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    Hourly 140 dollat for 120 hr 70 dollar for 60 hr right now have to do Mandatory: ??share pc screen with remote system? that freelencer provide or teemview ?and [Removed by Admin] simply just try the ai sites, diverse prompt try photoshop ai ,,,, mainly i want to find how to change character image to talking animation video if not know we can just try the below simply !! 0. pika ai 1. wonderdynapics .com 2.

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    Looking for ai generated models images using Midjourney or similar reply with some samples please check ths link we want exactly same

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    We are looking for a professional development team that will help us develop an Ai Based Theme development platform. The goal ...Originally our plan was to use wordpress technology, with ACF, and a custom theme that is responsive to ACF inputs. But we are willing to listen to other tech stack design Ideas. We will need this project to have both a customer dashboard and an admin dashboard. We will need billing and payment flow to have both a stripe and paypal integration. We will need this to be able to leverage ai tools like midjourney to generate images. We will need to be able to add new 'sections' to this platform. We wanted to 'lock plugins' such as booking, SEO tools, call tracking, domain routing, etc.... that could be offered as an upsell. This componen...

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    Looking for a freelancer to create content for Instagram and develop a basic website. Skills required: 1. Canva Pro 2. Hootsuite 3. Basic knowledge of leveraging AI tools - DI-D, Midjourney, Blakify, 11ElevenLabs, or any TTS Requirement: 130 content pieces for Instagram The website is Coming Soon mode with a Blog, and a Few animated pictures Time-Frame: The job will take roughly 3 weeks to complete after work begins. Latest by August December 28, 2023 Perks: #Fees: INR 10-15K for the whole project #Chance to be employed with us again for larger-scale projects

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    ...cryptocurrencies. The ideal candidate should also possess proficiency in AI-based image manipulation tools such as DALL-e, Midjourney, and unstability, along with expertise in traditional graphic design software like Photoshop, Canva, and Figma. Project Overview: The primary goal is to create virtual models for our clothing company that mirror the look of influencers, maintaining consistent facial features. We are inspired by influencers like those in the pdf attachment. Key Skills: NFT Creation: Experience in minting NFTs on blockchain networks. Graphic Design: Proficiency in Photoshop, Canva, Figma, and other design tools. AI Image Manipulation: Knowledge of AI tools such as DALL-e, Midjourney, and unstability. Collaboration Opportunities: We are open to collaborati...

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    ...videos should be of high quality and edited well using tools like: ChatGPT, MidJourney, DupDub, CapCut. - The preferred video length is between 30 seconds to several minutes, depending on the specific topics covered. - The candidate should have experience in video editing and be proficient in using editing software Skills and Experience: - Excellent writing skills with the ability to research and write informative articles. - Proficiency in video editing software and experience in creating visually appealing and engaging content. - Knowledge or understanding of alkaline holistic health and Christian spirituality is a plus. - Strong attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines. - TOOLS WE RECCOMEND: CHATGPT, MIDJOURNEY, DUPDUB, CAPCUT, , Canva, , invideo, Odoo If y...

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    I am looking for a skilled Photoshop artist with experience in AI, specifically in Dalle or Midjourney, to create a completely original ad design targeting middle-aged adults. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Photoshop - Experience with AI technologies such as Dalle or Midjourney - Strong creativity and ability to come up with unique and original designs - Understanding of the target audience and ability to create designs that resonate with middle-aged adults - Strong attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines - Excellent communication skills to collaborate with the client and understand their vision

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    ...throughout a conversation, ensuring coherent and relevant responses. Learning and Adaptation: Implement machine learning algorithms for continuous improvement and adaptation to user interactions. Multilingual Support: Seamless communication in multiple languages is a must. Technical Requirements: IT SHOULD GENERATE USER FRIENDLY SHOULD ALSO GENERATE AI PICTURES{CAN BE CONNECTED WITH MIDJOURNEY IF IT CANNNOT DEVELOP IMAGES ITSELF BUT FREELANCER WILL BE PAID MORE IF IT DEVELOPS A CHATBOT THAT CAN GENRATE AI IMAGES ITSELF We aim to have the initial version of the chatbot developed within [your preferred timeline]. However, we are flexible and open to discussing a realistic timeframe based on your expertise and availability. Budget: Our budget for this project is in the range of [...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who has experience with Adobe Firefly, is comfortable using mid-journey images, and has expertise in Adobe Photoshop and its AI capabilities. The ideal candidate should also have Anydesk availability. Skills and Experience: - Experience with Adobe Firefly - Ability to work with mid-journey images and edit them - Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and its AI capabilities - Anydesk availability for remote collaboration.

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    If you don't know about midjourney, don't even bother to answer please I am creating children book from a character created in midjourney I need the same character in different situation and angle view I will need to see the prompt that you use to crerate these view as well

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    I am looking for someone to animate a series of 7 characters for me in 3D animation, similar to Pixar style characters. They were made in midjourney as concepts with the files being supplies as PSD. We now need to know how we can bring them to life for websites and short film to support a book series. There are 7 characters in total. The style of animation must be 3D, with a professional-quality finish.  The animation should clearly communicate the character's actions and emotions, whether they be subtle or exaggerated. I'm open to creative suggestions to get the perfect outcome, but the ultimate result must be consistent with my design expectations. I'm looking for a talented freelancer who is experienced in 3D animation and can create a truly captivat...

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    Will only respond to those who message me directly so I know you've read the details. Automatic bidders will be ignored -------------- Need someone who is proficient with Midjourney, and more importantly, Photoshop. The task is to take an existing image of a pet (mostly dogs and cats) and turn it into a 2d game art type character with a fun background (pictures are used for Pokemon cards). Midjourney does a decent job with most pets, but details are very important. Some pets have certain markings/characteristics that Midjourney cannot do, so that's where Photoshop is needed. I'm paying $1.50 per task and there will be upwards of ~20 tasks per day (sometimes less, sometimes more). For a quicker response, please attempt at creating a sample for the pet ...

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    ...hope you have an idea now lets move to what i am looking for : Seeking a talented and diligent Designer proficient in Canva, Photoshop, and AI tools like DALL·E and Midjourney. This full-time position offers a flexible salary based on your skills, ranging from $300 to $900 per month. Your Role: Craft invitation templates in Canva for a variety of events. Create mockups and design compelling Etsy listing images. Communicate effectively and with respect. Bring order and creativity to the design process, helping manage and organize. Key Requirements: Proficiency in Canva, Photoshop, and AI design tools like DALL·E and Midjourney. Commitment to full-time work. Strong organizational skills for streamlining design workflows. Application Process: Start your appl...

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    Good afternoon, I'm on the lookout for a designer to help write prompts for Mijourney. Detailed information on the prompts theme will be sent additionally after receiving a response.

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    Looking for a skilled AI user of ChatGPT, Midjourney, etc. who knows how to use the correct descriptive prompts to create realistic looking pictures of baby animals with white backgrounds. THIS IS WHAT I NEED: Someone to teach me how to use the right descriptive prompts in ChatGPT, Midjourney (or whatever AI program is better for this), to generate realistic looking baby animals, such as baby wild animals, baby dogs, baby cats, baby farm animals. Examples of baby animals I need to create with AI:

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    I am looking to create a feature movie with AI tooling and need assistance getting the project off the ground. For this, I plan to use both Midjourney and Pika Labs, with the end product expected to have a 4K screen resolution. As far as the esthetics go, I want to leave it completely up to the AI tooling, ensuring that I get the best possible outcome for my project. Therefore, I am in need of an individual with expertise in AI Tooling in order to see my project through from start to finish. I have a script written and I would like someone to storyboard it out with midjourney (or similar) and then storyboard it, then finally generate a full movie using tools like Pika Labs. In your bid detail your experience & portfolio doing so to be considered. The movie is about the...

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    I'm looking for a talented and creative AI artist who can create illustrations based on a blog article text.

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    ...and Experience: - Excellent writing skills with the ability to research and write informative articles. - Proficiency in video editing software and experience in creating visually appealing and engaging content. - Knowledge or understanding of alkaline holistic health and Christian spirituality is a plus. - Strong attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines. - TOOLS WE RECCOMEND: CHATGPT, MIDJOURNEY, , Canva, , invideo, Odoo If you share our faith and possess the interest, skills and experience required for this role and are looking to grow long-term with Believers on a mission to educate the world through Christ-centred and holistic healing content, then please respond to this project with some examples of your work and why you feel you'd be a great fit! We are

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    Busco alguien con mucha experiencia en estas herramientas para crear banners y algunas imágenes publicitarias para black friday y navidad. Si consigues el tipo de imagen que estoy buscando se te pagará por la imagen y se te pedirá más contenido.

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    I am looking for a prompt engineer to support me in creating new prompts for my project. The purpose of these prompts is to improve portrait realism. I will need a total of 1-5 prompts created. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong creativity and ability to generate effective prompts - Understanding of productivity enhancement strategies - Experience in prompt engineering and user engagement - Excellent communication skills to effectively convey prompts to users

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    ...attention. And then with nagitation, theres literally only 2 buttons that lead to 1 singular goal. So this is kind of the structure I want to follow, and then hand over the creativity to a great designer. The 888casino one I think is probably the greatest example of what I'm looking for. Even in my own banner that I made I kind of went for the same look as well (with my AI generated hero images in midjourney haha) I will provide you with a wireframe of exactly what I want. Everythinng else is just inspiration, but the wireframe should be set. I want biiig call to action buttons. Lastly, if during the creative process you have suggestions, or suggestion something regarding the content, or even if making it longer than this makes sense let me know, and I'm open to thi...

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    ...attention. And then with nagitation, theres literally only 2 buttons that lead to 1 singular goal. So this is kind of the structure I want to follow, and then hand over the creativity to a great designer. The 888casino one I think is probably the greatest example of what I'm looking for. Even in my own banner that I made I kind of went for the same look as well (with my AI generated hero images in midjourney haha) I will provide you with a wireframe of exactly what I want. Everythinng else is just inspiration, but the wireframe should be set. I want biiig call to action buttons. Lastly, if during the creative process you have suggestions, or suggestion something regarding the content, or even if making it longer than this makes sense let me know, and I'm open to thi...

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    Google sheet reads the 100 prompts to Discord / Midjourney to generate the images Download the generated images

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    I am seeking a talented digital artist/prompt engineer for a creative Midjourney illustration project. Open to any Generative AI tool as well aside from Midjourney. I will start with one image of an area of a Family Entertainment Concept and there will be 6-8 more with more budget after the first one delivered with success. Style of Illustration: - High quality and lots of details, may need many iterations to achieve what I have in mind - Conceptual realistic - Colourful sketch - Cyberpunk inspired I will provide a detailed briefing as well as a mood board. Specific References: - The client will provide specific references and examples of the desired style. Intended Use: - The illustration will be for personal use. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Str...

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    ...know if everything can be automated. If not, can you tell me what is, and what isn't? If all the tasks can be automated, that's wonderful! Initial element: I have a theme, example: Fighter plane. Task 1: Create Prompt with ChatGPT for Midjourney. From this theme, I want ChatGPT to offer me X prompts (the number X is to be defined, for example 10), using different prompts each time to have different renderings in Midjourney (each prompt must vary ambiances, styles, ...). Task 2: I want the different prompts to be added to my Discord channel with the Midjourney bot, if possible always automatically, and for each prompt to be launched in succession. Task 3: I want to have each result in a very large format. Currently, I first generate each image individ...

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    3 Label for a Wine Bottle Etickets with AI I am looking for a traditional-modern style label for a wine bottle etickets. However, I am open to suggestions and would li... - Ability to work with AI technology for enhancing the design - Attention to detail for the label size requirements I need a design for a label for a wine bottle. A total of 3 etickets. The sizes are: 8 cm x 10 cm. One of the labels is a pdf photo, so there only need to be adjusted colors and filters. Even for the other two labels I already have a basic photo that I can use. If you use midjourney artificial intelligence is fine with me, I need an example to send to the client. The colors and design should be professionalized in very good quality. I can pay you a total of 30 Euro, after the work is finished. ...

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    I need a help from a master of Midjourney to create some images of concept for a dental and esthetic clinic, luxury one, dedicated for kids especially but also for adults. Images must represent a colourful and pop aesthetic but close to a baroque style. 1 or 2 images of cabinet and 1 or 2 images of the waiting room will be good for start. More could be ask during the project. To be discussed.

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    AI Expert with image-generating skills such as DALL-E 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion as a specialty. The specific Genre is Afro-futuristic, so creative ideas and samples of work are encouraged and will be rewarded. The picture of Miles Morales starring in Guardians of the Galaxy, after Marvel fired them all, after Vegas. What would that universe look like? *The contest is to duplicate making your character do a series of 5 pictures to continue one act. I am looking for skills for a comic I developed. Ongoing work opportunity. Please re-read the posting

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    I am looking for...the scene of the collar being worn against a photo of a model dog. Compositing can already be done in Photoshop. But only compositing... By using AI, I would like to create a more convenient and innovative image, not a composite image, but a beautiful image of the product being worn, even if the orientation, color, etc. are not correct. I would like to have this done. I have experience using Midjourney, but it didn't turn out exactly as I had imagined. I am open to suggestions when it comes to the style and appearance of the images, and there will not be a need for multiple angles or perspectives of each product. The expected volume of images to be generated is less than 100. If you think you would be a good fit for this project, please don't hesita...

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    I write a script to automatically generate midjourney images and then download them, however after about 1000 download i ran into 403 error from server side, I modified the headers im sending but still no luck, i need a specialist to assist

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    I am looking for someone who provides me the the commands with the Midjourney bot to create similar assets to the ones attached. But the created assets should have different colors and look different, just with the same art style. Attention: The attached picture contains 4 different icons. I need 4 pictures: Helmet, Shoes, Chest, Shoes. Each in 256x256 size. I'll pay 50$ to the first entry who uploads 4 AI-generated (by Midjourney) pictures in the same art style but different looking to the one attached. And this person needs to send me the midjourney bot command via chat and also explain how it works to change a bit.

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    My app uses AI to generate images. Need to use the perfect prompts (text) to give as input to the app. Any experts here? I will give my description in the chat.

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    I am looking for a designer with extensive experience using Ai for a graphic design project. Specifics: - create realistic imagery for fashion and beauty industry. Think Vogue models and shots - not fantasy artwork styles. -...augmented designer can do to improve/change/expand/improve images from the shoot. Initial scope: $100 to create 20 new images/variants at high finish level from a few hundred photo images (i.e. have enough pictures to have sample from) Ongoing work - if the work is good there will be plenty of ongoing mini project work Ideal skills and experience: - Extensive experience using AI (e.g Firefly, Midjourney, etc.) - Strong graphic design skills - Ability to incorporate specific ideas into the design - Efficient and able to complete the project within the give...

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    I'm looking for a talented Midjourney artist who can create character images in a consistent style.

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    ...will take into consideration, when building the webpage. - Excellent communication skills and ability to collaborate with clients like me. - You have time to start right now, and since we should be finish the 23/10. - You will make 40 pages in news menu. News will be renamed to blogs. I will give you the headline and text, which I will create on chatGPT. The pictures, you will make using app Midjourney, or another AI program, which you have account to. Because I dont have that. (Write code 123456 as the first work when you reply, to the task, so I know you have read the text. If you proposel do not start with word 123456. I will not read it. The text on the homepage in general, is something we make together. I dont have all the ideas and text. But it will be created chatgpt b...

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    We will use 1.midjourney diffusion to create a fashionable full body of the bear-like character I gave you and then combine it with the bear face. This can be done very easily in stable deffsion. can watch my tutorial video to see how to do it or can also google or youtube tutorials with the keywords Also, the prompts to generate fashion body backgrounds are listed ://

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    ...optimize the design process and enhance creative output. Qualifications: Proven experience in graphic design, preferably with experience in using AI tools and technologies in design creation. A strong portfolio showcasing your graphic design work and any experience with AI-driven design projects. Proficiency in AI technologies and graphic design software such as Adobe Creative Suite, Midjourney, Dall-E 2 etc. Strong knowledge of design principles (i.e., typography, colour theory, and visual composition). Ability to analyse data and user feedback to inform design decisions. Strong creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Desired Skills: Knowledge of AI: Understanding of AI technologies, machine lear...

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    ...for your small business. A central hub where a small business can input info about their company, such as their website, and the software will output images from Midjourney, marketing copy from chatpgt and build them a customer service bot from ChatGPT. Likely integrate with Stripe or PayPal for the recurring payments to access the portal. Reference: a combination of and Then after this is done we will start a second project to build in things like logo design, social media posting etc. - Primary Goal: Build a user interface that connects via API to ChatGPT and Midjourney - Design: Specific design details provided by the client - Preferred Platform: Website Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AI and natural language

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    I am looking for an experienced midjourney expert who can help me with an AI image change project. I have a large number of images that need to be edited, with specific changes including removing backgrounds and replacing them with realistic backgrounds. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in AI image editing tools and techniques - Strong background in background removal and replacement - Knowledge of color correction and resizing - Ability to create realistic backgrounds - Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines If you have the skills and experience required for this project, please submit your proposal.

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    Looking for someone with strong Ai Midjourney manipulation skills to design an image from a base photo and add detail. This is NOT an illustration artist job. I am wanting a single colour screen print file, photorealistic.

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    ...business Content scheduling and community management Working with AI tools to repurpose content both written and video Designing creative using Photoshop or Canva Posting to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube To complete these tasks you should be familiar with the following apps: Google workspace, specifically: Gmail, Gdrive, Google Spreadsheets Squarespace AI tools like ChatGPT, , Midjourney ClickUp Convert Kit LeadPages SUCCESSFUL VIRTUAL ASSISTANT PERSONALITY PROFILE You’re an excellent problem solver and enjoy doing that. You’re proactive and responsible. If you see that something can be done more efficiently – you come forward with a solution. You don’t bring problems to the table without researching the solution first. You’re an effec...

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    I am looking for someone to create images like the ones attached (mountain cabins, rolling hills) with a cinematic look

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    I need somebody to run some prompt on midjourney on a daily basis Each picture would need about 20 prompt with correction , so i need somebody experiecne with an eye for design I'll pay 2$ per picture, i will provide the list of prompt I do'nt need some bot running , I need somebody with an eye for design abble to adjust and modify accoding to the image I don't pay much , but it's a chance to start on the AI design side, so things can move in the future

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    ...looking for a freelancer to run a specific prompt, against Midjourney in order to create sets of 12 images per item. I need images for more than 1,000 items, so this project will involve creating a large number of images. The price suggested is not for all 1,000 items, I would suggest starting with a smaller number or breaking it into batches. This can be to your speed, I am not worried about the speed, so can work to your downtime. The prompt is very successful and the set of 12 images is likely to be completed within 4-5 prompt runs. There is no post processing to be done, just simply save the images after upscaling from Midjourney. You must use Midjourney 5.2. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience working with Midjourney and running prompts - Pro...

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    ...children's book, so I would love to work with someone who has experience. I would really like to see your version of Audrey based on the images attached, and perhaps how you might draw her as a young child as well (the book covers her childhood up to about age 23). I don't want it to look like digital art, I really love the simple, classic drawing look here (my gosh it was difficult to get in Midjourney!!). - The illustrations should be in a a hand-drawn style matching the AI-generated reference images attached to this job, capturing the essence of Audrey Hepburn's iconic look and style. - I am open to suggestions for the color scheme, so the illustrator can use their creativity to bring the illustrations to life. - The illustrations should be fun and engag...

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    ...Moon. That means we need someone who not only can create stunning motion graphics, but also does sound design using the right music & SFX whether the scene is emotional, mysterious, suspenseful, or joyful. This would require using Premiere Pro for Editing & others like After Effects & Photoshop when compositing the Motion Graphics. We're all about incorporating AI into our edits, we have a midjourney account for you to use & produce images that accommodate with what's being said in the videos. We'll be creating 2 (5 Minute Videos) per month per client. The style these videos are shot are with a mix of talking head footage with motion graphics overlaying like James Jani. To test out editors, I have a 40-second clip for you to edit & see if yo...

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    YouTube...Design 1 thumbnail per week initially - Ability to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality designs - Excellent communication skills to understand requirements and make revisions if needed - Able to work iteratively to create the final thumbnail - Expert at Photoshop and/or any other thumbnail design software like Lightroom, Canva or others. - You’re able to use AI software like Photoshop AI and Midjourney or you’re willing to level up to make the most of AI to help generate the best thumbnails possible. - You have extensive experience designing thumbnails on YouTube and understand what it takes to make a clickable title and thumbnail combination. Application: Please include your experience in YouTube thumbnail design and provide samples of your past work for e...

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    id need weekly thumbnails for YouTube, id mostly send example thumbnais and would want to get as close to a result as possible. I dont need 1000% perfect results, I need them good and realistic enough so that they can be finalized with a bit of Photoshop editing Example, I send you a basketball thumbnail but want things replaced/changed to a tennis thumbnail, example in the attached file: Roger federer and Rafael nadal on a flooded blue tennis court making similar expressions as the basketball players Are you able to make that?

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    To elaborate, during the development process, you have the flexibility to craft your own graphics . Alternatively, you can utilize tools like Midjourney. We're also open to any other tools or suggestions you might bring to the table! Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in using "Framer" to build websites - Strong design skills and experience in creating visually appealing websites - Knowledge of interactive elements and ability to integrate them seamlessly into the website.

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    Midjourney Prompt Engineer Needed! ? Seeking a creative Midjourney Prompt Engineer to craft unique prompts for our Etsy store. Role involves generating captivating prompts for various artistic categories and products. Must have experience with Midjourney or similar AI tools and a passion for art and design. What you will need to do: Generate versatile prompts for diverse artistic categories. Stay updated with market trends to produce resonating prompts. Requirements: Experience with Midjourney or similar AI tools. Experience with chatgpt Understanding of excel to store prompts

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