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    Add mod(2) XOR Gauss-Jordon solver to an existing boolean calaculator tool 1) tool currently acts on a single statement, add multiple statement input to language, parse tree, and symbol table 2) extract parse tree into a mod(2) linear algebra arrays and solve with Gauss-Jordon 3) Output all solved terms as a single product term 4) Output

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    I need the BIOS of an HP setup utility modified to support legacy boot. The bios is called [login to view URL] v7.16 (attached below). I've also attached a picture with more BIOS information.

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    I have a vbulletin forum. I want a method to set it up so that when someone types a word, in the post, it automatically turns into a URL based on a list I make. So, for example, if someone types isl95530, it would become a link in the post, and link to [login to view URL] automatically. Someone DID create this modification for older versions vbulletin already, and posted the source code h...

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    I'm seeking to pay a programmer to join our Role Play gamign community, we currently run Ark and Conan servers and are looking to code a GTA 5 FiveM mod LUA server. please message me and we can talk more about this, I understand FiveM is basic Lua coding and have been attempting to learn myself, but would like to pay for someone to help things get

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    I need an existing website to be re-created. I already have a project, I just need you to do it. Need to: Dynamic sitemap Https address Mobile responsive / desktop optimized W3 CSS3 template (only for front end about 15 different pages) google capta for email form google PageSpeed Insights minimum 95pt desktop and mobile NO SEO MODIFICATIONS NEEDED website is [login to view URL]

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    Add some fields to a table devices Add a report

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    I am looking for a simplified version of an existing free PLEX plugin called [login to view URL] [available on github] - This plugin loops through a channel list [called: playlist], then creates categories and sub categories from the list, and allows playback when clicked on a channel on the lowest level of the list hierarchy - I want a plugin that still runs off the channel list, but the channel ...

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    I have an issue with my server, i did an update and now all of my website have 404 errors, it would seem to be an issue with mod rewrite

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    I need some changes to an existing website. I'm looking for a head dev (20$/week), a manager (paid based on donations and possibly will be changed to 20/week once we get more donations), and staff that's unpaid. Head dev will be in charge of all the projects we introduce under the group's name which is "The Royalty". Manager will be head staff on gmod server (besides ...

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    ...for others. [login to view URL] At the moment people can only offer 1 service per post. Would it be possible to add a mod so people can offer more than 1 service in their advert and if other people buy the extra services then the price automatic changes according to what they require. ie they offer

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    I need install new file server + nginx mod

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    i need install new FS server for XfileSharingPro for file server,100% working nginx mod . Only for users who know xfilesharingscript

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    ...that we can send to mostly our strategic partners as an attachment. (using MOD 3 as the main image) • A 600 x 600 px jpg image to use in an HTML email with a similar announcement embedded. (using MOD 2 as the main image) • An oversized postcard offering the same. (using MOD 3 as main image) • A double sided 8.5 x 11 flyer which we can print for in

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    i have custom checkout form in woocomerce i want to make all fields be REQUIRED (actually just 3 fields is missing to be required because the others are already fine) Additionally the non filled field border should become red. looking someone start now and finish today. This should not a lot of time

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    i need install nginx mod for XfileSharingPro for file server,100% working mod

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    i need install nginx mod for XfileSharingPro for file server,100% working mod for my file servers..................................................................................

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    Looking to make a registration menu for a grand theft auto server. When the player connects to the server for the first time** - the menu pops open allowing players to set their characters phone number, first name, and last name which will be saved in a mysql database. A tutorial made by some one else i obviously cant understand ;P [login to view URL]

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    Things we are looking for in the map Star Ship based on USS Enterprise - NCC-1701-D (or Enterprise-D). We are not looking for the ship fully rendered down to every walkway, Just some important rooms. (main Deck)The Bridge as a whole, With captions room and the Meeting room, Turbo Lift that leads to other deck’s Mess Hall / Observation Deck Engineering Cargo Bay Living Quarters (We ...

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    Install and configure plugin (php/js).

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    Hello, I need someone that will do MOD BIOS on my radeon cards for better mining speed of ethereum and less poewer consuption. I have the following cards: -Gigabyte Radeon RX 570 4GB Aorus -MSI RX 480 Gaming X 4GB -GIGABYTE G1 GAMING RADEON RX 470 4 GB -Sapphire Radeon RX 480 NITRO+ 8GB -MSI RX 470 4GB GAMING X -Sapphire AMD Radeon RX 470 OC

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    We are going to be using visual studio and ida pro to develop a mod menu for gta 5 online pc.

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    Ionic app mod Tamat left

    Hi there, my client needs a couple of modifications over the ionic app

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    I need you to develop GTA V online mod menu for me. I want all the features in it. like money option, recovery options, God mode etc.

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    I need you to develop GTA V online mod menu for me. I would like all the features in it. like God mode, Recovery options etc.

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    Install apache module mod-rewrite on my VPS and rename it from [login to view URL] to .htaccess in order to be able to activate the Use SEO URL's function on my Open Cart control panel.

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    Opencart, in admin page when uploading images set sorting order to NEWEST with VQ mod

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    I have a design for a menu that needs to be able to run in Grand Theft Auto Online for Xbox 360. The final product needs to be in an XEX file. Whoever takes on this project must have access to Grand Theft Auto 5 script mods for Xbox 360 in order to build the menu. What you'll be doing, will allow myself to adjust my account into within the game such as money in account, my rank, my skill l...

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    AMUPX Mod Menu Tamat left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C or C++. A GTA Online Mod Menu

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    I have a design for a mod menu that will need to be used in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online for Xbox 360. The menu needs to be finished in an XEX file. Whoever takes on the project will have to know how to take in-game animations, characters, outfits, and various props/animals and put them into my menu design. Whoever takes it on will also have to know how

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    Make the mod for me, and some adjustments to the game architecture.

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    Hello coders, I have bought ...the website look like this (OR better looking): [login to view URL] Some functions i dont need: - I dont need a blog - i dont need users to login You can mod the existing script to look at forum help here: [login to view URL] LOWEST BIDDING WINS I DONT HAVE MUCH BUDGET !

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    I'm using the "Scripturizer" plugin for wordpress but I need a small change to the file structure. [login to view URL] Automatically generated plugin links must have this structure: es. [login to view URL] Not this one http://www.bible.com/bible/122/Marco+6%3A7 Thank you

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    46 bida

    Hello reader, I am looking for someone to make me a simple Garry's Mod internal SDK with simple features like: Createmove Hook PaintTraverse Hook

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    3 bida

    build a GUI to my python script

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    6 bida

    build a GUI to my python script

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    I want a photorealistic custom track mod for the PC game rFactor the track is Formula E in Hong Kong. requirements: 1. freelancer should learn the requiring modding software yourself [login to view URL] track should work with the game with no bugs that hamper the gaming experience [login to view URL] physical features like IFC and other buildings should be presented in the track

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    8 bida

    MUST have own CS:GO account to test and play different game servers. Most of everything you will code is already built and can be referenced in Allied Modders([login to view URL])...no need to re-create the wheel. You will not be compensated for re-creating anything available. The goal is to optimize and create required plugins for the server if something is broken in order to get a zombie escape...

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    19 bida

    ...highlight our rebellious spirit. This is not going to be an official logo but we're always experimenting with ways of how we can express ourselves. The logo needs to read "P-Mod" or "P Mod" (stands for "Platform Modernization") and needs to be styled according to Hip Hop culture trends. Please minimize the amount of graphic content (e.g. icons...

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    Amember API issue - Need to create api endpoint that will return same information like this endpoint [login to view URL] But only for currently authorized user, api enpoint should be next /api/users/profile

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    12 bida

    This mod is similar to delivery by pin code but instead of pin code the delivery area is marked in google map and delivery done only for those areas marked pls check [login to view URL] need this as a popup and also when the client clicks on add to cart button in the product page it has to redirect to the search location popup and if the

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    3 bida

    Sibsoft xfilesharing pro script ftp mod + advanced download mod (nginx 100% download) We have a file host running of sibsoft's xfilesharing pro version 2.4 script. We already have ftp mod and advanced download mod (nginx 100% download). But we do not have the installation steps. And it is not affordable to ask sibsoft to install the mods on new server

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    3 bida

    ...com/articles/for-beginners/url-rewriting-for-beginners/ [login to view URL] Also, there is a Automated Generator .htaccess website: [login to view URL] Please help me tackle this as soon as possible, Mr. Soban will take care of your payment. MAIN TASK

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    13 bida
    Mod MXPlayer Tamat left

    Hi. I would need Modded MX Player. What do i need? Rewrite code that the Loop once option is by deafault checked on And the HW+ decoder enabled dy deafault as well

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    4 bida
    forge mod Tamat left

    I'm actually looking for a dev for a forge mod on 1.6.4 version of minecraft. We need a complete rework of the main menu.

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    6 bida

    I need you to mod my original Xbox (not the 360 or Xbox one. I just need one video game mod it's called star wars old republic two the sith Lords.

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    Ik zou graag een Roleplay game mode hebben voor grand theft auto v er is een API die je kan gebruiken. Dit is de link waar je de API kan bekijken ([login to view URL]) . Het zou er ongeveer zo moeten uit zien later meer details. [login to view URL] Heeft iemand interesse en wat zou dat ongeveer kosten ?

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    Produce a "system builder" page for the Opencart site [login to view URL] Here is an example from another site/ solution [login to view URL] we require a walk through product builder First page would give choice of 2 options either "HD Analogue" or "IP system" (just 2 different spec ranges) Both will lead to the same process, just have different product optio...

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    39 bida

    ...side. I am wanting to be able to choose one or more players to look like he is in my flight after the battle begins. It is simply a way to keep up with his location. The mod, hopefully, can be shared with certain other people so I can be clicked on also, thereby forming flights at any time during the battle. The next level would be to be able

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    I have recently purchased a gmod server off a hosting website. I want to start the server up but cant figure out how for the life of me.

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    12 bida

    I would like to build several interrelated minecraft mods, starting with a ore and resource pack, and eventually building upwards into complex magical and technological ...project is the ore and resource pack, the foundation for the rest of the mods. I have the textures for the new blocks and items, but I require assistance to create the code and mod.

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