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    This program will post the following local system data to a web URL every 5 minutes. -System Hostname -System Uptime (Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds) The program should live in the system tray, and when clicked on should present the following screen. I have the VB source files for this interface so all there really is to do is the system tray functionality, auto posting and manual posting (U...

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    What I need is a program that, given a series of web pages, uses the Google API to monitor the web for possible copies of the text. The specs are not yet done on this project, so: 1) I am open to suggestions, proposing good ideas here might be a factor in selecting your bid 2) I realize that after the final specs are done, you might want to change your

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    File Notifier Tamat left

    File watcher-- We need to have a program or ?/ that will monitor a directory and series of folders on an individual PC. The program will detect any new files within the individual folder and notify PC the owner of any change via e-mail. cell phone, or ?. ( time for monitoring should be able to be set individually prehapos by .ini file) In

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    ...on his plan and can dedicate themself to this project) what can write the code for the backend of the following mock up app. <[login to view URL]> This mock up is currently pulling the mockup data from a mySQL db. This is the bid for the front end of the project <[login to view URL]

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    An ActiveX component to monitor files which are being copied out of my PC. Files can be copied out to an external hard disk, network shared folders or any devices attached to the USB port( be it bluetooth devices, Infrared devices, flash drive..etc.) serial port or comm port. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in

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    $30 - $100
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    # MySQL CALENDAR REMINDER # SYSTEM TRAY ICON The idea here is to create a simple System Tray Icon that will poll a single table within any MySQL database for 5 pieces of information and display the results in a small popup window as a reminder of a scheduled event. All details can be found [here][1] with detailed descriptions and screen shots that have the look and feel I am going for. ##...

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    We have users in the company that are monitored for Quality Assurance. We need to ability to monitor them without their knowledge. **A popup window notifies them of being monitored. ** This project has a Client and a Server side. Our Recommendation for the Server (open to suggestions): All the clients talk back to a Server. That server keeps

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    $100 - $750
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    Hi, I am looking for SHELL Script which checks for Log every 10 mins and grep for an error(s). If it finds an error it will email the error portion but when it checks again after 10 mins for the same Log it SHOULD exclude (ignore) the previous error and start from where it had left the log 10 Min back. Basically this script will run as cron job every 10 Min and check the Log file for errors and ...

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    ... The problem that I have is that sometimes the exe will not run for several reasons and my application then sends out erronious or bad data. I need some vehicle that will monitor the exe to see that it completed and saved the data file (On all the reports that I have built when it errors out it will not save a current file, each file replaces the previous

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    ...12 hours ago and note changes between two files. 4. Develop a script so I can isolate rows of changed data I am interested in. I should be able to add more parameters to monitor the changes for between the latest downloaded file and the file downloaded 12 hours ago. 5. Create script to email me latest changes every 12 hours or view directly from web

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    ...adapter and an additional monitor. Send screen display information to the client application. Support Gdi, DirectDraw and video playback. The client application will: Display a resizeable window. Scale and display the information received from the driver(s). Disable itself if it is within the bounds of the virtual monitor (to prevent hanging)

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    $100 - $500
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    ...automatically boot up with windows.) After the program is installed, it would then have to save the users name, address, telephone, and email address into the program. It would then monitor the user's computer for how much internet data is being transmitted and recieved, and how many, and what ports have been or are opened throughout the day. The program would

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    I Need a .dll or ActiveX control written to do the following (I want to use it with Visual Basic 6): 1.) listen for network traffic on network cards. The .dll or activeX will fire an event when traffic arrives and will parse out traffic as described below: - Port 25 - SMTP Traffic - Returns text of the email being sent - Port 110 - POP3 Traffic - Returns the text of emails being receiv...

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    i need a customized packet monitor with a twist. and another project done as well. need to contact programmer via msn or yahoo.

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    Alert Manager Tamat left

    ...the SDK « OPC .NET API 1.30 » from OPC foundation are mandatory for the acquisition module. C# (C-sharp) of the Microsoft Framework 2.0 is the chosen language for this project. Not exhaustive requirements list: Two types of Alarm : Digital, and Limits (fix and variable). Visualize real time and historical alarms statuses. Monitor up to 3000 tag

    $500 - $5000
    $500 - $5000
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    We need a webpage for a personal radiation monitor product. There is an american site with alot of disorganized information about the product, but this site is for the northern european market. The information needs to be better organized, and the focus sales approach needs to be changed to suite the targeted climate (focus on "good insurance

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    I need someone with good knowledge of .Net to do various desktop/web applications for me. Currently I need someone who can develop an application which can change wallpaper on desktop with Dual Monitor support. I have many other .Net projects and the winner of this project can expect some ongoing work from me. I prefer individual freelancers and

    $100 - $300
    $100 - $300
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    I need a program/format on an existing computer program/new process to monitor gross profit & receivables each month, as efficiently as possible. Currently I am having to track information in 3 places at least, as money comes in, which is at any given time, during the month, and it very inefficient. I have Excel, Quickbooks, and possibly some other

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    ...enter payment means and budget, select search engine (Google and/or Yahoo/Overture only for now), and then monitor results through the reports. We do not need the phone forwarding service that ReachLocal offers. It must be developed in .Net with SQL Server backend. The payment interface must be developed with a simple web service interface with

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    Creation of a windows application (must run in Windows XP) that will monitor access to a specified file. When the file is accessed, the program needs to send an email to a specified address. The file to monitor, smtp server, from address, recipient, subject and body of the message will be configured and stored for future use. Can be read from an ini

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