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    This is a user story spike - not a finished project - it will leverage existing proprietary files. The winning bid developer must sign an NDA and IP agreement s (handled through Freelancer) prior to being awarded the gig and prior to starting the work. Here is the user story spike that needs to be completed to receive payment. AS A user of a MIDI Playlist Player app I NEED to pick one or many mid...

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    Buenas Luis Alfredo, estoy produciendo un tema del género musical "Chillhop" o "Lofi hiphop" me gustaría saber si podrías añadir unos arreglos de trompeta al tema, son solo un par de compases. Yo podria pasarte ideas en midi para que pilles el hilo que pretendo lograr. Que me dices, ¿tienes diponibilidad?

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    I'm an expert in music and music education but a novice at coding. I did successfully use python and a library called Music21 to parse songs from midi and xml files to return colored note heads with interval numbers based on musical key (with a dictionary of dictionaries), a screen shot is attached. I need help recreating this code and building a considerably bigger one with added functions...

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    I'm an expert in music, novice at coding, but I've studied enough python to be able to have written a code that uses a dictionary of dictionaries to return the song's interval numbers based on it's (musical) key. I studied the python library from MIT's music department called Music21, and used it to parse a midi or musicxml file to get the pitch value and the rhythm value...

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    Design a class-compliant USB MIDI controller that takes physical inputs and outputs MIDI Continuous Controller (CC) messages via USB to a computer or synthesizer

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    ESPAÑOL: 1. Servicio de transcripción de partituras musicales manuscritas a un formato digital. 100% personalizado, rápido, preciso y profesional. El precio puede variar según la complejidad de las composiciones, desde $8 hasta $30 (USD). • Envía fotos de tus composiciones o partituras echas a mano, y yo las transcribiré por ti. • Te ...

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    I have a project for the design of Functional Toys incorporating lights, and human control through gestures by the use of existing MIDI Protocol Bluetooth Technology. As part of the product design process, the ultimate product will be developed collaboratively, by incorporating the [Members] of the final product R&D team into into the profit share structure. The website I need designed nee...

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    Hi Gelu I., as discussed previously, I'm hiring you to record my piano project (real piano playing on Casio Midi controller + VST steinway piano arrangement).

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    Zlecę stworzenie aplikacji pod system Android komunikującej się z urządzeniem do nauki gry na perkusji przez Bluetooth. Prototyp urządzenia będzie wykonywany równolegle przez elektronika. - oprogramowanie główne jako plik wejściowy przyjmować ma plik MIDI. - po wybraniu tempa i wciśnięciu przycisku Play przez użytkownika urządzenie powinno wizualizować nuty na perkusji - komendy z k...

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    Now I will briefly describe the concept of the site. I'm a DJ and I have over 5000 remixes, mashup, mixtapes that I share freely with everyone in one facebook group that we have for years and there a lot of colleagues publish their covers of songs and I collect it and post it on a site that I did myself and it's functional but not nice and it takes me a very long time to post the materia...

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    Hello, I am looking for an Arduino programmer, my goal is to be able to connect my arduino chip with a MIDI DIN plug (5pin) to my music software (native instrument) so that the arduino chip is recognized as a MIDI device. Then when a midi note will be played I will want to send this note to a connected motor so that it can execute the information in the tempo. and each time my software's ...

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    I am looking for information on how apps are developed - to assist me in designing a specific music and midi idea. I currently run the idea using a combination of computer and external interface equipment and am looking to produce a functional app that solves the problems of the set up being too complicated to use. I am a music teacher and performer (specifically a piano teacher and a west end mus...

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    Hi, my name is Alberto Galluzzo. I deal with the production of SoundFont files in GM | GS | XG format. I need to have my own software for playing MIDI and MP3 files, and for MIDI to use sf2 files as a sound source. With this software, the soundfont files must be protected from any unauthorized copies, the application must be able to run on the most used platforms such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, And...

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    I have most of. this done (midi track wise) and have a good idea of what I am trying to do with the track but am really struggling to get the sounds from the vsts that I am looking for. at this point I have just been driving myself crazy going through every frigging instrument in the daw and tutorial I can find but I think at this point for my sake I should just attempt to hire someone to work on ...

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    I'm looking for a simple software that has these capabilities : #1_Simultaneous playback of several audio and midi lines (installation of sound card capability) in the form of a single timeline, Also the ability to send and receive signals in real-time (like a DAW); With the ability to add and subtract latency for each line #2_An internal interface is required to send the output midi signal...

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    This is a user story spike - not a finished project - it will leverage existing proprietary files. The winning bid developer must sign an NDA (handled through Freelancer) prior to being awarded the gig and prior to starting the work. Here is the user story spike that needs to be completed to receive payment. AS A user of a MIDI Player app I NEED to pick one or many midi files from a folder on m...

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    hello It's shivam from Krystal productions. We need a song for our shortfilm. THE LYRICS ARE WITH US AND THE SINGER IS APPROACHED. WE ONLY NEED A MUSIC COMPOSER with low rates as our budget is already tight. If you have an original simple sad composition then we will also write lyrics according to it and if you can compose our lyrics that would be good as well. FULL MIDI WILL BE GOOD AS W...

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    Hi. I was creating a bit of software with a friend who was using javascript to help musicians quickly learn to read 4 part harmony on keyboard. Unfortunately he died but the project lives on. I think the project is about 2/3 complete. It was developed using netbeans and needs to be utilised on Mac and windows. Anyone interested in looking to complete the project?

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    I have some MIDI files to select. Once selected, I want them to play using a Web MIDI API call like "PlayMidiFile" . Is it possible to use the Web MIDI API to play a midi file? If not, I need to use a free open-source JavaScript library for a MIDI function like this. Your proof of concept results might just be a handful of lines in an [log masuk untuk melihat URL] that includes the &l...

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    I need bass lines written in MIDI format. I would like 50 bass lines covering various genres. Then I would like them transposed to all 12 keys/tonalities.

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    I need midi stems for a project. i will provide original track to copy

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    saya bisa membuat suara midi menjadi seperti suara instrument asli

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    Hi, I would like to have, in case it's possible, a C/C++ program writen for the Arduino compatible "ESP32", that loads a text file in a Windows folder in the computer where the Arduino is connected to. I know that "usually" the answer will be "it is not possible" and that the "typicall" way would be that the Arduino sends data over the serial port, an...

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    To work with API integrations, Jason files, etc. SOUND ENGINEER: to carry out the a Capella singer recordings in a vocal studio. Prepare the recorded material and provide the edited and numbered WAV files. b) MUSIC PRODUCER: to compose instrumental backing tracks, as well as the vocal melodies. Export the original composed material as WAV files (instrumental) and MIDI or MusicXML files (melodies).

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    We need convert some songs to General midi (GM).

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    I want to host a library of vocal exercises that a user can play in real time, change the key and tempo for optimal practice sessions. Cross-platform is ideal, but preference to mobile app first. I presume it will play from MIDI files. I would like the user to be able to save their favorite exercises for frequent use, create a playlist of exercises and possibly create custom exercises as well. I a...

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    I have a video hosted on youtube, it is a Coldplay medley. I need some part of the music in the video to be transcribed into accurate piano notes on sheet music. The transcribe needs to be accurate, and comes with MIDI or mp3 file as well. Skills required: You will need to have substantial experience in music, especially the piano. Transcribing skills. A good ear.

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    looking for someone to take midi, pdf scores, and other limited in completeness music tasks and bring each of the peices to a complete play along professional recorded track to which a trumpet can play to. trumpet part will need a well edited, written sheet/score. the play along music has to be professional done with difference versions (with trumpet, without trumpet, with guitar, without, with pi...

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    I would like to do a set of beltpacks ( 8 units portables ) that transmiter a sensor signal to receiver. It will convert each signal to midi instruction. Once the prototype pass the test i would like to do a standalone (PCB)

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    I need to incorporate midi send (to a hardware device) into my project. Ideally I would like a Delphi function that I could incorporate into my project. Something along the lines of SendMidiOut(MidiDeviceIndex, MidiHexArray): Boolean; It would need to work with both Windows and MacOS, 64 bit builds in Firemonkey.

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    We need convert some songs to General midi (GM).

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    Trophy icon Re-Design My Tech Rider Tamat left

    I need to redesign my old tech rider which is 5 years old. I need it to be replaced with new images, with my new logo and new instructions. I have attached my old tech rider to this email, along with my new tech rider draft and new logo. I also need you to re-create my email signature on the page somewhere with my mobile number and email details (I can't put the correct email details in this ...

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    Im selling audio samples and midi files for music production and want some digital cover designs to represent the product. Ive attached the 2 designs I want on the boxes along with some examples of other company's products to give ideas. The first box will display the image of the keyboard with the heading Kickstarter Collection and the subheading will say 180 MIDI Files I want this box to be...

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    Dijamin Peraduan Teratas
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    We are looking for a developer for POC app that convert MIDI file into WAV file. The app can be super simple, and is just used to demonstrate that the conversion is working. We suggest to use FluidSynth as reference. The sample application will take as input a path to the MIDI file and the MIDI file name, a channel number within the MIDI to export (for example, channel 0 = grand piano), and a SF2...

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    $30 - $250
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    I want to scrap the site to draw data from this site [log masuk untuk melihat URL] download :Title - Descrition - Midi - musicxml

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    i'm looking for someone to create a drop melody. All i need is a top melody, chords and bass. i just need the midi file. Track Reference's [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Budget $50

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    Drum Craft 1 Tamat left

    I want to reproduce recorded drum kit sounds. I will provide a number of .wav audio file of the sound of a drum kit being played. Each file will play for anything between 5 and 8 minutes (average about 6 minutes). I need somebody who can listen to each recording, understand which drum-kit components are in use and create separate audio and midi files that match the original as closely as possib...

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    Looking for a software programmer - Language C C++ Assembler with experience in Development of Electronic Circuitry and Hardware .. Knowledge of PCB design and Schematic design ... are main area of work being RF and Bluetooth Devices. We wish to develop a product and GUI to work with it and tools to build and assemble its core elements ... Experience with Audio and Video ... Midi triggering and Ab...

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    midi codes Tamat left

    realize midi codes with a prototype board. preferred esp32 or similar arduino

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    a) prototyp obudowy urządzenia: - wykonanie obudowy urządzenia do montażu na zestawie perkusyjnym np. za pomocą klipsa. - z obudowy wychodzić będzie 8 elastycznych wysięgników sięgających do każdego elementu zestawu perkusyjnego zakończonych jasnymi diodami LED. - we wnętrzu obudowy mieściła będzie się elektronika pośrednicząca, np. Arduino z odpowiednim oprogramowaniem pomocniczym do kt&oa...

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    Project 82 Audio & Midi File Creation $40 AUD Fixed Price 4 Hymns 3 Scored 1 Unscored Samples supplied Professional audio sounds required. Project 82

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    Attached is the old file Midi driver used for Yamaha keyboards before Big Sur: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This outdated driver needs to be updated to work specifically with Apple Silicone on the new Mac Mini 64 Bit Don't pay attention to the price- I had to put ion something that we will have to figure the price since I haven't reviewed the source code.

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    Bonjour, comme convenu voici une invitation. 1) Si vous avez des hésitations faites-moi signe. Comme je suis en pleine période d'évaluations je vous demande de bien vouloir me rendre la publication test mardi 24/11 après-midi. 2) Merci de m'indiquer grâce à un chrono, ou clockify par exemple : a) combien de temps de recherche cela vous a pris ...

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    I have a code for a capacitive esp bluetooth midi device. I need it modified (playing notes contemporary and add more notes)

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    I have a code for a capacitive esp bluetooth midi device. I need it modified (playing notes contemporary and add more notes)

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    Solve some issues with midi playback of PianoStream app.

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    Buongiorno, sto cercando una figura che possa programmare e costruire un sistema Arduino per collegare via MIDI una luce che segnali quando una registrazione audio è in corso sul programma Pro Tools. Lo stesso sistema potrebbe controllare anche l'attivazione di una ventola per il ricambio dell'aria all'interno di una stanzetta per la registrazione vocale. All'opposto del...

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    I have a react.js website and I'm going to add a new feature with magenta-js. Exactly I want real-time piano subscribe with Onset and Frames model of Magenta. Onset and Frames model is for converting raw audio piano file to midi format. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] There is a demo which processes whole audio file or whole recoding and we need it done realtime processing while recording and...

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