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    menulis minit mesyuarat untuk advisory board meeting untuk university mahsa besertakan rakaman mesyuarat yang telah diambil

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    EduTainment - Interactive Learning metode belajar yang menggabungkan antara materi pelajaran dan teknologi. Materi pelajaran dibuat dengan kemasan menarik (3D interactive) ditampilkan lewat media komputer, tablet atau interactive board.

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    Hardware Requirement specifications 1 Media control board design using Broadcom BCM2xxx family chipset 2 "SSD Interface (Storage device) - 2nos required. Two slots are required to connect the SSD externally. NVME or compatible interface. " 3 Minimum 4TB or higher capacity SSD should support in both the SSD interface slots. SSD should be removable 4 Both the storage devices (SSD's) should be hot swappable 5 TPYE C USB 3.0 - 2nos of interface is required 6 Dual SIM, 5G LTE connectivity is required 7 Device should operate using standard 12VDC external adapters 8 Temperature Rnge: -30 to 85 Deg.C 9 Compliance: FCC Part 15 class A, EN 61000-6-4 (generic), EN 61000-6-2(generic) Reference schematics 1 Reference schematics will be given at the start of the project Deliver...

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    Hi Athiraniday! I hope you've been doing well over there. I've got a similar job to our previous ones together, if you have any interest it's all yours! I'm in need of 100 human-like raccoon images. They should images of a single raccoon, and be things such as raccoons playing video games, playing instruments, dressed in costumes or sunglasses, etc. I've put together a sample board for reference of the types of images I'm looking for here:

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    ...roles and responsibilities (for instance, student government, jobs on campus, clubs, and organizations) o Community-based leadership roles and responsibilities (for instance, memberships or participation with networking organizations, entrepreneurship incubators, shark tanks, investor groups, etc.). o Students should rely on their discretion when including faith or non-faith-based activities. o Board memberships o Companies or businesses you have started, owned, supported, etc. o Trademarks, patents, or other intellectual property you own or applications you have written. - Special skills, certifications, training, and abilities Ideas include: o Proficient technical skills o Specific technical skills relative to your major, for instance - programming, - specific program competenc...

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    ...and therapists. - Excellent networking and communication skills, capable of promoting our organization to potential candidates effectively. - Ability to work independently and manage multiple recruiting campaigns simultaneously. - Knowledge of recruitment trends and practices within the healthcare industry at a national level. This is a pivotal role in ensuring we have the right professionals on board to provide the best care possible. Your contribution will directly influence our capacity to meet patient needs across various states in the U.S. If you have a track record of successful healthcare recruitment and are passionate about making a difference in the healthcare sector, I look forward to your proposal. If you do not have experience in healthcare hiring, please do not app...

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    ...our project from planning to execution, ensuring the team remains cohesive and motivated, and keeping a vigilant eye on both our budget and project timelines to guarantee we meet our objectives efficiently and effectively. Key Responsibilities: - **Project Planning and Coordination**: Drafting and implementing a detailed project plan that aligns with our goals, ensuring all team members are on board with their roles and responsibilities. - **Team Management**: Leading and motivating a diverse team of technology professionals, ensuring top performance and smooth collaboration among members. - **Budget and Timeline Monitoring**: Constantly tracking the project's financial health and adjusting timelines as necessary to prevent overruns and ensure timely completion. Ideal Skil...

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    PCB per the following spec:

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    ...creating a robust and versatile system capable of performing tasks autonomously and efficiently. If you have a knack for microcontroller programming and an innovative mindset, I encourage you to apply and help bring this project to fruition. Here is the project: I am using an Adafruit Feather Adalogger board to attach a 16 neopixel ring and an Adafruit speaker with built in amplifier as well as a couple buttons. Here’s what I want the program to do: Step 1 Toggle LED switch to send power to board Step 2 Push momentary button to start program sequence Step 3 Play a wav file I have setup with Audacity to a mono file with a 22050 sample rate (I think that’s the right rate) Step 4 while playing the wave initiate a LED sequence ( I already have a template I&rsq...

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    I am seeking an experienced PCB designer for a prototyping project. It involves designing a board with components on one side and will have an intermediate level of complexity, having several components and connections. Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience in PCB design - A portfolio of intermediate level PCB designs - Knowledge on component placements and potential heating issues - Ability to deliver high-quality work for prototyping Those with demonstrable experience in prototype development will have a distinct advantage. Also, deadline adherence is critical for this project. Please include examples of your previous work in your bid. Looking forward to potentially working together.

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    I need a professional photographer with a strong aptitude for fashion and editorial photography. I am seeking to create a high fashion studio editorial with a distinct raw and melancholic atmosphere. Key Requirements and Skills: - Proficient in st...fashion and editorial photography. I am seeking to create a high fashion studio editorial with a distinct raw and melancholic atmosphere. Key Requirements and Skills: - Proficient in studio lighting and setup - Experienced in high fashion photography - Demonstrated ability to recreate desired mood and tone - Proficient in Adobe Suite, specifically Photoshop and Lightroom - Basic fashion storytelling skills I look forward to receiving portfolios that highlight your ability to capture raw and melancholic mood in high fashion s...

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    ...Editing**: The core functionality allowing users to upload images, which are then intelligently curated and edited without manual input. - **Text-to-Speech**: Enabling textual content to be converted into lifelike speech, providing narration for the visual story. - **Background Music Generation**: An AI-driven feature that composes and integrates background music, ensuring it aligns with the video’s mood and narrative. To enhance user experience and creative flexibility, the app should also offer comprehensive photo editing capabilities: - **Filters and Effects**: Users can apply a variety of visual enhancements to give their videos a distinctive look. - **Cropping and Resizing**: Essential tools for framing content perfectly within the video. - **Text Overlay**: Allows us...

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    ...Understanding of marketing principles to ensure the flyer effectively promotes the event. - Great communication skills to ensure ideas, feedback, and updates are clearly exchanged. This project is not just about creating a flyer; it's about crafting a message. If you're someone who enjoys transforming concepts into visually captivating materials and has a keen eye for detail, I'd love to have you on board....

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    ...and AI technology, especially projects that involve 3D environments. - Share your experiences that align with the skills listed above, detailing how you've utilized those skills in real-world applications. This is a project with massive demand from our markets in the GCC, where we operated for 20 years and have extended network. Understand that this project is ONLY for experts willing to join on board as partners in a startup we will create as a Separate entity from our main company. Make sure to add a remark in your proposal saying you understand this is not a standard paid job so we know you reached here. This project is not just about building a website; it's about creating an experience. If you're passionate about pushing the boundaries of web development wit...

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    ...Comprehensive business analytics The transformation in their business and the positive outcomes achieved. Voiceover and Text: Include engaging voiceover and on-screen text that clearly explain the features and benefits of ISPCRM. The script provided should be used as a basis, but feel free to enhance it to make the video more engaging. Background Music: Royalty-free background music that complements the mood of the story. Submission Guidelines: Submit your video in MP4 format. Include a brief description of your video and any creative decisions you made. Ensure all content is original or you have the rights to use it. Evaluation Criteria: Adherence to the story and objectives Creativity and originality Quality of animation or video production Clarity of the message and effecti...

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    Trophy icon SportsHub Network Logo Creation 6 hari left

    I'm on the hunt for a seasoned designer to create a compelling logo for my company, ... the predominant colors of sports are red, blue, and green. So, it might be worth considering these in your designs. - Symbols or Words: Given our business identity, integration of sports and network related symbols or words into the design would be ideal. Nonetheless, I'm interested to see how you can creatively incorporate any other relevant symbols or words into the design. - Style and Mood: Your personal interpretation is highly appreciated here. I'm inviting bold, minimalistic, playful, or any style that you think will best represent our brand. Proven experience in logo design and an understanding of sports-related businesses will be the key to success in this project....

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    Trophy icon Elegant Rosery Embroidery Logo 9 hari left

    I'm seeking a talented graphic designer to create a unique logo for "Rosery - Bespoke Hand Embroidery", a business specializing in hand-embroidered canvas sneakers for brides. The logo should encapsulate the essence of our brand, drawing inspiration directly from the moodboard I've provided. It must primarily be a typography logo, with floral elements - see mood board, and the R of "Rosery" must be swoopy as the R shown on the moodboard's bottom right corner. Brand colours are included in the moodboard document, however I do prefer a single colour logo. Words I would use to describe the brand include: floral, soft, feminine, clean **Key Requirements:** - **Color Palette:** Utilize the pastel, bold, neutral, or any combinat...

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    Schematics Design 6 hari left

    Hardware Requirement specifications 1 Router Board design using Filogic 880 Chipset. 2 basic / default circuit - Reset , programming interface, Crystal etc 3 Two no's of 10G LAN ports 4 Four no's of Gigabit ports 5 One no's of 2.5G port 6 One no's of WAN port for external modem connectivity 7 ON/OFF & Reboot Switch 8 LED indications for Power, storage, WIFI, security 9 Connectivity: WIFI 6, 6E and WIFI 7 connectivity along with backward compatibility to 3G and 4G 10 6nos of WIFI antennas (tri band) are required 11 Device should operate using standard 12VDC external adapters 12 Temperature Range: -30 to 85 Deg.C 13 Compliance: FCC Part 15 class A, EN 61000-6-4 (generic), EN 61000-6-2(generic) 14 Internal RTC support is required 15 On-Board Nand flash of...

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    ...enforcement actions, and identifying dormant companies on the SEC board. **Key Areas of Focus:** - **Regulatory Framework**: Understanding the structure and scope of rules governing securities in the U.S. - **Enforcement Actions**: Examining case studies and precedent-setting decisions to comprehend their implications. - **Market Operations**: Analyzing market mechanisms and the role of the SEC in ensuring fairness and transparency. - **Compliance Gaps**: Identifying areas where current practices may fall short of SEC standards and regulations. - **Regulation Effectiveness**: Assessing the impact and efficacy of existing SEC regulations. - **Dormant Companies**: Investigating and identifying companies listed on the SEC board that are inactive but still registered. **Idea...

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    ...bringing tranquility and serenity into homes, and I want each listing to reflect the peaceful ambiance my products can create. **Objective:** - Create mesmerizing product listings on Amazon for my incense range. **Key Requirements:** 1. **Product Description:** - Craft engaging and detailed descriptions that highlight the unique qualities of each incense product. - Emphasize the aroma, the mood it sets, and any cultural or wellness connections. 2. **Features and Benefits:** - Clearly articulate the benefits of using our incense, like stress relief, air purification, and enhancing meditation practices. - Point out any unique features that set our products apart from competitors. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience in e-commerce, particularly Ama...

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    I'm looking for someone to edit an existing Altium schematic, you will need to remove some parts, you will need to add 2 new header pins, and move the components that are on the bottom layer to the top layer. Most of the routing is completed. this should be a pretty simple task. (please do not bid that it will take 7 days, and no this is not a $100 project!) This is the link for the board that I need to modify.

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    ...**Color Scheme:** - Primary colors: Blue, Black, Grey, Green, beige,purple - The palette should convey energy and versatility. **Design Elements:** - Inspiration drawn from Mambo's unique style. - Incorporation of a dynamic figure or silhouette that represents movement and energy. - Open to innovative interpretations that encapsulate the brand’s essence. **Style and Mood:** - The logo must encapsulate a bold and energetic mood. - Though the aim is for a lively appearance, maintaining a level of sophistication is crucial. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in graphic design software (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.). - A portfolio showcasing expertise in brand identity and logo design. - Creativity in translating brand essence into visual repre...

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    I am urgently looking for an experienced legal researcher specialized in case law within the Australian jurisdiction. My project involves gathering summaries of relevant case laws that could assist me in understanding the precedent and application in my current case. Ideal Skills and Experience: - In-depth knowledge of Australian case law, specifically. - Capable of conducting comprehe...arguments, and relevance. - Any identified cases should be recent or have strong applicability to current legal standards and practices. This task is perfect for someone who combines legal expertise with the ability to convey complex information in an easy-to-understand format. If you have a knack for digging through legal databases and summarizing your findings concisely, I would love to have you on ...

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    Modern Ambiance Makeover 5 hari left

    ...distinctive feel. - **Space Planning:** Expertise in optimizing the layout of the living room, bedroom, and kitchen for a harmonious flow and functionality. - **Material Selection:** Skill in selecting materials and finishes that embody modern aesthetics while ensuring durability and comfort. - **Lighting and Color Scheme:** Experience in utilizing lighting and color to enhance the modern vibe and mood of the spaces. - **Project Management:** Capacity to manage the project from concept through to completion, adhering to timelines and budget. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven track record in modern interior design projects, with a portfolio showcasing previous work. - Strong knowledge of the latest trends in modern interior design. - Excellent communication and proj...

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    ...colors, to give the invitations a gentle and inviting appearance. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Mastery in graphic design, particularly in creating wedding or event invitations. - A strong portfolio showcasing expertise in floral design, with an ability to blend different elements seamlessly. - Proficiency in color theory, with the ability to work within a specified palette to evoke the right mood and complement the design. - Excellent communication skills to understand and bring the concept to life, with the flexibility to make revisions as needed. The perfect candidate will not only have the technical skills but also a creative eye for detail and composition, ensuring that each invitation is not just a piece of information but a memorable keepsake for our guests. I look...

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    ...unique illustrations that capture the elegance and vibrancy of my upcoming wedding guests' attire and personalities. These illustrations add a personalized touch to our memories and guest favors. **Requirements:** - Proficiency in minimalist fashion inspired design, focusing on capturing the essence of subjects with minimal strokes and colors - Strong ability to utilize color effectively to convey mood, personality, and style - Experience in creating high-quality, engaging illustrations suitable for a variety of formats including digital and print - Ability to work from photographs and descriptions to create lifelike, yet stylized illustrations - Excellent communication skills to understand and bring to life the vision I have for each illustration **Ideal Skills and Exper...

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    I'm on the hunt for an artist who can create a pirate sea-themed board game illustration. This project will focus on environmental elements, so character design skills are not needed. Key Elements to be Included: - Various ocean creatures - Unique Water designs As the creative mastermind for this project, you should have: - Proficiency in creating engaging, cartoon-style illustrations. - Experience in composing detailed and distinctive aquatic-themed artworks. - Prior work with board game illustrations or similar projects would be a plus. I would love it if you could communicate with me throughout the process so I could get the desired product I need.

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    ...customer data is used to its full potential. PLEASE NOTE: I will only be able to respond during lunch hours (AUSTRALIAN TIME 12PM-1PM) or before 7am/after 5pm. **Data Involved:** - I'm dealing with customer information spreadsheets. Think names, emails, contact numbers—the works. **Your Task:** - Combine these multiple Excel files into one. - Ensure phone numbers are uniformly formatted across the board. No more guessing country codes or mistaking 5s for Ss! - Weed out any duplicate entries. - Please preserve all notes against each contact entry as we have been using the excel sheets as a cold call list and the data will be useful to refer to (not sure how we can make these notes talk to the CRM so if you have any ideas or knowledge I would be grateful). **Ideal ...

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    Perjanjian Kerahsiaan
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    More details: What style of whiteboard video are you looking for? Mixed media animation What is the primary purpose of your video? Educational content Who is your target audience? Adults

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    I'm in need of a competent electronics engineer to design a laser distance measuring tool capable of accurately measuring distances up to 6 feet. Key requirements include: - Accurate measurement of distances up to 6 feet - An LCD display to digitally display measurements - A built-in battery for portable use (or connector to accept circuit board DC power) - Schematic and parts lists to make the device However, there's no need for a casing to house the device. Ideal candidates should have significant experience in electronics design, specifically in the field of laser distance measurement devices. A firm understanding of schematics and parts lists preparation is requisite. Additionally, practical knowledge on LCD displays and portable power solutions will significantly ...

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    ...**Cocktail Creativity:** Experience in crafting both classic cocktails and signature cocktails, as well as delightful mocktails for our non-alcoholic guests. Your creativity in mixing ingredients to produce tantalizing flavors will set our event apart. - **Event Atmosphere:** A proven track record of contributing to a casual and relaxed vibe. We value someone who is not just a bartender but also a mood setter, making everyone feel welcome and ensuring they have a great time. - **Communication and Interaction:** Excellent communication skills and the ability to interact with guests in a friendly and engaging manner. Your role will involve more than just making drinks; it will be about creating an enjoyable experience for everyone. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient...

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    I'm looking for an individual with expertise in Altium Designer. This project involves replacing an obsolete Xilinx FPGA with an Altera part. The initial project has been done in Altium Designer. ECAD would need to be done in Altium 19.

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    I'm looking for an individual with expertise in EPanel board updates using Altium Designer. This project involves a number of key upgrades that will enhance user experience and performance. Key Tasks: - Altium Conversion: Presently, the Epanel board is designed using Altium Designer. We will continue using this software, however, the design needs to be converted accordingly for the update. - CPU Change: We're moving from our current CPU to an ARM for better performance. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Strong experience in board design using Altium Designer - Solid knowledge in CPU, notably a practical application of ARM in board design - Previous experience with EPanel board updates and design optimization. This phase one task focuses on the...

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    Hello! I need to make changes to the Arduino Mega so that it can be used for my specific applications. I need to use the electronic diagram of the Arduino Mega PCB board and implement the following changes: - Touch screen display interface; - change the connectcores; - add the RS485 communication/conversion module; This is all on the same PCB. In the end, I intend to have: - Electronic PCB design in DesignSpark file or compatible format; - GERBER files ready for production - BOM file filled out with manufacturer and seller data - XY files - Stencil files - PDF including schematic and board layers - Pictures of the possible design (software generated) - 3D model * (step file) - Source files of the project Attached, example of the final result, after production

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    I need an electronic circuit designer and PCB designer. The final project must include the design of a PCB with: 12 digital inputs; 4 analog inputs; 12 digital outputs; 4 analog outputs; 1 USB connection for pr...preferably using DesignSpark, and creating custom prototypes. Your experience and suggestions for other unspecified PCB components will also be highly valued. In the end, I intend to have: - Electronic PCB design in DesignSpark file or compatible format; - GERBER files ready for production - BOM file filled out with manufacturer and seller data - XY files - Stencil files - PDF including schematic and board layers - Pictures of the possible design (software generated) - 3D model * (step file) - Source files of the project Attached, example of the final result, after pro...

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    As an e-commerce operator, I'm experiencing an across-the-board issue with vouchers in my woo-commerce system. I've received numerous customer complaints, but am encountering no concrete web-based error messages. Furthermore, I'm uncertain about any prior code modifications related to the vouchers. Hence, I need an expert to identify and troubleshoot any potential issues. Short summary: i have one voucher active when i apply it should give 15% discount it keeps total value 0 after applying. This project involves: - invesitate and fix the issue Ideal applicants are intimately familiar with woo-commerce and its associated voucher systems. Strong problem-solving skills are necessary, as well as the ability to communicate complex technical solutions in simple langua...

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    Luxury Design Maestro Needed 5 hari left

    ...(Adobe Creative Suite, etc.) - Ability to work under pressure and meet weekly deadlines without compromising on quality. - Excellent communication skills to understand and bring to life the vision for each project. If you have a passion for creating breathtaking designs and are excited about the prospect of delivering new and innovative projects on a regular basis, I would love to have you on board. Your expertise will not only elevate our brand’s visual appeal but also contribute to its overall success....

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    I'm in need of a voiceover talent that is capable of delivering an exciting 20-second script. This is for a small $5 project requiring: - Fluency in Arabic, specifically a Gulf accent. - Neutral tone delivery, neither too formal nor informal. - Capability to express an excited emotional tone in delivery. Ideal candidates should have: - Prior experience in voiceover work. - Proven track record ... Ideal candidates should have: - Prior experience in voiceover work. - Proven track record of executing scripts with different emotional tones. - Flexible creativity to make the script engaging in an excited tone. Though I require the talent to have distinctive voice modulation skills, gender does not matter. As long as your voice can provide an exciting feel to my 20-second script, you'...

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    I need a professional to design 3D for a portable cabin intended for a major project gate. The exterior should make use of a modern design with metal cladding. Take the following into consideration: - The exterior of the cabin needs to be clad in metal, while the interior walls should be constructed using gypsum board. - Functional, compact, and smart use of space is important. Although temporary, this will be Saudi arabia major sector gate office, so comfort and functionality are necessary. - The overall design should include provisions for common areas like a meeting area, offices, facilities, a kitchen, and a washroom. Ideal Skills and Experience: - A background in architecture or interior design - Experience with tiny homes or portable cabins - Excellent command of modern desi...

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    More details: What is the target audience for your educational product? Children What digital platforms do you prefer to use for selling your product? Website, Social Media, Email Marketing What is the main objective of selling your educational product? Generate revenue, Increase brand awareness, Educate and empower users. This is the world's first board game that you can play on a table and also connect up to play in the hands as a cube. This is the first of five 'different' memory games to play. This cube can help with the following> memory, attention, focus, visual perception, problem-solving, stress, reaction time, self-expression, coordination, building motor skills and helping children and adults on the specrum.

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    ...that the overall brand image is strongly represented and we create a unified look throughout the site. While the exact aspects have not been prioritized, the candidate should be adept in: - Utilising color schemes and typography - Incorporating logo and imagery - Implementing brand language and messaging If you are skilled in these areas and can deliver timely results, I'd love to have you on board for this project....

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    131 bida

    I'm seeking a seasoned devel...centered around business listings. This directory will be a sub domain of a website I am building. Key features should include: - Listings that highlight business description, location, search by category, and a link to each business's website - A manual submission process for adding businesses to the directory by me from the CMS backend. I created how I wanted the site to look by using job board software. (PS I only need the search/result option as per the link.) See link: Ideal freelancers would have experience crafting similar directory websites and an understanding of effective UI/UX design for easy manual submission and navigation. Knowledge in fields such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS would be beneficial.

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    166 bida

    I'm seeking a professional to urgently design a Printed Circuit Board and Box for my project. Although I don't have a preferred software ideally it needs to be one that is widely used within the industry. Skills & Experience Required: - Proven experience in PCB design - Proven experience in Box design - Experienced in 3D design - Ability to work quickly and efficiently as the project is required ASAP I'm open to discussion about software used, as I skipped this question previously. The completion timeline for this project is very short, so the freelancer needs to be ready to begin immediately. Looking forward to your proposals!

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    33 bida

    I'm looking for a talented 3D designer who can breathe life into my 2D art, transforming it into captivating abstract 3D designs for a board game I'm developing. The project requires an equal focus on creating both a distinctive 3D box design and engaging artwork mockups that will be featured in the game. Here's what I need: - **3D Conversion:** Convert existing 2D artwork into abstract 3D models, ensuring the designs align with the game's thematic elements. - **Box Design & Artwork Mockups:** Develop a standout 3D box design to house the board game, alongside artwork mockups that will be utilized within the game itself. Both should showcase the abstract aesthetic I desire. - **Static Images:** The scope of this project encompasses creating static ima...

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    22 bida

    I need a distinctive and appealing design for a 3ft by 12 ft advertising board for ArogyaDant(दांत) Clinic. The design should be bilingual, incorporating both English and Hindi. The board should prominently feature our clinic's name, ArogyaDant, the name of our head doctor, and our contact information. Need to write the following details : Incorporate Logo , ArogyaDant Multi Specialty Dental and Aesthetic Clinic, Name of Dr and registration no of doctor and timings . Ideal freelancer should: - Be proficient in graphic design. - Have experience with bilingual design. - Have expertise in layout for maximizing visibility. - Have knowledge of dentistry or health care sector (preferred).

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    27 bida

    More details: What level of realism do you want for the animation? Semi-realistic What is the intended mood or tone for the animation? Horror What is the approximate duration of the animation? Less than 1 minute An animation of a dead soldier turning into a creature. I will provide both assets, but the animator will need to animate the change. The animation will be used in a video game developed on Unreal Engine.

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    49 bida

    I am in need of a professional to accurately convert my PCB circuit board layouts from PDF files into Gerber files. This task is crucial for the manufacturing process of my double-layer PCBs. An understanding of the technicalities involved in PCB manufacturing is vital. **Key Requirements:** - **Expertise in PCB Design**: Proficiency in reading and understanding circuit board layouts is a must. - **Conversion Skills**: Ability to convert complex PDF files into Gerber files without loss of detail. - **Knowledge in Double-layer PCBs**: Since my project involves double-layer PCBs, experience with these is necessary. - **Attention to Detail**: The conversion process must preserve all elements of the original design. - **Software Proficiency**: Familiarity with PCB design softw...

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    I am in need of a professional voice actor who can bring a series of corporate video scripts to life. These videos will target an adult audience, requiring a tone that is both professional and engaging. Here's what I'm ...accent with excellent diction and no regional inflections that could distract from the message. - *Professional Audio Equipment*: Access to high-quality recording equipment is essential to ensure clear, crisp sound quality. - *Ability to Interpret Scripts*: You should be able to understand and convey the message of the scripts effectively, adapting your tone as necessary to match the required mood. If you have the skills and experience highlighted above and are interested in applying, please include samples of your previous work that reflect the tone a...

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    As a yoga enthusiast, I want to create a system that will accelerate how yoga is taug...using visual cues displayed on-screen. Therefore, experience in UI/UX design would be an added advantage. - Mood-based Recommendations: The yoga system should be able to tailor its yoga pose recommendations based on the user's mood. Capabilities should include recommending poses for stress relief, energy boosting, promoting calm and relaxation, as well as catering to when the user feels sad or happy. Ideal candidates for this project should have a solid understanding of emotional AI or mood detection technologies. With your expertise, we will be able to create a Yoga system that, through personalized feedback, enhances the yoga experience for all users, regardless of ...

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