience working with Kubernetes, Helm, and YAML. Familiarity with API services, databases, and microservices will be particularly beneficial for accurate and efficient completion of this task. I'm looking for a professional who can simplify my deployment process and ultimately enhance th...

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    I'm looking for a talented developer to create a microservice for my study project. This project entails: - Build a base microservice only ( I already design services , code some structure ) - Deploy on Amazon Ec2 linux - Write detail guide about deploy step The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Robust experience in microservices architecture - Strong knowledge of application integration protocols - Proven ability in building scalable solutions - A knack for understanding and fulfilling unique project requirements.

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    I am looking for a seasoned professional to assist with a critical task- Deploying .Net microservices into Azure Kubernetes Service using CI/CD azure devops and Docker compose. Since facing challenges in Packages and dependencies candidate should Know how to resolve this before the deployment. The focus for this deployment is mainly cost optimization. The ideal candidate should be well-versed with Azure Functions as it is the specific microservice technology we are using in our .NET application. Proficiency in employing this in content delivery and management scenarios is essential. This is a crucial aspect of the project, the microservices being tailored to handle these scenarios. Desired Skills and Experience: - Azure Kubernetes Services deployment - Azure Function a...

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    Looking for an exceptional, UK-based IT Hiring Manager/HR with expertise in sourcing Senior Java and SpringBoo...SpringBoot Developers. Ideally, you have: - Substantial experience in IT recruitment, specifically within Java and SpringBoot environments. - A proven track record of hiring senior developers successfully. - The ability to identify top talent with specific skill requirements. The developers you source should be at a senior level and possess: - Proficiency in Java and SpringBoot. - Experience with Microservices. - Knowledge of AWS. - Mastery of Spring Security. If you thrive in a fast-paced technology environment and excel at hiring the best, apply now. Your key role will be to help us find expert developers that can contribute significantly to our software development...

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    We are looking for Java Developer for contract role who can support us 8 hours a day from Mon- Friday Experience: 8+ years 06 Months Work Hours 10.30 AM- 07.30 PMIST Mandatory skills: Java, Spring Boot Stream APIs, Lambda expressions Spring WebFlux, Web Client, Swagger API JUnit, Mockito, Rest Assured, Spring, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, AKS, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Terraform MFE, MicroServices, CI/CD Job Description: • Overall 8 to 14 years of experience working on Core Java/J2EE technologies. • 3 to 5 years of experience working on Spring Boot services. • Proficient with Object Oriented Programming in core JAVA/J2EE. • Extensive experience working with JDK 8/11 versions, Spring Core, AOP, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, JPA and other...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Node.js developer to handle various tasks on my project. These include: - Backend development: You should be able to build and maintain the server-side of the web applications, manage the interchange of data between the server and users. - API Integration: Y...You will be responsible for ensuring the performance, security, and availability of databases. You also need to handle data migrations, transformations, and scripting. - Familiarity required: The ideal candidate for this project should be proficient in MongoDB and Postgres. Unfortunately, there wasn't a specific architecture preference provided, so, knowledge in various architectures like Microservices, MVC, and Serverless would be appreciated. The main goal is to get a robust and highl...

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    ...Kubernetes for my project but I'm currently facing challenges deploying my microservices. I have one deployment working, when I do another deploy it isn't using the limits I have set, it then crashes due to using less ram than I specified and no matter what I do, it will not provide the deployment the correct amount of ram. I would benefit from someone who has: - Extensive GCP Kubernetes Experience - Proven track record in deploying microservices - Excellent problem-solving abilities Your task would primarily involve assistance with troubleshooting and resolving the deployment issues I've been encountering. I will be relying on your expertise to effectively guide me through the remaining setup and ensure the microservices are running correctly withi...

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    As an entrepreneur embarking on a new venture, I'm seeking an experienced AI development team to complete my smart attendance and stranger alert program. Your tasks will include but are not limited to: * Poland and finalize the AI software * Design a modern and minimalist packaging * Implementing microservices * Ensuring the system is deployable on cloud platforms Ideal Skills and Experiences: * AI and machine learning development * Packaging Design * Knowledge in Microservices * Experience in Cloud Deployments I'm expecting detailed project proposals that demonstrate your understanding and approach to the project. Show me your worth and prove to be the right fit for this ambitious project.

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    ...using tools like AWS CloudFormation or Terraform. Ensure version control and proper documentation of infrastructure configurations. Automation and Scripting: Script automation tasks using languages such as Python, Bash, or PowerShell. Continuously seek opportunities to automate manual processes to improve efficiency and reliability. Monitoring and Logging: Implement monitoring solutions for microservices built on AWS and applications. Configure logging and alerting to ensure proactive issue identification and resolution. Collaboration and Communication: Work closely with cross-functional teams to understand project requirements and ensure infrastructure meets performance and security standards. Provide documentation and training as needed to promote knowledge sharing. Qual...

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    - ELK Stack: Setup and configure Secure ELK Stack in docker. - Events API: An API server for events built on flask, that is able to list, create logs data from mongodb. Publish message in RabbitMQ Queue to process further. - RabbitMQ: RlabbitMQ Installation in microservice with authentication. - Logger: Flask Application as a Consumer to consume messages from RabbitMQ queue, reformat the messages as log then send the log to Logstash.

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    More details: Which technologies are essential for your project? Git,Azure; Docker containerization; Kafka; MongoDB; JavaScript; jQuery; Python; JFrog; Figma; ADO; PostgreSQL, VS code What is the main objective of your project? Building a web application Do you have any specific architectural requirements for this web application? Microservices architecture

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    ...The highly interactive training should take me through: - Take a code, Merge it in Git, Package it, Deploy and testing, containerise it using Docker and deploy in Kubernetes cluster. Usage of Continuous integration and deployment: Your expertise in this area should enable me to understand and accomplish seamless software deployments (microservices). Creating code pipeline using Jenkins, ArgoCD and using of different tools as part of CI/CD. Basic microservices planning and connectivity - using APIs, Istio. - Infrastructure automation: I desire to gain proficiency in automating routine system administration tasks, enhancing system consistency and reliability. Using TF and repo in Infra creation, updates, changes if any. - Containerization: This course should provide ...

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    ...coordinar el trabajo de los programadores, junto con el Lider funcional. El candidato ideal debe tener competencia en el uso de Trello o similar. Habilidades y experiencia: - Español fluido, dominio del idoma Ingles y deseable manejo de Portugués - Fuertes habilidades de gestión de proyectos y experiencia en la industria de la tecnología. - Conocimientos tecnicos de programacion Full Stack, microservices y cloud computing - Conocimientos en ReactJS, Flutter, Laravel, Python e IA - Competencia en el uso de Trello o un software de gestión de proyectos similar - Excelentes habilidades de comunicación y organización. - Habilidad para priorizar tareas y cumplir con los plazos. - Persona proactiva y motivada que puede trabajar de forma...

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    I'm looking for a seasoned Java developer to collaborate on a microservices project designed to enhance scalability. The ideal candidate should demonstrate substantial experience in Java programming for microservices, focusing specifically on scalability improvements. Key responsibilities include: Mentoring mid level developer for interviews preparation. The details as per specific performance requirements aren't stated; however, it's crucial to note that this project will likely necessitate consideration of aspects such as response time and handling numerous concurrent users.

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    ...to create an e-commerce website similar to Zoho Store. This website will be a key component of our web application, functioning as a microservices application to handle all payment processes. Key Responsibilities: Develop an e-commerce store using ASP.Net Core, ensuring it's scalable and efficient. Integrate Indian payment gateways for smooth transaction processing. Implement Docker for application containerization. Develop a robust ledger system to manage the store's financial transactions. Incorporate OpenId for single sign-on (SSO) capabilities. Requirements: Proven experience in ASP.Net Core and web development. Strong knowledge of Docker and microservices architecture. Experience with integrating payment gateways, specifically within the Indian market. Fa...

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    I'm seeking a skilled Golang developer with a strong background in system administration, ideally on Linux systems. Key responsibilities: - Administer and manage Linux systems - Develop Golang microservices - Implement web applications Ideal skills and experience: - Extensive experience with Golang - Strong background in Linux system administration - Familiarity with various Linux distributions is a plus, though not mandatory - Experience with web application development and microservices. The successful candidate should be capable of working independently, have a proven track record in similar roles and possess excellent problem-solving skills.

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    ...Management System, comprising a frontend and two microservices, dedicated to handling user management and smart energy metering devices. The system will be accessible to two user types post-login: administrators (managers) and clients. Administrators will have the ability to perform CRUD operations on user accounts, smart devices, and create mappings between users and devices. Functional Requirements: Users log in and are directed to role-specific pages. Administrator/Manager Role: CRUD operations on users CRUD operations on devices Create user-device mappings User/Client Role: Clients can view all devices on their page Role-based Access Control (RBAC): Users cannot access pages associated with other roles. Implementation Technologies: Microservices using REST (Java Spr...

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    I'm looking for an AWS expert to deploy a .NET Core microservice to AWS using ECS. The ideal candidate should possess exceptional knowledge and experience in Amazon Web Services, specifically in utilizing Elastic Container Service for deploy...ECS. The ideal candidate should possess exceptional knowledge and experience in Amazon Web Services, specifically in utilizing Elastic Container Service for deployment. Even though I haven't mentioned the data storage style, having familiarity with various AWS data storage options will be beneficial. Key requirements include: * Proven experience in AWS and .NET Core * Expertise in deploying microservices using AWS ECS * Understanding of data storage options in AWS Please ensure that you highlight your expertise in these specific ar...

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    Need to implement an api in an existing code of java springboot. This api will need to communicate to 2 microservices using a proxy, and get the desired output

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    We are seeking a skilled frontend or backend developer to work on an existing backoffice application, that is based on a microservice architecture deployed on Kubernetes. The...based on a microservice architecture deployed on Kubernetes. The ideal candidate should have expertise in either frontend or backend development. Frontend : - Flutter - Vue.js - HTML5 - React.js Backend : - NodeJS - Golang Experience with MySQL and Postgresql is also preferred. The main responsibilities will include developing and maintaining gaming frontend web applications and backend microservices, implementing new features & modules, troubleshooting issues, and optimizing performance. Strong problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work independently are essential for success...

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    I'm looking for an intermediate instructor to help me comprehensively understand the basics of Cloud Native. The areas we'll focus on are: - Containerization and Docker - Kubernetes and orchestration - Microservices and serverless computing I'm flexible with the session length; we can adjust it as per our requirement. Ideal candidates should have considerable hands-on experience in all these areas at an intermediate level, with a knack for teaching complex topics in a simplified, easy to understand manner.

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    I'm in urgent need of a Rus...Science, Engineering, or a related field. Proven experience as a Rust Developer. Strong understanding of systems programming and low-level programming concepts. Solid understanding of data structures, algorithms, and software design principles. Experience with multithreading and asynchronous programming in Rust. Familiarity with network programming and protocols. Knowledge of containerization and microservices architecture is a plus. Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Excellent communication and collaboration skills. Nice to Have: Experience with other programming languages such as C++ or C. Familiarity with web development frameworks and tools. Knowledge of cryptography and security best practices. Contributions to open-source...

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    I need an Apigee proxy developer who can build a proxy for my microservices, which comprise about 11 links/endpoints. Here's what I need: - Proficiency in XML, Apigee, and GCP. Working knowledge of Java, JavaScript/Node.js, or Python is a plus, but the key skills are XML and Apigee. - Ability to create a sample proxy to interact with my microservices is a must. Prior experience interacting with microservices, specifically user management, authentication, is preferred. - Comfortable working with Google Cloud Platform. Prior project work involving GCP is significantly advantageous. In a nutshell, I'm seeking a developer well-versed in Google's Apigee platform, microservices, and GCP. The ideal freelancer lives and breathes Apigee and GCP, and unde...

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    I am looking for a React based Ride Share app to be developed and deployed as microservices using Docker and Kubernetes. Main functionality: - The app should allow users to book rides and track their progress in real-time. Design requirements: - I have a specific design in mind that I would like the app to follow. Timeline: - The project needs to be completed in less than 1 month. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in React for building the frontend of the app. - Experience with microservices architecture and deploying applications using Docker and Kubernetes. - Knowledge of real-time tracking and communication features. - Strong UI/UX design skills to implement the specific design requirements. - Ability to work quickly and efficiently to meet the tig...

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